Gluten Free Vacation: Day 2: Ground Control


Day 2 went off without a hitch…

No chef today (I know…poor me) so we were on our own as far as food/meals were concerned. This actually put me at ease a bit. Since I had full control over what was being cooked, I knew the chances of being glutened were slim to none. But still, when you have eight people in the house and you start drinking at lunch time, things can happen.

Kept breakfast nice and simple. Just a kind bar and 27 cups of coffee. Lunch was two bunless burgers. The gang talked about going out for dinner. Secretly, I was really hoping they would change their mind so I didn’t have to give “the speech” to our server. Being in another country, I have no idea of their familiarity with gluten. Turns out everyone just preferred to make our own feast at the house. Steak, tuna, salmon and shrimp. Oh…and lots and lots of vodka.

I may not be feeling great today, but it’s not because of the food.

So two days in the books. No celiac issues to speak of yet. Four to go.

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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