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“Sooooooo I’m dying again. I went gluten free about 6 months after a celiac diagnosis and it helped for a little while but things are taking a turn for the worse. I’m 18, I don’t smoke or drink or have sex with random strangers and I’m in shape so I’m really confused about whats going on with my body. Every now and then (but a lot recently) I poop black bloody stool and I’ve been having problems holding urine and I’m always tired again. I’m kind of getting scared and I’m confused because I thought going gluten free was supposed to help me feel better and I’m started to wonder if I got a mis-diagnosis and something even worse is going on…please help.”

The above was a comment left on one of my blog posts yesterday.

“Hi! I am worried about my calcium in the brain, having much at some...

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Hello everyone. Happy Tuesday to you all. Let’s start with a joke today because why not!?

A photon checks into a hotel and the bellhop asks him if he has any luggage. The photon replies, “No, I’m traveling light.”

No good? How about this one?

Pavlov is sitting at a bar, when all of the sudden the phone rings. Pavlov gasps, “Oh shit, I forgot to feed the dogs.”

Ok…today’s order of business is a reader’s celiac rant. It’s been too long since I posted one of these and I have 140 of them sitting in my inbox. This comes from a frustrated celiac whose doc said she’d feel better by going gluten-free. As we all know, it’s not that simple.

If you would like to help her out and make a comment (bless your heart), all I ask is that this does not turn into a “paranoia post” where...

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Dude Note: I went back and forth a bit whether I should be posting Mrs. Dude’s breast cancer story on this blog. After all…this is a blog about living with celiac disease and how much of my audience really wants to hear about breast cancer?

But this blog is also about community. It’s about spirit. It’s about dealing with adversity. And most of all…it’s about hope.

And to top it off, my audience is roughly 90% female so I guarantee Mrs. Dude’s story may not only resonate with many but if it makes even one single person get a mammogram when otherwise they wouldn’t have, then absolutely we should share.

Hon…take it away.


I want to start by saying I am truly grateful for this amazing community that has been a support lifeline to hubby and now one incredible virtual support team for me! How blessed are...

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So yesterday, I spent a great day with one of my Dudettes at her college freshman orientation.

Yes…I have an 18 year old.

No…I have NO IDEA how that happened.

Anyway, when everyone arrived, we all piled into the auditorium and the person running the orientation gave a wonderful 45 minute speech about the school, the day’s activities, etc.

When the topic of dining came up, she said the cafeteria has several completely gluten-free stations. I thought “How cool! We have come so far in such a short time that our disease is now being recognized by major universities across the country.”

And it is cool…very cool.

But then she followed it up with this gem: “Gluten-free is really popular these days. Some of us have to be gluten-free like me. I have celiac disease. But I cheat. I know I’m not supposed to but some of the other food...

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I love your celiac stories. Every damn one of them. Though I might not comment on all of them (the Dude is a busy, busy man), I do read them all and respond when I can.

There are some stories that just grab me though. These are stories that I must share with the community. Not only because they’re so dang amazing, but because there may be other people in a similar situation who read these stories and a light bulb goes off. “Hey…that sounds like my situation!”

Not to be all dramatic and stuff, but by sharing your stories, you may be saving lives. How cool is that??

I received the following story a few days ago via a direct message in Facebook. It’s from a mom whose daughter was placed in hospice by her neurosurgeon, thinking she could not be cured.

Until (thankfully) a GI stepped in.


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I think it’s time for a good old-fashioned “Gluten Dude Take Down”.

It’s been awhile and I’m a bit out of practice, but after a month of holding my tongue as the gluten-free community got mocked, doubted and trampled upon, I can hold it in no longer. On social media and online, it has been an all-out assault on those who go gluten-free and it has been a sad and frustrating spectacle to behold.

I have so many people I could spew my venom at but I think I’ll focus my energies today on one Bruce Bialosky.

And it so saddens me to take down a Bruce. I mean…Bruce Springsteen. Lenny Bruce. Bruce Wayne!!

Who is Bruce Bialosky you ask? Well, he’s a political columnist…because…why not? Isn’t that who should be writing about gluten?

And the article I’m referencing is called “Having a Laugh About...

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It’s funny…yesterday I had the pleasure of being interviewed for a new documentary film about living with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. The filmmaker (and his daughter) both have celiac disease and he is producing this film to help get the truth out about our disease. Cool stuff.

Anyway, he asked me a lot of questions about my blog including “What do you enjoy the most about your blog?” I gave him three answers. 1) I like being a strong voice for the community. 2) I like the platform I’ve provided to give others a voice (it’s not just about me!). 3) I like the fact that it’s helping people.

This is all true but then of course after the interview was over, a bit of self-doubt crept in. Just the nature of who I am.

And then I got this awesome email last night, in regards to my...

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Sometimes I just gotta shake my head.

Maybe you folks can help me out with this one.

I received the following email from a fellow celiac:

Dear Gluten Dude,

I have celiac disease. I have followed a very strict gluten free diet for over a decade throughout my childhood and adolescent years. To date, I have not once cheated on it.

I notice that when I do accidentally consume small amounts of gluten, I don’t seem to have a problem at all.

The other day, I was served croutons and was told they were gluten free. I wasn’t so sure as they tasted a little different but I kept eating away. I noticed I had slightly more flatulence that evening and some extremely ‘slight’ symptoms but I was in no way unwell.

As I avoid gluten like the plague for a vast majority of the time, however, I have...

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