Lady Gaga May be Gluten-Free…But Baby I Was Born This Way

lady gaga gluten free

Yeah…that’s right. I went there.

The lamest blog post title EVER.

And theoretically, I wasn’t “born” gluten-free. I was born with the celiac gene.

And I haven’t been gluten-free since birth; only the last five years.

So really, the title makes no sense whatsoever.

Can we move on please??

So Friday morning, Mrs. Dude, the two puppies and I took a walk to our local Starbucks. (Bear with me…I swear this is relevant to Lady Gaga going gluten-free.)

At the counter, they had some free samples of a fruit drink made with coffee beans. I like fruit. I like coffee. I was enticed.

But of course, I had to ask the dreaded question to the woman behind the counter:

Do you know if it contains any gluten?

The answer is not what’s important here (they couldn’t confirm).

The question is where my focus is today.

You see…I have reached the point where I HATE asking about gluten.

I feel stupid. I feel awkward. I feel embarrassed.

I feel…I feel…I feel…


And this is why I cannot stand the fact that gluten-free has become a fad.

I feel like part of some lame pack of sheep.

Is this simply a personal issue, perhaps low self-esteem, and something I need to work through?


But the fact is, 3-5 years ago, when gluten was pretty much an unknown to those outside the celiac world, I never felt stupid or awkward. I felt empowered that I was taking my health into my own hands and I felt proud that I was educating restaurants, etc. that did not know about it.

This brings us to today’s news that Lady Gaga has gone gluten-free.

Here is the official press release, which is on about a million websites by now because the media found it to be so vitally important to the fabric of our society:

Lady Gaga has switched to a gluten free diet. The ‘Poker Face’ singer has started the next leg of her huge ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour in Sofia, Bulgaria, and she has opted to go on a new diet to make sure she is in the best shape for the gruelling workout.

A source said: ”Gaga has decided to go on a major body blitz and cut out all gluten and wheat from her diet, which is very hard to do. She has given her people strict instruction to advise staff at venues and restaurants about her new diet because she is taking it very seriously. ”Her aim is to drop 10lb in a month.”

The 26-year-old singer is thought to be rationing her carbohydrate intake to just two portions a week, and living off a diet mainly consisting of fish, chicken and vegetables.

The source added: ”She allows herself one potato or rice portion a week and has been snacking on Ginnybake cakes from wholefood shops – they are gluten free cookies.”

Now before you bash me that maybe she has health issues, keep this in mind:

Celebrities like Gaga are extremely careful about their public persona. They cultivate their image to a tee and aim to be in complete control of it at all times. They know how much money their image brings in.

So the sound byte above is exactly as Lady Gaga wanted it to appear.

Does she mention her health? No.

Does she mention any allergy? No.

Does she mention trying to find an edge or increase her energy level? No.

She says that she is going gluten-free to lose weight and that it “is very hard to do.”

That sentence kills me. Like we’re supposed to be so impressed that she is (theoretically) going gluten-free.

Here’s something else that gets me. She says she is going to live off a diet of fish, chicken and veggies.

That’s great. That’s healthy.

Why the f*ck did she even have to mention gluten then??

Why bring it into the equation?

Don’t any of these celebrities understand 1) how ridiculous they sound; and 2) how difficult they are making it for the rest of us to be taken seriously?

And just for the record, I don’t hate Lady Gaga.

I think she is an amazing talent that she unfortunately intertwines with a caricature of herself.

Take a look at the below video and you’ll see talent and passion oozing out of every pore of her body. It’s just a phenomenal performance. She’s playing a small room like she’s playing to an arena. It’s very Springsteen-ish.

So I implore to you Miss Gaga.

Stick to your music.

Leave gluten-free to those whose health depends on it.

Thank you.

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110 thoughts on “Lady Gaga May be Gluten-Free…But Baby I Was Born This Way”

  1. As a fan of you and lady gaga, I completely agree. I had a little moment where I was torn because of the lupus issue but just like you I realize that it’s all about weight and not about anything else.

    So I stick to my original tweet it is a slap in the face to me her fan but also a slap in the face to everyone living this lifestyle. Everyday I struggle with not only gluten free but with nuts, chocolate, caffeine and now dairy. On top of all that I deal with a disability and my weight so yes it’s a slap in the face to me. Others may disagree but that’s how I feel.

    I also feel the same way about asking questions for fear of looking trendy. Some people either get offended or think you’re a hipster or whatever the hell because of it. It’s so tiresome. I’m tired gluten dude!!! But we’ll keep on truckin because a that’s all can we do…keep on truckin with our heads held high because we have nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

      1. I found out about a year ago that I have a gluten sensitivity which has caused me a lot of issues with my nervous and digestive systems. Since going gf I feel amazing! I also happen to be a huge Lady Gaga fan and would like to add a unique perspective to this particular discussion.

        Lady Gaga has a family history of lupus, an auto-immune disease which, as I’m sure you know, is often worsened by eating gluten. Before she ever mentioned anything about going gluten free, I remember wondering how long it would take her to figure out that she needed to go gluten free, because she has tested borderline positive for lupus. Her makeup artist and best friend, who travels everywhere with her, has lupus and suffers from it on a regular basis. I feel it is safe to assume that the pair went gluten free together in order to lessen the pain and troubles associated with lupus. As for the quote in the article, I doubt it was directly from her. More likely than not it came from a rep who had no idea what he/she was talking about. I also very much doubt she did it to lose weight as she very recently (two weeks ago) launched her Body Revolution Campaign embracing her own weight. She urges her fans to do the same. Just some food for thought on the whole issue.

        Thanks for posting about your experiences. It’s been really helpful for me through all of this! 🙂

        1. Thanks for your viewpoint Amber. You’re probably right about her rep, but to me it’s one and the same. I just wish they’d all leave gluten out of the weight-loss thing. It’s just so stupid.

    1. You said it girl!! No need for any of us to be “ashamed”..

      Sorry you are having issues with other foods, too, on top of everything else. 🙁 There always seem to be hurdles with this thing.

      I take heart that maybe those other intolerances will resolve—or so says my GI doc. Hope so. Right now, I have a list of no-nos, too. Bummer.

      Hang tough.

  2. I’m also a fan of Lady Gaga but am NOT a fan of her latest decision to jump on the gluten-free bandwagon like all those other “trendy” celebrities. She hopes to lose weight on it? My ass! I’m getting so sick of hearing people go on and on about how going gluten-free will make them lose weight. Just another way to trivialize those of us who really have legitimate health problems like Celiac Disease. Shame!

  3. It would be nice if 1 time 1 celeb put on weight after a GF diet. Maybe we can convince someone famous to go on the GF diet and purposley put on a lot of weight so other celebs no longer see it as a weight loss diet .

    I thought lady Gaga was already GF though as I read in a magazine a while ago she ate gluten free but still ate wheat crisps :S WTF ?!?

