Really Bart? Using to Bash Me??


Wanna see something? Take a minute and go to this site:

Go on…I’ll wait.


Now wasn’t that interesting?

Have a seat and I’ll tell you the back story.

Last August, somebody told me about Bart & Judy’s Gluten-Free Cookies. They’re labelled gluten-free but she said there is a disclaimer on the box that says “May contain wheat”.

So being the sterling journalist that I am, I asked her to contact the company before I blog about it and here is what Bart said to her: We do have wheat in our bakery; however the mixer and equipment is totally washed-down before we run the gluten-free cookies.

If you’re shaking your head…yeah, that was my reaction too.

So I wrote a blog post about their cookies. I didn’t think they were taking enough precautions to keep their cookies safe for celiacs. You can read the blog post here.

Did I call them out? I did.

Did I slam them? You be the judge, but I think I was actually quite gentle about it.

Bart emailed me a few days later complaining about my blog post. His email was very professional, which I appreciated, and I wrote back the following to him: “Hi Bart. Thanks for the email. I posted your letter on my blog today. You seem like good people and a good company. But it is my firm belief that you need to change your production habits if you want to label your cookies gluten free. The risk is just too great. I wish you and Judy the best in everything.”

We went back and forth a few times and it was all very cordial. End of story…or so I thought.

8 months later, I received an email from Bart. Except his language and demeanor were much different this time around. It’s almost like he forgot we had already communicated previously.

He accused me of “KNOWINGLY propagating false information”, says I was doing a “disservice to those suffering from Celiac Disease”, and demanded I take the blog post down. I asked him if he changed the way he produces his cookies and I never got a response from him. That was that. End of story part 2…or so I thought.

This brings us to today. Somebody on FB sent me the link to My initial reaction? What the ever-living hell!! How sad and pathetic.

Which means it’s the perfect venue for a “Gluten Dude site breakdown”.

Let’s do it.

He says: I’m a sad and desperate guy who exploits a serious disease for personal gain.

I say: I’m a happy and content guy who advocates for the celiac community. Oh…and what personal gain?? This blog takes a boat load of work to keep up. The only “gain” I get is from helping the celiac community.

He says: It’s sad when a guy can’t eke out a living by providing an honest service or doing an honest day’s work without resorting to lying about others!

I say: You think I do this for a living? You wanna know how much money I make from this site? I’ll give you a hint. If you took ALL the money in the world and got rid of it, that’s how much money I make from this site.

He says: I’ve attempted to contact “Gluten Dude” through his website / Facebook, his blog and by email. I know he reads what I’ve written because he deletes my posts. He has not responded to my emails.

I say: Yikes…that’s not even close to true. I’ve replied to every contact he’s made and I’ve deleted nothing. That one got me riled up a bit.

He says: There is no contact information for him. No-one knows his name, no-one even knows where he’s located! Yet he continues to propagate lies about our cookies. Why is “Gluten Dude” hiding?

I say: Ummm…I wrote one short blog post almost a year ago. I’m not “continuing” to do anything. You are. As to why I keep anonymous, that’s confidential information 😉

He says: Gluten Dude seems to be a relentless self-promoter who makes his living hawking t-shirts at the expense of Celiac’s and others who seek quality products to support their gluten-free diets! Shame on you Gluten Dude.

I say: I hawk t-shirts? Really?? I didn’t know that. I love t-shirts. Where can I buy one?

Bart…I feel no shame. I feel no remorse. I feel no guilt.

I tried to open a conversation with you many times. I tried to get you to understand that simply washing your contaminated equipment between making your gluten-filled cookies and your gluten-free cookies wasn’t enough. I was trying to help you see the light. But instead of being open to change, you took this rather unfortunate route, which will just bring more negative attention to your company. Is that really what you want?

Oh…and slamming me on your Facebook page was a nice touch. Real classy.

I hold absolutely no ill-will towards you Bart. You are trying to protect your brand (while sadly totally bashing mine). But man…are you going about it in the wrong way. Personal vendettas don’t solve anything.

Take the page down Bart and release the domain name. You are just making yourself look petty and silly. And for the record, I could very easily take legal action as you are using my trademarked name. It’s actually a very open and shut case.

But I don’t want your money.

And I don’t want anymore emails from you.

I simply don’t want to waste any more of my time with you.

It sucks the life out of me and it just ain’t worth it.


UPDATE: A fellow celiac emailed Bart last night and asked about his cookies and if they were safe for celiacs. His response? “If gluten is a serious health issue, I would not not chance our cookies. We’d love to have you as a customer but we’d rather err on the side of caution.”

What the hell? So after all this, he’s admitting I was right. Makes no sense.

Jim Morrison was right. People are indeed strange.

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213 thoughts on “Really Bart? Using to Bash Me??”

  1. I’ve always said you’re a good man Gluten Dude and you prove it time and again, over and over!

    You really know how to set a great example for this crazy world.


  2. Wow! Make a website devoted to bashing someone! That’s what crazy scorned women & sometimes men, do!

    That’s a lot of effort for an old blog post. Makes you wonder what has happened to him in the last few months. Something has really gone wrong for him. Maybe we should pray for him?

    1. I agree Lima. Bart is obviously having some problems because his attacks on GDude are not the actions of a rational businessman. I admire GDude even more for his measured and kind reply to such egregious actions by Bart.

      “…pray for each other. Do this so that God can heal you. Anyone who lives the way God wants can pray, and great things will happen.”
      –James 5:16

  3. I think Bart is waaaay off base in setting up a website with your handle as the domain name– that’s really going too far.

    I’ve certainly read enough of his posts on your web site to know that you don’t delete them– that’s just nonsense.

    He seems to be hiding behind the “20ppm” definition of gluten free, and as we know, you don’t go along with that. I still haven’t determined if I’m bothered by the small quantities of gluten that I’d get in something that just tests under 20ppm, so I can’t claim that it’s a problem for me. But I’ve certainly seen enough from others who seem to be hypersensitive and are bothered by eating things with even such low gluten content. (And of course it depends on how much of the offending product one eats– a double-decker sandwich made with 20ppm bread is much different from a couple of crumbs from such bread.) And besides, unless he tests each and every batch of his products, he can’t be sure his products are down at the 5.6ppm that he brags about.

        1. lmao…

          You mean this part?
          I told GD last night that must include me….(and the other bazillion internet users who choose not to put their pics up on FB or elsewhere…..)

          “that side of the internet where firebrands, zealots and the irresponsible can lurk behind the cloak of anonymity. (you know what I’m talking about) “

          1. Firebrand? Zealot? Dang… Sign Me Up! Crap… can’t be targeted any more than I already am for the work I do (child welfare research)…

            Still… you need to have the skin of a rhinoceros (no offense to the rhino) to make it in the blogosphere. Just remember though… there’s a reason why the trolls live *under* the bridge…

  4. I thought people grew out of cyberbullying…but yeah, I wonder if people are googling his product name to be sure it’s safe for them (which I do all the time instead of “calling the manufacturer,” which, ugh), turning up your post, and deciding not to buy.

    Even though <20 ppm is OK, especially if you're only eating a few gluten-free packaged goods in a day and otherwise focusing on whole foods, I personally wouldn't want to eat cookies made on non-dedicated equipment because every single cookie can't be tested, so it's hard to know if one part of the batch could be actually contaminated and be missed.

    Then again, the gluten-free cookie market is completely saturated, and there are all kinds of other reasons a newcomer to it might not see his/her business performing as desired—assuming that's the case. Really, the whole situation is just too bad.

