Me Gluten Dude. Eat Like Caveman. Feel Good. You Read.


Gluten Dude finish Whole30.

Gluten Dude really do Whole25.

Gluten Dude lose 11 pounds and me no want lose more. So me stopped.

Me happy with program.

Cave stomach feel better. No ouchie as much.

Gluten Dude learned lessons.

No need rice with meal again, unless Gluten Dude eat sushi.

Rice bad calories that make Gluten Dude tired and full.

No need sugar in coffee. Me now drink black.

No need processed food.

Too many thingies in food not good.

Gluten Dude count ingredients. If more than five, Gluten Dude no eat.

(Gluten Dude only know how to count to five.)

Me like veggies and fruit. Me no miss unhealthy.

Me sleep better when eat like caveman.

Sober caveman not as fun when go to parties in other caves.

Gluten Dude break bad habits.

No need bowl of cereal when sun come up.

Me eat 3 eggs.

No need sugary bar when sun burn bright.

Me eat almonds.

No need to eat til cave stomach full.

Me eat smaller portions.

Overall, Gluten Dude happy.

Cave woman happy too.

Will always eat like caveman now.

Except when outside cave.

Gluten Dude deserve treats once in awhile.

Gluten Dude end post now.

Ooops…me forgot to mention (caveman stupid):

Me now eating only cage-free organic eggs and grass-fed organic meat.

Now Gluten Dude done.

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80 thoughts on “Me Gluten Dude. Eat Like Caveman. Feel Good. You Read.”

  1. Congrats. Me happy for you too. Me not like black coffee, me likes with cream. Yes me know that’s not good.

    Keep up the good work…Really did need a smile today.

    1. Have you tried putting a spoonful of coconut oil in your coffee? Or Almond milk? That’s how I switched over from milk and sugar.

    2. if your villi have healed, 2 T of half and half in your coffee never hurt anyone but, that said, there are some newer gf nondairy creamers available that are pretty good- just watch the sugar content– some are fairly high and if they are flavored watch out for malt /barley added. The other idea? look around and try different brands of coffee and find one you like all by itself– some are better than others and have great flavor- and then learn how to make it properly.

  2. I was diagnosed with celiac 4 years ago and went gluten free immediately and have never looked back. It took a while but I did start feeling much better. In the past 4 years, my 3 daughters and my granddaughter were also diagnosed with Celiac. The younger 2 are teens and still live at home so needless to say my house is a pure GF home.

    A few months ago I learned that the youngest daughter has “issues” with dairy so she cut that out too and then, because I still wasn’t feeling as vibrant as I would like to, I went DF too. Again, saw some improvement and then reached a plateau again.

    I’ve been hearing about this whole food thing lately and we already eat very little processed stuff but obviously there is more to it than that. My DF child (who is 13) also still does not feel on top of the world and is actually the one who brought this whole food thing to my attention and wants to try it. (she’s such a great kid :)) So you got any links to recommend where I can learn more about it?

      1. Great Job Gluten Dude-you should be very proud of yourself!!

        When I saw your halfway point post, I was very inspired and I started Whole30 the next day, but alas due to absurdly heavy and breakneck graduate school course workloads and miserable group projects I had to quit on day 7. The culprits? Stress, deadlines, horrible fellow group members -so I decided I need a chai (with milk and sugar of course) to get through that rough patch. I was already starting to feel a bit better by day 4 too. It was also pretty costly, as I spent $120 that first week alone, and by Friday, most of the fruits and veggies were already all gone. Everything I read about day 5-6 being pretty brutal was true. It felt almost as bad as being glutened (notice I said almost). Anyhow, I’ve rescheduled my next Whole30 to start November 9th. Wish me luck!

