What a Week! Random Thoughts on a Friday

celiac thoughts

– I made Page Six of The New York Post yesterday.

– As Steve Martin says in the “The Jerk”…I’M SOMEBODY NOW.

– But the boneheads called me “a celiac victim”.

– I’m a lot of things, but victim is NOT one of them.

– Celiac sufferer? Ok. Celiac survivor? Sure. Celiac wise-ass? Totally.

– But I’m no victim (and neither are you).

– On top of that, the article is full of lies about the Jennifer Esposito episode. CBS is not working to get her back on the show and Jennifer does not want to go back.

– CBS is slime.

– The most insidious headline through this whole fiasco goes to the folks at AlterNet with this beauty: “Network Splits with Actress Over Gluten: Is Celiac a Real Malady or a Dietary Choice?”

– No, seriously…that’s actually the headline.

– There is a petition on Change.org for CBS to either get Jennifer back to work or release her from her contract. Please sign it here.

– The gluten-free food market is now estimated to be worth $4.2 billion.

– This is not a good thing. We don’t need more gluten-free crackers. We need more awareness.

– InspiredRD has written a wonderful, heartfelt post about living with celiac disease. Please send some positive vibes her way.

– I continue to shed the pounds being 90% Whole30.

– So much that there is a small part of me that’s actually getting a wee bit concerned.

– I haven’t been this thin since I ran 26 marathons in 26 days.

– I never ran a marathon.

– I’ve had asparagus 47 straight days.

– Our FDA labeling laws suck and until our government starts governing “for the people” and not “for big business”, it will never change.

– We have five days left to get 9,000 signatures on a petition to Finalize Standards for GLUTEN-FREE Labeling. Please sign it here.

– I caught hell from a number of people about my “Stop Eating Gluten-Free Foods” post.

– I’m not sure why. I wasn’t telling anybody what to do…just what worked amazingly for me.

– It’s a complex relationship we have with food.

– Don’t tweet angry. Nothing good ever comes from it.

– Celiac.com has an ad on their home page for a product that “aids in your recovery from celiac disease”.

– I wish celiac.com would focus more on awareness and less on clicks and sales.

– I have a random riddle.

– The man who invented it doesn’t want it. The man who bought it doesn’t need it. The man who needs it doesn’t know it. What is it?

– A coffin.

– I love this article titled “The Four Types of Gluten-Free Living“. If you can get to Stage 3, your body will be thankful.

– Wake me up when Election Day is over.

– I’m in the mood for a great movie tonight to go with my sushi and Tito’s. Any suggestions?

– Happy Friday everyone!

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32 thoughts on “What a Week! Random Thoughts on a Friday”

  1. I continue to be amazed at the completely ridiculous headlines that people who write articles use. Totally baffled at their complete lack of knowledge and understanding. Scary thing is — they’re trying to report the news.

    It’s always a reminder to me that all news stories have an angle and an agenda … that helps me keep my frustration in check and not send angry tweets. I’m sorry about the angry tweets, but it’s a slice of life that people tend to cling tightly to food and to even suggest that maybe a population would do even better by giving up more… well, that must be crazy!

    I appreciate your constant passion for all things GF or whole eating or whatever the heck you want to call it these days. Looking forward to meeting (again) in person soon!

  2. Can’t sign the petition as I’m not in us but would if I could!! I loved the article ‘stop eating gluten free foods’. Wise words. Processed is not good if you are gf or not and it’s time we all had a look at this. If I had room I’d buy some cattle and a couple of sheep and have a crop (of veggies of course ) and be self sufficient but not there yet. Have started excluding all grains but hate eggs and tend not to eat at all sometimes as it gets too hard. (lazy bone works ok). Loving your blog and it’s helping me see cd in a different way. I’ve been so careless for the past 7 years and my body won’t take it anymore. Thanks for your insights 🙂

  3. More random thoughts:

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t hold his head under (thank you, Steven Wright)

    There’s an old expression (but I’m old, so I can use it) “Opinions are like a$$holes. Everyone has one and they stink”. Disregard those idiots who spout misinformation about celiac.

    You should be getting enough healthy fats, DUDE— so you do not keep losing weight. Eat some avocado, almond butter, coconut.

    I never thought Shemp was a funny stooge.

    People are essentially good at heart. Our family and friends and email buddies (and all of theirs, too) rallied to sign Jennifer’s petition–just because we asked them to and they know what celiac did to me.

    There will always be people who want to argue a point. They are just argumentative and probably lonely and insecure and enjoy creating trouble because it brings them attention.
    They are to be treated like bullies they are: either pop them on the nose hard once or ignore them— and they will lose their power.

    You can never get into trouble if you tell the truth. “Honey, does this dress make me look fat?” Go ahead, tell her.

    I wish the next person who uses the phrases “dietary fad” or “trendy” while discussing celiac could have instantaneous explosive diarrhea and a migraine and have their hair fall out (as mine does when glutened.)