    I find it funny she is giving strict instruction because of cc , how is cc gonna affect someone trying to lose weight :O

  4. It is finally starting to get on my nerves. I had read a whole back that she was gfree and had her staff eating that way too. Didn’t bother me then, but linked to taking off weight … Now it does.

    I too am uneasy every time I have to ask, and especially when like at Five Guys they holler “allergy burger” and the whole restaurant is now looking at me. Will the prep people take me seriously? I
    Hope so… But yes, the trending is finally getting to me. Nothing about my past couple of years has been easy …. And those making it a fad are not making it easier on us who have to eat this way.

  5. If they want to lose weight, they just need to adopt a low carb diet. Just going GF may not help them at all.

    I look at this burden we have differently. I just smile broadly and say “hey, kiddo! can you do me a big fav? ….gluten makes me fall over, hit my head and I may barf on yer floor, so please be careful with my food?.(wink)

    Every time, I get a chuckle back and I know they will take care of me.

    Humor defuses many situations.

    When someone “announces” the meal as he brings it— “who’s the gluten free” or “who’s the celiac?”, I say proudly “That would be me!!”

    I figure there is no point in stressing myself over it….I’m (hopefully!) going be doing this “special request” thing for a long time.

    Someday, you’ll see!!!–we will be the “norm” and gluten eaters will be the minority (hey, I can dream, can’t I?)

    1. Great attitude. I like your sense of humor. I’m going to try that approach next time I’m somewhere new to eat!

      1. The humorous approach works 95% of the time.

        When I politely asked one waiter for a GF menu, I got the “eye rolls”, the elaborate sigh and the snarky comment–“oh, yeah, sure ok— my friend thinks she has a gluten allergy because she gets sick and falls asleep after pasta. Who doesn’t feel tired after pasta?”

        You could hear the collective intake of breath from the people at my table and that one low “uh-oh” from the hubs as I wound up and delivered……

        That guy got my very calm, but firm mini- speech on celiac, a graphic description of what it did to me and a brief lesson in manners. I ended with “If your friend feels sick after pasta and is exhausted by it, then she DOES have a gluten sensitivity of some kind and she should see her doctor.”

        The manager came over, apologized and assured me my meal would be handled appropriately. I said in reply, “If your staff is as well-educated in gluten intolerance and cross-contamination issues as you assure me, then why did he give me any lip to begin with??” He said “Good point!”

        But I bet that guy never used the phrase “Gluten allergy” or made fun of any other person asking for a GF menu again.

        If Lada Gaga was at dinner with me, I bet he wouldn’t have rolled his eyes when SHE asked for the GF menu….That’s it, I’m buying a big old wig and some shiny crazy outfits and pretending I’m Lady Gaga (well, maybe her eccentic auntie….)


  6. OK…I am gonna puke. I am so sick of all these “stars” going gluten free. Man…if they had to go gf for health reasons the tune (LOL…no pun intended!) would certainly change. I hope she GAINS 15 pounds instead of losing 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhh!

  7. I think it would be nice to have some sort of mandatory warning sticker on food products. Restaurants could add the symbol to their menus and at fast food places they could add it to the nutritional information that most of them already have.
    I agree with you that making it look like people with CD are on some sort of fad diet sucks, but maybe it could turn into a positive and these celebs could help impliment a system that would make it so you don’t have to ask the dreaded question. I personally don’t have CD I subscribed because someone I love does and I want to be educated, but I know asking the 16 year old teenager behind the counter that is making min wage and couldn’t care less about finding out whether that item is going to make you sick just sucks. We need a system so each individual can identify what is GF and never have to skip it or risk getting sick because they can’t get a clear answer!

  8. Aside from the gluten comment, from a fitness standpoint this STILL makes no sense… “Gruelling workout?” You NEED carbohydrates & why would you then also want to “drop 10 lbs”?? I like Lady Gaga, but she’s shorter than me, & if I were to lose 10lbs, I’d be hospitalized! This disappoints me terribly….

  9. I sure wish that when I went “gluten free” I would have lost weight. Maybe it’s because I’m NOT a celebrity. Maybe THAT’S it…you HAVE to be a celebrity to lose weight on a gfree diet 🙂
    Also, I hate the term gluten “free” (i feel gluten trapped)…free to do what…not die?

      1. I also gained weight. So far it goes between 10-15 lbs from when I had to go GF. Before, I never could gain weight if I tried. Now, obviously, I have no problems gaining, and more trying to lose. It’s exhausting.

        However, before being diagnosed, I had a misdiagnosis of arthritis–for 14 years. Took a lot of heavy painkillers and muscle relaxers that the drs kept increasing since my pain was always getting worse. I walked with a cane. I was officially disabled, driving with a handicap permit. I could hardly walk, couldn’t stand without tons of pain, and spent my days watching the clock, waiting to get my next dose of meds to get an ounce of relief for just a few precious moments. But I got pregnant–something that I was told couldn’t happen. Hubby and I were thrilled–but the drs kept me on my meds. And my sweet baby was born addicted. He’s fine now, and actually excelling at everything. Still, I went on the warpath to find an answer to my slew of health problems. I was no longer going to just accept the what the dr told me. It took a year, but when I had a family member and a close friend–both GF–came to my son’s first birthday with diet restrictions I didn’t understand, I began to research. And check off a ton of symptoms. And then called my dr to get tested. Finally an answer, with a lot of new things to deal with.

        Now I walk without a cane. Within a month of diagnosis, I ran in a 5K. Something I thought that I would never do again! It has been a long and hard road–and above is just a touch–but in the end it is worth it. I get so mad when these celebrities do this and want people to have sympathy for them because they choose to do this “diet” to lose weight…I’m proof that that isn’t always the case. It’s hard. It sucks. Especially that my hubby and son don’t eat what I eat (and I get so pissed when he eats my food and has plenty of his own!!). This isn’t a choice for a lot of people, and I refuse to even feel a twinge of sympathy for those who can “cheat” on this “diet” and quit when they feel like it.

        1. Wow, Jeni, what an incredible story! I started having joint pain when I was 3, and migraines from the time I was 17. Since I’ve been gluten free (only a year and 8 months!), I no longer have migraines a couple times a month and I can walk again properly without feeling like I have shards of glass in both hips and look like I have cerebral palsy. I can’t even predict storms any more, and that’s just sooooo awesome! [yes, Dude, I seriously need to remember these things when what I’m not allowed to eats starts frustrating me, I hear ya! : ) ]

      2. …um, 30….. (blush) what can I say? I was malnourished and I did not eat much of anything for 3 years, so when I got my appetite back and my gut started to “absorb” again, I packed a few on. hehehe

        Now, I may have to go on a diet…hmm, so if I am already gluten free, now what?….LOL

      3. I gained 9 lbs within the first two months. Now I’m sloooowly working it back off… and the kicker is… the other day at work…. I heard the “I read the wheat belly and I’m going gluten free to lose some weight”. So I went into my semi-rant of how going truly gluten free will not make you lose weight. Cutting carbs and healthier choices will help you lose weight. I also went into the whole… as far as my knowledge goes I think that wheat bread is higher in fiber and lower in the glycemic index than most gluten free flours. Which led her to say “oh, I’m not making bread”… so I said… “oh, you’re just cutting carbs then”.