  5. Sue in Alberta

    In what universe do some people operate in? So much of what Bart claims can be readily proven wrong. Mind boggling to contemplate what he would hope to gain by making such wild eyed accusations. Obviously, something’s gone very wrong for poor ol’ Bart.
    I did in fact think this was a t-shirt website. You learn something new every day 🙂

    1. Sue

      Your “wild eyed accusations” is so perfectly chosen! I’ve used that phrase a time or two in last 30 yrs.

  6. Yet another example of the how mean some people can be. It seems to me he has $ signs for eyes instead of the compassion to help celiacs. I am aware of the attacks on Jennifer about her book and my heart was sad for her. Will never be able to understand why some get pleasure when attacking innocent people it has to be a defect in their brain matter. GD your heart is in the right place and you do so much for all of us, please don’t let someone like bart bring you down. As i posted over on Jennifer’s site Wear you suit of armour and keep going forward as we all know you are on the right side and so very much appreciated. dont ever get into the mud with such hateful people. I think you and your family are decent kind great people and i admire all you do for celiacs. Bless you and hang in there

  7. I sent this email to Bart

    “Are your gluten free cookies baked in a separate facility? Tested for gluten and to what level? Basically, I am asking how you assure they are gf when you also make gluten cookies. I have Celiac disease so I have to be more careful than fad dieters. It’s Ok if you tell me they aren’t for me- I will appreciate the honesty.


    Received this back:

    “Hi (LB), if gluten is a serious health issue, I would not not chance our cookies.

    We’d love to have you as a customer but we’d rather err on the side of caution.

    We hope you lead a long and healthy life,


    I appreciated the honesty. I think its odd he didn’t mention his testing or cleaning methods. I don’t understand how he can test for 5.6 ppm of gluten. I thought the tests were more of a yes or no – <10 ppm or not. Not specific amounts. I am choosing to ignore the double negative & attribute it to a typo. 🙂

    All that said, I think it is seriously disturbing that someone would go to all the trouble to make a website to bash someone else. I hope his family is able to get him some help soon.

      1. And for me, if the testing at < 10 ppm is accurate, I would be OK with that. Especially if he would have talked about testing the clean equipment like a few certified places do. I know of bakery's that use a separate mixer and equipment and tray the gf stuff first in the morning on parchment paper. One even uses a side room to do that. I think that can be safe. But its just cookies – we none of us need to eat them to live.

        1. Want to add – I know a few bakeries that make gf somethings but are very up front about them not being gf enough for Celiacs. A bit disappointing, but I am glad they mention it.

    1. Well done WATCHDAWGS!! That proves GDude’s case and your original points in addition to the obvious very serious federal tradename violations. Ol’ Bart should be happy GDude did not want any of his money – because it would be easy to ask a federal court for some along with a permanent injunction at this point.

      (I never refer to ladies in the same sentence with any canine descriptors; however, I think each of you have referred to yourselves with & appreciate that title under these circumstances.)

  8. Seriously NO WORds. I’m telling you folks when the almighty dollar is in play people are disgusting. AND what’s worse it’s at the risk of people’s health! I do believe you should take legal action. It’s the only thing such greedy disputable behavior can be met with. Hit them where they live- the wallet. Unfortunately it may be the only way people will TAKE THIS DAMN DISEASE SERIOUSLY.

  9. From public database WHOIS the owner of is:

    Registrant Email:
    Admin Name: bart greenhut
    Admin Organization: HealthPro
    Admin Street: 2532 Strozier Ave.
    Admin City: S. El Monte
    Admin State/Province: California
    Admin Postal Code: 91733
    Admin Country: United States
    Admin Phone: +1.6262580049

    1. The California Secretary of State’s website may reveal some other interesting tidbits about related corporate filing status and other businesses at that address, which may lend some credence to other concerns expressed herein.

  10. The Atomic Mom

    Does he realize that we, your audience, really like you too, and are happy to come to your defense? SMH.

  11. Bart appears to be the most pathetic person I’ve had the pleasure of not encountering in a long time. Even if he were to ever correctly manufacture gluten free items, I would make sure not a penny of my money went toward him.

    Thanks for always being yourself Gluten Dude, whoever that anonymous person might be. 😉

  12. Dude, I feel for ya! Bart obviously has it all wrong about you, and even on his “dude bash page” he is self promoting HIS product.

    “It sucks the life out of me and it just ain’t worth it.”.

    Live by your above quote and sleep well at night!

  13. I don’t eat anything made on shared equipment or from a shared facility. I just don’t. I can’t. It’s not worth it.
    I also don’t eat anything made by an asshole.
    And, Dude, maybe you should start selling t-shirts. I’d buy one.

    1. “I also don’t eat anything made by an asshole.”

      Kathy, that made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the iced tea spit on my iPad screen! 😀

      1. Guys…I’ve think we’ve got ourselves another TEE SHIRT!

        Alberta Sue, I know you love when I do this…get ready…..

        “I don’t eat anything made by an asshole”

        and on the back

        “Especially when it’s not 100% Gluten Free”.

        and Kathy,

        Rule # 43
        Never apologize for making any one of us do a laptop spit. 🙂

        Lima bean makes me do them all the time.

        I just hurled a bit of Tito’s myself! Thanks! lmao.

        1. I like rule #43. And Kathy, even if iced tea had come out of my nose there would still be no need for an apology. 😉

        2. Sue in Alberta

          Had to put my coffee down – laughing hard! LOVE it, Irish! James had a good one too – “”
          This is one of my first stops every morning and I got to laugh right out of the gates. Thanks 🙂

            1. Sue in Alberta

              Wiser words were never said. Kinda like a very wise woman once said to me, ” No Sue, he’s not an arsehole. Arseholes are useful.”

            2. I say “asshat.” I see that so many of my GF brothers and sisters have taken to using that word too. sniff sniff …makes me proud.

  14. What a ass he was to do this! I can’t believe it. I wrote an email to Bart and I think we all need to do the same. Can’t he be reported for any of this? Here is my letter:

    Bart, you are something else for putting up that fake site for the gluten dude. If you think that this attack on Gluten Dude’s character is going to endear any of us to you, you are sadly mistaken. Because of this, I am going to go out of my way to tell people about the misleading cookies you sell and the misleading gluten free bakery you have. I hope you never sell a single cookie again after today. What a lowdown, rotten thing to do. Shame on you, Bart,


  15. Typical case of cyber bullying towards a genuinely supportive and well respected member of the GF/celiac community. It’s sad to say Dude, but when you grow in popularity, inevitably people get jealous and in some cases (like this I think) pretty vicious.

    Is it even legal to have a ‘Gluten Free Disclaimer’ if there’s also a high chance of cross contamination? That wording seems really deceptive.

    Hold your head up high Dude! I hope that wanker (which is what he is) gets a harsh slap of reality. Can you take legal action against that?

    I think you really deserve a public apology. Oh and where can I get one of these t-shirts??? 😉


  16. wow. I am speechless here… He build the web side using your name,because you got many followers and he talks bad things about you Dude,but at the same time he promotes his darn cookies…. So wrong.So wrong…. He forgot that there is thousands people supporting your back.. And maybe now Bart have nobody…. Shame on him and his childish games. Gluten dude rocks. 🙂

  17. GD-

    Great post. This Bart guy is a freakin’ loon. Ahhh, I can smell the desperation all the way over in Jersey. Complete garbage, we’ve got plenty of landfills over here-maybe we can cyber dump this guy in there. And his cookies.

