A Chef Calls Celiacs Hypochondriac Frauds. What's Your Response?

celiac chef

Normally I don’t give negative comments on my site too much attention. I love the fact that people have all sorts of opinions and it’s what makes the world a more interesting place.

After all, if everybody were like me and you, it would make for a pretty boring existence.

But when a chef calls us hypochondriac frauds…well, it raises my interest a little bit.

There is someone who calls himself Chef Brizzle who has taken time out of his day to leave two comments on this blog in the past few months.

Last may, I wrote a tongue in cheek post called 17 Gluten/Celiac Headlines I’d Love to See. Chef Brizzle left this little gem as a comment:

“The Attention Starved Hippies Finally Admit That They Are Faking!! All So-Called Celiacs Are To Be Stoned Today!!”

I figured it was a spammer or somebody extremely mentally unstable, so I let it pass.

But yesterday, our friend left another comment on my post about the Today Show calling us picky eaters. Here’s what he had to say:

“I applaud the Today Show for exposing you hypochondriac frauds! If you don’t want to consume gluten, then stay home! Stop forcing your hippie dietary restrictions on other people. You are not special. Everyone laughs at you and calls you idiots when you go to a restaurant. Go eat a bag of flour!!!”

So Chef Brizzle (if he’s even a real chef or a real person) is an angry, angry man who has an ax to grind and he’s using our platform to do it.

That’s ok…we’re fair game.

But so is Chef Brizzle.

What would you say to Chef Brizzle if given the opportunity? And please, no need to hold back.

I’ll be sure to pass along your comments to our friend.

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87 thoughts on “A Chef Calls Celiacs Hypochondriac Frauds. What's Your Response?”

  1. Maybe, if he is really a chef, he should put up a sign to his restaurant: No Celiacs allowed.
    I wonder how soon he’s out of business, or chased by some angry Celiacs.

    And I would love to see him within 10 years, when people actually know about Celiac and how serious it need to be taken. I wonder how he talkes about Celiac/gluten free by then.

  2. I was sitting here trying to think of something snarky and clever to say to this “Chef”, but then it dawned on me. He’s not worth my time and effort. There’s no need to stoop to his level, we’re better than that.

    I applaud you, Gluten Dude, for giving us Celiacs a place where we can chat, complain, celebrate and laugh at our all too real struggles. Unfortunately the occasional douche bag is going to come along and try ruin the fun. But is he worth us losing any sleep over? No. Does he deserve a giant kick in the pants? Abso – freakin – lutely! But let’s let Karma do that for us.

    So, Chef Brizzle I leave you with this. You’re not worth my time. I can go to bed tonight knowing that I’m a good person that works to empower and support others, not bring them down. Can you say the same?

  3. Meh, from what I can tell, lots of chefs like food and hate people. I’d be curious to know how his front-of-house and wait staff talk. I don’t love the idea of being laughed at behind my back, but if I’m being treated nicely to my face, at least I can still enjoy my meal.

    1. I agree with Molly (Sprue Story) about chefs who love food and hate people. I worked in restaurants for over a decade, as a server, host, and bartender, but mostly as a server dealing with chefs and line cooks. Most chefs seem to think that it is their job to be abusive and unpleasant. Line cooks resented front-of-the-house folks because we made more money than them. Basically, it was a good thing that the chefs and cooks were in the kitchen because they were not good with people (which is why servers get more money for their service; we do know how to treat customers well).
      Anywell, even if the kitchen crew was surly, we all took people’s dietary restrictions seriously, because WE WERE PROFESSIONALS. “Chef” Brizzle is simply put, very UNPROFESSIONAL, if he is a chef at all.

      1. I was talking to my roommate recently, who is a waiter (and a total sweetie pie who, when I was diagnosed, leapt into action to install a special fold-out counter in our kitchen wall that is now my dedicated gluten-free prep space). He was telling a story about a recent event scheduled at his restaurant which was meant to be a wedding reception. The wedding was cancelled because the groom never showed up (!!) but a few guests did still show up for the reception, including the bride’s parents (presumably since they’d already paid for everything and wanted to get SOMETHING out of it). When the bride’s parents asked my roommate if they could bring a few meals to guests who were at the nearby hotel, the chef apparently refused, saying he’d already turned off the oven, etc., etc. My roommate was flabbergasted, since these folks had already PAID for the meals and clearly gone through enough that day already, and insisted the chef make the meals. Somewhat off-topic, but it goes to show that being in the food biz doesn’t necessarily make you a people person!

