The best gluten free meal EVER


I love surprises. There are so few of them now in life. When the phone rings, you know who it is already. When a movie comes out, you’ve already seen half of it in trailers. I remember when Mrs. Dude was pregnant with my dudettes, people would ask if we knew what we were having. Heck no. I wanted to be surprised.

So what does this possibly have to do with gluten and celiac disease??

Well I was in a Doylestown, PA Starbucks yesterday for a meeting, which is about 30 minutes from the Dude ranch. After the meeting, I am heading back to my car and I pass a small burger joint which has the following sign on its window.

gluten free meal

Now I’m not a huge meat eater, but after giving up gluten, dairy and soy, there are not too many food groups left to enjoy so once in awhile, I will indeed imbibe. The place was called Basically Burgers and that, basically, is what it is. The entire menu is literally just burgers (with a few hot dog items thrown in for good measure). But not just plain old burgers, but an Italian Burger, Jalepeno Popper Burger, French Onion Burger, Mac and Cheese Burger, and one that caught my eye, the Taco Burger.

I just drooled on my keyboard.

Obviously, my main concern is gluten. Can I really have this? Will I not be able to have a roll with it? Will it be a dummied down version of a real burger.

So I ask my questions and find out that a lot of their clientele is gluten free. And the rolls they use are from The Grainless Baker. Note: If you have not tried these rolls, they are, by far, the best gluten free rolls on the market. If I blindfolded you and gave you a taste test, you couldn’t tell the difference between the gluten free roll and a normal roll. Yes…they’re that good.

The only unknown was the taco seasoning mix and they brought the bottle out for me to check the ingredients. It got the green light.

So I take a seat in anticipation of what is to come. Would I be disappointed, as I am so often with gluten free food? Or would I be…surprised? Well, as Gomer Pyle used to say “surprise, surprise, surprise”. Here is what was presented to me.

gluten free meal

I ate the entire meal in 47 seconds and it was unbelievable.

Now you’re drooling on your keyboard, aren’t you?

So thank you Basically Burgers for thinking of people like me and for giving me hope that all gluten free food doesn’t need to taste like cardboard. You guys rock!

Oh…and no, this is not a sponsored post by them. But if they are reading this and want to buy me a burger, who am I to say no?

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9 thoughts on “The best gluten free meal EVER”

  1. That looks delicious! And yes, I drooled.

    Doylestown is a random little town that I found actually has a lot of gluten-free food. Next time you are there, try the pizza at Jules Thin Crust.

    p.s. “the Dude ranch”… love it!

  2. Jules is awesome. There is another Jules location one minute from where I live. Simply the best gluten free pizza out there.

    Now I guess you’ve pinpointed the Dude’s location 🙂

  3. I’m drooling, literally. I’m new to the Gluten Free lifestyle. My bloodwork came back negative for celiac diseas but i’ve been diagnosed with ulcers and acid reflux only to have another dr say I don’t. So Dr. put me on Gluten Free diet to see about my stomach pains which I have been having for 8yrs with no diagnosis.

    Anyway, its been hard eating out but I live in Spain and went to a restaurant and was going to get a salad and behold a Gluten Free menu: pasta, pizza, steak and potatos, etc. Nice to know there are restaurants out there that can make it just a little bit better for eating Gluten Free.

    Oh and I go to Jersey every summer will make not to stop at this place:)

    1. Just be careful eating out still. Not saying restaurants don’t have your best interest in their hearts, but make sure there is no cross contamination, etc. going on in the kitchen. Lots of ways to get glutened without directly ingesting gluten.

  4. Thanks for the heads up! As a Philadelphian, I do pass by Doylestown once in a while. Regarding Jule’s Pizza, I recently took 2 non-celiac friends to the Jenkintown location, and they declared the Jule’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza the best they’ve ever had!

  5. I work/live near Jules in jenkintown!! I have yet to try there GF pizza, but hopefully soon. My son and I were just diagnosed with celiac this past summer and getting used to the idea of eating GF when we are out and about.

    My son was diagnosed with celiac at 14 months, I was fully dx by the end of the summer after we got his health back. I am one of the celiacs that do not have symptoms apparently….

    I am now googoling to see if basically burgers is still around! I would love to go, since I am in the Philly area!

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