In a word, what is celiac disease?


Celiac Disease is Frustrating
Just when you start to feel better, something seems to inevitably happen to bring you back down. And most of the time, you have no idea what it was.

Celiac Disease is Healthy
Because you can’t eat gluten, it removes so many unhealthy options from your diet (as long as you don’t replace them with equally unhealthy choices as most newly diagnosed celiacs do).

Celiac Disease is Expensive
Your own cookware, your own utensils, gluten free food that is double the price of normal food for no apparent reason, and the list goes on.

Celiac Disease is Empowering
If you can maintain a 100% gluten free diet, which is soooo not easy, it makes you feel like you can accomplish anything.

Celiac Disease is Time-consuming
Say good bye to spontaneity. On the road and getting hungry? Good luck with that one.

Celiac Disease is Ego-boosting
Your own kitchen counter; your own shelf in the fridge; your own cabinet. How cool is that?

Celiac Disease is Painful
Sometimes, the disease just hurts.

Celiac Disease is Cleansing
Lots of time spent in the bathroom…ummm…flushing out your system.

Celiac Disease is Limiting
Out of a four page restaurant menu, you can have only a handful of items…if that.

Celiac Disease is Social
The celiac community is filled with wonderful people who really seem to want to help others in their situation.

Celiac Disease is Life-threatening
If you are misdiagnosed or do not follow a strict gluten free diet, your body will seriously pay the price.

Celiac Disease is Manageable
There are many diseases more serious than celiac disease. Trust me folks…it could be a lot worse!

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6 thoughts on “In a word, what is celiac disease?”

  1. Love this. There are surely some negative aspects of having Celiac Disease but it’s not all bad, and I love that you ended on a positive note! I’m grateful everyday that our disease is one that can be managed by simply adhering to the gluten free diet.

  2. Absolutely Janelle. I may bitch a lot, but believe me, I’ve been diagnosed with worse. I’ll save that for a future post.

  3. Hi, I don’t know what you have? but I’m trying to find out why I get weiord sytoms of swelling all my life and worse now?
    My body jumps from one pain to anouther mostly swelling and stomach swelling and elbow for about 2 months then a knee for about 4 months then my back , then my chest, I thought I had pulacee, stabbing chest pain. then now my feet hurt when I get up to walk, then get better as I walk. but my stomach always bad with bloteing so bad I have broken blood vessels. all my life I can remember my food not digesting ….What do I have ????? I dont go to the Doc because I cant aford to have them figure it out I would be liveing at the Doc office. thanks for the lisinon.

    1. If possible, get yourself to an emergency room. Nobody can diagnose you online and you’ve got some serious symptoms. Don’t wait another day.

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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I AM NOT someone who embraces this gluten-free craziness. I didn’t find freedom, a better life or any of that other crap when I got diagnosed. With all due respect to Hunter S. Thompson, I found fear and loathing of an unknown world. But if I can share my wisdom, tell my stories and make the transition easier on you, I’ve done my job.

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