  4. Well, I certainly wouldn’t eat at his restaurant! Plus he’s an idiot because if he really is a chef he’s cutting out an entire population of customers. I guess I’ve been lucky but at the few places I dare to go while eating out the staff (including the chefs) are very Celiac friendly. I guess they’ve figured out that taking it seriously creates a very loyal customer base — who come back over and over and over because we know the chance of getting glutened is very low.

  5. I’d love to know the name of his restaurant, just so I can stay away from it. I’d be more than happy not to give him my business.

    1. I would too! if anyone finds it out please post it here. I don’t have Celiac, but am gluten intolerant and since this is new to me going into restaurants and discussing food items, or asking if they have gf beer is awkward enough without someone being offensive about it.

  6. I would LOVE for Chef Brizzle to share the name of his restaurant publicly. So we could drive it into the ground. And, if he doesn’t own the establishment, I am sure he would quickly be fired.

    What an ass.

    1. $5 says this is the same douche canoe that was on the last “chef says we are nuts” thread you posted. Forget whether it was celiac.com or another blog (thinking this). I tried explaining first hand as someone in the industry for years & was only belittled, ridiculed & finally “deleted for inflamitory comments”. Apparently “I have this disease, am not “crazy” & will own your restaurant if i catch you or your staff intentionally putting flour in my food as you have written here (there)” is in whacko world hate speach. But threats to put rat poison (figurative & literal) in guests food is perfectly appropriate.
      I agree troll. If you get bored follow the IP address to an identity. Someone stupid enough to repeatedly make these kinds of comments isn’t smart enough to cover their IP address. Sure their boss, financers, & local health department would love to chat about how intentionally putting allergins in guests food is a crime!!

  7. I don’t even think I would say anything. Seems like he’s just one of those trolls that goes about his life on the computer trying to find sticky situations where he can get a reaction out of people. I see it all the time and think it’s exactly what he’s doing. Either way, he’s and idiot to be spending his time on a BLOG FOR CELIACS if he’s going to be calling out everything against them. So yea….I guess I’d just call him an idiot.

      1. Exactly what I was going to say. He’s just a troll trying to get a rise out of people. It’s best not to give idiots like that what they want, which is attention.

  8. Crystal Yarbrough

    Oh, Thank you Chef Brizzle! I am so thrilled to finally have this Celiac Disease Fraud I have been perpetrating exposed. Afterall, look how much money and grief I will same myself not having to adhere to my prescribed diet. Your epiphany has enlightened me and I will, at once, start eating all the prohibited gluten free foods that cause my immune system to attack my small instestine. Ahhhh, once again I will revel in the delight of small bowel obstructions, coming to on the cold bathroom tile with vomit in my hair. I can’t wait to spend up to 12 days a month with headaches so severe they mimic a cerebrovascular accident. I, almost forgot, you have freed me from having to crochet and paint my nails, to chop onions, to turn a fishing reel crank and use my garden tiller. Now I will be able to take copious amounts of anti-inflammatories and require an extra 20 minutes to apply my make-up. But, think of all that money I’ll save and the time spent shopping for foods that are all too often disappointing. I hope to start a savings account with these monies, and can use the extra time as well. I’ll use the spare time to plan my wake and the money can go to all the medical expenses!

    1. My reaction exactly!!! I’d kill to be able to go order, eat and not be terrified of what my physical and mental state would be in a couple of hours!! Bring on the pies I say and pffffttttt to my picky eating hippiness. After all the excrutiating body aches depressions and fertility issues ARE just because I’m nuts. And that they went away after diagnosis means nothing. I’m just an attention seeker.

      Sad little man. Although I get it. It IS annoying and I feel for him I really do. Must be terrible having to think of new and inspirational ways to cook without using the back up of all those unhealthy ingredients.