        That was one of those “I want to punch someone in the ef*n face days….” I’m still in the pity party stage of this disease and screw everyone else who’s doing it by choice….

        1. well, you’re in the right place then, kiddo…we get it.

          Everyone is entitled to a pity party stage. 🙂

          c’mon, hon—sit down and I’ll pour you a drink….

    1. I’ve been GF for about 3.5 weeks now and dropped 10 pounds. I haven’t changed my diet (besides gluten) and my activity levels have been lower due to an injury. I think it really does depends on the person.

      I don’t see why people are so critical of someone’s diet and lifestyle choices. A GF diet will benefit anyone. It’s not like she’s scarfing down pies and cakes and ice cream and promoting it! What someone puts into their body should be their business unless it’s directly affecting others or putting their body in great danger.

      I’m not at all celiac and I may not even be GI, but I feel a million times better eating GF. I do cheat 1-2 per week, but that’s it. I’m losing weight and, now that I’m healed, have more energy. I sleep better. I don’t feel like I get bloated.

      I would hate for someone to attack or criticize my personal diet and lifestyle choices. As long as she’s not claiming to be celiac and eating a loaf of bread a day, I see no harm.

      1. See here’s the thing Jennifer. You say you cut gluten from your diet 3.5 weeks ago, yet you say you cheat 1-2 times a week. So you didn’t really cut out the gluten. Maybe you cut down the amount of gluten you consume. And that’s fine and if it makes you feel good, go ahead, and I’m happy for you, really. But do us all a favor, don’t tell anyone you are on a gluten-free diet when you are cheating every week. You are making yourself look silly. It sounds more like you are doing low carb, so why don’t you call it that. Would you take a friend’s nut allergy seriously if you saw her sneak a brownie with walnuts in it knowingly? I doubt it. That’s the same issue here.

        When you say you are on the gluten-free diet and yet “cheat”, anyone that sees you do this doesn’t take gluten-free seriously. You doing this is just on a small scale and at home probably doesn’t affect too many people. But if you do this at a restaurant, ordering a gf meal, then “splurge” for dessert, you are now teaching the restaurant workers not to take gluten-free seriously either. Now magnify that considering Lady Gaga’s huge fan base. Even more people will copy her and be “learning” from her, and jumping on this same bandwagon. They will do exactly what I posted above -and yes, I’ve heard story after story from restaurant workers and caterers of this exact thing happening – ordering a gf meal then splurging on gluten containing dessert. Even if Lady Gaga doesn’t do this (I hope she doesn’t), we can pretty much guarantee that many, many of her followers that decide to try out this diet will. I hope you can see what Gluten Dude’s point here is. We just want for those serve us food as well as friends, family, and even some ignorant doctors, to understand how important a strict gf diet is for those with Celiac or gluten intolerance. We are tired of stars making it just seem like a trend, and us that truly need to be gluten-free will be paying the consequences in the years to come, even after this trend passes.

          1. Ditto GD. Michelle, you could not have said it better. But for some reason I don’t think that Jennifer understands what exactly you said. It gets exhausting when people (esp. ones who do not have celiac disease or gluten intolerance) just don’t comprehend what you painstakingly tried to explain. I’ve said this before, leave the word gluten out of the equation and just say what it is, if you don’t have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, say you are on a low carb diet. It helps us with CD, or gluten sensitivity to be taken more seriously….period. How hard can that be? It is crucial that we (CD’s and GS’s) get the same attention about our illness as those who have a peanut, or shell fish allergy. posted, “Increased Mortailty Rates for Celiacs”. (no apostrophe).

            Part of the article states:

            “Ten papers in five different countries studied mortality in patients with symptomatic celiac, or celiac symptoms that indicate the presence of celiac disease in a patient. All ten papers on the subject came to the same conclusion, patients with symptomatic celiac disease have been shown to have a increased mortality rate. The primary reason for increased mortality in these particular patients was found to be caused by complications from celiac disease like gastrointestinal malignancies such as, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and small bowel cancer. Other conditions that led to increased mortality for these patients included, autoimmune conditions, ischemic heart disease and violence (including suicide and accidents).”

            There is allot more of this article but my point is, for celiacs our lives are at stake if we ingest gluten. That is why we don’t what people who are going gluten free for other reasons than CD to confuse our issue. We are begging you to help us be more understood. After reading our stories on and our exhaustive attempts to make non CD’s understand; we beg you to spread the word; why we care when a celebrity touts a gluten free diet and they don’t have CD.

            We don’t want to tell you what to eat or not eat, just give us the respect we deserve and the understanding we need so desperately.

            Now I’m off my soap box.

            1. yes, yes, yes dear, Julie….and please….see my comments posted below –just a few moments ago—which echo yours!

              xxoo IH

            2. IH, it appears you and I and others on this post were writing at the exact same time!

              Thank you GD for this website.

            3. I have been nothing but respectful. I just don’t appreciate people telling me what to do. I also do not appreciate the “holier than thou” and condescending attitudes I get from so many. I was not offensive or hurtful, nor did I resort to name-calling. I have respect and expect the same in return. 🙂

              I am NOT on a low carb diet. News flash-you can have carbs without having gluten. I don’t monitor my carb intake. I monitor my GLUTEN intake. So someone on a low carb diet could take just as much offense to that as you do when I say I eat gluten free (for the most part.) I do not have severe reactions to gluten, so why shouldn’t I be allowed to have my cake and eat it to? I do take my GF lifestyle very seriously since it DOES make me feel my best, but I will cheat and that’s my prerogative.

              There are also Celiacs who do not experience symptoms. Do you go off on them, too?

              At the end of the day, eat what you want. Call it what you want. I’m not trying to change or label your lifestyle so please don’t try to change or label mine! I’m no celiac. I may be slightly GI. Regardless, I choose to live 95% gluten free by choice and I support anyone who chooses to for any reason, as removing gluten from your diet is beneficial for anyone!

            4. Here’s the thing…we’re a tired and frustrated community. We feel as though our treatment, our way of staying alive, has been hijacked by the food companies and by Hollywood and has turned it into a joke.

              The Huffington Post ran a story yesterday. You know what the headline was? Lady Gaga Goes Gluten Free to Lose Weight.

              What if there was a specific diet to treat cancer? And you had cancer. And that diet was then tied to a fad. Would you feel a little frustrated at the eye rolls you would now get when you ordered your meal?

              We are not trying to be condescending. We just need to be taken seriously.

            5. I agree with Jennifer. I eat GF because my son is. I now ask for GF menus, even though I could easily eat whatever I want.

              Your comparison is silly. OF COURSE if there was a cancer-curing diet, we would probably ALL follow it! People claim gluten is linked to cancer, actually. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’ve read it time and time again. If she feels better GF, let her be! I know Celiacs who have Glutenaid and normal cake on their birthdays. Let them be!

