I’ve been glutened. What should I do? How do I heal?

how do heal from gluten

Let’s just assume I went to my favorite restaurant last Saturday night.

Let’s just assume I’ve been there about 100 times in the past two years.

Let’s just assume I order one of two things every single time I go there, sushi or the sashimi gopdol.

Let’s just assume Mrs. Dude suggested I get the sushi to play it extra safe since we were going on vacation in one week.

Let’s just assume I ordered the gopdol anyway.

Let’s just assume that when it came out, I picked a red pepper off the top and ate it.

Let’s just assume that it never comes with red peppers.

Let’s just assume that I then noticed that the gopdol looked very different than it’s ever been.

Let’s just assume they said there was a sauce on it this time (WTF??).

Let’s just assume they took it back and made me another one.

Let’s just assume the next one looked fine and I ate it.

I’m not saying all of these things happened.

But I AM a horses ass…so I think it’s safe to assume they did.

And now I’m feeling like hell; the usual BS symptoms…tired, stomach pain, chemically “off”.

And I’m leaving in exactly 48 hours for a week in paradise.

So here is my question to you, my faithful, always willing to help, best people in the whole wide world, gluten-free community.

How do I heal in two days??

Do you have any secrets to share that have gotten you back to health quickly?

Any words of wisdom that might lift me from my state of patheticness?

I will take any and all suggestions…short of anything illegal (maybe).

I thank you.

And Mrs. Dude really thanks you.

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151 thoughts on “I’ve been glutened. What should I do? How do I heal?”

  1. OK, let’s just assume sh*t happens…It’s how we deal with said sh*t that matters.

    When I’ve been “poisoned” or “glutened” this is what may help:

    If it’s bad tummy time …. Imodium and lots of it (safe dosage limit obviously applies).

    Detox … eat foods that banish bloating (so no carbs):
    grapefruit, oranges, pineapple (one a day max)
    peppermint (tea soothes the stomach and intestinal tract)

    Exercise…I know it sounds stupid when you just want to lay there and feel sorry for yourself (I do) but the feel good endorphins will shed some of the grouchiness.

    I hope this helps and I hope you feel better soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I agree with this comment. I try to eat strictly veggies to get me feeling better. I’m still tired, but not exhausted and feeling like death. Corn and lettuce always helps me clear my stomach out once everything is cleared out I feel better. Not great, but better.

      1. Be careful with corn – it is a grain, and as such can have some negative effects for us celiacs especially while healing. A lot of corn these days is GMO, which has some pretty nasty digestive effects in and of itself.

          1. Robyn Roestenburg

            I’m about 3 years behind your post sorry, but accidently came upon it..you were asking gluten free folk about a fast fix to your tummy upset …I have been in this predicament a few times.. My fast cure is a Homeopathic remedy called Nux Vmica 30c. These are either in a tablet form or maybe a spray or liquid. Look this up on google. If liq or spray..two – four drops on the tounge. Or spray two- three on yr tounge. If you have tablet form – put two under the tounge and suck till dissolved . You can repeat this 1 hour later if yr still feeling yuck..
            For IBS also homeopathy I used and on occasions use podophyllum. It almost instantly stops the problem. 2 Tablets should do the trick. Homeopathy is a very natural and safe remedy to use.
            You can purchase it online or find a health store that stocks this.
            Have a lovely day.
            My name is Robyn Roestenburg , you can contact me on this email: r.jroestenburg@farmside.co.nz

        1. that’s ridiculous. Corn is ubiquitous and GMO is irrelevant. I have been diagnosed with celiac for over 15 years. Drink tons of water – as much as you can stand – and eat as little as possible until you feel better.

        2. Indeed! CORN is the DEVIL in my book, along with soy, refined sugar, rice, chocolate, strawberries, and of course gluten, and sooo much more! It is not “ridiculous” (ignorance is bliss) as mentioned. Or food supply is sooo effed up! Even “organic” is no longer organic. It’s no wonder people have so many autoimmune diseases these days. Guess we need to keep big Pharm in business! As most of us know, It is all about the bottom dollar!

          1. Let’s all try to keep in mind that although I’m assuming everyone is here because they have gluten issues, beyond that we have different biochemistry. I have noticed zero issues with grains besides gluten-containing ones, but my body does not handle nuts or soy well. Dairy is only an issue when I’m really stressed/tired/frequently glutenated. Other people may have no issues with the above but huge issues with things like corn. I’m a believer in paying attention to one’s body and listening to what it says, although of course we can get ideas about what might help from other people (especially if we’re about to go on vacation and don’t want to get sick ๐Ÿ™‚ )

            1. Agree! Each individual needs to do an elimination diet to determine what foods YOU have an issue with. For me dairy was the biggest ;problem after gluten. Eggs and soy to a lesser degree.

          2. And about big pharm… who else is developing safe and effective drugs to cure diseases at the fastest rate possible (which by the way costs money to do!). It’s not a perfect system and they could probably cut some excess costs, but the people I know who work in big pharm are really passionate about helping sick people get better. Source: My awesome sister who is developing drugs to cure cancer.

            They also don’t have connections with food producers or any other disease/ailment causes, as far as I know… I don’t see why food producers/distributors would be motivated to financially support big pharmacy.