      I have met chefs who get so excited by the challenge though. Good luck to him I his further business ventures as I can’t see him in the industry too long.

  9. I find that the people who bash Celiacs the hardest, are in the closet about their own Celiac status. Poor, confused Brizzle – I feel bad for him and his douchey ways.

  10. Chef Brizzle, all I can say is you are about as ignorant as they come. After years of struggling with epilepsy, an itchy skin rash, G.I. problems from the seventh level of Hell, etc…I have finally been diagnosed with celiac disease (Look in the Merck Manual, a Doctor/nurse handbook on real medical conditions) by…get this…a doctor! Guess what? I’ve even had improvements because…wait for it…I no longer eat a protein called gluten!!! Am I a hippie? Nope. Do I walk around trying to push my horribly limited eating lifestyle on others? Never. There’s a small part of me that hopes you develop celiac or have some latent form that kicks in and then I believe you won’t be leaving snarky, uneducated, and ignorant comments on a website that I turn to in my often dismal eating existence. But, I won’t do that because I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

          1. It is good to know! You can find me on facebook if you want. I commented on the post today how this douche bag made me have an angry heart.

  11. What a pompous ass! I am sorry Chef Drizzle that a disease exists that makes you responsible for your kitchen. I had no idea what this disease even was before the gastro doctor shoved a tube down my throat, biopsied my thrashed intestines, told me I had Celiac and then dropped me on my ass because he can’t further pad his pocket by me. You’re just a nasty, angry, stupid little man who is clearly trying to compensate for something you must fall short of….I’ll give you one guess what that is, and its not your kitchen knife… You are welcome to open your dick-headed mouth to us, buy don’t be a pansy ass mother f*@ker and hide behind your screen name, give us a link to the 5 star establishment that you must own and operate, unless, of course, its Denny’s which I highly suspect it is.

  12. Chef Brizzle, you are such an idiot. I have always said that I would never wish this disease on anyone, but I’ll make an exception in your case. Maybe if you had it you could go enjoy that bag of flour and see how well it works for you.

  13. Crystal Yarbrough

    Okay, so the above is the “tongue in cheek” reply. Here is what I would really say….. What an arrogant jerk! It’s bad enough that those of us who suffer severely from this disease have to face daily ignorance and less than understanding, friends, acquaintances, family and medical professionals. Then you come along, with apparently nothing better to do in your life than criticize people who have a true medical condition! May God have mercy on your soul, no wait, I don’t mean that, may he visit upon you one of the episodes of bowel obstruction that I have experienced, not a bad one, you understand, because someone with no compassion would wish that upon you. May you have one hour of the searing pain of a headache induced by “being glutened”, that causes you to walk with a list, slur your speech and be unable to raise your head without becoming nauseated. May you have one month (rather than a lifetime) of a blistering skin rash that burns like a cigarette being put out on your skin when you have been exposed to gluten. May you wake each day for a month, with every joint in your body aching, swelling and being too stiff to move. May you be so constipated one day that you bloat and can wear none of your normally sized clothing and the next day may you have diarrhea so severe and emergent that you shit your pants en route to the restroom. From, myself, any other of my fellow Celiacs, and non- Celiac gluten intolerants that wish to be included, not to mention the poor souls who have gone before, some known to have had Celiac disease before they died, other diagnosed by autopsy, kiss our collective ass!

  14. The way I see it, I’ve always thought that a good chef would rise to the challenge. When I was trying to find a place to hold my wedding reception, I asked if the kitchen could accommodate a couple of different dietary restrictions; the restaurant I chose not only eagerly met our requirements head on, but the pastry chef went out of his way to make a special cake, just for me – well for the wedding. I now patronize the restaurant as often as possible (it is a bit $), but I also tell all my friends about it. Good chefs know how to make adjustments to their menu on the fly, lazy chefs don’t get my business.

  15. Hmmm…I find myself hoping that Chef Brizzle is diagnosed with Celiac Disease someday. Maybe he has a bunch of unexplained health problems and that is why he is so cranky.

  16. Really? His ignorant loserdom is apparent just by his trolling gluten free pages and/or sites. He’s a jick jack. Period.

