On My Birthday…51 Things I Think I Think

gluten dude's birthday

It’s my birthday today. Yay me! What’s on my mind? Where do I start?? Borrowing an idea from Peter King at MMQ (ok fine…stealing it), here are 51 things I think I think.

  1. I think you may be wondering why 51 things. Ummm…no real reason. And I swear it has NOTHING to do with my age.
  2. I think I post this video every year for my birthday:
  3. I think I get WAY too much pleasure out of watching that video.
  4. I think if I don’t seriously pick up my guitar and start playing it soon, I’m going all Pete Townshend on it.
  5. I think the combination of eating extra healthy and taking digestive enzymes has put me in a good place lately (health-wise).
  6. I think the acting on Gilligan’s Island was vastly underrated.
  7. bruceI think I really dug her ’cause I was too loose to fake. I said, “I’m hurt.” She said, “Honey, let me heal it.” – Spirit In the Night
  8. I think I’m getting burnt out on life and I’m losing my HUM.
  9. I think if you don’t what your HUM is, you should watch this TED Talk. Shout out to Mrs. Dude for sharing this with me and helping me to find MY hum again.
  10. I think water and lemon is a nice way to start the day.
  11. I think Titos and lemon is a nice way to end the day.
  12. I think my website is entering a new phase where it will be much more user-generated content, at least until I can find the time again to put into it like I used to.
  13. ellenI think we need more love in the world. We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.” – Ellen DeGeneres
  14. I think I am 1000% in agreement with what Ellen said. I’ve become a bit jaded about our world. I need to find the joy again. I want to be a part of the goodness in this world.
  15. I think you are going to love what Jennifer Esposito is working on. She’s good people, through and through.
  16. I think I’m getting a wedgie.
  17. I think having Mrs. Dude and the Dudettes taking me out for sushi last night was so awesome. What better birthday present than to spend time with your favorite people. You might say their presence is their present to me (yeah…I know).
  18. I think Dexter is one of the best shows I’ve seen. And on a side note…the fact that I relate to him concerns me.
  19. I think it gives me great joy that people are using the forum I set up. Support is so key.
  20. muskI think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better. I think that’s the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.” – Elon Musk
  21. I think the gluten-free jokes stopped being funny a long, long time ago.
  22. I think it’s time to take a break and get some exercise in.
  23. I think I’m back (huffing and puffing).
  24. I think I’ll miss the Dude Ranch, but I’m looking forward to creating memories in the new Dude Ranch.
  25. I think I’d like to see Springsteen one more time…front row preferably.
  26. I think if you have to ask why, you need to watch this. Yes…all 14 minutes of it:

    And THAT was the last song of a 4 hour show. There is no one better.
  27. I think age is a state of mind…until I see a picture of me.
  28. I think I’m taking a half-day today and heading to the beach with one of my lovely Dudettes. Of course, I woke up at 4:30 so I could still get a full day of work in. Yes…I’m sad and pathetic.
  29. I think Udi’s has no intention of fixing their holey bread.
  30. ryderI think too much. I think ahead. I think behind. I think sideways. If it exists, I’ve fucking thought of it.” – Winona Ryder
  31. I think celiac disease affected me my entire life, not just since my diagnosis. All of the things I thought…”why me” now have a possible answer.
  32. I think it’s a sad state of affairs, no matter what side of the fence you sit on, that we are left with these two presidential candidates. We must do better as a country.
  33. I think “The Faces of Celiac Disease” is the coolest thing on this site.
  34. I think if you have not submitted your picture and what celiac means to you, you should hop to it.
  35. I think my idea of a restaurant called “Leftovers”, where everything is cooked the day before, has potential. Who doesn’t love leftovers??
  36. I think marrying Mrs. Dude was the best decision I ever made…by far.
  37. I think watching the Dudettes grow to be young adults has been the greatest gift ever bestowed on me.
  38. I think getting hair on your ears is one of the creepier things about getting older.
  39. billy joelI think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” – Billy Joel
  40. I think I’m very excited to open these presents today.


  41. I think when Trump says “Make America Great Again”, it’s a silent dog whistle.
  42. I think the fact that this site has gotten over 30,000 comments since I started it is pretty insane. And very cool. But it does mean I may have to move to a third-party commenting system since it’s starting to slow my site down a bit.
  43. I think cable TV is in serious trouble. Our TV has not been on for months. I’ll take my Netflix.
  44. cannonI think one of the most important things in a relationship is caring for your significant other through good times and bad.” – Nick Cannon
  45. I think I think too much. Sometimes I just need to BE.
  46. I think Siri has a hard time understanding me. I’m not sure if it’s Siri’s fault, or the fact that sometimes I talk like I have a mouthful of marbles.
  47. I think the transfer tax, where I need to pay 1% of the price of the house I’m buying AND the house I’m selling to the PA government, is insane!
  48. mayaI think we all have empathy. We may not have enough courage to display it.” – Maya Angelou
  49. I think my feet are ugly.
  50. I think you folks, my wonderful celiac community, have given me more than I can ever repay you and I thank you from the bottom of my gluten-free heart.
  51. I think if the next 51 years are anything like my first 51 years, I’ll be doubly blessed.

Phew! What do YOU think??

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17 thoughts on “On My Birthday…51 Things I Think I Think”

  1. Happy Birthday Dude & hope you get a minimum of 51 more even better ones!!!

    PS. It’ll be interesting to read the list of 102 things you think by then.

  2. Happy Birthday! I think I’m going to continue to share Gluten Dude blog posts because they are real and make me realize I’m not alone in this journey with Celiac Disease. Hope you had a wonderful day!

  3. Hey Gluten Dude, I found your site the other day so this is the first “live” post I’ve received on Feedly. I think it’s cool that the “first” post is your birthday post — happy birthday!

    I think it’s cool that you are 51, I’m 61 so we were both born in a year ending with “5”.

    I think I could agree with #6 if you’ll agree that “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was probably one of the best movies ever.

  4. Happy Birthday dude. Our b-days are only two days apart! Just had mine. I agree with many of your 51 as well. Need more info on those digestive enzymes. Need all the help I can get. Just started taking the Nature’s Bounty probiotic 10 and thought it made me feel better but the new effect from supplements never lasts. I guess its placebo effect, I don’t know. Feeling like pre-celiac is still a fantasy for me.

  5. GD-

    Happy bleeping birthday! Haven’t posted in awhile but think of you often and how much of an impact you have been in my life. Thank you love. Xo


    Jersey Girl
    “I took the road less traveled..”
    Robert Frost

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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