        1. You can do it Texas. I’m telling you…I feel totally different, as I’m still on about 90% Whole30 and will be forever.

          1. Thanks for the kind words Gluten Dude! I got glutened again this past week and still feel awful, so I think I’m going to jump start this by doing the 90% Whole30 now and then scale it up to 100% Whole30 once I’m traveling less between November and December. What would you say if someone told you to do Whole30 (especially lifelong) but you couldn’t eat any meat? What about if you had to travel a lot for work? For most of my life before being diagnosed with CD, I was a vegan. Because of the already tough challenges of the celiac diet, I ended up introducing only fish back into my diet. So, let’s say someone told you you could only eat Whole30 foods (we know what they are-fruits and veggies basically), plus fish. Considering the fact that few types of fish are easily portable for travel, etc (with a few exceptions-tuna) plus there are generally fewer fish options. Would you feel differently about doing Whole30 without meat the rest of your life? Just curious. I guess I may have to consider eating meat again, although I really really do not want to.

            1. That’s a tough question. I admit…I have it easy. I run my own business. I rarely travel. And I work from home.

              I would look on the Whole30 website. I am sure this topic is covered there as I would assume there are many vegetarians who have tried the Program.

              Let me know what you find…

            2. Phyllis Mueller

              Texas Celiac:
              It sounds like you would do better with a raw food diet for now till things calm down a bit. I eat raw breakfast and lunch, then “caveman” for dinner. It has worked better for me. And it is easier if you are on the go a lot. Check out Fully Raw on facebook. This is a site from Houston. It is so compatible with celiac!

  3. “Gluten Dude count ingredients. If more than five, Gluten Dude no eat.”

    me think dude evolved πŸ™‚

    me told you long ago: no more than 5–will keep you alive.

    me glad you feel so good!!!!!

    ( me no give up grains with you. me need them ) .

    me think every body behave different

    (me also think cavemen ate fermented grapes and berries and got drunk)

    me having coffee with cream today (pretend it from brontosaurus)

    me not having sugar for long time

    me learned it make heart go bang bang flip wide awake

    me have hard time starting sentences with me –me lose English degrees for such abuse—but me want to be good sport

    me is proud of you πŸ˜‰

    1. Irish…thank you tons for sharing and experiencing the journey with me. It meant more to me than words can express.

      In caveman talk…Me grateful!

      1. me not always 100% compliant (I fessed up to you during those ‘wanderings” πŸ™‚ but me try hard.

        Seriously, I learned a lot by doing it again (including that I need some protein like quinoa as I seemed to have blood sugar issues) and my doc wants me doing all I can for muscle recovery. I cannot eat too many eggs, so breakfast was tough.

        I had real cravings for bread so I used Against the Grain or Chebe mix . It’s made from manioc (tapioca) and no other additives or yuck stuff. If those food stuffs were good enough for the Incas, that’s “ancient” enough for me. πŸ˜‰

        One day, I ate a whole bunch of cheese” just because”. πŸ™‚

        Really, I am just so delighted for you that you feel better.
        Cheers, my friend.

  4. Good for you, Dude. Glad you are feeling so much better. I thought about doing a Whole 30, but then I remembered that lunch this week has pretty much been Reese’s cups and Kettle Chips and I chicken out.

      1. Ugga booga. eee. eee.

        Me club you and irish girl.


        that’s how me show love.

        one day me evolve enough to revert back to cave man food.

        making buffalo tracks to answer security question…

    1. I know this is really late, but THANK YOU! I try to eat somewhat healthily, but there are days when potato chips are the only things that *don’t* make me sick.

      Good to know I’m not the only one who sometimes calls a candy bar lunch – or chips dinner.

      1. I just had a peanut butter cup and Pepsi for breakfast… I say at least it doesn’t make my tummy hurt, but I know in my head it’s not good long term. At least I’m not the only one.

  5. Thanks for sharing about the whole 30 diet – It inspired me to start it myself I am in day 4 of day 30. LOL it is hard – and the first two days sucked! and I was very cranky! especially afternoon when I get tired. but I am getting use to it – and even have eliminated caffeinated drinks and coffee, soda and what not! which is shocking coming from someone with a starbucks GOLD vip card. I am starting to feel better and hope by day 30 that I noticed a remarkable difference too…


    1. Hon, if you are noticing cranky by doing without…that’s a sure sign of foods you could probably do without IMHO.

      Stay the course.