  17. This makes me wonder if “Chef” Brizzle takes peanut/nut allergies seriously. Oh, wait that’s a serious medical condition! Someone could die from that! Wait, now, as I recall untreated Celiac Disease can lead to death too, as can complications from years of improper diagnosis. What will it take for the general population to take Celiac Disease as serious as a nut allergy? Do you tell those with allergies to stay out of your restaurant? Do you call them Hypochondriacs? No, you probably don’t. You see the seriousness of the situation. You don’t want someone’s death on your shoulders. But hey, if someone gets sick from a little gluten, whatever, they won’t die! The damage caused can take months or longer to heal. I would NEVER be a patron at your restaurant, and I secretly hope that you or someone you love is affected by this disease. What goes around comes around.

  18. I’d say most of us have blood tests and biopsies to prove we are not hypochondriacs. Whenever I eat out, it’s always with a little trepidation even at the restaurants I have come to trust. Frankly, I feel safer preparing my own food but there are circumstances were I have no choice but to eat out. I hate having to explain my dietary needs and I feel like a burden to the staff, but I don’t want to get sick. I agree that Chef Brizzle should name his restaurant and I’ll be sure not to bother him with my needs. I’m curious, does he feel the same about the top eight food allergens?

  19. Dan Quayle – The 44th Vice President of the United States under George H. W. Bush

    “What a waste it is to lose one’s mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is.”

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    “We are not ready for an unforeseen event that may or may not occur.”

    “Hawaii is a unique state. It is a small state. It is a state that is by itself. It is a –it is different from the other 49 states. Well, all states are different, but it’s got a particularly unique situation.”

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    “It’s time for the human race to enter the solar system!” – Dan Quayle, on the concept of a manned mission to Mars

    ”For NASA, space is still a high priority.”
    “Quite frankly, teachers are the only profession that teach our children.”
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    “A low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the polls.”
    “It’s not pollution that is hurting the environment, it’s the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.”
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    “If you give a person a fish, they’ll fish for a day. But if you train a person to fish, they’ll fish for a lifetime.”

    “I was recently on a tour of Latin America, and the only regret I have was that I didn’t study Latin harder in school so I could converse with those people.”

    “A low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the polls.”

    “It’s a question of whether we’re going to go forward into the future, or past to the back.”
    “We’re going to have the best-educated American people in the world.”
    “I understand the importance of bondage between parent and child.”

    Maybe Mr. Bizzle can run for office!!!!
    Jersey Girl

    1. Oh holy shit, I laughed my butt off. I had forgotton those absolute gems that fell from his mouth almost daily. Thank you!

  20. I say: “If you argue with an idiot then, two idiots are arguing”.

    He’s not worth our time. Some people troll internet sites just to stir the pot. They get off on it. Give him time and attention and get all pissed off, railing at him and he just sits and reads it and laughs and he gets his jollies. I have seen it time and time again.

    Forget him.

    Have a fab day, everyone!! 🙂

    1. This is what I see all the time. As a gamer and frequenter of the forums for those games, it seems at times that all I see are trolls. So, the saying has been adopted “don’t feed the trolls.” I like living by that. It makes me feel better to imagine them as sad and unhappy green people, living alone under bridges and starving… trying to get meals by tricking others into falling for their pranks.

  21. I SERIOUSLY doubt he is a “chef”! Just some nasty guy that is liking all this attention! I have stopped trying to explain being Gluten Free to narrow minded people! No need to worry about this sorry dude my GF friends!

  22. I really want to know where “Chef” Fizzle poisons people so I can tell everyone on all the GF & Celiac facebook pages, and blogs, and support groups.
    I am not so compassionate as some of the rest of you – not only would I wish that he has celiac disease, but I wish that he visits many many doctors that claim he is the hypochondriac, and that his self-destructing digestive tract is a figment of his imagination, and that his ceaseless diarrhea is from stress.
    If he is so callous – let him experience what we have all gone through. The pain, the indignity, the humiliation, the isolation, the dis-belief, the denial, and then finally the relief at having a solution. And then the realization that there are people who prepare food for others as a profession and choose to insult a large population by calling them hypochondriac frauds and attention starved hippies.