            1. I would be much more pleased with the system if they would work to find and stop the causes, rather then to find a cure after. DDT was sprayed on kids while strolling down the street. Breast cancer? They Sprayed that sh** on kids! X-ray machines that children could see the bones in their feet, while being exposed to high levels of radiation. Maybe if we stopped poisoning the kids in the first place, we wouldn’t have to be so sick and rely on big pharm so much.

              I am sure the people that work there are passionate. The profits on drugs are amazing! They get paid while finding a cure, then paid again every time a drug rep teaches a doctors about a new disease and how to diagnose and what pill to giv’m. Would everyone be this passionate if the drug didn’t bring in sh**loads of money? No, that is why they have mostly stopped trying to invent new antibiotics, there is no money in it.

              Watch, you will see, as soon as there is an invented CD drug, there will be MUCH more diagnosis because the drug reps will teach the docs all about CD. It is ALL about the bottom dollar. Alway, aways, always! It’s the love of money . . . it’s not because they want a cure.

        3. First, I’m not a doctor but this helps my serious symptoms like stomach cramps. I start by taking Benadryl, a mild muscle relaxer and tylonal. Next epsom salt bath. Drink alot of water and ginger tea. Ginger candy is good also. I take bovine Colostrum regularly and take 2x the amount. I cannot exercise due to stomach cramps/massive fatigue-so I rest.
          PS- check out grain mimicry, I cannot eat any grains because my body thinks it’s gluten!

    2. I’m 3 years later, but…7 out of the 11 foods you listed (8 if you include many brands of yogurt) are, in fact, carbs. Even the lowly celery contains a modest 1.2g per medium stalk.

      That said, I just learned the hard way that the German roast coffee my wife bought is not safe for Celiacs. So, back to taking 5-7.5g of N-Acetyl Glucosamine and 3g of vitamin C for a week to heal the inflicted damage.

        1. We were getting glutened off of regular coffee too! I switched us to Organic Coffee and we are able to tolerate it much better w/o symptoms. Unorganic coffee is cross contaminated much more with chemicals/gluten. Hope this helps!

        2. Do you buy coffee beans or ground coffee?. Last year, I was glutened by ground coffee, I live in Germany, and yes over here coffee is very likely to have gluten. I just bought myself a mill and stopped buying ground coffee.
          Following the topic of how to heal faster when glutened: I avoid grains, corn too and rice. I only eat lean meats and veggies, salads with no dressing, nothing processed, glutamine, vitamins, tons of water and Rest. I take a glutenfree digestive for dinner, it really helps.
          Best recovery to all.

    3. I was recently glutened and a friend of mine gave me one of her thc pills. Within an hour my doom and gloom suicidal ideations lifted, but I could not functiorn very well due to the thc. Then I got glutened again a few weeks later and took some astaxanthin 12 mg. This also helped dramatically and quickly. On both occasions I also noticed my sinus passages open up. It must have something to do with antioxidants. I hope this helps someone else.

      1. Cynthia,

        thank you for sharing. i didn’t know what astaxanthin was before now. and i didn’t know thc had antioxidants. hmm, very interesting and fascinating. cool that they both worked for you. i heard that cbd helps in a lot of ways, but without the head high.

        do you know of any studies using pot for CD?

        did you turn pink when you took the astax . . .? i can’t wait to try it! do you have a favorite brand?

        try not to get glutened anymore!

      2. I have my medical cannabis license for PTSD and it saves my guts every time I’m having any digestive issues. It’s literally the only thing that helps with the inflammation, pain, and hulk-ish rage.
        When I get around to dealing with anything outside of my family and my health I want to work towards getting CD on the list of qualifiers. We all deserve it!

          1. It helps me feel better when I’ve been glutened and helps with stomach discomfort, indigestion and pain, but it’s effects are limited. I don’t recommend becoming a stoner if you have CD, but it can help with some of the symptoms. CBD is generally the active ingredient that helps the most with symptoms due to it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects (THC helps some, but it’s more about the buzz), so you might consider a tincture, edible or concentrate high in CBD. Remember, it’s a psychoactive drug and if you smoke it the smoke is obviously not so good for the lungs.

    4. I agree, try to stay away from OTC pain killers they just exacerbate the inflammation. Golden milk is a good remedy. I live in a cannabis friendly state and frankly nothing takes the edge of better. It helps with the chemical imbalances (fog brain) it is second to none on pain relief and add long as you can control the “munchies” (at least munch healthy) it is a God send when your miserable

    5. I agree, try to stay away from OTC pain killers they just exacerbate the inflammation. Golden milk is a good remedy. I live in a cannabis friendly state and frankly nothing takes the edge off better. It helps with the chemical imbalances (fog brain) it is second to none on pain relief and and long as you can control the “munchies” (at least munch healthy) it is a God send when your miserable

    6. I have emergency PREDNISONE it stops the autoimmune reaction. Use Only occasionallyโ€ฆ a few times a year.

      Depending on how much gluten I got, I take 20 mg for up to 3 days. Take as little as possible to stave off the reaction.

  2. I usually cut out grains for a few days and take Echinecea/Goldenseal, Olive Leaf, a Probiotic and GlutenEase. Seems to help me heal faster.

  3. For me, ginger tea helps with the upset tummy and heartburn I get. Drinking bone broth seems to heal my stomach faster. Also, eating really clean – no grains, no sugar (and I already don’t eat dairy, but if I did, I wouldn’t right after being glutened). I make vegetable/green juices, and those help with my energy levels. I also make sure I’m doing whatever I can to support my immune system (I have a tendency to catch a bug when I’m glutened), so zinc, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and SLEEP.
    Magnesium will also help clear your system – soaking in epsom salts can help a lot.

