• An All-Out Media Attack on Gluten-Free This Week
  • Not a Bad Week to be a Celiac Advocate
  • Dear Gluten Dude: My College Won’t Keep Me Safe
  • Why Are We CELEBRATING Gluten-Free Cheerios?
  • Why Does Celiac Disease Turn Some People Into Heartless Jerks?
  • What Does Celiac Disease Mean to You?
  • How NOT to Treat a Celiac at a Restaurant
  • Celiac Rant: You Don’t Look Sick (#$@&%*!)

All About Eating Out

A Little Gluten Free Humor

GlutenDude.com Turns One!

Wow…that year went by quickly. About 12 and a half months ago, I got the idea to start a blog about living the celiac life from a dude’s perspective. And 12 months ago today, I launched GlutenDude.com. (If I was a dog, my blog w... Read more

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