  6. Me too! I am on day 8 of a 60 day challenget that I created… next day is my check up! I have started an excercise program, bought a heart rate monitor, given up diet sodas, coffee, sugar and most of the freezer food I have been buying at whold foods. I am hoping this will make in a difference in some to the weird burning sensations and stabbing pains I feel under my right rib!! Thanks Gluten Dude for being so inspirational!!

    1. FWIW

      I had burning sensations in my entire body and I had those stabbing pains under the ribs, too……… and they may well disappear!. (mine have)

      Please, do not drink “diet” sodas. They have some things in them that are not part of the food chain.


      1. All of your advice and knowledge is worth gold. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes I just get so scared thinking “what could it be now?”. The diet sodas are gone. I love this group of people!

  7. Well I don’t talk “caveman” but I certainly congratulate you on a job well done ~ thanks for being inspirational ~ and I think what I get out of this the most that maybe the “Whole 30 day” program may or may not work for everyone ~ but if you are not feeling well then embracing CHANGE can do some good.

    I am going to look into this whole food program once I get back from our cruise πŸ˜‰ Cuz I am nervous enough just making sure I am not cc’d and get sick to add that on top, but thank you again for being a motivation to help people laugh about facing MORE changes we may have to face to help ourselves heal – and that going gluten free is only the start of the equation.

    Thank you very much to this whole celiac community ~ you do my “soul” good …

    Cheers πŸ™‚

  8. “If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?” Tom Snyder

    Jersey Girl

  9. Hilarious! Me entertained immensely. Me proud of caveman’s accomplishments. Me so glad Gluten Dude feel better.

  10. I was Paleo for several months, but I kinda fell off the dinosaur. Your post asnd sucess has inspired me to start again.

    Congrats and thank

  11. Wendy - PalmTreesGlutenFree

    Wait, you can only count to 5 …. Now you really need to take that darn counter off. πŸ˜‰

    I had a few cheat moments (rice, a glass of wine and 1 glass of green tea). Overall I am feeling better still. But I also cut out 3 foods I found out I am allergic to. I am unsure at this time which or if both is why I am feeling better.

    I had my Raspberry Ale the other night. It has been waiting on me for quite some time. Guess what? My stomach was not happy with me the next morning.

    I do believe this is something I will stick to as well.

    My body is happier without all the extras. Even today I am without caffeine still and doing fine.

    I am with you – I and the family have done fine having meat and veggies only for dinner. Yes, they joined in at dinner time often. And we all felt full with no starches.

    I lost 5 lbs. wish I had lost 10.

    Love the idea of no more than 5 ingredients. A good tip to stick with.

    1. eeeyup

      me had that long awaited bombay sapphire on the rox

      me sleep lousy

      me realize (again) booze not good for me

      me bummed


      (Just a P.S. I have not had caffeine in 3 years and I gotta say, I honestly do not miss it.

      I think you’re all fantastic for doing all you can for optimal health. We give up enough as celiacs, but to embrace an even healthier lifestyle is truly awesome.)

      me think you guys are something special. πŸ˜‰

      Rock on, everyone!

    2. Great job Wendy! We do indeed need to live it up a bit, but speaking for myself, I definitely pay the price.

  12. So awesome! I recently realised that gluten-free wasn’t enough, so I am finishing up Week 1 of grain-free as well. I am allowing myself a tiny bit of rice every few days, however, because I am vegan so I’m already kinda limited. But I feel amazing! I gave all my gluten-free processed stuff to a GF co-worker, and hope I never look back.

    Congratulations on your success with this! I am hoping a veggie-caveman-like diet will be just as kind to me. πŸ™‚

    1. Sassy, my sweet! Missed ya! xxoo

      (Your site was down for a while. Everything okay?)

      Yup, that’s right…..we are still the trendiest people alive!!

      1. Hi! I didn’t renew my domain because I’m planning on creating a new domain so it’s not really down, it’s just at for now :). I forgot you were participating with us!

  13. So glad you stuck with it for 25 days and that you feel better! Something Jeff and I noticed since Whole 30 (28 for us) is that corn tortillas now make us super sleepy. Looks like lettuce tacos from now on!

    1. waa, me no wanna have lettuce tacos….waaaa πŸ™

      hey sweetie!! so glad you found your “yuck” food.

