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Hallmark tells us that February is the month to celebrate love.

I’m totally game and I hope you are too!

I will be publishing a series of posts throughout the month of February, focusing on YOUR gluten-free love stories.

What’s a gluten-free love story, you say?

It could be anything really.

Perhaps you met your significant other in a celiac support group or in some other gluten-free related way.

Or maybe your partner went gluten-free when you were diagnosed with celiac disease and you want to tell the world how awesome he/she is and how that makes you feel.

Or it could be as simple as telling us how your relationship has helped you through the turmoil that can be the gluten-free life; how your partner has made a difference in your life.

And if you are not gluten-free, but your partner is, we want to hear from you too.

We will accept any and all uplifting stories.

Simply complete the following form and I’ll take things from there. And I’d LOVE to have some pictures to go along with the stories so don’t be shy.

Thank you and yeah…I’ll say it…I love you!!


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And this is for those who may need a bit of help getting in the mood:

3 thoughts on “Share Your Gluten-Free Love Story

  1. I don’t have much to share..

    I think one would be when my ex husband bought a brand new grill to cook for me and our family for July 4th. Just so I would feel safe!

    The teacher I work with handles snack time, which I cannot. Usually my job! She is so wonderful in understanding..And she is okay that we don’t do Playdough!

    The fact that my kids will order GF so our order is taken more serouisly and I feel safer! Their options are my options.Also, that someone keeps all the wrapped sporks, and keeps YOUR paper plates etc so you know, it’s okay to eat off of. It’s the little things that mean so much!!!!

    For me, it is the very small things that someone would do for me that counts..that makes it specail! Just simple here!

  2. Sweeeet! Nice blog idea GD-

    I didn’t fill out the form (i’m an against the grain kinda gal…) Jersey Guy, I love you. You will spend hours in the grocery store to find me foods that are safe so i won’t get sick, that bleeping rocks!!! You also understand when i am tired and tuck me in for a nap. You understand when i just can’t (can’t get happy, can’t be touched, can’t risk a certain restaurant, just can’t…..).

    And to y’all out there who follow this blog (esp. GD), i love you too. For sharing, for understanding, for being crazy at times and for the support. This quote is for you.

    “Camel Filters + Pheromones [1.12]Charlie: Berta?
    Berta: No, it’s Liz Hurley, but I’m holding water.
    Charlie: I’m still sleeping here. Could you come back in a little while?
    Berta: I could, or you could get your pampered ass out of bed and let me do my demeaning job and get on with my hellish life.”

    Two and a Half Men

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