Christmas Wish List 2023


Ah…another holiday season is upon us. Yeah…I know it’s late to be making a Christmas wish list. But I Facetimed Santa yesterday and he said if I get my list in by the end of today, we’re cool. He also said I’ve been a good Dude this year. And who am I to question Santa?

So Santa…here is my wish list. Thanks in advance. I will leave a homemade gluten-free cookie and a nice gluten-free IPA by the fireplace. Cheers my jolly friend.

– I wish for another wonderful year with Mrs. Dude.

– I wish Udi’s would finally stop ripping off the celiac community.

– I wish to work smarter this year and not harder.

– I wish my parents didn’t f**k up their lives so bad and die young and miserable.

– I wish for all “gluten-removed” beers to stop being called “gluten-free.”

– I wish for the gluten jokes to cease and desist.

– I wish for peace and serenity for my in-laws, who truly deserve it.

– I wish for more pickleball.

– I wish I could for once have a happy dream.

– I wish I would spend more time reading and less time on social media.

– I wish would stop pretending they care about the celiac community anymore.

– I wish for celiac disease to get the recognition and respect it deserves.

– I wish for a year of joy for my wonderful Dudettes.

– I wish the Celiac Disease Foundation would remove their logo from every box of Cheerios.

– I wish I could sleep better.

– I wish gluten-free influencers whose main focus is money would just go away.

– I wish for less chaos in the world. We live in crazy times right now.

– I wish for another year of bonding with the celiac community.

– I wish billionaires weren’t such a**holes.

– I wish you were here (shout out to Pink Floyd.)

– I wish for my guitar not to collect so much dust between the times I pick it up.

– I wish for more compassion, empathy and understanding and a lot less anger and divisiveness, no matter what side of the political aisle you sit on.

– I wish for the Kardashians to live the rest of their lives in seclusion, where there is absolutely no connection with the outside world.

– I wish the same thing for the Real Housewives of wherever.

– I wish I stood up to Mike Perry when he bullied me endlessly when I was a kid.

– I wish I could stop ‘chasing’ success.

– I wish for Ozzy (my puppy) to live as long as I do.

– I wish the NY Giants didn’t absolutely suck again.

– I wish life wasn’t so freaking expensive.

– I wish I could redo my teen years with the knowledge and insight I have now.

– I wish for you all to have the happiest and healthiest of holidays. I so appreciate each and every one of you and may all of your gluten-free wishes come true.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Take it away Bruce…

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List 2023”

  1. If I could add one thing to this, I would wish for Long Term Care Homes and Retirement Homes to stop with their b*&&s%$t promises that they can “accommodate” residents with Celiac Disease, when they know damned well they can’t.

    Thanks for listening to that rant, and thanks for all that you do for the Celiac community.

    Happy Festivus, Dude!

  2. Heather Henriksen

    Happy New Year! You are a one man celiac advocating fighting machine. There is no one like you & my quality of life would not be what it is without you.

  3. Hey there Scott! Just got a message from you and noticed you’d written a new blog post. Glad to see how things are shaping up very well. Kudos on making the app happen and keeping it together. What an achievement! Best wishes for an excellent 2024 for you and yours!

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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