Who Has the Best (Gluten-Free) Buns? Rudi's vs Three Bakers

best gluten free hamburger buns

In this corner…out of beautiful Boulder, Colorado…weighing in at a lean 74 grams…Rudi’s Gluten Free Hamburger Buns.

And in this corner…from downtown Moscow, Pennsylvania…weighing in at a crisp 85 grams…Three Bakers Gluten Free Hamburger Buns.


Round 1: Out of the Bag


Rudi’s has a darker texture, while Three Bakers looks more like a traditional hamburger bun. Rudi’s is in the frozen section of the store. Three Bakers was sent to me non-frozen.

Round 1 goes to Three Bakers.

Round 2: Let’s Open It Up


Rudi’s buns did not come pre-cut so I needed a knife to cut it open. But because I had to nuke the frozen roll first, the results aren’t pretty. Three Bakers came pre-cut.

Round 2 goes to Three Bakers.

Round 3: Chew On This

rudis 3bakers eaten

We’ve all had gluten free buns that fell apart as we were eating them. Both of these buns held up surprisingly well. Good to the last bite. They each had their own unique texture. At the end of the day, Three Bakers tastes more like what we were used to. Rudi’s wasn’t bad at all but Three Bakers was exceptional.

Round 3 goes to Three Bakers.

Round 4: What’s the Cost?

Where I purchased Rudi’s, a bag of 4 rolls was $5.99. Three Bakers sells their bag of 4 rolls on their website for $4.99. But this is not a fair comparison as different stores may sell them for varying prices and I do not want to mislead or mis-state anything.

We’ll call Round 4 a draw.

Round 5: What’s Inside?

rudis 3bakers ingredients

Rudi’s comes in at less calories but a bit more sugar. I don’t think either brand delivered a knock-down punch is this round.

We’ll call Round 5 a draw.

Ok…the judges have submitted their final scores. We have a unanimous decision.

It’s Three Bakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

three bakers burger roll

(Drive home safely)

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22 thoughts on “Who Has the Best (Gluten-Free) Buns? Rudi's vs Three Bakers”

  1. I will have to try the Three Bakers. The only think I don’t like is the calorie count. But its worth a try when I want a juicy burger with the bread. Thanks Gluten Dude.

    1. They are great! I know each one has a different taste but I love them… both the hamburger AND hot dog rolls … I am one to “eat with my eyes” which is why the Rudi’s ones do not appeal to me at all … they look burnt.

    2. If you look at the weight of the bun (Rudi’s 74 g and Three Bakers 85 g), the Three Bakers actually has fewer calories per grain for the weight/size. Just an observation – gotta compare apples to apples as they say.

  2. Thanks GD. I too am always looking for a good tasting hamburger bun. May I add that Kinnikinnick hamburger buns are good too, although the size is a bit small, they do not fall apart, and have an excellent flavor. However, they do not say NO GMO.

    1. In my opinion, Canyon Bakehouse GF hamburger buns are the best ones on the market. They are fluffy, hold up well, pre-cut, and are sold fresh at my local natural foods market. The downside: 200 calories and 5g of sugar per bun, so they are reserved for a real splurge in our house!

      1. I have to agree on the Canyon Bakehouse buns. I fool gluten eaters all the time with these. Their San Juan 7 Grain bread is the best gf bread also. Although, I have never seen the Three Bakers brand in my area but would be more than willing to try them out if I do see them.

        I don’t care about calories…I am a skinny Celiac! There are times when this pays off!

  3. Thanks for the great review. We here at Three Bakers believe we have the best breads on the market, by far!!!

    P.S. On the calorie count the Hamburger Buns have fewer calories per gram of bun.

  4. I agree with Canyon Bakehouse review; I love them but can’t always get them. Not worried about the calories b/c it’s a splurge. Usually have lettuce wraps. I would love to know where the Three Bakers are being sold. Anything in Nor Cal?? Thanks.

  5. I have not seen either Canyon Bakehouse or Three Bakers buns
    around here in upstate NY, so I guess I am still eating naked burgers, getting rolls from Sherry Lynn’s GF bakery in Latham NY –she rocks those!—or making my own rolls (which is not fun when it’s a bazillion degrees out.) 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. Maybe they will be available in Florida (where I will be moving to in a few months)..

    I was pretty skinny at DX, but I can assure you, that’s not the word I’d use to describe me right now. I’ll go with “healthy” or “robust” LOL

    1. I also live in upstate NY. According to the Canyon Bakehouse website, Healthy Living Market in the Wilton Mall carries their products. I have not made it up there yet, though.

  6. Agreed on Three Bakers! They have the best gf bread by far that I have tasted (Canyon Bakehouse is second) and I love their Seven Ancient Grain bread. Hamburger buns, yes, are really good too. Only problem is their distribution is very limited. Here in NYC, city of the millions, I’ve only found one grocery store that carries them. I ride my bike an hour and across Brooklyn Bridge to get their product. Also if you call Three Baker office they give incorrect information on where to find them. But if you can find their products….try this brand! You won’t be sorry.

  7. Can anyone tell me the diameter of these buns?? I have had trouble with gluten free buns being too small where you can’t fit the burger on them well. THanks!

    I love, love the new blueberry and Apple cinnamon bagels! Yea! Bagels again! The breads are also awesome!

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