              I think what she said was soley in reference to herself and her experience. She didn’t come down on anyone else.

              I definitely understand the frustration in the headline, but that’s Hollywood. I’m sure diabetics feel the same way when people try to monitor sugar intake. I’m sure vegans feel that way about vegetarians.

              Give respect, get respect. There are bigger fish in the sea.

      2. So tell me, Jennifer, do you read every label of every processed food item that you buy to make sure there is no gluten in it? Do you inquire into the items that you want to order at a restaurant, having to go as far as to have to talk to the manager or chef? Do you worry about cross-contamination, or even know what that means? No? Well, then you’re simply not eating gluten free! Maybe you’re eating grain free, but that’s it, so hey, either get with the program and really eat gluten free, or quit saying you are gluten free, okay? Thanks!

  10. I agree and disagree with this post. I’m not celiac. I’m not even sure I’m gluten intolerant. BUT I have voluntarily cut out gluten from my diet and seen a huge improvement in my sleep quality and energy levels. So, to say something like “Leave gluten-free to those whose health depends on it” kinda hits me a little sour. Why should we care about what people eat or don’t eat?

    Yes, hollywood, for the most part, gets GF all wrong, but it’s Hollywood. And. unless they’re claiming to be celiac and eating a gluten-filled diet, they’re not really “doing it wrong.”

    Some people live on a low-cal diet for medical reasons. Others do it by choice and sneak in a pie or ice cream every once in a while. No big deal.. I just honestly don’t see the harm in someone choosing a GF lifestyle if it makes them happy! We shouldn’t feel like we have the right to dictate what a person says, does and, in this case, eats!

  11. It is hard to know whether the person writing the article was clueless or if Lady Gaga is clueless about it. They say she is cutting out all “gluten & wheat” (which shows they obviously don’t understand what gluten is or they would realize they don’t need to say wheat also), then they say she is rationing her carb intake (hello, then call it a low-carb diet), then add that she is “snacking on Ginnybake cakes from wholefood shops – they are gluten free cookies”. Seriously, you think you are going to lose weight because the cookies you are scarfing down are gluten-free and from Whole Foods?
    Someone has a lot to learn. This is just another example of a celebrity jumping on this gluten-free fad. It is so frustrating because restaurants, venues, even friends then don’t take seriously the gluten-free diet that some of us HAVE to be on medically.

    1. Great point about the cookies. Not sure how I overlooked that.

      Note to all celebrities: replacing crap with gluten-free crap will not help you lose weight.

      1. I mentioned on another comment-I highly doubt that that’s ALL she snacks on… She’s maybe 120lbs. We’d definitely see the weight gain.

        I eat Oreo’s. That doesn’t mean I have a handful every day.

        1. But, NONE of us with Celiac can eat Oreos, hon. 🙁

          We do not “dabble” in gluten free diets.

          It’s not 5 days on, 2 off….
          there is no cheating
          and it’s not a weight loss thing for us–it is survival.

          It’s not OPTIONAL, it is mandatory
          That’s just the whole point.

          I, personally, think everyone would be better off gluten, 🙂
          but that’s just my opinion based on what I learned about the digestive tract and inflammation in the body…. the human digestive is not really equipped to digest it.

          If someone plays the “gluten- free card” (and it not really a Celiac or NCGI) it elicits a negative response, then those of us whose lives DEPEND on getting safe, gluten- free food AND attention to cross-contamination when we order food, are screwed because we are viewed as “following a fad” or being “difficult”, ” picky “or , “trendy”, or just plain annoying.

          This is why we get so upset.

          It does nothing to help further Celiac awareness and it makes people with a true gluten intolerance reluctant to ask for any consideration when having food prepared.

  12. ~~You see…I have reached the point where I HATE asking about gluten.

    I feel stupid. I feel awkward. I feel embarrassed.

    I feel…I feel…I feel…


    And this is why I cannot stand the fact that gluten-free has become a fad.

    I feel like part of some lame pack of sheep.~~Gluten Dude

    I hear ya on this one Dude! I think a lot of people dont understand what gluten really is and why some folks actually need to be gluten free. I have a sneaking suspicion some people believe gluten free is a new and cool way to say they aren’t eating any carbohydrates.I could be wrong, but that’s what it look like to me.

      1. I would like to add my two cents worth, if I may. I can totally understand the frustration you folks with celiac are having over the new Hollywood Gluten-Free fad. But for me and many others people like me, if it wasn’t for so much chatter about GF nowadays I would not been aware of the possibility that I could be intolerant to gluten. It just seems to have popped up into my viewscreen over the past couple weeks, so I’ve been researching the topic and come to the conclusion that I’m GI. Severe bloating and cramping right after eating (and sometimes during a meal to the point of interrupting dinner to run to the bathroom), joint pain so bad I can hardly walk up two flights of stairs, severe RLS, migraines, loss of tooth enamel, anemia, itchy skin, etc., etc. I’ve just started on the GF diet and am very grateful for the increased chatter about it. Who knows how many people are out there like me, who are living in a kind of hell and totally unaware of the reason why. I’ve been on low carb diets and none of them worked for me because they weren’t focusing on the REAL problem, which is gluten. How many low-carb dieters eat lots of soy sauce, just as one example. I’m sorry you all feel that you’re not being taken seriously now, but please look at it on the brighter side – other people are finally getting the help that they need.

  13. I posted this on Jules’ Facebook post, but I think its okay to reiterate here.

    I feel bad for Lady Gaga. Instead of getting a real nutritionist and personal trainer, she’s doing something that she heard might work, and has the real potential to do well with, and yet, she’s munching on cookies.

    She’s not going to lose weight while munching cookies. She’s not even going to do well with those “grueling workouts” without the right kind of fuel, and this diet sounds dangerous and damaging to her health, rather than right-sizing herself.

    I really hope that she finds herself a nutritionist and/or therapist to work with her to lose weight (if she really needs to, I really doubt she does!) in a healthy manner. If she wants to limit gluten for the athletic results, there’s easy ways to do that without munching on the cookies.

    Stories like this make me sad more than anything. Its like diabetes – so much misconception, so little education out there.

    1. let’s be honest though…I highly doubt that that’s ALL she snacks on…

      I eat Oreo’s. That doesn’t mean I have a handful every day. It was just a product mention. Maybe even a brand plug.

  14. Ok, GF Dude. I hear ya about being embarrassed or tired or being looked at as trendy. I get it. Replacing crap with GF crap makes no sense what so ever! Its still crap. BUT…… here’s where we have differing opinions, let them! So they don’t NEED the GF diet like we do but I say let the celebrities do their GF thang! Here’s why: I went to the Incredible, Edible GF Expo yesterday here in Denver and I got to eat so many yummy GF goodies! Some were awful (I actually spit one out right next to their booth) but mostly they were great. I think without this GF trend, the manufacturers would not be as pressured to improve their products or put new ones out. Restaurants would not be adding to GF menus. WE are actually benefitting from it! So let celebrities eat GF cake because it means I will get some too!


