Gluten-Free Love Story: After a Mother's Death, the Love of a Wingman


This Gluten Free Love Story was lovingly submitted by Tammy

I was diagnosed with celiac on July 31, 2012…three months after my mom died from Enteropathy Associated TCell Lymphoma – a rare form of cancer caused by undiagnosed (my mom’s case) or untreated Celiac.

I was angry…really, really angry.

I blamed food for my mom’s death. Every day that I had to struggle through the newness of the gluten free diet was a reminder that my mom is gone. I hated food and spent many meals crying or just not eating.

My husband became the best “wingman” any GF gal could ask for. He has calmly explained and re-explained my dietary needs to family and friends. He has helped make sure there are GF options in the house. He navigated social situations (calling in advance to make sure I would be able to eat). He packed travel snacks for when my job took me out of town. He went to my favorite restaurant and educated the staff on cross-contamination. He has patiently answered the 1001 questions our kids have had.

And he loved me through it all.

He listened to my rants, dried my tears, and never got frustrated…or if he did, it didn’t show.

For five long months he put up with it all…without ever complaining about the inconvenience of the GF lifestyle.

Life is easier now – like I have turned the corner into acceptance. I still hate food sometimes and being GF still sucks – but it all feels manageable…thanks in large part to the love of my wingman. I don’t know how I would have made it through without his unconditional love and never-ending support.

Many thanks to everyone for sending in your Gluten-Free Love Stories so far. While February is officially the “month of love”, I’d like to think that we can celebrate love all year round. So keep those stories coming and I’ll make this a regular series. Click here to submit your gluten-free love story.

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3 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Love Story: After a Mother's Death, the Love of a Wingman”

  1. You definitely have a keeper! He sounds EXACTLY like my husband. Sometimes I think that he worries more about me than he does himself as he has had 3 major back surgeries, I almost lost him after the 2nd one and he is totally disabled!!!! God bless you and your family.

    It’s a tough thing being gluten free, but when you have the love and support of your family…it makes it easier to bear!!!!!!!!!

  2. My sincere sympathy on your Mom’s passing, Tammy. Like you, my diagnosis came after my beloved Dad’s death (also likely from UnDxed CD) and I share your sense of loss and anger. I also blamed myself for not figuring it out sooner, thinking that I somehow might have saved him. I have put it in perspective now and the anger and guilt has subsided.

    Your husband sounds much like mine–never complaining and always being supporting and protective. We have great guys!

    You look like a lovely couple.Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂

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