    Hope you feel better soon! Enjoy paradise!

    1. Alta, I have read through a lot of this and like your answer best. Absolutely agree on eating clean with no dairy, whole grains, sugars… It’s interesting to see you say you catch a big after being glutened… I think my reactions are set off if I catch a bug or if I am extremely stressed. It is an autoimmune reaction after all, so it’s possible the body can be triggered… but maybe I am actually getting glutened and BECAUSE of the bug or stress, I get the symptoms that much worse. Anyway, thanks for the tips.I know I am way behind the times, but am going through a ‘flare up’ right now that is taking an extra long time to get back to ‘normal.’

  4. I agree with Detox. I am doing it myself. I’ve been having some Liver issues the last few days. Detox it is. I follow this whenever I don’t feel well and need to clean out.

    Upon rising:
    drink 1/2 of fresh squeezed lemon in warm water
    wait 1/2 hour and drink 8 oz of PURE apple Juice.
    This usually brings a bowel movement.

    1 organic apple. I am loving Ambrosia apples now.
    1 organic pear
    16oz of Decaf Green Tea

    Salad – Fresh Greens, veggies & beets. No dairy. Tuna is ok. with EVOO and Apple Cider Vinegar as dressing.

    Bone Broth wich I turned into Chicken Soup. I made mine last night. I put cabbage, bok choy, spinach, asaparagus, whole garlic cloves, onion, carrots, mushrooms and celery in it. DELICIOUS & Very nutritious. Bone broths and home made soups are very soothing on the belly.

    Hope it helps.

  5. Dude, That sucks. I’m 10 years GF and what works for me is kefir, the homemade kind made from kefir grains. It’s a good idea to have this on hand at all times and just keep making it. It’s great in all sorts of recipes and is just plain good for you. The probiotics in kefir are good for restoring the gut.
    If you do not have homemade kefir, you can buy Helios or Lifeway, plain versions. These store bought kind are very good, but not as effective as homemade.
    If you are dairy free, try kombucha.
    Be well and have a great vacation.
    p.s. Don’t waste your money on over-the-counter stuff that claim to kill gluten. Nothing does…yet.

    1. Thanks Loretta. I’m not familiar with kefir or kombucha.

      But if they’re anything like reefer and sambuca, count me in.

  6. Agree with all the above. Tea, ginger, lemon, veggies… I am also a slave to garlic. Fresh garlic. Really helps me with immunity and inflamation. Of course you run the risk of smelling like an Italian deli for a few days.
    Just found out that I cannot (CANNOT) have agave. At all. AT ALL! Gives me a reaction that is akin to being glutened. Ugg. Still recovering from that coffee cake. Totally GF, but sweetened with the dreaded agave.
    GOOD LUCK!! Hope you recover quickly – in time to enjoy paradise!

    1. Thanks Kathy. Doesn’t it just stink when you have to eliminate yet something else that you enjoy from your diet. Ah…the sacrifices we make.

    2. Hi Kathy,

      It’s possible you may have a fructose malabsorption problem. Agave nectar is mainly fructose. Depending on how it’s processed, I’ve heard some say it’s as bad for you as high fructose corn syrup. You might want to do a little searching around and see if you think fructose could be causing your problem. Googling fructose and celiac might give you some leads.

      My mother was never diagnosed celiac (never tested) but after finally trying a gluten-free diet, she realized she can never eat gluten again. She always used to say she was allergic to corn syrup, never drank soda unless it was diet, etc. I can’t drink anything with HFCS either. In our family we have many diagnosed celiacs and others who have either not been tested or tested negative but still have strong reactions to gluten and are totally gluten-free now.

      Do you ever have problems with apples or pears? Or drinking juice? The juice blends that are sweetened with pear juice or straight apple juice kill me. I might have a sip of freshly pressed cider but no more than that. The only juice I can really drink without issue is grapefruit juice, and only unsweetened.

      Anyway, something to consider. These links might be helpful:



  7. What works for me (knowing that everything is a bit of a gamble) a good portion of the time

    1) Prune juice (small juice glass) to get the rest out…… should work pretty quickly (within 30 minutes or so) Welchs is OK for me, and generally available, or a certified organic one. House brands sometimes have colour added, and we all know what that can do ๐Ÿ™‚

    2) Pedialyte after the juice has done its job. Comes in small bottles (200-250 ML which is around 1 cup) or any electrolyte replenisher (stay away from Gatorade, there is a lot of stuff in there that can cause a bunch of other problems) Drink 1 right away, a second in an hour or so if you need it ( you should feel a little more clear headed within 10-15 minutes after the first one) This is to replenish some of what you have lost through the tummy upset – wreaks havoc on your system in more ways than one.

    3) Calendula tea. This is a tea made from marigold flowers (a specific strain) and is a natural anti inflammatory. If there is a health food/ supplement store near you that stocks the loose dried blossoms that seems to be best, not sure about the bags but any port in a storm) This is after the first pedialyte. To brew it you throw a teaspoon of the dried flowers in a cup, cover with boiling water and let steep for 5 minutes, then drink.

    4) A nap.

