75 Reasons to Love (??) Celiac Disease

reasons to love celiac disease

You better believe I put the question marks after the word “love” in my post title. Do I love my disease? Heck no. I pretty much detest it. It’s a constant unwanted companion in my life.

That being said, it’s time to shed some positive light on our disease. Without further ado, here are 75 reasons to love (there’s that word again!!) celiac disease. Oh…and many, many thanks to the celiac community for their input. Many of the reasons below came from my fellow celiacs. (What…you thought I could come up with 75 on my own???)

  1. I got my life back now that I no longer feel like crap all the time.
  2. I don’t have to go out for lunch with clients I don’t like anymore!
  3. It’s a disease treatable by food. No reliance on the pharmaceutical industry.
  4. It’s made me much more aware of what I put into my body (and what I don’t!)
  5. I found out who my true friends are (those who believe & respect my needs), as well as those who just think I’m full of crap.
  7. The great community of people like yourself, Jules Shepard, Jennifer Esposito etc. who are in the trenches and doing so much to educate us.
  8. Celiac has made me much more aware that people are struggling with things that I may never know about or understand.
  9. I am finally healthy enough to exercise.
  10. Learning that there is more to life than food.
  11. I have learned to LISTEN to my body.
  12. I now have the ability (forced education though it was) to successfully cook more than a baked potato.
  13. I promote my boyfriend’s dental health since he has to brush his teeth before kissing me.
  14. I love knowing what caused me so much anguish throughout my childhood and young adulthood.
  15. If you are what you eat, I’m difficult, I’m complicated and I’m really, really expensive! But so much better!
  16. Now that I know what foods make me sick, I feel free to be more adventurous and try new things that I know are gluten free.
  17. I love that I’m not sick every day.
  18. BACON!!!
  19. Being a survivor of Celiac disease, rather than a victim of it, translates into other areas of my life.
  20. My cooking repertoire has increased exponentially!
  21. I don’t have to eat the endless office treats and don’t get guilted into eating them.
  22. I always have the perfect excuse to refuse all those horrible foods that everyone makes for pot lucks.
  23. I get to have so many people ogle over the fact that I have such great “self-control”.
  24. Celiac disease makes you a great judge of character. You want to rant about my “fad diet” choices while I watch you eat bread? Something tells me we won’t be the best of friends.
  25. You alone control what you eat, what you eliminate, how much you learn and how pro-active you become.
  26. Vodka…gluten-free. Tequila…gluten-free. Gin…well, you get the point.
  27. Simply three numbers, 129. That’s how much I weighed in yesterday at the Dr’s office. This time last year I was 98lbs.
  28. I really thought it was cancer…all my horrible symptoms. Turns out it’s the food I’m eating. Yay!!!! It’s celiac disease!
  29. We have Gluten Dude! (I had to throw this one in the article.)
  30. I have a valid excuse for not eating my mother in law’s horrible cooking.
  31. Nothing beats the relief of actually knowing that there was truly something going on with my body.
  32. It means saying goodbye to 35 years of migraines.
  33. You think outside the BOX….which means, you do not eat from a BOX….real food.
  34. After three miscarriages, I was diagnosed with cd and we now have a beautiful 2 year old daughter.
  35. Celiac has forced me into to becoming a dynamite home chef!
  36. I can still have chocolate and wine.
  37. Two words: ICE CREAM.
  38. There are millions of people who feel tired, depressed, and exhausted and yet they do not know why. We know.
  39. Having a better education on how food really affects my body.
  40. Celiac disease took my mom’s life. Getting a diagnosis saved mine.
  41. Celiac disease introduces you to a new community of friends.
  42. It puts you in a position to be able to help and encourage others to get tested.
  43. The relief of having a diagnosis and not being told it is all from stress.
  44. If it weren’t for celiac disease I’d still be eating garbage under the illusion that it doesn’t affect my body.
  45. Celiac disease weeds out the idiots in your life.
  46. It has taught me and now my daughters, to roll with the punches, get up, dust yourself off and get creative.
  47. Without gluten, there aren’t horrifying mood swings and depression that makes you feel like you are going to crawl in to the earth and become part of the mud.
  48. Not having to politely take one of the sketchy looking cookies your coworkers bring in.
  49. Our celiac children will learn to put a positive spin on all situations rather than be taught to complain and be negative.
  50. It’s no longer “I shouldn’t”. It’s now “I can’t”.
  51. It empowers me to raise my voice and speak out for myself.
  52. Cooking at home also leads to sitting down around a table and eating together as a family.
  53. Knowing “it’s not in my head!!”
  54. It forces me to read labels even more closely.
  55. Eating right has given me the energy to enjoy an active life!
  56. My organism only accepts good food, organic, grass feed, fresh ingredients…Is this really a disease or a blessing?
  57. Sushi. Sushi. Sushi. You just need to know what to order.
  58. I have met people and visited places that I would never have seen otherwise!
  59. It helps me understand people with other health challenges better and have more patience and empathy.
  60. I actually enjoy eating now because it doesn’t hurt like hell anymore.
  61. It took the “option” of self-control off the table.
  62. There are FINALLY some great gluten-free beers on the market. Cheers to that!
  63. Hello, celiac and gluten free diet. Goodbye, asthma and freak show skin problems.
  64. I fell in love with food – real, whole, living food – after going gluten free and would not trade it for the world.
  65. It made me much more aware of sneaky ingredients in food–not just gluten containing ones.
  66. I can avoid foods that I don’t like that are pushed on me. Damn…those [insert food you hate here] are breaded!? Bummer
  67. Walking by the bakery section of a grocery store and having absolutely no desire for anything there.
  68. After lots of trial and error and epic failures in the kitchen, when you finally produce a delicious baked good, it feels like you’ve conquered the world!
  69. When you go to a social gathering, you don’t have to try Aunt Sally’s newest lime Jell-O, pretzel, celery combo….with Cool Whip.
  70. I now have a legit reason not to attend outings/get togethers with people I didn’t like in the first place.
  71. It can be an incredible screening tool for relationships.
  72. It teaches patience since the healing process is slow and requires commitment.
  73. I now have no problem telling people NO and fully advocating for myself which has spread to many aspects of my life.
  74. It proved that I’m not a hypochondriac.
  75. It beats dying!

