• Not Eating Out has Made a HUGE Difference in my Health
  • An Ode to the Coronavirus
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  • How Long Did it Take You to Heal After Your Celiac Diagnosis?
  • Gluten-FRIENDLY Brownie Mix? Gluten-FRIENDLY Biscuits? No GM. Just No.
  • Not Getting Celiac Support from Your Partner? Find Another Partner.
  • Celiac.com: A Tragic Tale of Good Intention$ Gone Awry
  • Dude…My Dad Almost Died from Celiac, but Won’t Stop Eating Gluten. Advice?


The best book about living with celiac disease


people who have celiac disease

Eating Healthy (Yeah...It Matters)

Eating Out: The Tricks, the Trades, the Traps

Dear Gluten Dude...

The Gluten Dude Mailbag

Remember when you were younger and you were expecting a letter in the mail? And you waited and waited for the mailman to come? And then he finally came but there was nothing there for you? And so you had to wait another 24 agonizing hours f... Read more

October 2019 Announcement: I am creating a mobile app specifically for the celiac community!! I have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project. The campaign will end October 27, 2019. Please consider supporting the project. Every penny will help bring it to life. View the Details. Thanks!

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