    The Naked Oyster in Hyannis, Mass. is run by a GF-Freer. It is the best GF meal I have ever had (outside of my own kitchen) because it was , made in a safe environment, made with all fresh ingredients and bursting with flavor. Every bite was heaven in my grateful mouth and I got tears in my eyes and I thanked the chef profusely.

    I will be GF for 2 years Nov. 1 and I am finally starting to believe that I will be all right. It has been a long 5 years of inexplicable pain, anguish and coming back from the dead. If I did not have my rock of a husband, I may have given up a long time ago.

    Nobody can get mad if they watch a chubby labrador puppy romping around, skidding across the floor, tumbling ass over tea kettle and, spilling their kibble everywhere. It’s just too adorable for words.

    Gluten Dude and all the GF bloggers work very hard to help and enlighten. Read their words and support them. (kudos, kiddos!)

    Sunshine is full of Vitamin D. 15 minutes exposure will give you a day’s supply. GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!!.

    I love movies where the underdog wins.
    If you haven’t seen it already, watch Little Miss Sunshine.

    Enjoy your sushi and tito’s. You earned it.

    1. I love Little Miss Sunshine…one of the best!

      Gluten Dude and IrishHeart have outdone themselves again with their words of wisdom. I can’t even think of anything to add except that GlutenDude will continue to lose weight on the Whole Foods diet. I know that well. It’s the best way to eat but I found I had to go back to eating more GF brownies and cookies in order not to disappear. I am quite stringent with which mixes or flours that I use but after being GF for 7 1/2 years, I have healed to the point where I can consume some and still feel great. I like that!

      MY pet peeve….I hate the eye roll! You should be able to smack someone up the side of the head if they eye roll you after you diligently try to explain the complexities of following a real gf diet.
      Especially if that eye roll comes from family!

    2. As usual, awesome comment Irish.

      And yes, Little Miss Sunshine is a great movie. Love character-driven films like that.

      And I couldn’t agree more about Shemp 🙂

  4. Sent a note to Alternet about the ridiculousness of their headline. It’s a question that’s not really addressed in that article anyway – so I don’t understand why they would choose something like that. Very poor ‘journalism’!

    I, too, really wish the gluten-free diet ‘trend’ would die down a bit and people would recognize that some of us actually need this diet to live. My neighbor is suddenly eating a gluten free, raw, vegan diet for no particular reason, and he’s entitled to do so, but I do wish he’d shut up about it. It’s not like I’m a member of some special ‘healthy eating’ club because I’ve got celiac – I’d much rather be normal and eat the pizza with everyone else.

    Also agree about the gf processed foods. Most of them are not worth it, either health or money-wise, so I’ve taken to indulging only if I really have a craving for something. When I do eat grain-based foods, I prefer the traditional foods that are naturally gluten free – like corn tortillas or asian rice noodles – rather than messing with the expense ‘gf’ foods. Only GF thing I regularly indulge in is some of the better beers that have come out lately!

    1. As long as there is money to be made and a herd mentality, the gfree diet fad will stay strong until something else replaces it.

    2. ” I’d much rather be normal and eat the pizza with everyone else”.

      Kate, I have to say this, hon–with love and respect—

      —the sooner you stop thinking you are not “normal” because you have celiac, the better you will feel.

      We are Normal, honey. I feel “normal” and healthy.

      GF pizza is GREAT!!! —-when made properly!!

      If you need a recipe, call on me.

      1. well, healthy is a subjective term…. : ) Let me clarify: I am healthy in my attitude/ outlook about having celiac. I am still recovering from years of unDxed CD.

  5. Just briefly, I was going to say exactly what Irish Heart said: you likely need more healthy fats! I think the best part of cutting out all this stuff is getting to add healthy fats. Let me know if you need some ideas.

    Also, that headline you quoted made me cringe…ugghhhhhh!

  6. I agree with the previous posters GD, you need some healthy fats. At the risk of this being interpreted in a myriad of ways *hey i’m from jersey so i can say this* You need some nuts dude. No, seriously tho’, there might be too little fat in your diet. No one likes a skinny dude, dude.

    Jersey Girl

    1. I actually do have nuts 😉

      Almonds that is.

      That’s my main go-to snack right now.

      But I agree…no one likes a skinny santa, or a skinny dude.

