how to save money gluten free food

An app to save money on gluten-free food?

June 18, 2024 | 1 Comment

Grocery shopping is expensive. Gluten-free grocery shopping is EXPENSIVE. Sure…you can stay out of the gluten-free aisles at the grocery stores and simply purchase naturally gluten-free food all of the time. But for the majority of people with celiac disease, that is just not […]

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certified gluten free label

Aussie Bites and the GFCO Certified GF label: Part 2

June 12, 2024 | 19 Comments

Before I kick off this long but very important post, I want to give a major shout out to my father-in-law Fred, who passed away in the early hours yesterday. He will be remembered as a loving husband, a wonderful father, a doting grandfather, […]

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aussie bites are not gluten-free

Ignore the certified label: Aussie Bites are NOT gluten-free

June 6, 2024 | 37 Comments

Let me start off by saying that it’s 10:17 in the morning, this is going to be a long article (but so worth it), and I’ve had 3 cups of coffee and a smoothie. So if I don’t post this for a couple of […]

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media responsibility

What responsibility does the media have when it comes to celiac disease?

June 3, 2024 | 11 Comments

If you’ve followed this blog since the beginning (bless your heart), you know I’ve railed against the media many, many times when it comes to celiac disease. When I was young, it seemed to me that most of the media had some sort of […]

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take celiac seriously

How do I make my son take his celiac seriously?

March 15, 2024 | 1 Comment

I had a unique relationship with my dad. He was my little league coach, my golfing partner, and he called me his little buddy. He was simply a great guy all around. Being the youngest of four boys, I often joke that my parents […]

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most common symptoms of celiac disease

Celiac disease uncovered: A look at the most common symptoms

January 22, 2024 | 6 Comments

Back in April of 2013, I asked my growing celiac community to share with me their celiac disease symptoms that led to a diagnosis. Based on almost 200 responses, I created this infographic, which has been shared (and stolen) thousands of times over the […]

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most common celiac symptoms in 2024

What were your celiac disease symptoms (2024 version)?

January 11, 2024 | 53 Comments

Dude Note Jan. 23, 2024: Based on over 2,000 responses, we have created the new celiac infographic. ——- 10 years ago (my how time flies when you have celiac disease), I asked the community what their main symptoms were pre-diagnosis. Cause we all know […]

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Christmas Wish List 2023

December 21, 2023 | 5 Comments

Ah…another holiday season is upon us. Yeah…I know it’s late to be making a Christmas wish list. But I Facetimed Santa yesterday and he said if I get my list in by the end of today, we’re cool. He also said I’ve been a […]

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truth about living gluten free

How do you cut through the celiac bullsh*t & know who to trust

October 11, 2023 | 11 Comments

I’m aware that the following post may come across as petty to some of you. No…not Lori Petty. And no…not Richard Petty either. But written out of jealousy or to get a pat on the back. I assure you this is absolutely true. Just […]

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gluten dude app update

Gluten Dude App: Major upgrades and lower prices!

September 7, 2023 | 4 Comments

Big things happening at team Gluten Dude and our mobile app that I’d like to share with you. We’ve added some awesome benefits and dropped the price! First, let’s take a step back. A few months ago, I sent out an email to everyone […]

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

Who I am. And who I'm not.

I AM someone who's been gluten-free since 2007 due to a diagnosis of severe celiac disease. I'm someone who can steer you in the right direction when it comes to going gluten-free. And I'm someone who will always give you the naked truth about going gluten free.

I AM NOT someone who embraces this gluten-free craziness. I didn’t find freedom, a better life or any of that other crap when I got diagnosed. With all due respect to Hunter S. Thompson, I found fear and loathing of an unknown world. But if I can share my wisdom, tell my stories and make the transition easier on you, I’ve done my job.

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