  23. Hey Chef Brizzle…if you even are a chef because you sound too stupid even to be that…
    Celiac disease is very real. Ask a doctor. Ask any medicl organization. Are there folks who are eating gluten free because its a fad and maybe pretend to have celiac disease? Sure. But there are more people who are diagnosed by real doctors using real medical tests, including blood work and biopsies. Those people, like me, have to eat gluten free because gluten will literally tear apart their insides. And sorry to burst your bubble, but I’ve had celiac since before itbwas popular, like way before, as in 30 years before. So why don’t you go take a long walk off a short pier. Or, go ahead and serve gluten to a real celic…do it on purpose because you’re so intelligent and know so much more than the entire world medical establishment, and then watch how you end up in prison like the baker who did something similar because he didn’t believe in celiac either. Its called fraud, and assault. Like feeding peanuts to a kid with peanut allergies. Or don’t you believe in allergies either?

  24. Hey Ass-Hat, do you think I really enjoy going to restaurants and having to grill the wait staff? I hate it! I do not eat Gluten Free by choice. Well actually I guess I do have a choice of eating Gluten Free and feeling ok or “eating a bag of flour” and feeling like shit.

    Do you have any idea what it’s like to feel like at outcast when you go out to eat and you have to ask so many questions of your waiters? I feel like I am giving a speech everytime. Then they just look at you half the time like you are an alien.

    Maybe you should do a little research before you open your stupid mouth. Not all of us are Gluten Free because it’s trendy. Most of us do it because we have to or we must deal with the consequences of eating Gluten.

  25. I think this has ‘troll’ written all over it. I suppose trolls can be a dishwasher or busboy, not that there’s anything wrong with being a dishwasher or busboy, unless you’re one with delusions of being a chef. Real chefs are supposed to be professionals, and true professionals respect the people they serve regardless of what the profession is or what the customer base is. This troll called brizzle is really just a troll as well as a coward, sissy wuss who couldn’t handle being a celiac. My heart pumps piss for the guy, as he needs psychological help.

  26. Don’t worry I will stay out of his restaurant. And by the way f*ck him! Not worth my time. There are still some awesome places to eat where people really take food allergies and Celiac disease seriously.

  27. Please, PLEASE post a sign so I will NEVER send even one of my dollars your way! That’s all I ask, I’m happy to stay away from this “sort”!!

  28. I would continue to ignore this guy and delete any comments he makes in future. He’s a troll and he’s doing it because he enjoys getting a rise out of you (and us) for whatever reason. If you have a way to do it, I’d just ban him from making any future comments on your blog.

      1. Oh I’m laughing hard. This is fun and I’m going to be late for work as I can’t stop reading. Doesn’t matter. I’m in the profession Dan spoke about. Ahhh too funny. I’m sure one of my kids has cd by the stinky farts that fly in my room. (Not me. ) have a great day everyone. Eat at home and bug everyone you know about the dangers of a bag of flour!!!!!

  29. I would love to find out if this troll really is a chef and warn people about him! I’m guessing he is probably on house arrest in his mom’s basement and is passing the time by being an ass online. Ass face needs to get over himself or go live in the sewer where he belongs.

  30. Wow I have to go read the comments after, sorry if this is a repete but I hope to God this guys not a real chef!!! And I say to u chef blady blah – u are a loser, u have no right touching anyone’s food let alone calling yourself chef, ur not a chef, your a disgrace to the food industry – go eat eat rat poison you dirty nasty rude incompetent excuse for a human – u picked the wrong week for this w me – how dare you? How dare you judge and insult what u do not know? I didn’t choose this!!! I don’t even want this cursed illness, I would never have given up gluten if the stuff wasnt killing me slowly and painfuly!!!You wanted a fight? you got one, u troll get a life outside your dungeon (aka parents basement) u gonna start telling diabetics to eat a bag of sugar you stupid ignorant useless gob of puss on a camels arse you are worthless, you are not a chef and I don’t care who you are in real life you good for nothing piece of cockroach dung – I spit in your general direction huckkk pewwwy…. That’s my spit in your direction – now go, eat rat poison, and have a fabulous day 😉 loser.