  7. Wow. GD and Irish, you both made me really smile with your random thoughts.
    I don’t know why anyone would give you a hard time about the giving up GF (processed) foods. The obesity epidemic in this country would go away if EVERYONE ate real food, and not processed. But then what would all those food companies do? I don’t know.
    As for asparagus 47 days straight, yuck. Once or twice a week ok, but not that often!
    Movies for tonight? Baseball movies because this is a travel day for the World Series teams =)
    Irish, I’ve had three labrador puppies in my life – and they have all done exactly as you said spilling their kibble!
    My own few random musings:
    Seeing a dog with it’s head out the window of a moving vehicle, ears flying in the breeze – always makes me smile. I smile now just thinking about it.
    Celiac disease has made me so much more health conscious, that I am far healthier than I was even before being symptomatic from celiac. And I am more of an advocate now for my husband and children about health as well.
    Having good family – whether genetically related or just by choice – is the best support anyone can have. My immediate family is very careful to make sure I can eat safely when we are together, and most of my extended family is too. The ones that aren’t, well, I just don’t care too much for them anymore.
    I am so thankful that tequila is naturally gluten free!
    Have a fabulous weekend everybody!

  8. Hi,

    I think you are a little crazy but I like it! (I am a friend of Jules too). I live GF because my family has celiac and I don’t have a “yes” tattooed anywhere on my body, but I do try to stay positive, for the sake of my kids.

    Anyway, I think we should start a list of companies we hate because they are not GF friendly:

    I live in Seattle but would start with Starbucks because they hide gluten in their fraps.

    Next is Food For Life the maker of the Brown Rice Tortillas that are labeled GF, even though test by Gluten Free Watchdog showed high levels of gluten.

    Third would the restaurant Maggiannos for poisoning my daughter twice with their supposed gluten free noodles.

    Fourth . . . .

    I am sure you can think of a few!

    1. hey jamie, i live a ferry ride from seattle. would you recommend any where their to eat? oh.. so thats why i feel glutened when i get a frapp @ starbucks ugh……………

  9. I recommend God Bless America. It’s not for the people who yell at you for cursing. Or my in-laws. And Idiocracy if you haven’t seen it. Although I like to go back to the “classics” like Goonies and Fifth Element when I’m in a mood. Like I’m ending this week in. 🙂

    And just cuz I like to remind y’all that it could be worse, I can’t have g/f pizza because I can’t eat yeast, eggs or dairy. When I really, really want pizza, I have to make a Namaste crust and top it with no cheese. Good, especially with veggies from my garden, but not the real deal.

    I get the whole eating whole foods thing–I’m generally there, but it’s more about the fact that I don’t have choices or convenience anymore like “normal” people. [I was never normal so don’t give ME that we are normal crap! haha!]

    I’m partially Paleo but just can’t go all the way when [too many allergies–stop yelling at me that I should eat less stuff, right?!] most of the g/f Paleo recipes have so. many. friggin. eggs. Substitutes don’t work well over about 2. Grr. So I still eat some grains (yeah, try finding a grain-free protein powder with no soy, whey, amaranth, or fava beans) and legumes.

    I am also thankful that tequila is g/f and that Tito’s FROM TEXAS exists. Mmm, tequila. And *that* is how the week gets better.

    I don’t think you should eat asparagus every day. You shouldn’t really eat *anything* on a daily basis. Rotate your foods more.

    Thanks for the random thoughts. Y’all have an awesometastic weekend.

  10. Hi GD!

    Was glad to see you are encouraging people to sign the ‘We The People’ petition…I just read the rules and found that teenagers of any age can sign the petition — I’ve got teens that were pleased to be able to participate without being 18! If we get just a few teens to post it to their FB page tonight it could push us much closer to the needed 25,000 needed.

    “You must be 13 or older in order to create an account and participate in We the People.”

    I hope everyone reading this will take a few minutes to sign the petition and add the following link to their FB pages.

    Thanks Everyone!

  11. Now that my hair is no longer falling
    out… I feel like pulling it out. Apparently,there is a correlation between low WBC count and low platelet counts… and possibly UTIs. I am sick of being sick and tired. I get it fixed, I get into gluten, I get sic and end up spending my days in a Dr office. I know they re trying to help. I am just at an end. I don’t want to complain to my friends or family.. they worry. But who do I go to. I get scared. I am tired of hiding, pretending, fake smiling…

    I am sorry, I am ranting. I don’t know what else to do. Is it wrong to want to be normal??

    All that said, and much was not said, I will get up in the morning, make breakfast for the family, drop the kids at school and then do my day. PY, grocery shop, clean, personal raining, shower b/c I stink. pick them up and make dinner. help with home work….

    I did not know that being an adult was going to be so hard. If I had the energy to do it all, I would feel amazing… but I don’t. So, I feel like I am failing my dream. PTA, HOA, Neighborhood watch, Social committee ….

    This is so a woe is me post
    . sorry. I had a bad day and needed to vent to people who might just get it. Offer me words of wisdom…. I could really use them.

    best of days to you and yours,

    1. Oh how I hear you :(. It’s 4.45 in the afternoon and I’ve been struggling all day. Everytime I eat something I get sooo tired 🙁 can I politely suggest stuffing yourself full of pro biotics? Some of my reading has included the fact that Coeliac guts do not contain the same micro flora as non cd people and I’ve found I fare much much better on about 5 pro biotics plus yoghurt a day. Sending you a psychic hug x

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