Gluten Dude

Folks…going gluten-free is just not that difficult. It really isn’t.

Is it limiting? It can be at times.

Is it isolating? Only if you let it.

Do I enjoy it? Not really.

But is it difficult? No.

Yet over the years, I’ve received a boat load of emails from my fellow celiacs who have a (sister, brother, mother, father, aunt, uncle, second cousin on Trudy’s side of the family, you get the point) who it seems have obvious health issues related to gluten, but absolutely refuse to get tested or give it up on their own.

Here is an email I just received last week…

Dear Gluten Dude,

Alright, so I was diagnosed with Celiac disease a couple of years ago, and it’s been long and painful to make the story short and simple.

My Grandma has been allergic to gluten and dairy and soy for going on 20 years....

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Let me be clear. I really like beer. In 2008, I truly did fear A life without beer.

Red Bridge was here. But it wasn’t good beer. Bards then drew near. One taste and…oh dear.

Then a whisper in my ear “New Planet tastes like beer.” What did I just hear? Was it really sincere?

“A true gluten free beer!!” I let out a cheer. I shed a big tear Then swung on my chandelier.

Then Harvester Brewing Beer Found its way here. Who created this beer? A gluten free beer engineer?

Glutenberg then appeared. After I paid the cashier. I said “It’s a new frontier” “In gluten free beer.”

Omission, being quite cavalier, Calls themselves gluten free beer. If I were you, I’d steer clear...

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Hi folks. Before we kick off today’s post, a few quick Dude notes.

- Writing a blog post takes time and my time seems to be at a premium right now. So bear with me (or bare with me…which could also be fun) while my blogging pace and commenting has slowed down.

- I’m pretty active on Facebook and sometimes it can be a quick and dirty way for me to connect with the community. If you are not following me, please give it some thought. Here I am.

- I want to give a huge shout out to one of Mrs. Dude’s friends from childhood (you know who you are). She reached out to Vitamix, told them the health history of both Mrs. Dude and I and especially what Mrs. Dude is going through now, and Vitamix actually sent us one of their mixers. I am beyond...

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I started this blog almost 3 years ago.

I’ve written 434 blog posts.

I’ve talked about celebrities, I’ve ranted and I’ve posted your love stories.

Heck…I even wrote a post called Gluten-Free Sex for Only $27.

Yet in all this time, I’ve never once posted a recipe.

Well my friends…the time has come.

Whenever Mrs. Dude is whipping up something amazing for me in the kitchen, I always ask her how she made it. Her response is pretty much always the same: “Oh…it’s so easy.” And yet she never tells me how to do it.

Well I had a major hankering for some of Mrs. Dude’s famous gluten-free risotto last week and since she is kinda out of commission these days, I ponied up and with Mrs. Dude’s verbal guidance, I actually made the risotto myself. I posted a picture of it on Facebook and everybody...

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I woke up this morning hoping no nude photos of mine on iCloud were hacked. The photos, all tastefully done I assure you, are for a new site I’m launching. It’s called Gluten Nude.

Ok…moving on.

Watching Mrs. Dude deal with her breast cancer this summer has made me put celiac on the back burner. No matter what I was going through or how I was feeling didn’t seem to matter to me and I started to wonder…”Is celiac that bad?”

But then I think back to my past six years and I realize…yes, it still sucks.

Look, we’ll sadly always find someone who is worse off than us. But that does not minimize what the celiac community goes through at times. I was reminded of this via an email last week from a fellow celiac who reached her boiling point and needed a place to vent.

She also sent...

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Hi everyone. Where in the world have you been??

What’s that? I’m the one that’s been MIA? Oh…in that case, where in the world have I been?

In a nutshell…to hell and back. But hey…at least I’m back.

And I’ll be back in full-force next week.

For now, I just want to give a quick Mrs. Dude update.


She had the double mastectomy last Thursday and was home by Saturday.

The hospital staff could not have been better. My undying gratitude to everyone who took care of Mrs. Dude.

The best news? She is cancer free. While they found a bit more in one of her breasts, the lymph nodes were clean! And a big PHEW to that!!

So now it’s all about healing and moving forward (and paying off the pile of bills sitting next to me.)

Many thanks to you all for your...

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Today (August 21) is mine and Mrs. Dude’s 21st wedding anniversary.

Our amazing marriage has survived an earthquake (Northridge of 93), bladder cancer, pulmonary embolisms, celiac disease and a host of other stress-inducers. But nothing quite compares to what we are dealing with right now.

Not only did my first Dudette go off to college three days ago (much more difficult than I expected), but today Mrs. Dude goes in bright and early for her double mastectomy to get rid of this effing cancer once and for all.

Life is good. It really, really is. Mrs. Dude and I are both blessed with many things to be thankful for. But every once in awhile, I find myself thinking “Really? You’re throwing another thing at us? Go pick on somebody your own size!”

But I know that’s what life is all about. Everyone’s got their sh*t. It’s how we deal...

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So two nights ago, laying in bed thinking about where my life is right now, I had a full panic attack.

Mrs. Dude going in for major surgery next week. A pile of medical bills that have almost reached the ceiling. My first Dudette going off to her freshman year in college in 5 days.

It kinda hit me all at once. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Yet I woke up the next morning more determined than ever…yet still a little frightened about my near future.

And then somebody sent me a link to a new product called Glutia…and I smiled…and then that smile turned into laughter.

What is Glutia you say? Well…it’s kinda like...

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