    1. Understood Dana, but I don’t need 20 more brands selling gluten-free pasta, crackers and cakes.

      I don’t want restaurants throwing gluten-free items on their menu if they don’t truly understand all that goes into being gluten-free.

      While everybody on the manufacturing side is simply looking at dollar signs, I’m looking at my health. And I can see a huge change in people’s perception of gluten-free in the last few years. And it’s all because of the bandwagon.

      I can’t afford even one restaurant to get it wrong or I suffer for six months.

      1. Exactly Gluten Dude. And more companies jumping on board to produce gf products without any actual FDA standards for gluten-free can actually hurt more than it helps. The companies just wanting to make a buck aren’t necessarily learning about cross contamination and trying to make the food safe for us to eat. I can’t believe the number of new gf products in stores that are made on shared equipment with wheat.
        Between this and all the restaurants adding gf menus without any precaution for cross contamination, those of us that really need to eat gf aren’t really benefiting from this trend.

      2. I feel like I’m butting into these conversations since I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I agree with the “don’t throw gf on a menu if you don’t understand what it means” I went to a doctor in a different city last week. The dietician gave me a list of places to go to grab a bite. I thought…. my hubby might like this one. So we went. I did my usual: Sat down. Asked for the GF menu. Presented my GF allergy card, placed my order, and asked that my card be given to the chef…. then the waiter came back to tell me that they didn’t think they were capable of serving me in their establishment and that there were other gf restaurants in the area. I have never been denied service… I felt like Rosa Parks… except I wasn’t arrested. I was too taken aback to say anything except… “Well, your gluten free menu works great for those who see it as a fad, but that doesn’t help those with real gluten issues” and walked away. I almost blogged that one as a rant of the day, but by the time I was in front of a computer, I felt a bit depressed because if I’m not beaten down already… somebody punched my heart a bit that day.

  15. I too am SO annoyed by this. I was just writing about this same thing on my blog within the past couple of days. I feel like it trivializes the REAL reason why many of us HAVE to be gluten free. It upsets me that celebrities are making this look like a fad. grrr……

  16. I absolutely love that clip of Lady Gaga playing on Howard Stern… it’s what made me realize that she was more than just poppy crap on the radio.

    BUT, sorry Gaga… I’m not feeling this GF diet craziness that throws all us GF folks back under the media bus. Thanks for helping them do their job and kicking us in the already impaired guts. We don’t need this… and you… get yourself a nutritionist who isn’t going to make you eat like this… I can refer you to a good one should you want the name.

    Thanks Gluten Dude for posting… I’m right there with you on this!

  17. I have had those feelings of being embarrassed too and relate it to worrying that I appear to be a ‘picky’ eater or difficult patron… and I am no shrinking violet. It’s weird.

    I tried Irish’s route of making light, as that’s my default mode, but I wasn’t getting the response I wanted from servers and staff. So, now I go the opposite direction. I scare them by looking deeply into their eyes and saying firmly, “I will get deathly and violently ill if my food is cross-contaminated. I am not trying to be precious like Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus.” I will add Lady Gaga to that list:

    I wanna some dinner hold the gluten for me please
    Don’t touch em cut em keep all wheat away from me, Don’t love it.
    Gluten preparation, play the game with Celiacs in mind
    Cuz after I’ve been hit, it’s my guts that won’t be kind

    Oh, oh, oh
    You’ll make me sick, show you a lunatic
    Oh, oh, oh…

  18. I thought Lady Gaga has always been on a gluten free diet, she said she was a few years ago. She has Lupus I believe which is another awful autoimmune disorder, she does not talk about the disease very often, but was why she was gluten free. My paternal grandfather had it.

    1. Lupus?

      I never heard Lady Gaga has lupus!

      whoa….if she has that AI disease, she most def should be GF—all the way.

      Lupus and Celiac are associated —and she should not mess with it.

      1. She tested borderline positive for lupus but shows no symptoms . I tested positive for lupus and another auto immune disease a few years ago but was not diagnosed with either , I wonder if it was the Celiac gene showing up , either way both of the conditions were suppose to respond well with a GF diet so I don’t think I really have either .

      1. I heard a while back that she was as well for that reason.

        But yes, it would be nice if for once these stars would stand up for their reason and back us that have to be 100% gfree.

        I felt like I was dying 2 years ago. I would not wish it on anyone and in no way was any of this diet easy. I can’t eat a speck of it … I can’t even eat much in restaurants as I seem to be getting cced most of the time. It’s not a diet it’s a necessity.

        Can you take off weight being gfree? – yes, but it is mainly if you cut the other carbs too and the sugar. You can’t cut
        the weight by eating gfree foods.

  19. You know what is funny though? The new diet fad here in LA is not GF it is low acid diet, I forget what they are calling it. I thought it was funny because I have been on that diet for 4 months now since being diagnosed with laryngopharyngeal reflux disease and it is the only diet that I lost weight on. Being gluten free made me lose all the swollen poison but not actual pounds. Anoney GF who still feels bad I guarantee if you go low acid you will feel better!

  20. Gluten is not the enemy to weigh loss! Empty carbs are. It is starting to bother me that people go GF to “lose weight”. I had no choice but to go GF or feel crummy all the time. I didn’t lose weight–in fact, I GAINED weight–weight that I had lost from lack of nutrients due to celiac. If it’s a trend, that’s cool, but I think it just perpetuates misunderstandings. If Lady Gaga ingests gluten, she will be find–nothing will happen to her. If I, or a fellow celiac ingests gluten, even accidentally, we can we down and out–sick for DAYS (and that is no exaggeration.) Chefs and restaurants need to know the difference between gluten free by choice and gluten free because we have to be–the difference is astounding and can mean dire consequences.

  21. My husband has been gluten-free for the last 8 years, though he’s known he should be for almost 25 years. He gets very uncomfortable asking, pointing things out, and the fear of what he eats that I don’t cook may make him sick. I’m usually the one who does it, I don’t mind being the b*tch. I want to make sure he is with me for a long time.

    Now for the celebs going gluten-free. IF they are doing it for the right reasons then WOO HOOO. If they need a personal assistant in the gluten-free department I’m available for hire. The problem is very few have I seen going gluten free for the right reasons or totally gluten free. That’s where the problem lies. My husband can’t cheat, if he does he may land in the hospital. The general public see the celebs who say they are gluten-free but still eat croutons on their salad so they don’t understand why my husband can’t have them too. Oh and the comment about it being hard?!?!? NO SH*T SHERLOCK! Gluten is in all kinds of food and products. It takes time to read labels, double check with companies, and find substitutes for things you like to eat. Though if you are doing it for the right reason you realize it’s just a small sacrifice for the health of your or your loved one.

    1. Your hubs…is me!

      I can have no gluten at all—not even a trace (I do not do “shared equipment ” or “processed in a facility with”… wheat) or I am so messed up and out of commission for two weeks, at least. My brain is slow, my GI tract feels like hot knives from mouth to rectum and my nerves sizzle & my joint/bone/muscle pain—well, just kill me now. 🙁

      It’s crazy!