    1. You spit and I fart, a really stinky celiac fart in his general direction! Maybe even sling a little mud his way…..

  31. The cost of some common side effects of celiac disease:

    The mean total colon cancer cost per Medicare patient was $29,196.

    The cost of colorectal cancer treatment:
    Initial treatment $28,768
    Maintenance (per year) $8,295
    Terminal cancer $30,563

    The cost of treating neuropathy and neuropathic pain (both diabetic and celiac): from $12 to $692 per month

    Mean Medical Care Cost Per Person with a Musculoskeletal Disease (like osteoporosis) in 2006 $, United States, 1996-2006 $6,429

    If you think about it, celiacs are a leading cause of health care costs going up because of so many people that are undiagnosed as celiac or gluten intolerance are getting these side effects.

    So next time you’re cursing your health care premiums going up, Chef Brizzle, just remember – you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution. What a troll.

  32. Just gonna say, be prepared to recieve what you “dish” out. Krama is a bitch, what goes around, comes back to you! Troll on….

      1. I need a like button 😉 Yup, krama can bite you on the ass when you least expect it. I know! My motto…..treat others as you want to be treated…..if not..you will reap what you sow…..Believe or not…

  33. Thanks to Taylor – Gluten Away! What the hell is he doing reading a celiac/gluten free blog? If I knew where he was, I just wouldn’t patronize his establishment. Since I don’t know where he is, I can just shrug my shoulders and quote the smart lady who once said, “The world is a carousel of assh****!”

  34. I wonder how good a chef he is if he has time to write comments on your blog.

    I had a terrible time at University where the head chef thought the need to be 100% off gluten wasn’t necessary and I have actually written on my page about it in more detail (and included the response from the head of residence).

    He might be celiac too, you never know!

  35. I find it rather amusing that he is even coming to your blog? If he doesn’t care and is truly a chef that believes we’re all nuts, why bother? He seriously doesn’t have anything better to do with his time? I know we all certainly do, and that would not include dining in the restaurant he works at; that is, if he even has a job.
    That is most frightening part of his ranting; if he really does believe we’re all a crock, he probably acts that way that way in his cooking, which means he likely intentionally “glutens” people or is just very careless in his cooking. I sure hope no Celiac ever dines where he works!
    He isn’t worth our time in talking about, yet we’re spending time ranting about what a moron he is. We should really move on to something happier. 🙂

  36. Dear Chef Brizzle
    It pains me that you have so much angry in your heart. Your harsh words make my eyes tear as I think about all the times I mistakenly ingested gluten. My saving grace is the breathing techniques I learned from birthing my babies that helps me to withstand the stomach cramps and make it home in time as I drive. I then wait for my body to recovery from the aches, pains, headaches and brain fog that will be my existence for the many hours following (sometimes days). And this does not even touch on the mental hardship that this has caused me. It is terrible to see the anguish in my children’s eyes when I am unable to help them or take them places because I no longer feel well.
    You call yourself a chef. I suspect you hate your “job” otherwise you would be embracing this new challenge in the world of food and cooking as part of your “career”.
    I can tell you, I am very grateful for restaurants that take the time to show they understand and care. This is a place that I want to eat as it shows commitment to their product, their business and their customers. It is not just a job for them. And for that I am truly grateful and willing give my loyalty as a customer to them.
    I pray that if you have children or if you plan to have children, that your children will be free of any food allergies and seasonal allergies. However, since I believe in the balance of the universe, I would hazard a bet that any spawn of yours will be condemned.

    Lady Vee Dragon

  37. Chef MORON,

    Ignorance is Bliss! Don’t you think you MORON that if my daughter could eat pizza, bread, pasta and so forth she would but cant!! She was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a year this month. You must be the most ignorant person on this earth. I don’t want to waste any words on you but on behalf of my daughter, my good friend who was diagnosed, people here who have a family member or knows someone with this disease I just want to say ‘you’re NOTHING, your not a chef, you’re beneath us! Your insignificant and YOU don’t matter!

