More celiac snake oil…from a ‘Longevity Coach’ (seriously)

cant cure celiac

I’m going to start this rare night-time post with a disclaimer: I’m in a beyond pissy mood. Nothing seems to be going my way lately, and today I hit peak frustration. So my post may be more “colorful” than usual. You’ve been warned.


Case in point: A fellow celiac on IG sent me the following post by someone called “The Smile Enthusiast” (don’t even get me started).

cure celiac disease

And with the image, she wrote a humungous pile of cow manure. I’ll break it down for you, piece by pathetic piece.

TSE: The first time I ever heard someone say “I have celiac disease”, was all the way back in 2002 – I was waitressing at the Outback Steakhouse. The woman told me that not only could she not eat wheat or gluten, but she also was not able to have her food touch surfaces that had touched wheat or gluten; including cutting boards, knives, pans, the grill, and even the deep fryer.

GD: That’s right smiley. It’s called cross-contamination. Why is it important? Because one fucking crumb can set off the autoimmune response and make our lives miserable for days/weeks/months. If it happens enough, it increases the risk of various cancers. You must have been a wonderful and compassionate server.

TSE: She made it sound like she was going to die if any of her food even remotely touched wheat or gluten—or a surface that wheat or gluten touched.

GD: I suppose because we don’t keel over on the table instantly, it’s not important if we get poisoned.

TSE: I’ll admit, I was quite uncomfortable to have this woman’s safety in my hands; I was very straight forward, telling her that I did not feel comfortable with her putting HER LIFE in MY hands—I really wish I had Medical Medium information back then because I would have been able to put both our fear to rest.

GD: Oh Christ…now I have to go look up the “Medical Medium”. Be right back.


I just can’t. The Medical Medium is a guy with no license to practice medicine who has all of these insane “cures” that he says he gets from “spirits”. By the way, that’s also how he diagnoses people; not by, you know, science but by what a spirit tells him. Here is what he actually believes: “He maintains that his expertise was granted to him by a ‘spirit’ when he was four years old — and that his connection with that entity allows him to cure others of various illnesses, from irritable bowel to thyroid cancer.” It’s 2021 and we have snake oil salesman selling bullshit and people are still buying it. We live such a stupid world. Oh…and the kicker…Gwyneth and Goop love him. There’s a shocker.

no cure for celiac

TSE: You see, it was her doctors who told her that her body was attacking itself; and she feared for her life because of it.

GD: Silly celiac…listening to doctors. And I know I’ve slammed the medical community when it comes to celiac because too many of them still have their head up their arses, but I’ll take a doctor over a quack any day of the week.

TSE: If I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I would know that my body was NOT attacking itself. This is NOT an auto immune condition like medical communities suggest. Here’s what’s really going on…the wheat/gluten is just one trigger which causes major inflammation in the intestinal tract, which is caused by EBV’s cofactor STREP. Now, when the liver is full of biofilm…

GD: Oh…STFU already. She just drones on and on about how to reduce pathogens and what herbal infusions to ingest…blah, blah, blah. Then she has the balls to finish the post with this:

TSE: Here’s the take away — #Celiac Disease is NOT a life sentence. YOU CAN REVERSE THIS💚
#celiacdisease #youCanHEAL #facts

GD: Let’s see…what curse words have I not used yet. She reminds me so much of The Gluten Free Society guy. By the way, it gives me so much pleasure that when you Google ‘the gluten free society”, my article calling out his BS is second only to his site. Hee, hee.

At this point, you may be wondering what TSE’s credentials are, with the exception I assume of loving to smile. She is, and I quote, “A LONGEVITY COACH who is training to be the future Guinness World Record Holder for the OLDEST PERSON EVER.” (George Burns lived to 100 and his diet consisted mostly of bourbon and cigars. Just saying.) That’s all I could find about her. Not even her name. Honestly. Yet she somehow has over 20K IG followers, all of whom drool over every word she says like it’s some kind of gospel.

Look, you wanna make a career out of scamming people? Go for it. You’re the one who has to live with that. But keep your f***ing nose out of celiac disease. There’s enough bad info out there about celiac, which is doing true damage to the celiac community, especially the newly diagnosed. Giving people false hope is shameful. But then again…people like this have no shame.

Say goodnight Gracie. Goodnight Gracie.

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2 thoughts on “More celiac snake oil…from a ‘Longevity Coach’ (seriously)”

  1. She also spelled FUELED incorrectly! 🤣
    In all seriousness, wow, this is truly scary and sad. The world seems to be embracing all the crazy. Thank you for standing up for celiacs once again, GD!

    1. I’ve come across both of those: Medical Medium and GF Society and am rather surprised these AND others are still in business and allowed to spread their shit like the explosive diarhhea many celiacs have on occasion. Why in heaven’s name can’t they be stopped? There are 300+ autoimmune diseases, of which celiac is just one and the science is clear. Same as colitis and other digestive conditions there is no cure for any of them. None! No one has the right to hand out false information that, in the end, will get people in more trouble and likely cause an early death There are enough false rumors regarding celiac, we don’t need “experts” making it worse.

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