      If I did not LIVE IT, I might not believe it either.

      Until the celiac “triggered” in me for good, I lived my life, and just thought everyone had the horrid symptoms I had. How could I know?

      Then, one day in 2008, I could not think, move or feel anything but burning pain…I searched for an answer as I went downhill for another 3 years.

      And I thought, this cannot be right. I was in the ER several times and they could never figure it out.

      This disease is no joke. And people who view GF as a “trendy diet” or a way to lose weight….they .have no goddamn clue as to the life-threatening symptoms celiacs suffer .

      For me, a GF diet saved my life.

  22. A true celiac spends a lot of time figuring out their diet with little time left over trying to figure out how to lose weight.

  23. Is anyone familiar with Emmy Rossum? She has celiac disease. I wonder sometimes, if one of us…lol don’t laugh…suddenly became famous, and we also happened to look good…still don’t laugh lol…and were asked what we ate what would we say? Would we become a bad face to gluten freeness too. What if we were photographed eating a sandwich, how would people know it is gluten free bread? I can’t imagine being given a forum to talk about all the disgusting things that happen eating gluten, or for those who have some permanent effects, the crap they go through still. I can see them giving those details on Access Hollywood lol. No they would cut it out even if you did say that stuff, so you would still look like a fadder (is fadder a word?).

    I do get why we are all mad! See I used WE, I am too. But I am starting to feel more understanding about it, people thought I was crazy when I altered my diet constantly etc, trying to “fix” myself, I even did the guaifenesin treatment for a year, it was all crazy until something worked. I was waiting to die until something worked. But I looked crazy to people who did not know the ins and outs of my personal problems, pretty much I was crazy to everyone accept my husband who had to live with my problems for years (having sex with a pregnant looking rash covered woman who just told you what terrible thing happened to her in the bathroom today is not so sexy). My point is we probably would not go on Access Hollywood or whatever and say “I feel so terrible, my stomach is so bloated, i am covered in searing spots all over my stomach and elbows and ankles, I can’t poo or I poo too much!”, no we would not say that, I did not say that stuff to regular people. No one I ever worked with knew I was sick, being sick for your whole life you know how to hide not being normal. Just saying…you know I am all about the rant gluten free dude, today I feel more logical I guess…lol women and their hormones…right lol!

    1. I’d like to think if I was famous I wouldn’t feel the need to share the details of my diet. I mean really…who gives a crap?

      And if somebody happen to ask why I’m not having a beer, I’d say, simply, “I have celiac disease. I can’t.” and I’d leave it at that.

      I never rail on anybody who goes gluten free for any health reasons at all. If it works for you…go for it. Just don’t call it a diet.

      Stepping down now 🙂

    2. “Women and their hormones, right.?..LOL ”

      (what’s so funny??) I don’t get it. Men have hormones, too. We have many hormones–sex, adrenal, thyroid….?

      Hon, you are LOL–ing yourself like mad. I am not sure really what your point is. Are you a celiac?

      If I were “Famous” and had a platform to educate others about Celiac disease and have it taken seriously, I would step right up and shout about it.

      You said:

      “My point is we probably would not go on Access Hollywood or whatever and say “I feel so terrible, my stomach is so bloated, i am covered in searing spots all over my stomach and elbows and ankles, I can’t poo or I poo too much!”, no we would not say that, I did not say that stuff to regular people.

      This is the difference between me and most people, I guess.

      YES! I would tell it all…the down and dirty and the real facts.
      I wish someone would just be “real” about it.

      Why hide it? this is the REALITY of Celiac Disease.Nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide. It’s not “gross” or “weird” or yucky”–it is what it is!!—a potentially fatal disease that can cause heart disease, thyroid disease, lymphoma, pancreatitis, miscarriages and infertility, stomach cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, Sjrogen’s, rheumatoid arthritis, birth defects, bladder cancer, etc, etc……..

      It will never get the attention or respect it deserves if people are afraid to share how deadly it is.

      Sorry, but I am tired of defending myself to people.
      Celiac is not just a “diet”. It’s a killer.

      This fu–er tried to kill me. It is a worthy foe.

        1. I am sure your backbone is fine, hon! 🙂

          I just got tired of making excuses for my life and for having been deathly ill for so long.

          I take any opportunity to educate someone on celiac, because it is a major health crisis afflicting millions. As more people are diagnosed and awareness of gluten intolerance rises, it will be less difficult for us to be taken seriously and it will be more the “norm”.

          I am not ashamed of any of the symptoms I have incurred—they are what they are. I do not care if people roll their eyes at me or think I am “making it up ” –it’s just their ignorance of the disease and so, it’s not really their fault. This is why I do not shrink from telling it like it is.

          If people knew the devastating neurological effects of gluten toxicity, for example, they would never make fun of it again.

          It’s on me to tell them if they are confused. My health depends on that person taking care of the food they are preparing.

          I just have had more practice and I am probably older than you, which means I am more battle worn. And I am used to defending myself against verbal attacks from people. So be it.

          It seems, the older you get, the less you give a rat’s butt what others think of you.

          Looks like old age has some perks. 🙂

          1. I had so many crazy symptoms, but the neurological is/was the worst. Is the number one reason why I would never ever cheat and makes me look at everything related to gluten as pretty darn evil.

            Eventually I will feel better about standing up for myself. I do stand up … it’s just with unease on the inside.

            And yes, the more we educate, the more it will be better for us who have to eat gluten free.

            1. I agree completely–gluten is poison.

              Hope you continue to feel better and better, Wendy!

              In time, speaking up will get easier and easier and those internal butterflies will be gone. Best wishes to you!

  24. hello dude,

    first, i just want to say i am a fairly new reader and love your blog! so smart, funny, real! thank you!!

    second, i understand your whole “embarrassed” and “hate asking” about gluten all the time thing. i feel that way too.

    third, all the celebs and people who have made “going gluten free” a fad irk me. i have celiac. a real medical condition. i was just at a conference and eating at a restaurant where the staff worked with me to ensure i had a wonderful, safe meal. when another person in our party heard i was GF, he said “just like the celebrities or is yours real?”. i was so mad that yet again i had to defend my right for health. i wish more people understood and took celiac and gluten intolerance more seriously.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Much appreciated.

      Celiac is the only disease I’m aware of where you need to defend yourself. And that is why I detest the fad diet.

    2. Lisa – I have had friends do the same thing. I soon realize we are not on the same field when they are still munching on party goods and fine and I can’t eat any of it. There are a lot of people trying it out .. Not just stars. And yes, they are probably trying it out because of the stars.

  25. Yeah, I think if you are vegan or vegetarian people can still be jerks but not as mean as if you are gluten free.

    I think one problem is “diet” is used to mean something you do to lose weight, when it really just is the way you eat. If you see the doctor or a nutritionist they ask “how is your diet” meaning what you eat. I mean people who are on a vegan diet it is usually not to lose weight but a lifestyle, things just get complicated with the word diet depending on what word goes in front of it.