      EveryBODY is different

    2. Thanks Alysa. I’ve added corn to my “no eat” list since the Whole30. My safe list is dwindling πŸ™‚

      1. Hey dude…. awesome blog and points i feel less like a freak in my small tn town that can`t live without a biscuits and fried floured anything. I have been gl free since oct 5 and wow the ignorance runs rapid. If i go out to eat around here they offer me salad but i bring my own dressing and people stare like I`m some food snob. LOL I guess i am aren’t we all who CAN’T have gluten… I found out thru a biospy i have celiac and it has been wrecking my system since my 20`s I`m now 36 and feel mad this could have been found sooner. I`d ask and get told no it is a fad the whole gluten thing. Choking over that. Now the challenge is as you know weaning so to speak and my family as well. So my question to you…. do you find sugar effects you? Ive been told no sugars or carbs . Do you know why if so, the answer i get is there bad fir you. Well so is the sun but i don’t have a possy to hold that umbrella and really we all know kim`s
        *ss wasn’t covered. Th ank you for sharing

        1. Sugar makes me whipped up like a 3 year old on Christmas Eve.

          Try agave, honey, pure grade B maple syrup (in small quantities) maybe?

  14. You guys can always try adding it back later.

    I got it back in after 6 months. No problem whatsoever.

    Never say never.


    1. and I should never say never say never again. (didja follow that?)

      Corn–and all grains—back out for me



  15. Hi Gluten Dude and Irish Heart and anyone else who has an opinion to offer.

    I keep having all this anxiety that casues my blood pressure to spike. I am on a low dose of bp medicine. I will go along for a month of great blood pressure and then all the sudden I will feel anxiety and then boom – my blood pressure is spiked…

    Any ideas?

    Thank you,

    1. I could never offer medical advice, but for what it’s worth, I did suffer anxiety before DX, when I was very ill and had a host of vitamin deficiencies. I had never had anxiety in my life, so it was scary and kept me from sleeping and caused a host of problems. (oddly, I had bizarrely LOW blood pressure)

      You say “all the sudden I have anxiety”. Something provokes it, hon.
      Are you getting glutened somehow?

      Have you been GF for very long? You could still be healing.
      Were your B-12, folate, D, and thyroid levels checked? These are some things that can contribute to anxiety.

      Do you take a B complex? I good one is
      Country Life, Gluten Free, Coenzyme B-Complex Caps

      Just some thoughts, but if it continues, you should see your doctor. No one should have to suffer from anxiety.

      Do something you enjoy to de-stress and take deep cleansing breaths into your belly and blow out your mouth. Do this 3X–several times a day.

      A paleo diet is very good for reducing inflammation and controlling BP.
      So is laughter–and exercise.

      I hope this helps somehow.

      1. Thank you for your thoughts – dx last November but I am still healing. I have a good doctor but she is still learning about Celiac. She does not really connect the anxiety to Celiac. Going back at the end of the month for full blood work… My vitamin levels are coming up ( or at least were with last roung of blood work).

        Thanks again for the thoughts. This blog is the best!

        1. Please tell your doctor anxiety IS one of the top 20 symptoms of celiac.

          Dr. Guandalini, a celiac specialist says:
          ” If you look at neurological disordersβ€”idiopathic epilepsy (epilepsy without a known cause), ataxia (unstable gait, clumsiness), peripheral neuropathy (tingling or numbness in the hands or feet), or even recurrent headaches β€”you’ll find a higher than expected percentage of these patients have celiac disease. Some syndromes, like epilepsy with calcification in the brain, are definitely linked to celiac disease. Patients and their doctors should know that certain chronic neurological disorders are due to celiac disease. Unfortunately, there’s a lack of awareness about this in the medical community.

          What about psychiatric symptoms and celiac disease?

          “Awareness is lacking even more in regard to psychiatric disturbances. Hallucinations, depression, anxiety, suicide ideation β€”they’re all associated with celiac disease. It’s well documented in medical literature.”

          here are some resources:

          Hope you get to the bottom of it and feel better soon!

          Take good care, IH

  16. Thank you – I will print these out and take them in with me. She will appreciate them.

    You are a wonderful person IrishHeart. I am so thankful I found this BLOG!! Gluten Dude – thank you, thank you.