    I am far too familiar with the “have I just eaten a piece of plastic” feeling, and it is just no fun at all. Following the above gets me together enough to function for the day, and the rest, well be extra careful for a couple of days after.

    If nothing else, try the tea if you can get it. If you are purchasing the bags check the ingredients there should be only one listed (calendula/marigold flowers) Don’t bother if it lists natural flavours…. the G-monster hides in those at times…..

    Good luck. please let us know what you end up doing and how well it works for you. Hugs.

  8. Rest! You’re body needs to heal and over-doing it won’t help.

    Can’t agree more with the peppermint tea- it helps digestion no end and also settles an upset tummy.

    Steer clear of anything high in sugar or fat.

    Stick to ‘good carbs’- brown rice, quinoa and sweet potato, but avoid sweetcorn, potatoes, white rice and gluten-free pasta.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Have you tried Alka Salts? Also I mix it with CALM in a mug of hot water. The CALM is magnesium and calcium. They seem to be the ONLY thing that has had me back on my feet in a couple of days. We have 6your kids so I can’t afford to be down. I will add a fresh squeezed lemon on a really bad day too. Good Luck!

  10. This just happened to me–after being so careful. I so didn’t have the time to spend glutenized (usually it’s three really bad days (stomach pain, bloat, massive brain fog, cold sweats) followed by 1 1/2 weeks of recovery (massive muscle/joint pain, fatigue, feeling like I’m ‘hungover’ every day, dreaded constipation). So I decided this time to try out a few things for one week–they actually helped:

    1, Yogurt with Cherries-morning and evening. Yogurt helps get the healthy bacteria jump started. Cherries help with inflammation and joint pain. I use frozen cherries-defrosted)

    2. Tons of water with lemon, cucumber and fresh mint.

    3. 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar/day

    4. Once/day
    1/2 cup quinoa, rinsed
    1 cup water
    1 pinch nutmeg
    1 tsp grated ginger
    1 tbsp flax seed oil
    1/3 cup chopped prunes
    1/4 cup rice milk

    5. To soothe stomache:

    Homemade ginger ale
    Serves 4
    2 cups fresh ginger cut into 1/8-in slices (about 2 large โ€œhandfuls”)
    2 cups sugar
    4 cups water
    1 qt club soda, well chilled
    1 lime, quartered
    First, youโ€™ll need to make a ginger syrup. Combine the ginger, 2 cups of the sugar, and the water in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce the heat and simmer until syrupy or reduced by half, for 40 to 50 minutes. The syrup will thicken as it cools so donโ€™t over-reduce it. Strain the syrup and reserve the ginger.
    To make ginger ale, fill four 8-ounce glasses with club soda. Pour 2 tablespoons of the ginger syrup down the side of each glass. Garnish with a lime wedge on the rim of each glass.
    Also-Dr. Oz has a 48 detox that looks good given your timeframe:

    This and a good multi-vit.
    Good Luck!

  11. “It seems like every days the same and I’m left to discover on my own
    It seems like everything is gray and there’s no color to behold
    They say its over and I’m fine agian yeah
    Try to stay sober feels like I’m dying here

    And I am aware now how everythings gonna be fine one day
    Too late I’m in hell
    I am prepared now seems everyone’s gonna be fine
    One day too late just as well”

    Advice from Jersey: Rage a little that might help. Or take a Xanax. Both at the same time might be entertaining.

    We’ve all been there. Need to get that f-ing poison out of your system whichever method is quickest. Will be thinking of you GD.

    Jersey Girl

  12. So far the most intriguing answer came from my Facebook…

    Medical marijuana.

    “That means that…our whole solar system…could be, like…one tiny atom in the fingernail of some other giant being? This is too much! That means…one tiny atom in my fingernail could be one little…tiny universe. Could l buy some pot from you?”

    (name the movie)

  13. Water, water, water. And more water. Regular ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation and aches, and Zantac for the stomach issues. And more water. No alcohol for several days at least, lots of lean protein and fresh fruit and veggies.

    1. Oddly enough, before I even realize that I’ve been glutened (I react quickly) I crave drinking water. The urge to chug water is one of the first clues that something’s wrong. I suspected that my dad was celiac as well in part because I knew it was genetically linked to his side of the family, but also because he and I were always chugging tons of water compared to my mom and sister.

  14. Sorry Gluten Dude!

    I drink a ton of the “Ginger Soother” drink from the Ginger People and peppermint tea. If this is not available boil ginger root and add lemmon and honey. I also carry ginger chews when traveling.

    Alka Seltzer GOLD helps.

    I eat very lightly; steamed veggies like cauliflower (overcooked) and cooked fruit like pears and apples. No grains or dairy.

    I also take a lot of probiotics!

    Lemmon with pink salt in water for dehydration.

    Feel better soon!

    1. Holly,
      I always have a few Ginger Soothers stored in my fridge! No one else I’ve talked to has ever heard of it so it’s kinda exciting that you have ๐Ÿ™‚
      Anytime I get glutened or eat dairy by accident (I’m intolerant), I turn to the ginger drink and it always knocks out nausea and other GI troubles.

      1. I have ongoing issues and I couldn’t live without the stuff! Sometimes I am not able to tolerate anything but the Ginger Soother! It’s a life saver!