    Btw Bart, ya ever hear of spell check???

    Jersey Girl
    Marge: What’s going on out there?
    Lisa: I think Bart’s stupid again, Mom.
    Marge: Oh, well.

    The Simpsons

    1. JG you bring up another good point…bart, GD DOES tell us often where he lives. Nonyabidness New Jersey is the perfect city for someone with small children on the internet with weirdos like bart around to live!!
      We accept this, why can’t you?

  18. I had to send an email, too, to support Dude and express my opinion about this ridiculous website. We’ll see if he responds. I just want to go on record that when I was diagnosed just over 2 years ago, this was one of the first websites I found. I’ve learned so much here about how to be a celiac patient! So don’t let this idiot get you down, Dude. This site helps a whole lot of people.

    1. Finally got a response from Bart:

      Hi Danica, No apologies.

      It’s been a frustrating 2 weeks but the independent lab results covering our GLUTEN-FREE, Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies has been received.

      Cookie samples were taken at random with complete chain of custody documentation. Any other method has no credibility.

      Please click on the link below to review the report.

      Judy, Jordan and I are diligent when producing all our products which include The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In The World®, regular and gluten-free. If you like chocolate chips you’ll probably LOVE ours.

      We operate a shared facility and stand firmly behind our gluten-free claim.

      Anyone with serious health issues needs to be proactive in caring for themselves.


      How is he “standing behind their gluten-free claim?” Crazy!

      1. Seems Bart just loves to copy and paste. I’ve had a handful of people forward me this exact email. Just lovely he’s using his fake site, instead of his own, to post his test results.

        Oh Bart…what are we going to do with you??

        1. I also got the same email from Bart–he sounds extremely desperate to me! He has done so much damage that even IF his cookies miraculously became gluten free, I would not buy them.

  19. This whole thing speaks to how bakeries think that they can market to the gluten free community without taking real precautions. I was literally walked out of a bakery a few weeks ago when I asked about possible sources of cc with their gf baked items. And then at the farmers’ market there was a lady selling “gluten free and vegan granola”–she literally had gluten free in big letters on the label. Thank goodness I asked if she used gluten free certified oats before I took a sample. Guess what? She doesn’t. She totally did not understand ANYTHING about cross contamination. I was so mad–why do they think they can cash in on this “trend” and get away without being educated or being super careful about their equipment, ingredients, and facilities?

  20. This is insane. The guy needs to let it go. Jerk.

    You are amazing, and please, please don’t stop what you’re doing. You ROCK!

  21. Feeling a little bad as I think I was the person that sent the picture of his “gluten free” sign almost 2 years ago from stock show. Just the “trust me its gluten free” sample gave me terrible cramps & diahrrea!!
    Who knew he had gluten psychosis & was a little bat sht too? Cookie really wasn’t good before the “aftermath” (still feel sorry for janitor) & even less so after. Maybe he could make more money selling them as laxitives?

    ETA: dude this is why you spend the extra $200 to buy up all the other extensions of a domain name!!

  22. I’m just wondering why Bart wasted all this time/energy/money just to do this in the first place. From public WHOIS records (as I see Andrea posted above as well), it looks like he registered all of these domains on April 26th, 2014.

    What a waste … he seems to be the one killing his own customer base because after doing this people will most definitely find these articles and sites when they use the internet to determine if they want to eat at his bakery.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Gluten Dude – I’ve honestly never posted a blog response here but always read your articles when they come up in my Facebook feeds.

    Thanks again!

  23. You sell Gluten Dude T-Shirts? I’ll take two! One men’s L, one kids S for my two gluten-free-dudes! 🙂

    I love your site since I’ve found it. Thanks for all you do!!

  24. I just went on his Facebook post and reminded him of this comment he made to me back in December: Sorry Nisha, I am just seeing this now (we had someone else running SM until recently.) While I am unaware of the response in question (to Gluten Dude), I can assure you that acting childish is not commonplace for our company. Propagating happiness is our mission, so this post is disheartening for me to read. I apologize for the offense, and thank you for your comment. Our gluten-free cookies are not 100% Gluten Free, and they are created using shared equipment which is washed and sanitized between every use. Since the original posting of this comment, we have had our product tested for allergens and learned that our gluten free cookies contain less than 3 ppm gluten–well under the level which the FDA specifies as “Gluten-free” (20 ppm). We understand that everyone’s body is different, and the last thing we want to do is put anyone at risk of getting sick. Can you think of any way in which we could make our packaging better or more informative when it comes to the issue of gluten intolerance?

    1. People seem so confused about what free means.

      “Our gluten-free cookies are not 100% Gluten Free”

      Are you kidding me?

      Do you know that is a FDA violation to call any coffee Caffiene Free? That is why the word decaffeinated was created. Why is gluten different. It is free of gluten or it isn’t. Disclaimer: I am own a dedicated gluten free company and this drives me nuts.

      1. James

        What a great idea!

        “Deglutened” should be the legal term for any product that previously/currently contained gluten in any form/amount or is produced in a non dedicated facility using gluten in any form.

        “Gluten Free” should be the legal term for any product that is naturally free of gluten, never cross contaminated, and is produced in a dedicated facility completely free of gluten in every form. (eg Jennifer’s Way Bakery in NYC).

        No confusion and consumers could make Stress Free decisions about the food and drinks they consume.

        Sounds like I could trust your bakery!

  25. Even if his cookies were safe, they suck. Blech. Cardboard.

    I made the mistake of getting on his email list. I to get off of it was just about the most difficult task I have ever faced. He’s completely cray cray.

  26. I’m flabbergasted! (I don’t think I’ve ever used that word before, but it is fitting here!)
    Cyber bullying never ceases to amaze me. The fact that a businessman who looks to be over 50, would resort to this type of thing is just disgusting. It definitely reflects incredibly poorly on his character and business. I will have nothing to do with Bart’s. Hopefully, the people that truly like this company will see this crap he’s posting and run far away!
    Thanks for all you do to advocate for us, Dude!

  27. Wow! And we wonder why bullying is so prevalent amongst our kids. Very mature way of dealing with an issue. Why do people take everything to heart that is written on the internet? This blog is an opinion piece and if it were my company (I would never run my business this way) I would have emailed you and had an honest discussion to explain my business practices and have an open mind. This man is obviously a bit un-hinged and we should just all send him happy, positive vices in hopes he wakes up and gets a clue.
    I don’ always agree with your opinion but that is ok. When did we become a society of “if you don’t share my opinion then you are stupid?” We all had different perspectives and experiences that contribute to our opinions. Can we just let everyone have their own opinion without bashing each other and bullying?

    Keep up the good work Dude!

  28. I love your site and fully appreciate that you are taking the high road. Don’t let the bad stuff get you down! You have a loyal following for a reason. You. Are. Helping. People. I know this site has helped me. Thanks for all you (and the GlutenDude community) have done and continue to do!

  29. I’ve got your back GD! You have been an awesome branch of support and knowledge for all of us in this GF community, and I am constantly recommending your website/blog to all of my newly diagnosed Celiac friends. Keep it up… we aren’t going anywhere! 🙂

    P.S. I’ll take a shirt too (M)! hee…

  30. WOW! Only $29.95 for a freaking box of cookies made with “hand cracked eggs” (vs ones crushed with a hammer). Are there any gluten-free lawyers out there that will take this case for a mere $29.95 donation from each of us celiacs that will NOT be buying these cookies? I’m in!