  17. Camille,

    I am always happy to help in any way I can. And I am grateful the GDude does not mind me posting so many links to solid articles that can shed more light. He so graciously allows me to “talk a lot” on here. πŸ™‚

  18. Gluten Dude Caveman food ROCKS!!! I eat caveman style and even though my cholesterol went up—the good stuff is high. And yes, I do eat a treat once in a while outside the cave. Thanks again for being there for us “freaks of Nature”!!!

  19. My fiancee and I are planning to do the Whole30 (I am getting the book from the library) and I wondered if you might have any tips for a fellow celiac from your experience. I seem to be having a hard time figuring out which brands of things like ghee and coconut milk are actually gluten free. I noticed the Whole30 site says no gluten but isn’t specific to avoiding cross contamination so I’m looking for some insight from someone who has done the research already.
    I know I can make ghee and stuff myself but honestly I’m not patient enough to believe I would stick with spending hours trying to extract and procure my own cooking oils, etc. without wanting to take a nap. I might sleep through the whole 30 days…I will have to work on the patience thing. I think my health since being diagnosed a year ago has been shitty enough that this program sounds like a wonderful opportunity to feel human, even if just for my wedding day. THANKS!

    1. I have never found a coconut milk or organic ghee that contains gluten.

      These are single product food items and should not be a hazard to celiacs.

      I use Taste of Thai or Thai Kitchen coconut milk.
      I have used many kinds of ghee (and made my own–it’s easy peasy) but if you’re not feeling up to it, try this one:

      Hope this helps!

  20. I read this when you first did the Whole 30 and read through the book. I ended up giving up dairy (which I knew, but was trying to pretend it wasn’t causing me problems – love that ice cream a little too much!), soda, grains except some beans, red/green peppers, and artificial sweeteners completely. I am now working on the sugars. I did well at first, but then fell off the bandwagon and rolled down the hill. I’m back on for a week now and can really tell a HUGE difference, now that I’m past the sugar withdrawals.

    Have you noticed a problem with maintaining your weight with the program? I’m really struggling, because I lost so much over the past three years (received my DX a year ago). My BMI is now dangerously close to “underweight”. It’s hard, because I travel for work about once a month, and almost every time I get sick at some point and drop another 3-4 pounds. I try to get it back up, but eating so healthy it’s been physically hard for me to eat that much food. I’m eating nuts and avocado every few hours, but I would love any other ideas anyone has.


    1. Miss Dee Meanor

      Jillo, I have no solutions, but certainly can sympathize. I struggle with being underweight. Each time I creep back up the scale to within 5 lbs of a healthier weight something happens (illness or “glutening”) and there goes 5 lbs in a couple of days putting me back to 10 under. If I eat the foods that make me feel the best (vegetarian/vegan), I find myself losing more weight instead of gaining. The only dairy that I can consume without feeling like I’m in a coma is yogurt. Refined sugary foods make me nauseous. I’m about burned out on bananas and avocados.

      Do you find that there isn’t a doctor, nurse, friend, family member, or stranger that wants to hear about troubles gaining weight?

  21. hahahahaha ..
    Me Celiac.. tum tum no like grains, and no like beans and no like soy,no like cow’s juice
    Me become Cave Girl-me ate like a Paleo dinosaur
    me loved it-
    me lost 18 lbs in one moon- RARRR!
    but me then me start to not feel so good..again
    me search and search
    me have much damage in tum tum
    me find GAPS
    Now me happy Cave Girl- tum tum happy too- me still use Paleo recipes to feed Caveman and Cavelings.

    1. Me forget- me try black juice from the jave beans- me no like. me find white juice from coconut to put in black juice from java beans.. me like very much.. me find sweet from the coconut .add to the java juice- me like very very much..
      me discover me like all things coconut very very much and coconut likes me back – no hurt in tum tem when eat coconut!