    I don’t know I still say diet, I can’t bring myself to say gluten free lifestyle. I don’t really have to talk about it very often though as I don’t eat anywhere anymore that does not have a dedicated menu anyway, so there are not many instances I need to discuss it with people. I also think it is hard if something works for someone or they feel good about it to not say something about it. There is a joke for celiacs list I saw go around years ago that said you know you are celiac if you suggest other people with health problems go gluten free. When I first went gluten free and it did away with my seemingly unrelated mystery problems, I could not help but suggest it to others with the same problems.

    I just feel like I am tried of people judging me, they have no idea, and could never cope with my shit, therefore I have a harder time now judging people that are doing things publicly because you don’t’ really know what is going on and I don’t want to be a hypocrite anymore. People that are non diagnosed, like me, get a whole lot more shit from people that are diagnosed and we are going through the same thing, or even worse. I think it is best to say who cares, maybe we just got to deal with it and deal with what other people got to say even if it does make our life harder.

  26. Maybe it is the word “diet” that is the problem….

    Diet (in nutrition), means ” the sum of the food consumed by an organism or group”. 🙂

    It is defined as a NOUN:

    a : food and drink regularly provided or consumed
    b : habitual nourishment
    c : the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason

    Sound like us??? Yes!

    and lastly as

    d : as a VERB….a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight — meaning “going on a diet”

    Maybe if the word itself were better understood, it would all be so much easier?.

    just sayin…

  27. I am sure if you went on tv and said all that stuff they would cut you out anyway. Telling people what I went through certainly never helped me and seems like it does not help a lot of people to be understood by others. Ranting and raving about weird medical issues no one will have or has heard of especially when they add up to be a great deal just make people think you are crazy and making things up.

    Oh and thanks for making fun of how I wrote things…or laugh at myself Irish, pick on my opinion if you don’t agree with it, but making fun of the way someone writes or their personality is a little low. I thought this was a discussion of the article dude wrote and not on each others characters or personalities. It is kinda childish and petty and diarrhea of the mouth is not being tough or telling it like it is when it is not necessarily the truth but your opinion and with the intention of correcting something that is an OPINION! Yeah I just think people can express their opinion on subjects and should not have to worry about it getting personal if someone does not like what you say, I guess not. But don’t worry, no hard feelings, plenty of people don’t like the way I talk (as I am sure you are familiar with) so one more won’t hurt.

    1. Eliza,

      I was not making fun of you, your personality or your writing style at all.

      If you feel that way, I offer you my sincere apologies. That was not my intention at all.

      I was offended by the phrase “women and their hormones, right?LOL”

      This offended me, as a woman.
      So, I asked what is that funny and what does that mean?


      1. Sorry for the typo, I am very upset that you think I have been so unkind. What I meant to write was:

        WHY is that funny?

  28. Aw, Dude! I understand totally why you hate having to give the inquisition to multiple strangers every time to choose something that goes into your mouth. It removes the joy of spontaneity. It usually requires giving very personal information to strangers. It requires you to trust the total stranger with your health and hope he/she “gets” it. Now there is the added need to justify the reasons for that request as a medical necessity rather than a weight-loss diet. I get it!

    Here’s the positive side on this. In the last month I have had four different waitstaff begin to not when I explain the medical need to have no gluten or cross-contamination and assure me they “get it”. Three had family members newly diagnosed and one had a roommate that had been gluten-free since high school. All four said they would personally alert the kitchen and told me how they would watch my food from kitchen to table to be sure that precautions were taken.

    In addition, four restaurants that I emailed prior to visiting told me what would be “safe” to choose from the menu and how they would prepare the food to ensure it was safe. None of these restaurants “advertise” gluten-free or have a menu, but all of them told me of a family member that had CD.. While gluten-free diets are becoming trendy for weight loss due to the occasional sound byte, I think the majority of restaurants are becoming aware of gluten in response to their own or their famiy/friends need to kick the gluten due to medical reasons. .

    Each time we question the staff and patiently explain the condition we are educating yet another person who has control over our food.That sure makes it better for the next one of us who comes in. If we all are all out there educating, the ripple effect of knowledge out there will be staggering and far overshadow the fad dieters. Let’s face it…the need for gluten-free is growing mainly because the conditions requiring it are reaching epidemic proportions. The “fad diet” crowd will not stick to this and they will fade away, but the remainder of us who have a medical need are here for life and we are now too large a part of consumers to be ignored..

    Keep the chin up and think of it as batting one for the home-team. I always figure my explanations (though tiresome) aren’t just for me. They are for all of us including that waitstaff or manager who may be wondering if THEIR symptoms may be due to Celiac or gluten-sensitivity. The more we educate about medical reasons, the more the word “gluten” loses the power to be associated with a fad diet.

    1. Picture me clapping wildly!!

      This is exactly how I feel, too –and your examples of how restaurants ARE doing the best they can–is encouraging to us all.

      I have had good experiences, too (in my dozen or so ventures out) and it does take courage to eat out sometimes, but I am not going to hide in my house because I have Celiac. I already lost years of my life to it and it will not confine me anymore.

      Thank you so much, Miss Dee—for saying all this.

      1. You’re welcome, Irish! I used to stay at home rather than eat out with family/friends or trave to unknown places because I *may* become sick(er). The fear of becoming sick was holding me back more than actually being sick. No more! I do take precautions and plan ahead. More than once I’ve left hungry because I didn’t feel like I was in good hands at a restaurant or an event, but knew I would make up the lost calories later. None of us will die from a missed meal, right?. We will, however, miss a lot of good times if we stay at home. Fear had become more disabling to me that the gluten intolerance.

        On that note, tomorrow I will be marking yet another thing off my bucket list. I’m traveling to the Charlotte International Speedway to ride the track with a NASCAR driver. They asked if I wanted to do the driving to which I replied “Hell, no! Other people drive Miss Daisy.” If nothing else, Celiac has shown me that what you think feels bad today may actually be your “good days” later on. People, grab the life while you can. This may be as good as it’s gonna get. Be safe, be smart, but don’t let Celiac take anymore of your life that it already has.

        1. NASCAR! Well, you go, Girl! 🙂

          I’m with you. I learned many lessons while deathly ill and incapacitated.

          Among them:
          Take nothing for granted; squeeze the life out of every single day because tomorrow is not guaranteed; health, not wealth is the most important thing because all the $$$ in the world cannot buy you good health; and above all else, laugh every day and have fun!!

          And you’re right, none of us will die if we have to skip a meal. 🙂

          oh boy—-I hope you have a blast on your track ride!!

  29. I must add that I posted on Lady Gaga’s Facebook page. It was deleted! Wonder why? She may have lost a fan! Not that she cares, but I just thought I would share!!!

