Too Tired to Come Up with an Idea…

Dude Note: To honor Celiac Awareness Month and to help raise awareness of our disease, I will be attempting 31 blog posts in 31 days. My goal is simple: to make most of them not suck. If you’ve got ideas for a good post or if you’d like to guest blog, by all means, contact me. Your input is more than welcome. And if you know anybody with celiac disease, give them some extra lovin’ this month. They deserve it.

Real tough celiac day yesterday…I knew I shouldn’t have tried the Dominos pizza 🙂

Off to an equally bad start today.

Can’t think clearly. All I want to do is sleep. Stomach hurts.

Did I eat something bad? I have no idea.

That is the devil in our disease.

So rather than me blabber thru an incoherent post, I will simply say this:

Please show us celiacs some respect and consideration. Just because our disease is tied to a diet doesn’t make it any less serious and sometimes debilitating than other diseases.

And to my fellow celiacs on Twitter yesterday who complained about those raising a stink about Domino’s and who said that some celiacs can tolerate gluten depending on how sensitive they are, you are wrong. And you are not a true advocate for those with celiac disease.

I am here for ALL celiacs…not just myself.

And you should be too.

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24 thoughts on “Too Tired to Come Up with an Idea…”

  1. Agreed! I hope you can find some time to truly rest your body. I never go back to sleep and I did so today and I’m pretty much behind on my day. I was that tired. I’m sending you positive health vibes and hope that you feel better soon.

    I don’t understand some folks anymore. Why aren’t you informed about your own disease? Yesterday, I printed out information about Celiac Disease for my mother in Spanish. I should have done this months ago but did so because I wasn’t able to translate effectively the entire scope of it. Plus one of my cousins is showing signs but lives in Mexico so I printed out info so she can share with my Aunt.

    Anyway, my mom started to read it and said I didn’t know all this and this explains your life. Yes, mom it does. I can’t afford the tests you already know my story. My point is we need to take charge of our own health! We need to be realistic as to what Celiac Disease is and what it is capable of. The same with Gluten Intolerance, etc. It’s quite upsetting to read what people have been saying. I don’t understand why they don’t understand they are their best advocate!

    Advocate for yourself for godsakes and quit b*tchin’ about everyone else who is advocating not only for themselves but for EVERYONE including YOU!

    I went off on a rant! Sorry dude! Lol Feel better!

    1. J-your post rings very true! My diagnosis was 10 years ago, and I’ve been sick for years even before that, and I swear my Mom just barely, I mean BARELY understands the scope of CD. This despite the fact that I have done my best to educate my family using “laymen’s terminology”.

  2. You are the bombdiggity, and I appreciate all you do for all of us Celiacs. It is not a life I ever thought I would have but it is what it is & I because of my awareness I will be around long enough to see my children grow up.

    You can not see CELIAC DISEASE, so please do not even for one moment think you will be fine eating normal just once in a while. The damage it causes is irreversible, and can cause death.

    Be safe my fellow celiacs….

  3. I can’t believe you ate that pizza. All the press makes it clear that it is not for celiacs or even the very sensitive gluten sensitives. It’s a scam for celiacs. Come on you didn’t really?

  4. i totally agree with Lori – GD you are the bombdiggity. I could take a solid nap right now, sadly my employer would not understand. i’m a new fan of your blog, just stumbled upon it this week so i’ve had a lot of back reading to do, and i just need to say thank you for keeping it real!

    1. The Gluten Dude

      Welcome aboard Jen. Many thanks for finding me and actually staying with me. It’s a great community here.

  5. Get better Gluten Dude, you don’t want to miss out on that Gluten Free Two week Cruise of the South Pacific with Kim Kardashian (insert appropriate Celiac disclaimer here), do you ?

    I always thought it was called Celiac Sprue, but its more and more like Celiacs screwed.

    Keep smiling and don’t forget to take your Vitamin D & Calcium.

    Remember, we will get through this, together.

  6. Hope you start feeling better, and thanks for the earlier post you sent me. Why don’t we go for having a contest (or something like that), between restaurants to see if they can at least do a “National Gluten-Free Day.” ? And the winner is! Who scored the best points for being totally gluten free. I don’t know just something that crossed my mind today, esp. after ending up in the ER last Friday. Maybe even try to do it locally. I sent an editorial to my local newspaper today about Celiac disease; May being awareness month. The editor e-mailed back and said he would publish the letter. So far where I live no one knows about celiac, even the nurses at the ER! One asked, “what is gluten?” It’s the stuff I just ingested that is going to make your evening a nightmare if you don’t get me something to stop the cramps and nausea, I will f***ing vomit all over your shoes., where is the f**ing bucket! and I need the potty chair! good golly Miss Molly. that is the polite way to describe my feelings.

    I agree with you this whole new gluten-free craze, makes it seem like celiac is not all that serious.

    After 5 days of feeling like crap, I think I may be able to have a Bushmill, triple distilled, triple-ie gluten free!

    1. The Gluten Dude

      Your entire comment was entirely awesome.

      Great idea about the restaurants.
      Pathetic nurse who didn’t know what gluten is.
      Perfect ending with the Bushmills.

  7. Gluten Dude, I hope you feel much better and get some much needed rest very soon! Would it make you feel any better if I told you that I must have been the last celiac on earth who did not know that Beano has wheat in it?! Because I didn’t know, I took Beano yesterday, and promptly got glutened something fierce! The awful nausea, bathroom centric22, and truck hit me exhausted, in bed by 7pm kind of glutened. I felt SO stupid. Feel better and tomorrow will be better!

    1. The Gluten Dude

      Had to look up to see what Beano is. Ironically, it says its a natural enzyme supplement that can help you prevent gas, bloating, and other digestive problems.

      Unless of course you’re a celiac, than it can actually cause those symptoms.

      Happy healing…

  8. I’m sorry you are feeling so bad. It’s so frustrating when you don’t know why you feel the way you do. I hope today is better for you. And I agree about Domino’s. There is no such thing as “serious” celiac disease. It’s all serious, and those who think it’s not are fooling themselves.

  9. Dude, I was prescribed a drug called dicyclomine. I was prescribed it after my upper and lower GI as I was in horrendous pain. It’s the bees knees, although he has prescribed that I take it 4 times a day, I don’t I just take it when I need it! As for ER OMG even the doctor didn’t have a clue! I actually don’t mind explaining anymore.

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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