    1. WHAT? He charges that much? holy crap–for that much money he could certainly invest in a gluten free kitchen! I agree on hiring the gluten free laywer–heck maybe the Dude can cough up one of his amazing T-shirts to give him for court!

  31. I am wondering if we shouldn’t be emailing the companies that sell his products. like Whole Foods? I don’t think the gf or not argument will sway them but this odd behavior of buying up every configuration of the dude’s name might.

  32. I’m just wondering how many members there are in “our” community, and if we could get this trending…

  33. Miss Dee Meanor

    Wow! They either have no lawyers, very poor ones, or ones they never consulted before pulling this stunt. What company would you ever trust that did something as childish as this?

    1. On that review page there’s an image of the “STOP! READ FIRST!” sheet that the reviewer found in his bag of cookies. If you look down the sheet, just before “III.”, it says “We limit distribution.”

      An odd claim to make for a vendor with at least eight offerings on Amazon!

      Any claim by Bart apparently should be taken with a grain of (gluten free*) salt.

      *Less than 20ppm gluten; may contain wheat.

  34. Got another response from Bart: For any celiac who faces critical health issues as you, we would recommend exercising an abundance of caution by ingesting only products from dedicated gluten-free restaurants, bakeries and facilities.
    What is at issue is that it is false for “Gluten-Dude” to suggest that our cookies are not gluten-free.


      1. This is what I said: Um. YOU said they weren’t gf. Gluten Dude (rightly) pointed out the fact that your packaging said gluten free but then said may contain wheat. He (rightly) pointed out the danger of eating a product made on shared equipment , because even if the machines are cleaned between batches, there is still a risk for cross contamination. He (rightly) stated that it information like that needs to be readily available for consumers so they can make informed decisions about the food they eat. And did I mention YOU said the cookies are not gluten free? No gluten ingredients used is not the same as gluten free. A dedicated facility is much different than made on shared lines. By the way, I don’t have celiac. I am gluten intolerant and extremely sensitive to cross contamination. That’s why I have an issue with the way you have handled this whole thing.

        1. Nisha


          Food ingredients and preparation Information “needs to be readily available for consumers so they can make informed decisions about the food they eat.” Perfectly stated!

          This is the whole issue on these 1) cross contamination, 2) 20ppm, 3) “gluten free”, 4) wheat facility 5) uses products naturally containing gluten etc., etc, etc. questions regarding Bart’s, Omission, Daura, Amy’s, Diet Coke, and other such food/drink products. That’s why I eat very little processed food anymore.

          The only reason I even care about this situation for me personally is because of Bart’s egregious harassment of GDude (and thereby our community).

          I want to know what food ingredients that I’m putting in my mouth and then let me decide if it’s “Gluten Free Enough” for me – because I now know this information is vital to my good health. The federal guideline of 20ppm is USELESS to me and my good health. In fact less than useless, it is really more confusing and harmful to me because I can’t trust any such claims and I have to systematically analysize everything. But my constant food analysis is working and keeping me healthy again.

          Gluten Dude does a great job of helping us discern this information and Bart needs to leave Gluten Dude (and the rest of us) alone so Dude can happily keep up the great work.

          I explained these issues ad nausuem to Bart back in April and he is either too hard headed, mentally challenged for whatever other reason or as Gemini says below, Bart may be an “undiagnosed Celiac and the gluten is affecting his brain.”

  35. Dude,
    I have to say somehow this post just got to me. I sent bart a wee mail. He has replied, I sent you a copy of the mail.
    All I can say is thank you dude for all you do for us celiacs around the world we do appreciate it.

  36. C’mon, guys…lets be a little more compassionate. Maybe Bartie is an undiagnosed Celiac and the gluten is affecting his brain….. ; )

  37. Wow, just wow! That’s honestly scary to me. Bart’s spending way too much time and money. I’m glad you are anonymous, Dude! I hope Bart has a moment of clarity and does the right thing. I wish I was a lawyer!

  38. Keep on fighting the fight, G-Dude.

    I see their cookies for sale at TJMaxx. Make of that what you will.

    What are they talking about anyway, “mild celiac disease”? And where can I get me some of that? Geez. Either their food is safe or it isn’t. Sounds like it isn’t. Not for most of us.

  39. I sent an email to Bart and received the following response……..
    “Hi Rachael, I understand the your family’s situation regarding gluten intolerance.

    For any celiac who faces critical health issues like your family, we would recommend exercising an abundance of caution by ingesting only products from dedicated gluten-free restaurants, bakeries and facilities.
    What is at issue is that it is not right for “Gluten-Dude” to single us out and suggest that our cookies are not gluten-free.
    I attempted to contact him several times (back when he first wrote his little story and as recently as today)

    I’m thinking he’s just a whackadoodle.

  40. Josef Rosenfeld

    had a similar discussion years ago at a trade show with a pizza shop owner who wanted to make gluten free pizza – I asked him about the wheat flour in the air that would land on the pizza – and he looked at me like I was crazy.

    Then I talked to a guy whose family has made pasta for generations, they wanted to make gluten free pasta but could never get below 200 ppm and could not figure it out. I asked him about the ventilation system and did they change all the air in the facility – and it occurred to him that airborne flour can be up there for more than 24 hours before it starts to settle.

    The best was a restaurant owner who was looking at a pasta I sell and wanted to see if it would work for her gluten free menu, and was it available in bulk? I said you use a separate pot for the gluten free pasta right? She looked at her chef who said “no” and then they walked away like I was the crazy one.

  41. I would love to have the free time that man seems to have to spend to bash you all over the internet. I understand your not wanting to take legal action ( its used to quickly in my opinion) but I fear if this was to continue some sort of action may be required not in monetary terms but at least the sopping of him using your name to write about you and I’m a firm believer in getting apologies from people when they are wrong. Yo have handled yourself like a true gentleman well done be proud of that.

  42. I read the post and comments before going to the website, now that I have been to the site, I’m angry. What is a “mild celiac”? Really, I would love for him to define that one!!!!! Ahole!

    1. Maybe he’s been hanging out with the people who don’t have to go gluten-free for medical reasons. They’re the ones who blab about eating “gluten light” whatever the fuck that means. Enrages me.

      1. Me three… the cray cray really did remind me of Amy’s.

        Gluten sucks so much.

        And it does feel like more and more companies follow this guy’s example. Which is frustrating.

        I wish there were better labelling laws for gluten. Because the ppm test is only on one batch. (and correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember reading that they could only detect down to 10 ppm?) And wheat could be processed in the same facility, but a different section, and different machines, so we don’t know what the actual gluten risk is.

        I just get so tired of calling companies, of googling products in the store, of getting glutened because my sprouts were possibly grown with wheatgrass and it is the only thing I can figure out. EVERY FREAKING THING can have gluten in it. I’m even wondering if there is gluten in gardening products.

        I would love for the gluten-free label to actually mean something.

  43. Look on his FB page – he had surgery in March. Does that explain a lot? But seriously, this is cyber-bullying and should not be tolerated.

    Just keep doing what you are doing for the celiac/gluten-free community, Gluten Dude. Thanks.

  44. also Im having problems seeing barts facebook page when i tried the link on their website I got my own newsfeed anyone else finding this?

        1. Turns out it was a pretty generic copy and paste email that he’s sending to everyone! Completely ignored my complaint about the site!