  30. Right on Dude! I feel since all the hype about going gluten-free for weight loss, it isn’t being taken as seriously as it should by servers, etc. I feel like I’m being “judged” as someone who is just eating this way because it is a “trend”. I swear I’ve seen eyes roll, when I mention “gluten-free”, so now I just immediately say that I have a gluten “allergy”, and am highly reactive …. (yes, WE know celiac is not an allergy1)

  31. Thank you Irish. I am sorry if I made you upset too. I was just trying to be light especially since I am usually in with the complainers crowd on Dude’s posts but I was feeling more forgiving yesterday.

    Yes Paula when we have to eat out at our regular places and get a different server my husband always says “she is allergic”, very seriously after I order, it is the only thing these young servers understand.

    Restaurants near LA are much more accepting and knowledgeable and careful than the ones where we are from in DC which is weird to me.

    Eating out is very limited now though, I just could not take it anymore. I am a life long sufferer until the age of 27 and one my greatest symptoms involved the contracting of my pelvic floor like I am in labor my shortest recovery time after getting glutened has been 3 months. My body is shot I just can’t do it anymore.

    Did I mention the low acid diet 😉 for those of you if you still have lingering problems, I found it really kicked my health up a big notch! I thought it would be so hard getting rid of even more food, but when you are used to limitations it is really not bad. I always say it is impossible for me to develop any kind of habit so all that good energy other people use on bad habits I channel into not eating harmful things.

    Also I don’t know if anyone else lives near this area but Lady Gaga’s announcement has been all over the news the last couple days and has sparked whole segments on eating gluten free. I will say they mention it as a disease very minimally.

  32. New title: Gluten Free Bad DIet!
    Two quick points
    1. It is good Lady Gaga is gluten free
    2. Gluten free Bad diet is often a problem.

    1. Well anyone that struggles with their health knows that if you find something that helps then that is worth its weight in gold. I bet she might go gluten free and find out she probably is one of the millions of us that should be gluten free. I know everyone in the GF community cringes when another celebrity goes gluten free but what it really does is create awareness. And that is what we all need.
    No Doctor or government can make a statement that is heard around the world as impactful as a celebrity. SO embrace it, get over it, it is for the best.

    2. Going gluten free and gaining weight is a twofold issue. One you are healthier and maybe you are absorbing food better. Two most gluten carbs are high glycemic and low nutritionally so they need to be eaten in moderattion. You cant live on gluten free pretzels and cookies and expect to be healthy.

    1. Sorry Rob…need to disagree. A celebrity going gluten free to lose weight is not creating awareness. It’s adding flames to the gluten-free fad diet fire.

  33. Instead of complaining and whining, why not use that energy to educate?! That’s the ONLY way this buzz will transition into a positive thing for Celiacs. 🙂

    1. Walk a mile in our shoes Sam and I think you’d feel a little different.

      We ARE trying to educate. That’s what this is all about. We are trying to get the word out that our disease is serious and it’s not a simple thing like just going on a diet.

      You think I want to be talking about this stuff? That’s what is so maddening. I’d rather the focus be on the disease and not on the damn food.

      1. Wow, is right.

        Sam, what do you think The Dude is trying to do by writing this blog? Educate!

        …. and I am not sure which one of your many comments are worth discussing, but these 2 alone have me shaking my head:

        (1) ” I now ask for GF menus, even though I could easily eat whatever I want.”

        Then, Sam —

        how can you know possible what a celiac deals with?
        You have no real idea why any of this “gluten free fad” business is detrimental to the understanding of celiac as a disease. We don’t get to “eat easily whatever we want”. If we are perceived as “whiny” or “demanding” by anyone, especially waitstaff in a restaurant- -it is because people now view the GF diet as a joke because of famous people who “dabble in it” for weight loss.

        (2) “I know Celiacs who have Glutenaid and normal cake on their birthdays. Let them be!”

        well, this is just foolish. They are unwise and playing Russian roulette with their health.And obviously, they know very little about the disease process. Glutenaid is not going to stop the autoimmune attack.

        And yes, Celiac is linked to cancer. Adherence to a GF diet for 5 years, however, lowers the risk to the same level of everyone else.
        This is why strict adherence to a GF diet for a celiac is essential.

        There is a HUGE difference between “giving up gluten” SOME of the time & loading on it when you feel like it –and giving it up because your life depends on it.

        It’s like Anthrax to me. It’s poison. It destroys me a little more every time I get inadvertently hit by it. (There are many articles on gluten ataxia for these celiacs who eat gluteny birthday cakes to read and see how one minute hit can impact a celiac’s brain)

        Sam, if you truly understood celiac, you would know all this and you would be less quick to call someone ‘whiny” and “complaining”.
        If you do not live it, you do not get it.

        1. Irish, “Poison” is a VERY great descriptive for when we eat gluten inadvertently of course. NO Celiac is going to gobble down a bunch of gluten on purpose unless they have a death wish!!!!!
          Well put above Irish and thanks!

    2. Sam, I’m not whining or complaining, it is just a fact. When I eat gluten I have gut cramps that have me doubled over, my gut feels like it is on fire, I am on the toilet for over a week, with horrible diarrhea, (at least 4-5 times a day.). My insides are so inflamed I feel pressure in the lower abdomen, when I sit down, get up, or walk. My heart races, my BP goes way up, it was 182/113 the last time I got “glutened.” I get hungry, but I am so miserable I don’t want to eat. I don’t tell anyone about it, (I’m telling you b/c of your comments). If this happened to you every time you ate gluten, would you eat a glutened filled cake on your birthday? I doubt it.

        1. Ok maybe I was complaining and whining a little. Sometimes I get so frustrated that I end up sitting in my chair crying my eyes out. I’m not even the GF one in the house, I can only imagine what it’s like for my husband. “Really wife is having a breakdown over what I can eat?” I’m sure rolls through his head often. My friends and co-works can have sympathy for me but they don’t really get just what it’s like.

          Why do I have breakdowns Sam? Well it’s easy I went from about to enter pastry chef school to not being able to bake a darn thing. My first attempt at bread turned into self protection devices. I didn’t know you didn’t make gf bread the same way you made wheat bread. All of the wondrous baked goods I had been making all of my life were now out. I felt like I couldn’t provide for myself the way a wife should. I felt like a failure. Tell me you wouldn’t have a meltdown or two if you felt you couldn’t do your job anymore.

          Why am I not using my time to educate? I am, on my blog, but for every one successful recipe that gets posted there are loads that fail and don’t get posted. Formulating a recipe with non-traditional ingredients isn’t that easy. Oh and why am I wasting time here again? It’s nice to be able to b*tch and moan with folks that understand.

  34. I’m a bit late to this article, but I was just diagnosed with celiac. The part that bothers me most about her going gluten free is her ordering her people to tell restaurants about her new diet.

    When I go out to restaurants, I can’t help but feel like a huge pain in the ass when I talk about gluten, because it means more work for the waiter, the chef, and the kitchen staff, who already work hard to begin with. But I actually have a legitimate, medical need to avoid gluten. Lady Gaga is just showing typical celebrity entitlement, making restaurant staff work twice as hard just so she can lose 10 pounds. Why can’t she just order a damn salad without crutons? No need to mention gluten at all.

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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