  15. Last summer ~~right BEFORE I figured out something was going on and was NOT GF, I ate out the night (pasta, pizza etc)before my flight left for Maui. No information but it was not pretty and not a good night and multiple imodiums. I went but was afraid the whole time to stray far from the hotel. After “juicing” with a plethora of MaiTAis I felt better…so I go along with juicing and a lot of water and you’ll feel SO much better when you get there! It took me awhile to figure out gluten had been poisoning me for years. We want to see pictures of paradise! Feel Better, Sue

  16. I’ve got a ginger/peppermint tea blend that’s good for soothing the stomach. Also recently discovered charco caps, which help a lot with bloating. Homemade soup is another good one – easy to digest and broth helps keep you hydrated, depending on which stomach issues you’re having. Hope you feel better soon!

  17. Eat nothing for 2-3 days and drink only peppermint tea and clear chicken broth. You’ll be hungry, but it will give your intestines a break.

  18. Hey Dude, Sorry to hear about being glutened! Ughhh! I had been reading through your previous posts and YOUR advice was to drink lots of water, take probiotics and hang in there. MY advice to you is to eat applesauce, eat yogurt, eat watermelon, and drink ginger-ale…all gluten free of course. All soft and easy on the gut. These are the ONLY things that I can eat or drink after I have been glutened. This was actually my entire diet until I was officially diagnosed with Celiac and quite a while after until my gut started to heal. If I ate ANYTHING else I would vomit immediately….either that or live in the bathroom doing you know what or both at the same time! WOOT WOOT! NOT! I hope this helps a little bit for some quick healing!!!!!! I will be hoping that you are feeling better during this awesome vacation that you have planned!!!!!

    1. You’re saying I should take my own advice? You expect me to trust me??

      JK…thanks Donna for the advice and the well wishes. I’d rather feel like crap on vacation than at work any day.

  19. Christal McMillion

    When glutened I make a batch of bone broth and drink it like water over the course of a few days. I also immediately start taking extra b vitamins, folate, magnesium, vitamin D and most importantly L glutamine. I have been gf only two years so I take the glutamine everyday to help heal my gut. When glutened I up the dose to several times a day. It has been a godsend! good luck


  20. I eat veggies, like in the caveman diet, cranberry juice, clamato, yogurt, and popcorn. I also throw my knife at a big piece of wood in the backyard. Its very calming.

  21. Dear Assuming Dude,

    My best advice? Listen to Mrs Dude! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I second the apple cider vinegar. You can get it in capsules as well.

  22. I wish marijuana was the answer but sleep is the only thing that works for my symptoms. Feeling completely out of it is the worst. I’ve got juvenile diabetes too and I would pick that over Celiac any day of the week. Maybe you could pull a blanket over your head for several hours and sleep on the plane and en-route to your destination. Good luck!

    1. Couldn’t I do marijuana and then sleep??

      By the way…I don’t smoke. Just wanted to make that clear. But I am enjoying pretending that I do.

    2. I just read this and Anne, I am in the same boat.
      I could NOT agree more.
      I’m trying to take medication right now for a UTI, but I got glutened so my Blood Sugars are off, my medication is not working…I just want to cry.

  23. Dude,

    I got glutened in May, and it had been over a year since the last time, so of course I was flipping **it over it (a similar restaurant situation, it takes me two days to react but I knew it was coming). So I went and got Yogi detox tea, digestive enzymes, and charcoal caps. I SERIOUSLY barely even noticed I’d been glutened. It was like magic, and I credit most of it to the charcoal caps. Using the digestive enzymes with the food you’re eating now will help lessen the burden on your tummy as well.

    1. Hi Janie,
      I know this is an older post, but be careful with the Yogi teas, they are not positively gluten free . They use gluten free bags and such, but they are not certified and they may not be safe for a person with CD. I used to love their Egyptian Licorice tea. I would LOVE if they were GF!!! Thanks for the charcoal tip!

  24. So sorry to read this. I think you have already recieved plenty of advice and hope some of it works for you. My advice is when you get to paradise, stick to the bar. Hope you have a great vacation, in spite of the rocky beginning.

      1. Howdy….. I am knew at all this but got glutened by some creamer Sunday , monday was bad. So 35drops of solidago , 38 drops of artichoke 3x day w meals. These are in liquid form. Also do taste bad but I know you have taken prep for colonoscopy so you can do it. Hit w some lemon and mint tea. Also golden seal….. no really not just for pot heads lol. I ass ume you know if the runs come your takin to many supplements. And of coarse plentyof above I found has helped to. You deserve a wonderful vacation as does your family.
        Also check with irish …. duh!!!!
        God bless good luck

  25. I agree with those advising a detox! My favorite is bentonite (medicinal) clay. Taken internally it absorbs toxins and reduces inflammation that comes with being glutened. Yep, it’s basically soil, but works well because its colloidal properties absorb proteins, oils, fats… Good for facials too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I need to bookmark this post because nothing I’ve tried has ever helped. I am particulaly intrigued by the prune juice/pedialyte suggestion because I never start to rebound until after the diarrhea sets in. I would suggest you do this soon though. The flight attendants get aggressive when you stake out the bathroom throne as your designated seat for the trip.

    Let us know what you try and if it works. Men should ALWAYS listen to their wives!