          “For any celiac who faces critical health issues like you, we would recommend exercising an abundance of caution by ingesting only products from dedicated gluten-free restaurants, bakeries and facilities.

          What is at issue is that it is false for “Gluten-Dude” to suggest that our cookies are not gluten-free.


  45. I’m from NZ and unless something is from a dedicated GF factory it can’t be labelled GF. Cafe’s and such are different, but I’ve NEVER come across an item with a GF label along with a may contain label. It’s like making a nut free butter that may contain nuts? It either is or isn’t, there shouldn’t be any room for question!

  46. I waited all night and all day before saying much of anything (I was thinking & still reeling from the last few days of cray-cray on here) and I discussed this with a few impartial people too…..and I want to say this:
    I do not like the litigious society we have become, but in this case,
    it’s a copyright infringement and a direct assault on someone’s character….and if he does not cease and take down that bogus site, the threat of a lawsuit may become necessary.

    I know it is the last thing you need or want my friend, but…sometimes we have to do some things we do not want to –to protect ourselves.

    Maybe all of this chatter will help him see that his hate campaign is fruitless and maybe he will just let it go.

    We shall see.

    Just my two cents. If you were right here, I’d give you a big hug, hand you a tito’s and quote your fave movie:

    ” Bad luck, I guess. It floats around. It’s got to land on somebody. It was my turn, that’s all. I was in the path of the tornado.”

    And as my very wise Dad used to say “this too shall pass, baby”

        1. IMHO
          This man may be totally out of control at this point. He did not really think this through.
          He started something and now, he’s wondering what to do next.
          He is on record now as saying things that damn him re: the gluten issue.
          So, just wait.
          the grabbing of other domains makes it personal.
          It’s not business.
          (reverse Godfather quote there)

          The whole thing is really quite sad, imo

  47. I just looked at his Facebook page and, Dude, I think you owe Bart a big “Thank You”. Think of how many people he’s introducing to your blog.

  48. Same sentiments as all your other supporters – and won’t ever by buying his cookies for myself or my family. GD, are you sure you don’t need a protection order, though? The snarfing up the domain names sounds a bit like prep to a stalking!

  49. Well once again another MEAN SPIRITED Actress who grew up in a country called South Africa who favored SLAVERY now is showing the values of that country by saying Gluten Free is BULLSH*T

    Watch the video, not one mention of CELIAC DISEASE that effects 1 in 133 Americans. Will she be forced to apologize NO. Where is Jon Stewart and his daily show to put this actress in her place. Jon Stewarts wife and little boy have Celiac Disease

    Where is Elizabeth Hazzelbeck. This is a serious condidtion, if you do not believe in Gluten Intolerance FINE. However NOT ONE MENTION from this Actress about Celiac Disease. They are turning this Auto Immune disease into a joke and when the supermarkets STOP PRODUCING Gluten Free food and you Actors and Actresses like Emmy Russum who suffer from Celiac Disease do not ever open there mouth to say how hurtful this stuff about Gluten Free is, then when GLUTEN FREE GOES AWAY you can blame these actors and actresses who have Celiac Disease for NOT STANDING UP for this sad and dengerous disease that some of us have. I have Gluten Intolerance if Dr. Gibson is right, I CAN BENEFIT FROM FODMAP. What will you Celiacs do when the Gluten Free jokers make fun of you guys and NO ONE STANDS UP FOR YOU and your Auto Immune condition.

  50. You know it is really sad. This is suppose to be Celiac Awareness mouth. We already had an Australian Doctor who got his funds from a bread company named George Weston foods and with little research proved Non Celiac Gluten Sensitive people are mental jobs with on 37 participants and now this actress Charlize Theron says how horrible the Gluten Free lifestyle is and everyone CLAPS.

    I tried commenting on this Youtube Video and they erased my COMMENT. You see this is why I say people like Jon Stewart who have a popular television show NEED TO STAND UP FOR CELIACS MORE. Everyday Gluten Intolerant and Celiacs are being attacked by the MEDIA and D listed actresses like Charlize Theron and if we do not get a voice we will just continue to be picked on and annoyed for something like Celiac Disease that is an Auto Immune disease AND IS REAL..

  51. Oh. My. Gosh. Some people….
    Seriously?! Don’t we all have better things to do?
    And did you read the part on that page that says they “were developed to support those suffering from mild Celiac Disease.” Huh? Really? I must be misinformed, because I had no idea there was such a thing as “mild” CD. (insert sarcasm here) I’m pretty sure that we can all agree there is not one thing that’s “mild” about CD. Come on, guy!
    Who is this quack?!? And why now? It just makes no sense. Doesn’t he realize how much worse he’s making this for himself? Obviously his objective was to make you look bad, but that’s not the case at all. Wow. Just wow!

  52. I see how on his .org page he states those suffering from MILD celiac disease??? WTH??? There is nothing MILD about celiac disease, at least the one I have!

    When the new fda law takes place, to use the words – gluten free don’t think he’d qualify. Maybe he’ll even get a fine to choke down with his cookies!

    You’re still the coolest “glutedude” I know! All original, there’s no other come close!

    1. Exactly my thoughts. There is no such diagnosis as “mild celiac disease”. If you have celiac, it is not mild. What a crock of chocolate chip baloney this guy is selling…

  53. That page is not the same as it was earlier today.

    This part about “mild celiac” was not on there and he removed some of the defamatory phrases he used. Hope someone has it saved somewhere??.

  54. My dear Irish, I also was waiting all day and evening to reflect and respond. I was so outraged after looking at everything, I knew better than to comment at the time.

    You’ve echoed my sentiments, put it more eloquently and concisely than I would have. Thank you. 😉

    “I do not like the litigious society we have become, but in this case, it’s a copyright infringement and a direct assault on someone’s character….and if he does not cease and take down that bogus site, the threat of a lawsuit may become necessary.

    I know it is the last thing you need or want my friend, but…sometimes we have to do some things we do not want to –to protect ourselves.

    Maybe all of this chatter will help him see that his hate campaign is fruitless and maybe he will just let it go.

    We shall see.” -IH

    Indeed we shall. We can only hope…

    GD, what a few days it’s been. Take good care.

  55. Oops, I clicked it. And then regretted it. Gluten Dude, word of advice from a fellow celiac techie (and so sorry if you already thought of this), I’d remove the link to his site from your blog. I totally get calling him out (the screenshot rocks for that), but it’s basically driving traffic to his site. And traffic to his site leads to potential revenue for him (IF he has things setup that way). Now, I know removing the URL doesn’t stop people from googling him, but at least it’s a step in the right direction =D Linking to his FB page though, now that’s another story…. Muhahaha (evil laugh). Oops, sorry, got carried away there. Any who, I just get this post-gluten exposure queazy feeling from him that he’s trying to make money off of slandering you. Ew, so gross.

    Hope this helps and keep fighting the good fight dude!! THANK YOU!!

  56. So, I followed your link to their FB page. It says Bart had spinal surgery in March. Perhaps he’s in a lot of pain or on meds or something. Maybe that would explain the erratic behavior with his communications…

    …or he could be an asshat.

    Get yer “I don’t eat anything made by an asshole” t-shirt HERE!

  57. I can’t believe any company thinks that it is ok to use the same equipment for gluten filled foods and gluten free foods. Those of us who are gluten free know to read the package and if it says used on same equipment not to even try it! I am so sick of all these news stories and shows taking about the fad dieters who are gluten free. The ones who don’t even know what gluten is and why we need to stay away from it.

