How I Spent My Gluten-Free Vacation: A Week in Pictures

This is Kate & Tony. Kate is a five-star chef and Tony is her partner in crime.
golden pavilion
They were our gracious hosts at the Golden Pavilion for a week in gluten-free paradise.
Mrs. Dude
Of course it wouldn't be paradise if Mrs. Dude wasn't along for the ride.
gluten free breakfast
Each day would start with a breakfast buffet. There were many things I could not have, but Kate always made fresh gluten-free muffins for me. Thanks Kate!!

The day brought many activities. I snorkeled. Well...swallowed water is more like it.

I fished (my line is actually caught on a rock here; I just posed for dramatic effect).
I was even lucky enough to catch a double rainbow.
Some moments were just spent in quiet gratitude.
Gluten free lunch
But mostly, we ate...
New Planet Beer
...and drank...
Gluten free salad
...and ate some more...
...and drank some more.
Heck...I even shared a Captain and Coke with Buddha.
I ate and drank much more than my body was use to so I ended up spending some quality time here.
Bathroom view
Thankfully, it at least had a nice view.
Running on beach
What goes in must come off, so I made sure to get some exercise in each day.
Night times were spent enjoying the sunset...
Fire pit
...warming our feet by the fire...
Gluten free dinner
...and of course more eating and drinking.
Gluten free rice
Kate made sure ALL of my meals were gluten free.
Gluten free dessert
Even the sinful desserts. I cannot thank you enough Kate for keeping me safe.
You even went beyond the call of duty and killed this little bugger.
Group shot
Thanks for a great week my friends. Let's do it again next year.

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28 thoughts on “How I Spent My Gluten-Free Vacation: A Week in Pictures”

  1. Just fantastic! Look at that glorious water, that gorgeous sky, that amazing food. Glad you had a wonderful time!

    Now, I want to go there too! ( It’s 19 degrees here this morning.)

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, GD.

      1. We’ll put it on the “things I am doing now that I’m not dying anymore and I ain’t getting any younger and no time to waste” Bucket List 🙂

        Actually, we’re headed for Key Largo and then, Jensen Beach FL
        in March.
        Gonna swim with dolphins. (and check that one off the list!)

        I’ve never been to the British VI, just St. Thomas and St. John.
        Beautiful beaches..

  2. We Travel Gluten Free

    Your in Little Bay, TORTOLA!!! Beautiful place! Looks like you had an awesome time, thanks for sharing your vacation pictures!

  3. GD-

    I am insanely jealous. You and your wife look so very happy and healthy. Cyber pass some of that kick ass food. Or hell the beer, it’s five o’clock somewhere.

    Jersey Girl

    “Sometimes when I reflect back on all the beer I drink I feel ashamed. Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams. If I didn’t drink this beer, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. Then I say to myself, It is better that I drink this beer and let their dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my liver.”
    Jack Handey an (SNL character)

    1. It certainly helped Alysa…thanks. Just one less thing to worry about. And isn’t that what vacation is all about 🙂

  4. how awesome GD, loved all of the pictures, but esp. of the toilet, and it always helps to have a view! that you would take that picture, I am assured of your sense of humor!

    I’m in a bit of a bad time. Can’t figure it out, whatever I eat goes right thru me. I’m tired of it. My gut hurts, my butt hurts. sorry for the graphics.

    I had a good run for awhile… now I feel I ‘m back at square one.

    someone said recently on your blog that just cuz we go gluten free does not free us up, cuz we do have an auto-immune disorder.

    that made me feel like yes, that is why I am not healing, and then depressed.

    I listen to music, and/or go to the beach to try and stimulate my body to heal.

    It does not work all of the time. I wish my gut would stop hurting.

    I wish I did not have to know where every bathroom is, no matter where I go.

    I went whale watching yesterday, it was awesome, I know I am an incredibly lucky gal to live in paradise.

    One day, I wish, I will not have to know where all the toilets are.

    I did not eat anything before the whale watch ride, got up early and thought, no, don’t eat til you get off the boat.

    wise decision. cuz once I ate, I was heading for the toilet.


    1. Sorry to hear Aloha. Doesn’t it just make you want to punch those celiacs who eat gluten free and feel GREAT…just like that?

      Totally kidding about the punching part…I think.

  5. Will vacations ever be the same?? I had to find your tortola post. I am sitting on the balcony in St. John. Drinking my coffee before all hell breaks loose… Meaning my day. This is my first vacation since my dx. Zed am finally feeling well after being sick from 2 contaminations since November. Apparently I am super sensitive, and the celiac dr wants to see me back as soon as I get back.
    St. John has been my second home since I was 12. My parents own a condo here, and as a child, every break, long weekend etc, this is where you would find me. So much so, when I was a teenager, I had a waitressing job in season at a friends restaurant. I know the restaurant scene in and out… And it scares the crap out of me…lol…though things have changed a bit, not so much to make me confident.
    As an adult, I make it back once a year with my family if we can. We usually cook breakfast and make lunches for the beach and then relax with drinks and a nice dinner out at any one of my favorite spots.
    Now of course, things are different. I thought I accepted that. But I find myself here, angry, bitter and resentful of everyone around me.
    I planned ahead. I brought a cooler with frozen meats and lbs of deli meats from whole foods, frozen homemade cookie dough,Rudy’s wraps, etc. I shipped down stainless pans and cool landers ( my mother only has nonstick). Snacks, nuts, kind bars, pasta, tuna, BBQ sauce, gf tamari, chili sauce, herbs, cereals, Pamela’s, etc, etc….I was prepared. Thought about bubble wrapping beer…but I generally drink rum here anyways….
    Sounds good, right?
    The problem? I’m so tired! All I do is cook. I feel like I am chained to this kitchen. No different from home but somehow worse. I have a few hours of rest on the boat or at the beach, which is great. But while everyone relaxes at the pool or goes for a walk downtown at night I am either in the kitchen, prepping, cooking or cleaning…or just too damned tired from the above to move.
    Their vacation has changed too, I know. But it still remains the same, they are still taken care of and don’t have a care in the world. Will I ever have that again? I can’t risk my youngest drinking a frozen drink out (celiac too) I can’t bare to watch her eyes while her sisters enjoy them, so I make them here….
    I am aware that I sound like a spoiled brat to the general public, wah wah wah, why should I complain, look where I am….
    But as I’m typing I remember it’s time to season the ribs for tonight:-)
    I just needed to vent…. Thanks for allowing me

  6. That’s why I love you guys!
    Tonights my last night… Got better after i aired my issues with the family. Ate out tonight, fingers crossed! But now have to start making food for the airports…
    Made it to jost can dyke today.. Sad not to eat at foxy’s. brought picnic lunch and drank painkillers!

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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