  27. When I first was diagnosed my gastro dr. gave me a prescription for
    Lomotil to help with the frequent trips to the bathroom after an accidental time of being glutened. After I seemed cleaned out enough or if it wouldn’t stop on it’s own I would take it and it would settle my stomach and stop the cycle. My dr. at that time said to carry it when traveling and take it as needed if I got glutened. I always have a prescription and it helps immensely because I
    become dehydrated quickly which I think causes some of the other bad feelings. I call it my little cement pill and take it when I need it.
    Iit sure helps when the going gets tough.

    I sure hope you feel better Dude and have a marvelous vacation!


  28. Try and clean out, take electrolytes, bone broth. Get the Imodium ready for journey. Take both with you.

    Mrs Dude may be needing flowers/shoes/dvds/assorted promises ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have the best time Dude

  29. Coconut water (a low sugar variety)
    Extra vitamins
    No grains or other allergy inducing foods
    Lots of rest
    Ginger soda

    Ugh. I hate having to heal on a deadline.

  30. Last night at work i ate both gluten and ginger (horribly allergic) at the same time. I’m a catering manager, i was tired, i was grumpy from not eating all day, i was hungry. i ASSumed i knew what ingredients there were in this dish. what a dummy. SO when i get home i eat and eat and eat in the hope that i will mask the affect because there is other stuff in my stomach. then i drink – heaps – of water and sleep. upon waking this morning, i can only assume a ninja with a bat has gone to town on my stomach and head because i have a blinding headache and searing hot empty pain in my stomach. but, its better than last time i was knowingly glutened and didnt eat because of a fear of an away bathroom situation.
    god speed gluten dude. eat, drink and be merry on your holiday

  31. The wife takes accuflora probiotics and they r totally gf as she is suuuper sensitive. I suggest that w sleep and beef broth homemade ofcourse

  32. I cannot possibly add to all of the advice GD. Other than try to map out where all the bathrooms are located.

    Take some deep breathes. Think positive. again, again. now take another deep breath.

    Once in paradise, figure out where the rum is located. eat food you know your gut can handle. Try to explain….to the chef,

    repeat as necessary.

    kiss your wife, your kids.

    go into the ocean.

    feel the sun on your face and back.

    get laid.

    drink lots of water..

    not necessarily in this order.


  33. I meant to say I can add to some of the suggestions.

    instead I said the opposite. I do this all of the time.


    I hope you are able to enjoy your vacation.

  34. This sucks, of course…I am happy to go with you to the gym to burn this out of you, as some have suggested…whatever I can do to help…I know diet and exercise help, but I bet the best medicine is supportive friends and family.

  35. After sifting through everyone’s amazing advice, I took a combination of the best of the bunch.

    I got high and then got laid.

    I feel better already ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. I think there comes a point where we know how our bodies act and how they recover after one of those DOH!!! moments. While good sound advice is always helpful, sadly I know that at least for me nothing would fix me up right quick. I know you have long reactions also so it’s doubtful that anything you do will have you back to feeling generally awesome before you go.

    So, in the interest of useful advice? No matter how much it sucks, don’t let it ruin your vacation! You may nap a little more than you expected or whatever but have fun. I have the best day of my life planned next month, and if I got held down and force fed an entire box of Krispy Kremes at gunpoint the night before, I wouldn’t let it ruin my big day. We can’t let this stupid disease steal our good times.

    1. Amen. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Very good point Adalaide. Just as you know sometimes even if we will be trying really hard to have fun celiac can really take it away from us. No matter how much we will bottle. ๐Ÿ™

          1. Adalaide, you made my day. What a hoot! or is it Adalinka, sorry permanent brain fog.

            Right now I am bottling. Haven’t had to battle lately, b/c I refuse to eat out or let anyone prepare a meal for me.. Can food be distilled?

            Hope you have a great vacation, GD and family!

            1. Just saw this typo and I’m laughing out loud and thinking….yup.
              Most days we battle AND bottle. Thanks for the giggle.

              The other great typo I have always appreciated was when someone wrote to me that she was so frustrated and feeling so sick from fatigue and very upset because she was still new to the diet and she kept making mistakes and she apologized for her rambling message, explaining she had really bad BRAIN FROGS.

              I said, Now, THAT’s a great explanation of what happens in our heads!. ๐Ÿ™‚

              She showed her ability to keep her sense of humor (the sign of a true celiac warrior) , despite how really lousy she felt –by replying simply:

              “Riddip, riddip”

              ….”If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.”
              Jimmy Buffett

            2. It is funny because before I ever write “brain fog” I always pause for second and wonder “Is it brain fog or brain frog?” ahhahaha
              O well…. Brain Frog in the Bottle. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            3. oh no! now I am singing that line to Sting’s song…”Message in a bottle”

              It’s gonna be a long, silly day ;).


            4. It can be long and silly as long as we don’t get “glutened”. ๐Ÿ˜‰
              Stay UN- Glutened ๐Ÿ˜‰ ahhahah

            5. Just remembered the other funny story with frog. ๐Ÿ˜‰ When I came to USA I would ask people,while serving them coffee and pastry “Would you like a FROG?” Instead of “Would you like a fork? ahhaha “Sure,please..I will take a frog with my coffee., as long as is gluten free” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. Holycraponacracker. You’re kidding me, right?
    I am gone for 2 days…come back….and I am stunned to see the thread title meant…. YOU are SOSing for help.

    Repeat after me: Mrs. Dude is always right.

    Adalaide is right. It has to run its course and come out of the body.

