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Eating out with celiac disease can be an adventure in fear and trepidation. And many restaurants don’t make it any easier. Is this section, I cover who does it right, who does it wrong and everything in between.


A Legal Victory for Celiacs!!

January 2, 2013 | 16 Comments

Now THIS is the way to start 2013. I received an email last week from a civil rights lawyer who has two children with celiac disease. She informed me that Lesley University had been sued by some students with celiac disease for not providing […]

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How to Pack for a Gluten-Free Vacation

December 10, 2012 | 36 Comments

This may be the most important post I will ever write so take heed and listen closely… Going on vacation is awesome. Going on vacation if you’re a celiac…is still awesome. But there is an added level of stress involved for us, knowing that […]

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Confessions of a Waitress

December 4, 2012 | 87 Comments

Wow…check out the following email I received yesterday. It is honest, sad and scary all wrapped into one. It is from a long-time restaurant server who spent years not taking celiac disease seriously for her customers. She is now being tested for celiac disease. […]

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Winging It Gluten-Free in New York City

November 19, 2012 | 38 Comments

I love Mrs. Dude’s birthday…more than my own even. On my birthday, I simply get older. But on her birthday, we’ve made it an unofficial annual tradition to go to one of my favorite places in the world for the weekend: New York City. […]

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brewpub celiac

Well That Sucked (And Yet…It Didn't)

November 16, 2012 | 32 Comments

How can a night be so delightful yet so sucky? It’s simple. I have celiac disease. Yesterday was Mrs. Dude’s birthday and we wanted to do something different. As much as we love our favorite sushi restaurant, going to the same place time after […]

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celiac painful

Too Much Fun = Too Much Pain

November 12, 2012 | 49 Comments

If the above title were reversed, this post would actually be about sadomasochism…and wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace? But alas, we are instead talking about celiac disease. So last week was a good week in the fun department. Wednesday night, my […]

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gluten sick

Dear Gluten Dude: How Can I Stop Being So Paranoid That I Will Get Sick?

September 28, 2012 | 40 Comments

Here’s an email that I would think a lot of fellow celiacs can relate to. How do you relax enough to enjoy your life when you spend every waking minute paranoid that you will get sick? Read on and share your advice… ——————————————– Dear […]

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Paying the Price for My Weakness

September 1, 2012 | 75 Comments

You want to know what I hate more than celiac disease at times? Me. I need to do better. I need to be better. I need to be a better husband. I need to be a better father. I need to be a better […]

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dear gluten dude

Dear Gluten Dude: I Keep Getting Glutened During Business Trips. I Need Advice.

August 22, 2012 | 20 Comments

I am doubly blessed when it comes to my work life. Not only do I work for myself, but I also work from home. And because I run an web design company, I rarely have to travel. (It’s ok to hate me for this…I […]

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celiac hungry

A Weak Moment: How Hunger Clouded My Judgement

July 25, 2012 | 32 Comments

I read the books on staying healthy. I subscribe to Men’s Health. I follow the “healthy living” blogs. And they all say the same thing: Do not let yourself get too hungry. This is when eating mistakes happen (i.e. overeating, eating crap, etc.) For […]

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The Gluten Dude App: For a Better Gluten-free Life

Eating out with celiac disease is stressful. The Gluten Dude app lists only restaurants that have been personally vetted, so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying yourself.

Who I am. And who I'm not.

Who I am. And who I'm not.

I AM someone who's been gluten-free since 2007 due to a diagnosis of severe celiac disease. I'm someone who can steer you in the right direction when it comes to going gluten-free. And I'm someone who will always give you the naked truth about going gluten free.

I AM NOT someone who embraces this gluten-free craziness. I didn’t find freedom, a better life or any of that other crap when I got diagnosed. With all due respect to Hunter S. Thompson, I found fear and loathing of an unknown world. But if I can share my wisdom, tell my stories and make the transition easier on you, I’ve done my job.

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