Gluten Free Vacation: Day 2: Ground Control

December 13, 2011 | 0 Comments

Day 2 went off without a hitch… No chef today (I know…poor me) so we were on our own as far as food/meals were concerned. This actually put me at ease a bit. Since I had full control over what was being cooked, I knew […]

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Gluten Free Vacation: Day 1: Smooth Landing

December 12, 2011 | 0 Comments

Bubble wrap is my new best friend.  You will all be happy to know that both me and my New Grist beer survived a van ride, a plane ride, a cab ride and a ferry ride. By the way, many thanks to the Continental […]

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Planning a gluten free vacation (hint: it ain’t easy)

December 9, 2011 | 4 Comments

That’s right. The Gluten Dude is taking a vacation! (Put away your tears…I’ll still be posting while I’m away.) That’s the good news. The other side of the coin is that it’s my first real vacation since I was diagnosed with celiac disease. And […]

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The lies about gluten and celiac disease

December 7, 2011 | 14 Comments

The good thing about the internet is that anybody can have a voice. The really bad thing about the internet is that anybody can have a voice. There’s an old axiom that says “I read it on the internet, so it must be true.” […]

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Why gluten free?

December 5, 2011 | 4 Comments

Gluten free is all the rage these days. Hollywood has embraced it (gag). Companies are plastering “gluten free” all over their products, even if they have always been gluten free. So called “experts” are comparing it to the South Beach Diet. As somebody with […]

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The best gluten free meal EVER

December 2, 2011 | 9 Comments

I love surprises. There are so few of them now in life. When the phone rings, you know who it is already. When a movie comes out, you’ve already seen half of it in trailers. I remember when Mrs. Dude was pregnant with my […]

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7 ways to support someone just diagnosed with celiac disease

November 30, 2011 | 10 Comments

I just received an email from a follower (don’t laugh…I have followers!) that reinforces why I started this blog. Here is part of what he said: My wife is a celiac diagnosed about 2.5 months now. She really truly feels better reading your entries […]

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Dear last night’s waiter: I’m gluten free. You’re an a**hole.

November 27, 2011 | 34 Comments

Dear last night’s waiter: I’m gluten-free…but with all due respect, you’re an asshole. I understand you were busy last night. And i understand it was a Saturday night. And I understand that you want to turn as many tables as possible in the course […]

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The problem with gluten-free food

November 25, 2011 | 10 Comments

So just how sad is the above picture? On the left is a “normal” dessert. A chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. Healthy? On Planet Fat perhaps. But still, looks disgustingly amazing. On the right is my gluten-free dessert. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I’m not complaining mind you. […]

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5 quick (gluten-free) tips for Thanksgiving

November 23, 2011 | 1 Comment

Just a quick and easy post today. We’re all busy prepping for the kickoff of the holiday season tomorrow. Just don’t get too caught up in the festivities, especially if you’ve got celiac disease. Dangers lurk everywhere. 1. Don’t overeat. I don’t care if […]

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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