So there you have it folks. Yeah…celiac disease can suck at times. No…of course most of us don’t “love” it. But don’t let it drag you down. Embrace it, accept it and go on living your life.

And on those days you are struggling, just remember…WE CAN HAVE STILL SUSHI AND TEQUILA!

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29 thoughts on “75 Reasons to Love (??) Celiac Disease”

  1. There is always a silver lining to everything. As much as it stinks, it really is about the attitude you have towards it. I find it is great to have my son “back” to his old self before the symptoms kept him in the bathroom for hours every day and night, and I love that he is finally growing! Now there is hope that he might catch up and grow taller than his younger sister!

  2. Heck yeah! There are so many other ways to look at celiac besides the obvious negative “I have a disease,” perspective. Thanks Dude, once again, for inviting our community into the conversation.
    Sushi & tequila are some of my personal favorites of this celiac life of mine, but I also like #7. 😉


  3. Love this article, Gluten Dude! Yes I too believe there are lots of positives to having gluten issues (celiacs and ncgs alike) but sometimes, it definitely takes a bit to start looking on the bright side of things again. That being said, I absolutely believe it is crucial to our success. Attitude determines our willingness to be successful and lead happy, healthy lives again! 🙂

    Unfortunately though, I have also found that in some Japanese Restaurants that they are now adding a spoon of flour (good ‘ole all purpose four) to make the rice sticker. So I always recommend asking, what their practice is even when ordering sushi. Something to consider, perhaps?

      1. Yeah Gluten Dude it is quite common here in Florida at least. I’d say about a good 60% of the Japanese Restaurants that I never had to worry about, I now do. Total bummer but I’d rather ask and know then feel like crap for a few days. I’m also finding this little “trick” in several restaurants in their regular rice dishes, so I always have to ask. Wait staff all think I’m crazy when I do, but I have them ask the chef and more times than I can count, they come out shocked and apologetic that they do in fact add some flour to make their rice dishes more sticky, (evidentially its a newer trend of sorts?) so I have to go with plan b to order. 🙂

  4. Loved this article!!
    Being diagnosed with celiac sprue over a year ago after finally having my doctor listen to me has been a Blessing in Disguise. I watched a show with Jennifer Esposito on the Katie Curic segment in May on this very disease. I had been struggling for years with stomach pains and even eating ice like crazy. I was anemic and knew something had to give.
    I called for testing and finally found out I was to the highest end positive for Celiac .. After an endoscopy and pilcam I found that yes though this is hard it’s given me life back. It’s like a rebirth! I have found this article so true on every level and wanted to thank you Gluten Dude!!
    Ps. Nothing in life will ever taste as good as feeling better does!!

