Repeat after me: ‘There is no cure for celiac disease.’

no cure for celiac disease

Remember Elissa Goodman? Elissa is a well-known nutritionist who (supposedly) has celiac disease. She was on a podcast with Maria Menounos in August and stated emphatically that you can indeed eat gluten again even if you have celiac disease. All you need to do is follow her advice. Of course, this is 100% BS that was not remotely challenged by Maria. I listened to the hour long podcast (so you don’t have to) and created a 48 second supercut with her ‘advice’. It’s basically just a bunch of nutritionist buzzwords. Here you go:

Note that I am not against functional medicine and the medical community for the most part has failed the celiac community. That being said, what she is suggesting is dangerous, careless, and just plain incorrect. Of course, even with the hundreds of complaints Maria has gotten, the podcast is still up. 🤬

She has no idea how many people she is harming. How this is not medical malpractice I’ll never know.

I encourage you to leave a comment on Maria’s YouTube video of the podcast:

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2 thoughts on “Repeat after me: ‘There is no cure for celiac disease.’”

  1. I was diagnosed in November and went to a gal locally that supposedly was going to help me with my transition. She told me that she no longer has Hashimoto’s and I could do the same with Celiac. She told me so many things that I “could” eat that I shouldn’t eat. The only good advice that she gave me was that with all my previous medical issues is that I will be okay and I can do this

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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