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Gluten Dude
  • So two nights ago, laying in bed thinking about where my life is right now, I had a full panic attack.

    Mrs. Dude going in for major surgery next week. A pile of medical bills that have almost reached the ceiling. My first Dudette going off to her freshman year in college in 5 days.

    It kinda hit me all at once. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

    Yet I woke up the next morning more determined than ever…yet still a little frightened about my near future.

    And then somebody sent me a link to a new product called Glutia…and I smiled…and then that smile turned into laughter.

    What is Glutia you say? Well…it’s kinda like...

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  • There is no manual for living with celiac disease. No how-to guide to navigate your new life.

    I assume when you received your diagnosis, you got pretty much the exact same instructions from your doctor that I got from mine: Don’t eat gluten.

    So we walk out of the doctor’s office a bit terrified of our new life in front of us, but feeling a bit relieved that all we need to do is give up gluten and we’ll be just fine.

    But damn…here I am six years later and we all know it’s just not that clear cut.

    What we need is a how-to guide that covers all of the emotional, social and physical aspects of living with celiac disease. We need something so that those diagnosed with celiac disease in the future have a go-to resource on how to cope best with their new life.

    Well guess...

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  • Today is the day folks. The new FDA gluten-free labeling laws go into effect. A day the celiac community has been waiting forever for.

    And you know what this means don’t you?

    Yeah…neither do I. Like anything else the government gets involved in, it’s kind of a confusing mess.

    So the Gluten Dude is here to try to break it all down for you.

    A few caveats before we get started:

    1) Though I may kvetch a bit about some of the rulings, I am beyond appreciative of all of the work that went into getting this passed. And it is indeed a step in the right direction.

    2) Please…no comments that gluten-free must mean 0 ppm. There is no way to test for it and though it sounds nice, it’s just not reasonable at this point in time.

    And away we go…

    What the Gluten-Free Labeling...

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  • Tackling celiac with a sense of humor is an absolute must.

    A fellow celiac who was just diagnosed wrote a poem to gluten and she shared it with me on Facebook.

    I simply love it. And so I’m sharing it with you.

    That’s how the internet works



    Goodbye, My Friend

    Cookies, cake, and pie I ate With gusto and abandon. Danish and croissants on my plate, My almost constant companion.

    Spaghetti, rice and oatmeal, too, I love it all the same. And if I gained a pound or two, I knew just who to blame.

    But now my friend, you’ve made me frown, Our time together has ended. It seems that you have let me down. My stomach you have offended.

    Gluten, why did you do me this way? Why do we have to part? I’ve been in love with you forever and a day. You’ve...

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