Is there a celiac drug in our future? And would it matter?


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Alvine Pharma Announces Positive Results in Celiac Drug Trial

Alvine Pharmaceuticals today said it’s gotten “clinical proof of principle” in its latest trial of ALV003, a drug compound the company hopes eventually will become the first approved pharmaceutical treatment for celiac disease.

In the Phase 2a trial, 41 biopsy-proven celiac disease patients who had been following the gluten-free diet for at least one year received either ALV003 or a placebo daily for six weeks. They also ate two grams of gluten each day of bread crumbs (about one bite of bread).

The study participants underwent a biopsy at the beginning for the trial and following the six-week gluten challenge to see how their intestinal linings fared.

Biopsy results from 34 of the 41 patients showed there was significantly less intestinal damage in patients treated with ALV003 than in placebo-treated patients at the six-week mark. In addition, patients receiving the placebo had more “adverse events,” defined as abdominal distension, flatulence, belching, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Here’s my question. Even if there was a drug…would you go back to eating gluten?

At this point, as much as a pain in the butt it is to be gluten free, I can’t imagine crossing that line and ingesting gluten again. There’s more to gluten for us celiacs than just the intestines. Speaking from experience, it affects my entire being, and I have no desire to go to that dark place if I don’t have to.

I have celiac. To me, that’s life’s way of saying…”Hey, you shouldn’t be eating that stuff.  It’s really, really bad for you.”  No drug will change that.

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7 thoughts on “Is there a celiac drug in our future? And would it matter?”

  1. That is a great question. I’ve been gluten free for 3 years and I honestly cannot fathom eating gluten. I miss my freedom, but would I have a slice of pizza if I could? The thought right now sickens me.

  2. Hell yes! Luckily, my symptoms do not include the emotional chaos you have to endure, but if I was able to eat an occasional piece of fried chicken, or have just a day or two of culinary freedom by popping a pill, I’d be ALL OVER that!

  3. I don’t think I would take the pill because I believe the pill will make our situation worse. People will believe that they don’t have to be careful with our food because all we have to do is take a pill to fix it. We already have so many issues with people not taking gluten sensitivities seriously now. I truly don’t see how the pill could help us with that. In addition the people in the trial were only give the equivalent of one bite of bread. That seems as if it would only help with accidental contamination not give us the ability to eat wheat again.

      1. Interesting that a similar blog 4 years ago did not incite the same passionate dissention, as your current post. Is the world less civilized 4 years later?…. or perhaps you’ve collected a few more “admirers”.

        Healthy debate is a good thing. It’s just a shame it has to come with all that anger.

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