    Companies like Barts who make gluten free cookies but contaminate them by not having a separate mixing bowl and trays and use parchment paper to keep it on the up and up are not trying to give us with celiac disease a cookie that is safe to eat they are just trying to make a buck off the fad dieters. That is so wrong!!!!!

  58. His cookies can’t be all that great since I see them on clearance at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx all the time.

    What business of his is it that you don’t post your address, phone number, shoe size, and if you prefer boxers over briefs on the internet? And why is he so hell bent on finding out the “truth”.

    I love how he says you try to make money off of t-shirts, because when I met you, you weren’t selling anything, nor promoting anything. But yet he just promoted himself using YOUR name?

    Here is a shot of Tito’s, or three. You kick ass at what you do, you super secret squirrel agent.

    1. Yes….inquiring minds want to know….. Boxers? Briefs? Thong? ( maybe we don’t want to know if the answer is thong)

      1. ….what we really don’t want to know is if he goes commando…..


        (c’mon now, this is like my little brother you guys are talking about here) lmao

  59. Dude I am not even going to look at his site let alone buy his products. Keep up the good work you do for all of us. He is an a–hole and a jerk. My blog if I wanted one would be called “F–k You I’m Celiac”. Nuff said.

  60. Here is the email convo between Bart and myself:

    As a Celiac I find it absurd you would spend money to create a website to bash a man who is looking out for others who share this terrible disease. I pray you never have to suffer from a autoimmune disease where even the smallest particle of gluten in a product can cause severe illness. If you used your energy to make a quality, safe product instead of making up websites to bash a man who helps others perhaps you would be a happier, richer man.

    On Friday, May 23, 2014 10:37 AM, Bart Greenhut wrote:

    Hi Sabrina, what facts do we not have straight?

    Gluten Dude has been exploiting packaging that was replaced months ago! It doesn’t even exist.

    Does that seem right to you?


    On May 23, 2014, at 10:30 AM,

    > Hello, I just wanted to write to let you know I am boycotting all of your products and writing reviews of your company after the childish antics you have pulled. As a Celiac I take my health seriously and can’t believe you would go to such lengths to call out a man (Gluten Dude) who as dedicated his life to help others. SHAME ON YOU. At least get your facts straight!!!


    1. He mentions in his response that the packaging has been replaced. When this whole issue first came up last summer, why didn’t he simply say “wow, you’re right. I will look at updating my packaging”? This whole kerfuffle could’ve been avoided. Seems rather silly to me.

  61. I know this isn’t supposed to be one of your humorous posts, but the situation is so ridiculous that I can do nothing but laugh! You’re exploiting this disease…..huh? I guess if the definition of exploiting now encompasses educating, informing, empathizing, helping, etc. then Bart is right. So exploit away Gluten Dude, I for one think you’re doing a great job!

  62. Yes. We could use a funny post now! Maybe …. ” You know you are Celiac if….” Or dumb potty jokes or something .

      1. Weird. They work for me, sorry. Not sure how to fix it. They are just links I went to on the products page.

        1. Ok, that is weird…when I tried it on my desk top it worked just now
          But not on the laptop or my husband’s tablet.
          (I just wanted to see what you had linked to ) 🙂

        2. Nisha, your links work for me, too, and appear as you describe. I’m not sure what Bart meant when he was talking about changed packaging, though.

          If you click on “Ingredients” on either of those pages, it displays the same jpg of the ingredients and nutrition info for the 4.2 ounce package, and clearly says “GLUTEN-FREE”. It also says “OUR COOKIES ARE REGULARLY TESTED BY AN INDEPENDENT LABORATORY TO CONTAIN 5.6ppm OR LESS GLUTEN. (THE FDA STANDARD IS 20ppm)”. (I wasn’t aware they were tested regularly. I wonder how often they’re tested.)

          Of course it’s possible the packaging has been changed but the web site has not been changed. But I don’t see it makes much difference, since he’s still selling things which are made in a non-dedicated facility on shared equipment, and can be labeled as being within the federal limit (according to some tests) as gluten free. So I guess the cookies are (assuming the testing is accurate) technically gluten free, but I wouldn’t trust them.

          Check out the reviews on Amazon– very mixed.

  63. This is just ripe for a Deceptive Trade Practices action (DTPA). Does this guy sell in Texas?

    I’d say it’s deceptively labeled. Maybe if he knows he can be sued for 3x the loss under DTPA. Hmmmm…..

    It’s just not enough to call him a tool.

    1. Lisa

      As a former (now inactive in Tx) Tx lawyer, I like the way you think to right wrongs; however, I don’t think DTPA applies here because sounds like Ol’Bart is “Gluten Free” under federal 20ppm regulations. Dude’s point is that these cookies are not really gluten free for people like me who are extremely sensitive to gluten. A distinction with a very important difference in this battle. If Ol’Bart really changed his packaging as he’s claimed to add the “Amy’s manufactured in a wheat facility disclaimer” then he’s safe from DTPA. Even if he didn’t, he’s probably safe from DTPA if he could prove products are consistently independently tested to less than 20ppm.

      However, Ol’Bart has 2 major problems with his egregious actions. (1) Dude has constitutional right to tell us that Ol’Barts cookies are not really free of gluten (just like he did for Amy’s which helped me tremendously) because of cross contamination issues and being made in a wheat facility regardless of whether Ol’Bart changes his packaging or not. (2) Ol’Bart has screwed up big time using Dude’s trademark/name and publishing blatantly inflammatory statements & lies, which are easily & obviously proven as lies, about Dude & Ol’Barts interactions with Dude. Ol’Bart & his attorneys should be happy The Dude is showing measured restraint by asking for Ol’Bart to cease & desist. If I was Ol’Bart, I would have shut down his bogus site and ceased and desisted immediately and been thankful Dude is such a nice, sweet, really out there Commando type of guy.

      It sure is good to see Dude’s Merry Band of Followers in a much merrier state than a few days ago.

      Nisha, I could see your links.

      Hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend – please remember those who have given their lives for us to be free, including gluten free, and those families who have shared & lost their loved ones too.


      1. PS Bart, if you’re reading this, I believe the Judge will rule Gluten Dude’s constitutional rights to inform me that your cookies are Not Gluten Free for me and his Tradename/mark rights TRUMPS OlBart’s rights to advertise your cookies as Gluten Free under federal 20ppm regulations.

        In simple terms, I believe Gluten Dude wins on every count – Bart’s Bakery loses big time. Bart, you might better get your checkbook ready if you don’t immediately take down the bogus website and cease and desist as I expect the Dude’s legal counsel has requested. Gluten Dude may be forced to quit being nice – those changes to your original published site are not enough to keep the federal judge from ordering you to pay Gluten Dude.

        Also Bart, please correct me if I’m wrong, but what’s with the pet products &/or treats company listed at the same address as your cookie bakery?

        My old Lab loves my wife’s chocolate chip cookies but we don’t eat his dog food.

        1. Oh, there’s another tshirt for Irish: “My old Lab loves my wife’s chocolate chip cookies but we don’t eat his dog food.” LOL!

          Also reminds me fondly of the days when my son was little, and all the time I spent on the phone with the good people at Milkbone, because he and the dog had “shared cookies”. 🙂

          1. I saw a drunk friend eat a milkbone once.

            Her only comment was “man, they’re wicked dry…. gimme a beer”

            Don’t get any ideas, you people! Milkbones have wheat in them.