    Now, if you actually took all the advice that was given to you, chucked it, then really did get high and got laid, you’d have ended up still feeling like something the cat dragged in, but too stoned to give a rat’s butt and happy as a kid in a candy store. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope you drank a boatload of water and rested.

    I can honestly say I have tried the charcoal tabs after a hit.
    Charcoal is administered for poison overdoses–so yes, they could well absorb the gluten, and reduce inflammation, but it also absorbs EVERYTHING, including nutrients you need, so take 2-4 daily for a few days and stop. Get the ones from Country Life–certified GF– and TAKE THE BOTTLE WITH YOU, JIC!!

    Do not let it spoil your vacation. Sh*t happens, kid and we move on.

    I had a blast in NYC, BTW—- but I’ll tell it to you later. I’m exhausted. Worth every penny to have that much fun!! ;).

    Right now, just rest, hydrate and go, enjoy your vacation.
    Send us a postcard.

    1. Irish Heart,

      I am so glad you had a good time in New York! You deserved it!!

      I just wanted to tell you again how often I use “another day of healing” – it has become my daily sometimes hourly mantra.

      Have a great Monday. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Hi Camille,
        Thank you so much, hon!
        I did have to ice my legs and back for a few days after walking all over the city
        (just like the Rockettes do after their performances ๐Ÿ™‚ )
        but to be able to go on our anniversary trip once more after years of being out of commission was simply victorious.
        We love NYC.
        The joy on my hub’s face–priceless.

        Hang tough, sweets. Healing happens.
        Here’s to one more day of healing!
        xx IH

  38. i know that it’s probably too late for you to order this stuff now, but for next time, have a bottle of Iberogast. I stocked up last time i was in germany (it’s a homeopathic german stomach calmer). i have seen it on amazon. it works better than anything i have ever tried. pineapple juice works as well, but it’s not so instant.i am a celiac party student, and i drink this like it’s jรคgermeister. may as well try it out. i know some things work for others, but i hope it works for you if you try it!!

  39. I know this comment is really late but I’m just posting it in case people come back to view for ideas. I’m trying to recover from recent glutening but I don’t have the “run to the bathroom” reaction. My stomach reacts with swelling and uncomfortable (and also publicly embarrassing) gurgling that is so loud my family can hear it 10 feet away. It also gets seriously clogged up. I’ve finally found something that helps with all that gurgling and clogging. First thing in the AM drink:

    Hot peppermint tea
    Half lemon squeezed
    Grade B maple syrup

    (Grade B syrup has lots of B vitamins, manganese and zinc.)

    1. Jenna, My question to you is does this concoction (lol…for lack of a better term) cure the bloating? When I have been glutened THAT is my biggy. My stomach swells up…I look like I am pregnant, and the GAS is just horrendous! Not only the embarrassment of gas, but the SMELL is just the most disgusting thing ever! Forgive me for my bluntness about my “gas” but my husband has named them “gluten farts!”

  40. Donna, I feel your pain girl! I wear lots of maternity pants and long shirts. The kids at my son’s elementary school have asked several times if I was going to have a baby so I’ve had to make my peace with my elderly grandma figure.

    The concoction does help get things going and get the poison out. I don’t eat for a couple of hours in the am so the concoction can work undisturbed. I also take magnesium supplements at lunch and at night, eat lots of salads when I’m bloated and lately take Bragg’s apple cider vinegar (also has good amino acids) with a small sprinkle of baking soda in water. I’m still learning, but this is definitely helping to make my stomach flatter and less gassy. My stomach hasn’t been this flat in years!

  41. I start with food grade diatomaceous earth, which can cause cramping, and diarrhea, but after a glutening when those are already issues… It works like Brillo pad to clean out the gut, and has noticeably reduced my recovery time. Then I stick to mostly green smoothies, juices (especially pineapple, and papaya), water, teas, water, a liquid B-complex, water, magnesium, sun, yoga and/or stretching, walking, a good skin scrub, water, and rest.

  42. When I get glutened, I experience extreme abdominal pain and bloating. The remedy that I use that works every time is Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger Aid Digestive Tea, available at Walmart for about $4 per box. I’m too miserable to even think of eating. I just drink the warm tea and after about an hour, things start moving, which relieves the pain and bloating. Just a word of caution regarding one of the other posts that recommended using ibuprophen: Be very careful when using it. Individuals with “leaky gut” can experience some very nasty side effects…bloody diarrhea and severe acid reflux. I stay away from it entirely, because I learned the hard way. Also, I highly recommend keeping a food journal listing what you’ve eaten and any adverse reactions. After strictly adhering to a GF diet for 3 months, I was sick as a dog, still experiencing bloating/pain. I discovered that I had an allergy to carrageenan, a thickener added to many dairy products and salad dressings. I avoided it for one year, and after my leaky gut healed, it didn’t bother me anymore. Keeping a food diary will aid in identifying other possible food allergies or sensitivities, something that can be very common in celiacs. One more piece of advice…if you are eating GF and are still having issues, you MAY have a condition called microscopic or lymphocytic colitis, which is rare in the general population, but extremely common in those with celiac disease.
    You will need a colonocopy WITH BIOPSIES to diagnose this condition and medication temporarily to alleviate it. My microscopic colitis kicked in after using fermented foods…kefir, sauerkraut, etc., so be careful with those, as well. Good supplements to heal leaky gut are L-Glutamine capsules and Florajen-3 Probiotic. My doctor recommended both.