  38. Oh… and one more thing Mr Brizzle, if you want to troll, let’s work on your insults. They were pretty sad. Celiac or not, who eats a bag of flour?????? That’s just not even tasty. Just sayin…

  39. Well, Gluten Dude, it looks like your initial assessment of “Chef Bristle”, um, Chef “Butthole”, ehem, I mean “Brizzle” is pretty accurate. It sounds like this guy is extremely mentally unstable and out on a day pass. It’s amazing that he managed to break free and somehow made it on to your site. Then again, he’s probably having a violent reaction to gluten – giving him mood swings & brain fog.

    Love that he keeps calling us Hippies – (apparently he hasn’t had much contact with the outside world since he was incarcerated in 1969). I’ll try to cut the guy some slack – since the last movie he probably saw was “Alice’s Restaurant”.

    Found this clip & hope you all enjoy it:

  40. Honestly, I have learned not to even waste my time and energy on people like this. I refuse to allow those people to taint me with negativity and to try to draw me back down to their level. Karma will bite him in the butt, I am sure of it.

  41. I would like to personally invite Chef Brizzle to stay at my house for the two weeks following me getting glutened. Maybe if he smells the explosive diarrhea and gas, sees me curled in the fetal position hour after hour in excruciating pain, and tries to have a coherent conversation with me when my brain is filled with fog, it may help him understand what we go through on a regular basis.

  42. Chef Bizzle,

    I know dietary restrictions can be difficult for chefs. In one long sentence, I hope you never have to suffer any health problems from consuming gluten… it is not a diagnosis I would wish on anyone.

    With love and an open heart,

  43. i wonder if it would be ok to call him a hypochondriac if he were to get sick after say me and a few friends made him lick the bottom of the dumpster behind his “restaurant” and then locked him in there over night? …..this clown needs to be reminded that not all of us with this shit are stoner hippies. some of us are large angry men …….. and some of us go on tour…..

  44. Coeliac UK estimates that the average size of a party eating out is 5 covers.

    Coeliacs and others with genuine medical dietary requirements will only eat in restaurants who can accommodate them. If they become ill after eating in a restaurant, they are unlikely to return.

    Around 2% of the population have a CONFIRMED medical dietary requirement. Therefore, if a restaurant refuses to cater for these people, they are denying themselves 10% of their income.

    So it can make financial sense for many restaurants to build up a good reputation for accommodating those with coeliac diseases, allergies and intolerances. If a restaurant is known for honesty in preparing food to certain standards, others with moral or religious dietary needs may also find the establishment more attractive, thus increasing income even further.

    This man is an idiot. Do not visit his restaurant. Vote with your feet, and take your friends with you.

  45. Chef-
    I have a challenge for you, or anyone for that matter that does not believe that this allergy is real.

    Handcuff yourself to me for the next 72 hours and I will eat all of the delicious, gluten-filled food that you can provide and we can see what happens. I really hope you like bathrooms, because we are going to be in there for a while. Believe me, it gets ugly.

    Just because we don’t go into an anaphylactic shock, doesn’t mean we are don’t have a reaction. Just because you cannot see our reaction, doesn’t make it any less real.

    Imagine having food poisoning on a regular basis. Every time you picked up something to eat, you had no idea if it was going to, yet again, make you sick; then you can kind of begin to see where we are coming from.

  46. Many of us almost died from this disease. He knows nothing about it. I would tell him that he is an ignorant idiot.

      1. Trust me…it’s killing me. As the blog has become more popular, I’ve become more of a target. Thousands get stopped each week, but a few are sneaking thru. I’m working on it.

  47. This chef should look up idiot in the dictionary. A fairly accurate description of him will be told. Look up celiac on the internet. It is an autoimmune disease. Not a mental illness. If left untreated could be life threatening.

  48. This is exactly why Celiac had to be declared a disability. Because there are absolute morons on this earth like this chef. he should be banned from working in any restaurant anywhere. May his camel lie down in the mud and refuse to rise again while spitting in the eye of his first born son and pooping all over the fire.

  49. He might think he’s excluding 1 per cent who are trickier to cater for.
    In the UK, the average number of covers is 5.
    So he’s also missing 4 easy meals.
    And if I’m served well, I tip better, and apply it to the whole bill, not just my bit.
    Give the business to someone who gives a sh#t!

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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