          2. Hilarious Kathy! Kids & Dogs – if only the rest of us had hearts like them!

            I will proudly wear the shirt with all of the other Lab shirts & hats people give me. After almost 14 yrs, Bo is so well known in the neighborhood that Mom’s ask me to train their children to be like Bo.

            Strangers stop and comment, “that dog understands everything you say and do” and I usually reply, “He should, he’s practiced law with me every day for over 13 yrs.”

            Beer & Bones – have we eaten yet?!? (Usually our bones are the rib variety but I’ll try anything once if it’s gluten free).

            Irish – right as usual – Bo has the official wheat aversion diagnosis from his Vets. I spent many $$$$ on Bo until we figured out it was wheat causing all of the skin and tumor problems. No wheat – no problems – almost 104! Like Daddy – like Dog.

    2. Ol’Bart,

      One last thought before I close my eye & go to sleep:

      “No man is so foolish but he may sometimes give another good counsel, and no man so wise that he may not easily err if he takes no other counsel than his own. He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.

      –Hunter S. Thompson

  64. Sadly, some people simply suck. I’m sorry this happened. I LOVE your blog, if it makes you feel any better! 🙂

  65. I have many issues with Bart’s website but my main issues was that he divided celiac into mild & serious celiac disease. I wrote him an email about this expecting either a nasty response or no response at all. Within an hour he had not only replied but thanked me for the info and said he would make the correction to the site. When I checked it I found out that he had completely removed any mention of “mild celiac disease” leaving only his statement that celiacs should only consume foods from dedicated facilities. How can someone seemingly so nice and understanding set up a website like that? I think the guy needs some mental help or something!

  66. There are many things here that didn’t sit well with me and I kept going back to his statement about his product consistently tests at 5.6ppm gluten. The lowest ppm that a lab can test for gluten is 5ppm which in Canada is considered gluten free. This means if you test and there is no reading above 5ppm then you can label your products gluten free. So as a GF food manufacturer myself I understand based on the standards in Canada that if you have a reading of 5.6ppm then your product contains gluten and cannot be labeled GF. I manufacture in a completely GF facility but we test every batch of every SKU for gluten. It seems a bit insane not to, especially if you are marketing to us folks that have a medical need to be GF. If you can’t keep people safe when eating your food get off the GF bandwagon and stick to your glutinous ways. No company can be everything to everyone and when we attempt to it generally fails miserably.

    1. Tammie

      Your entire comment was beautifully stated and especially “No company can be everything to everyone and when we attempt to it generally fails miserably.”

      I apologize for replying after your comment which was a fitting end; however, the wit and wisdom from our Canadian neighbors who comment here often is so obvious so often that I wanted to say thank you. My “not often enough” vists to your beautiful country always reveal that the people are as special as the countryside.

      “O Canada!
      …Thy history is an epic of the most brilliant exploits…
      …(Thy)Will protect our homes and our rights”

      — O Canada! (The National Anthem of Canada)

      1. The lyrics you cited are from the French version of our anthem, which interestingly is not a translation of the English, but an entirely different anthem. Not many English speaking Canadians know the meaning of the French lyrics (though we can sing the anthem in French – we just don’t know what we’re singing about!)

        1. A true Canadian! I like the French version better but I figured if I recited the French version people might think I was speaking in tongues.

            1. Too funny! Know what you mean – I live in The South Y’all and one of my Grandmothers was “Cajun French” born in Louisiana.

        2. I probably should have said “original” instead of “true” Canadian – I don’t want to accidentally get in trouble.

      2. Thanks for your kind words Hap! I love being Canadian, we are not easily offend and generally pretty easy going. We have not ousted the mayor of our largest city yet, that kinda proves we enjoy the comic relief and can laugh at ourselves!

  67. I’m so confused now as I just stumbled on this.

    Which gluten dude is real? .com or .org? And did I just post on a fake website regarding gluten?

    Where am I?

    I’m a newbie trying to figure out what my body can and can not eat.

    1. This one, the .com, is the real one. The .org site was set up by Bart, a guy who has a major gripe with Gluten Dude. As you can see from the messages here, people think Bart is way off base.

  68. My thoughts –
    1. Bart has the emotional level of the fictional Bart Simpson
    2. “Propietel rice flour blend” – is it only rice flours? If so I can’t see that making a good blend.
    3. I want a Gluten Dude shirt
    4. If GD was hiding why would he have his picture, granted it can be a stock picture from the internet of a random dude, but being so honest about everything else makes no sense. With the crap that Shauna Ahern AKA GF Girl gets I don’t blame him for not sharing some information.
    5. I love the deglutened idea
    6. Don’t mess with the gluten free community, we turn into momma bears (and poppas)
    7. To paraphrase the great 80’s movie “Adventures in Babysitting” – Don’t F#*k with the Gluten Dude

    1. 1. Agreed
      3, Go to the top of the page, float the cursor over “+Misc”, and click on “The Gluten Dude Store”. There’s a GD shirt there.
      4. He’s real. There’s a video of an interview show with him on it. Same face– not from a stock picture from somewhere.
      5. “Deglutened” for things like Omission beer. For Bart’s cookies, I’d suggest “legally gluten free, but may contain traces of gluten from shared facility and shared equipment”.

      1. Dick L.

        5. I recommend your “legally gluten free” definition be part of the statutory definition of “Deglutened” for at least 3 reasons: 1) for marketing purposes, we need one word descriptors to convey as much meaning as possible, 2) it’s probable that “Deglutened” is not as “sexy” as “Gluten Free”, which should reduce the “fad” element of marketing products which are free of gluten and 3) most importantly, products marketered as “Gluten Free” are and always have been free of gluten.

        If our GF community is interested in pursuing this legal definition change, please let me know your thoughts and ideas and I will collect and forward to the appropriate Senator to see what we can do. I know it will be an uphill battle; however, as you know, even the United States started only as an idea.

  69. Thought I’d just share here….I am pretty sure I have developed a gluten intolerance….will be doing blood work and all that fun stuff over the next few weeks….keeping a food diary….the pains in my stomach are ridiculous….and the bloating makes me look like I’m pregnant….this would be the immaculate conception here folks.

    I have had stomach issues for 9 years…I can’t digest dairy, red meat, pork, dark meat chicken, egg yolks, lots of veggies and fruits have to be chopped or blended, I can’t have a salad for a meal without a soluble fiber first, chocolate kills me, and theres more to this list.

    So now that I most likely gluten intolerant what the heck do I eat?

    This stuff aint easy. Recommendations fellow gluten goers?

    1. Jen,
      Your problems may be linked to gluten and/or they may be linked to FODMAPS. Have you heard of this? There is a lot of research coming out of the Celiac studies that are bringing focus to FODMAPS – basically undigestible carbs. Gluten may exacerbate these types of carbs. Good luck on your search for resolution of your belly pains. Most of us can relate to the challenges.

      1. Thanks Marianne

        Yes I am familiar with FODMAPS. Just noway to tell yet. Need to go for tests. As I am typing to you now I am in a ton of pain…hoping to know whats going on with me asap.


    2. Jen

      Irish and Lima should be back after the holiday with plenty of recommendations, details and the science to back up their advice.

      This GF community will help you. As Dick L. said, you are now in the right place!

      With your symptoms, you need to visit your GI Dr for an EGD in addition to your bloodwork. Your symptoms may also indicate GERD, which along with a gluten free diet is very restrictive. However, I have gotten through without any medication by preparing almost all of my own food and I am getting healthy again. You can do this!