  5. There might be some great gf beers in YOUR market, but there aren’t where I live. I don’t want vodka, gin or wine. I want a good beer, the one thing I can’t have. New Planet, awful, New Grist, feel bad the next day like it has gluten in it, Green’s, too darn expensive. In this whole “craft beer” crazy nation no one is making a good gf beer.

  6. So many of these things are true for me too! I was absolutely miserable for 42 years, until I finally figured out it was celiac disease. And I still had to fight with doctors to get the tests done, they didn’t believe that I had it, because I wasn’t you, underweight with diarrhea. I was old, fat and constipated. I had suffered with symptoms my entire life up til that point, and now I suffer no more. I feed myself only real food, no manufactured frankenfoods! I’m healthier now at 48 (6 years post dx) than I was in my teens! And all because of food. All the years of being sick was caused by food, and my good health now is all because of food. Hippocrates was right! 🙂

    1. Gluten dude, I was reading more on coffee which is how I found you thru searching cross reactions. I am now 8 days without coffee and I am learning how to like tea more now☺️
      I’m just bummed that after more than a year of seeing in still feeling pains from coffee.
      Help if can. ☺️

        1. Just a quick synopsis on gluten reaction I thought was coffee. My Dietician today followed up on what caused my reactions with toothpaste / lotion and an oil Serum applied to my hair which got in my eyes. The acidity in the amount of coffees I drank also could’ve caused a reaction with me being sick and my inner lining of my mouth peeling out for about three days was a sign of my body rejecting the toothpaste.
          Thank goodness I get to have my simple love in life .. Coffee☕️!

  7. Hey Kelbi:

    Sorry sounds like you are having a tough time & are becoming super sensitive to all things gluten. Yes there is gluten in toothpaste, lotions, makeup, hair products, etc. and I think the longer you went undiagnosed or misdiagnosed the longer your immune system broke down & it causes all kinds of issues because it just can’t handle anymore (I have reactions to everything it seems).

    Glad you were able to figure out the cause of your issue. I too am a coffee drinker but am trying to drink more tea (seems to be better for your adrenals & has overall health benefits as well). Just a word of caution about tea bags that I learned from Jennifer Esposito that some tea bags are actually sealed with wheat starch so it’s hugely important to make sure that you are drinking “certified gluten free tea”.
    Best of luck to you on your journey!

    1. Lisa:
      Thank you for that pointer! Had no idea about the tea bags, good to know! Yes, being told coffee didn’t hurt me was the best news .. I was told to drink less of it and a lighter roast based on the acidity it can cause.. I’ve backed down to 2-3 cups a day
      Based on my dietician advice.
      Amazing how many products do harm us but I’m on this and I’m pushing forward to just be my BEST! Thank you!!

  8. I just recieved my first copy of Simply Gluten-Free Magazine and noticed your 75 Reasons to love Celiac Disease…. It looked so familiar thenI remembered…he y, this is Gluten Dude’s piece. Love it, love it- love it!! Man, I can get over your humor and blunt honesty. I think my family is finally getting it. I can’t thank you enough and this community for your help and support.

  9. Being diagnosed at 42 was the best thing to ever happen to me. Not being sick all the time is awesome. I love not having to attend potlucks, eat suspect “treats” brought in to office or eating the Bakery cake at work for every blessed Holiday…. Now I just say sorry no as I have Celiac. Many think I am being weird but that is okay as I feel better and that has to be worth something.
    If I had not been diagnosed I would have never have tried spaghetti squash, hummus, avocado, GF soap made with Goat’s Milk that makes my skin feel so soft. I now buy fresh herbs, meat, veggies, soaps, shampoos from the local Farmer’s Market.

  10. Thank you so much for this! I might have missed this in the article, but my number 1 reason, greater than any other for loving my diagnosis, is that I finally have energy. This was the first thing to change. After three days without gluten, I woke up feeling energized and stayed that way until bed time. It’s so nice to feel normal, finally.

  11. Thank you for this. I love embracing the positive aspects of our disease! One of my favorites is knowing it’s not treated by medication.

  12. As much as I may miss the wonderful flavors, having celiac disease (and also having to avoid casein) gives me a better excuse than “I don’t have any money on me right now” when the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, school band, etc comes around selling stuff. I can just say, “I wish I could, but I’m allergic to all of it”. I don’t have to tell them I’m chronically broke because my job pays just barely over minimum wage and my grocery bill for just me is equal to their entire 5 person family for a month. 🙂

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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