  22. I am so glad to find this site!,..We are animals we are suppose to graze like one!,..I live on a hobby farm, grow a garden, graze while I work in the garden,. I thought id have a harder time getting off soooo many things but compared to the hard won steps of getting better I have not looked back,..yes I want a real doughnut, but theres not enough money in the world to make me touch it. and of course I have went on the war path with all My Family to pay attention , Mother and I had surgery three weeks apart,…gallbladder,. hers gangrene,,, mine just not working,…plus Hialeah hurnia from the chronic constipation’s bloats colic,s ulcers, etc etc and on and on. the (cures) the doctors keep giving me,.. one of which was moreeeeeeeeeeee wheat products! ive had docs say oh that “fad” I said NOOOOOOOOO its called,.. researching, reading,… ohhhhh they say “labeled one of those people” … the eye rolls,.. the smirks,..ha!!! what ever, ok and again i want to mention irish sea moss,.. i learned about it saving My horses from colic, 85 bucks a small bottle!!!!!!!! soooooi found it! and it worksssssss like a dream,. soooo I took apart the active ingredients,, guess what???? IRISH SEA MOSS FDA i was reading so i thought hummmm fda ya say!, what was in it,.irish sea moss,.. potasium pepperment. amazing! and 85 bucks????????? oh bloodly heck no!, so i take it works like You are NOT going to believe,.. yes in Your gut,.. main sea coast veggie in main,.. i got ahold of the ownder,.(small operation) so i said look how much i have to get to get it under 14.50 a bag..25 50 lbs?.. ahhh she said were small,. i said ok how much so for 10 lbs and thats WITH shipping i get it for,.. ready for this???. 10.45 a pound sent!,.. nope i swear i dont make anything telling i just want to help others with what I found too. oh yes the stuff isnt to smell good LOL old dryed sock walked on sea weed three months back smell BUT take it take it take it…honest to all thats holy i swear on My life,.. but!! MAKE sure you add enough liquid it soaks it up about 4 to one,..not good in You dry…just make sure,… i add it to things to cover the taste let me tell You,… it acts 1000 times better then ANY antacid,.. once its in swolled its an amazing feeling,.. I thought nope im going to barf this stuff but i sent it ddown anyhow,.. laughing hard,.. You dont get that barf feeeling You get this,.. WOW did it just make My tummy feel like silk?????? ok ill stop now but please check it out, just tell main coast sea veggie people the crazy lady from michigan said its 10.45 a pound sent if you buy 10 pounds…. oh yes You will use it,.. ohhhhhhhh put some in bath room, at night put it on your face or anywhere but face for example,.. i use a make up brush dab it on good,.. NO more acme, wont let it head up it takes it down doesnt let other acme come up,.. it feeds your skin hair,… ugh here i go like im on a soap box,.. i just want to help with info and things ive learned too.

  23. Long before I was gluten free, I tried a ten day juice fast out of desperation. Every symptom (allergy, joint pain, brain fog, racing heart beat, to name a few) were gone in the first three days. I had energy, a positive outlook, and I thought I never want to eat cooked food again! (That didn’t last.) It took longer to realize that I needed to eliminate gluten, then dairy…I used to joke that eventually all I could eat would be carrots, but at least I’d have carrots!

    I’m happy for you, that you have found what works. You have inspired me to go deeper, again, and to figure out what gives me energy, keeps my body fit and my brain happy. Well done, Dude!

  24. Hey so great to find your blog! I was diagnosed with celiac about 6 years ago,, it’s helped heal my gut to cut out processed foods sooo much, and I’m sure my health had benefited in other ways from it to! Wondering if you’ve ever done a cleanse ??
    I found after doing a cleanse (Ridset 30day) and following with good probiotics my gut was so much stronger in a sense to handle food… Have you found supplements or cleanses to help you ?

  25. Hey Gluten Dude…

    You’re crazy but in a good way, hahaha!
    Whole30, huh?
    So like my dear Uncle used to tell me when I was running in circles trying to figure the meaning of life…KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!…and quit filling yourself with STUFF that is not necessary for your general health and wellbeing – mind, body, and spirit. Eat clean – live clean – and pray! He was/is a man of God so he might have had a clue!

    Thanks for the laughs…they are much needed and medicine for the body also!

  26. Get poetry for neanderthals. you have to explain a word or 2 in one sylible words, or you get hit with an infatible stick.

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