      Chocolate was a huge acid reflux agitator for me; however, after 18 months GF, I can even eat some GF chocolate again. No coffee yet. I changed all of my mouthwash, toothpaste etc. – pretty much changed everything in last 18 months, but good health is well worth the effort and changes.

      Welcome to this caring GF family/community!

    1. Keep eating gluten and get properly tested by a real doctor before you jump to a bunch of conclusions. Eat whatever you can eat. If you have celiac, a lot of these issues will decrease or disappear when you have healed. I can’t diagnose you if that is what you are asking?

      1. I agree with the bean..

        Eat up (have a croissant for me!), get properly tested for celiac disease. (IgG food intolerance testing is NOT valid testing).

        Your symptoms could be from any number of things.
        But for testing to be accurate, you have to be on gluten.

        Let us know how you make out.
        We’ll leave the light on for ya.

    2. Jen

      Irish Heart, the Princess Warrior, and Lima Bean, the most serious advocate of Celiac Disease awareness (think Brave Heart for Irish & Clint Eastwood – Dirty Harry, Outlaw Josey Wales, Fist Full of Dollars for Lima)!

      The Diva Watchdogs of this & other celiac awareness sites.

      You can trust what they say and they back up their advice with real science!

      Read some old posts and you’ll find them. They’re probably off enjoying a Tito or 2 this weekend.


        1. Your wife believes that? You told her you were napping but you weren’t. You were playing on the computer instead. Now that is funny.

          Dude, feel free to delete any of my comments if you decide to take this nonsense out.

          1. Mostly cause they’re good tough guy starting points and then Jen will have to envision y’all kicking Clint’s and Mel’s a••es from that starting point… I’m not sure Xena or Wonder Woman would have a chance with y’all.

            I can easily see Irish cutting Andy Dufresne in quarters with a broad sword. Even though I’ve never seen Lima, with her level of seriousness about CD, it is no stretch whatsoever imagining her spitting between the hound dog’s eyes with or without the tobacco chaw and 4 days growth of beard. Maybe with the cigar…

            You proved me correct by answering Jen’s question is less than the 10 minutes it took me to respond…. See – smoking pistols – “that’s 4 caskets, not 3″…

            1. Huh? (insert confused smiley face here)

              I am not sure, but I think I have been insulted? Doesn’t matter. I am done with this silly discussion that has nothing to do with the topic or poor Jen and her torn up GI tract.

            2. I’m sorry Lima. I won’t ever tease or joke with you ever again. I assure you there is no reason for you to be insulted and I meant no harm or insult.


            3. Since I was referring to how tough/serious Irish & Lima are and Irish is such a big movie fan, I assumed Irish would recognize those 2 scenes (the dog and caskets) as 2 of Eastwood’s “baddest” scenes without additional explanation.

              Sorry I got too far off topic. I’ll go sleep some more now. I hope Lima knows I would never insult her in any way – I admire/respect each of you too much.

              This CD and related health problems have taken their toll on me.

            4. Too many posts lately are going off topic. I really, really don’t want to moderate but I’m as confused as you by some of these comments.

          2. I don’t know about everyone else but I can easily hear Irish or Lima saying about Clint & Mel after they got through with them:

            Gluten Dude: I wish we had time to bury them fellas.
            Irish &/or Lima: To hell with them fellas. Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms.

  70. Ok I was confused about calling someone Lima and Irish.

    Lima: right now I’m eating just what I can to get through the day because of the pain I’ve been having since Friday.

    Yesterday messed me up more and by last night I was in so much pain. Today all I have had is boiled sweet potatoes with some sea salt, some pieces of pineapple, water, took a probiotic, a bite of turkey cold cut but that had me in a teeny bit of pain for a few mins and a sip of kombucha which the carbonation is rough on my stomach.

    First the blood work this week then to my naturopath to start from there.

    Thanks for all if the support everyone

    1. You missed the part about seeing a real doctor didn’t you? You need to get the real, medically accepted blood work, Jen. If I were feeling this bad, I would want to know what is really wrong. Not sure why I posted sometimes….. Lol

  71. I’ve been seeing GI doctors starting 9yrs ago. I hate them to be honest because they’ve never helped me. But if you have something you highly recommend I do I’m all ears. I’m new to this forum and how I’m feeling so ease up my friend.

    What tests do you recommend?

    1. Look at the. University of Chicago Celiac center site. They have info that is easy to read and from a reliable source so a GI doc would be more likely to pay attention.

    2. Miss Dee Meanor

      Jen, in addition to the tests that have been suggested in prior replies, have your gallbladder function tested. You primary care physician can ask for these tests. A sonogram will tell if there is sludge and/or stones and a HIDA scan will test function. (Sludge can cause pain even if there are no stones.) I had been gluten-free and doing great for years and then it seemed that everything I ate hurt. It kept worsening until I just quit eating. Without going into all the detail, it was my gallbladder. I could eat no meat or dairy without doubling over. Since my gallbladder removal I have had no pain unless I am “glutened”. Regardless of whether or not gluten is an issue for you, there are many other things that can cause the pain you describe. Hope you have an answer soon!

      *Sorry, Dude, for going off-topic, but I didn’t know where else to respond to this.*

  72. I think Deglutenated is better than Deglutened.

    Disclaimer, I make and sell stuff that never had gluten in it or anywhere near it and probably shouldn’t even be commenting on blog posts.

  73. Wow, I can’t even believe this! Thank you so much for posting about this and bringing it to light- you were perfectly polite and this bakery should know that it is not producing a safe product for celiacs! I would be so upset to purchase something that said it was gluten-free and then to see that in small print on the box!

  74. I just can’t believe this guy! Unfortunately, many people try to get publicity in negative ways, or maybe he thinks that this will help his business? How many people have gone to his sites because of this situation? Negative publicity is still publicity, and his stuff is definitely being talked about. However, I’m 100 percent positive that if this really is his plan, it will backfire terribly. I love that the Celiac community is so supportive of each other, and I hope that everybody is going there just to give him hell. What an a$$! Gluten dude… I appreciate the fact that you are not a vindictive man, however you have legal rights and you should at least scare the guy with them. He’s definitely gone too far and you need to stop him. That being said, I love your blog, I support you fully, and thank you (from the bottom of my heart) for supporting all of us. We love you!

  75. Hello There. I found your blog the usage of msn. This is a very smartly written article.
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  76. You are on Reddit. Care to log on there are clarify some of the confusion over there? The owner of Bart’s bakery made a post on Reddit about his business and seems like someone found this controversy and now the whole community is riled up.

      1. Is there a way to link to it? I’m not Reddit savy. I found one with 1400 comments but all the comments seem to be 3 years old? Tried to sort by date but it didn’t seem to work. Is that the right one?

    1. Thanks! I find it a bit hard to read but some interesting info! Lol. He comments until people start asking about the hate site and the gluten in the gf cookies.

  77. I noticed Barts has added another note to the end of their GD bashing page.

    ” * “As one of the criteria for using the claim “gluten-free,” FDA is setting a gluten limit of less than 20 ppm (parts per million) in foods that carry this label… Also, most people with celiac disease can tolerate foods with very small
    amounts of gluten. This level is consistent with those set by other countries and international bodies that set food
    safety standards.” ( ”

    How can he possibly claim that most people with celiac disease can tolerate foods with a very small amount of gluten…..he is continuing to spread misinformation at the cost of peoples health.

  78. Bottom line, they’re not the World’s Best, even Costco’s are better. Way better chocolate. Gluten smuten.

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