    1. This thread has been SO helpful. I got accidentally glutened this past weekend, spent all of Sunday in bed and haven’t been back to normal yet.
      Andrea…it was nice to see someone else (not that it’s nice you have it!) with Microscopic Colitis. I don’t know one other person who has that but me. No one has ever even heard of it! I had a bout of Ecoli and was eventually diagnosed with MC. I would love to chat with you personally about what has helped you. 3 years in and I am still figuring it out and making mistakes. Settling in with some Peppermint tea and will go find charcoal tabs and L-Glutamine tomorrow!
      If you want to email me, this is my email thenunezfamily@comcast.net

  43. One of my last gluten poisonings i was hospitalized (it has progressively been getting worse each incident) Anyway They gave me a list of things to eat.
    I remember i had to eat a ton of watermelon which I love and activated charcoal pills from whole foods and magnesium. Ginger tea and Epsom salt baths were also recommended. I lost my paper from the doctor so I am now searching for the other foods as i was poisoned again 2 days ago and the charcoal and magnesium are not working for me right now. I wish I could find the list of foods to eat. I think cucumber was one of them? Anyway when i ate the ton of watermelon drank lots of water etc my symptoms were gone within a day, it was the fastest it has ever gone away.

  44. c – DNA microarray analysis of geneexpression profiles in human fibroblast cells irradiated with
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  45. I know this post is an older blog post but I needed it tonight. Great advice from you all. I’m so very sick tonight after eating a gluten free pizza at a wine bar tonight. I’m really thinking I can’t eat out any longer. Gluten free for 6 years. Thanks gluten dude and your readers for the help.

    1. Chira: I, too, have been “glutened” recently and am experiencing so many symptoms I’m losing count. Am curious how long your attacks last. My gut pain has been going on for nearly two weeks now….help! Gluten free for 5 years

      Thanks Gluten Dude and all the readers for making me see I’m not the only one….

  46. I’ve found the following two things a must for speeding up the process. I hope this helps other people out there!

    1. Coffee in the morning because it ensures I clean out my intestines. If you’re one of those people where coffee doesn’t help or force you to hit the bathroom, then a laxative might do the trick. This really helps with the mild discomfort and bloating. I’d like to think that preventing shit rotting inside you is a plus as well.

    2. A probiotic + a multi vitamin twice a day. This literally nullifies any gas I would normally get. And I mean that incredibly stinky, thick, heavy gas that can clear a room and be there when you get back.

    The second especially took me a while to figure out, but really works wonders. The hardest part was finding a good brand of probiotics that work. I use a general multi vitamin for men from GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe. This combo got rid of my gas within a week of starting. Otherwise somedays I’d be gassy for hours on end with mild discomfort.

  47. I use DoTerra oils. Clove, DigestZen, Fennel, Peppermint, and Ginger. I also drink Stash peppermint and mellow moments tea.

    I got glutened last night, and I’m going to drink the lemon/cucumber/mint water today, and eat veggie soup later when I start to feel a little better. I am vegan, and I find that sometimes other grains like corn (especially GMO corn which I try to avoid !!) and especially oats (even certified gf oats) cause symptoms. I love baked potatoes with MINIMAL dairy-free toppings when I’ve been glutened because they are super easy to digest.

    Gluten hides in so many places.

  48. Dealing with gluten is certainly permanent on-the-life training. I am happy to get tips and advice from this blog. I accidentally ate a small package of lactose-free (but not gluten free) cookies. The packaging was the same and placed right next to the GF variety on the shelf!-so angry with my coconut cookie craving! My MO? Still a WIP but Glad to share:
    1. First drink at least a liter of sparkling mineral water, especially one with high magnesium/calcium content. I also recommend an over-the -counter product called Buscopan, i get swelling and cramps about four hours after being glutened and this really flattens my belly out and reduces the pressure. I had originally bought it for my wife’s menstrual cramps and, after asking, my pharmacist mentiomed that it xould also be helpful for me too!
    2. Make Bone broth for at least three days.
    3. Make ginger tea/peppemint tea (no need to boil the ginger, it infuses nicely in steaming water) …drink as much as possible
    4. Avoid dairy and complex carbs for a week. Goat cheese is ok. Eat tons of fresh fruits and veggies.
    5. Vitamin B comples, magnesium, plus iron and carnitine(for energy levels)…. a gf amino acid supplement (not weightlifter servings, but enough to help your body heal)
    6. Green tea…water, coconut water smoothies (bananas, watermelon, peaches, blueberries, spinach leaves, mango.. getcreative)
    7. Charcoal tablets and laxatives? Use them only if you need them. I think they hurt more than they hinder. Once taken, i’d have to reset the whole system with probiotics (also prebiotics, which bone broth and fermented foods should supply)

    Great job sharing everyone! Thanks Gluten Dude!!!!!!!

  49. Just found your post and all this info, I’m amazed and thankful, off to take a heap of stuff I’d forgotten about…. Loving the brain frogs ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Hi everyone. I recently found something that helps me (2 times now). I’ve discovered I’m quite gluten intolerant about 2 years ago. I recently got some gluten “aid” type pills to be able to eat gluten, but have been too reluctant to eat gluten on purpose to try the pills. However, I got glutened earlier today at lunch, and recognized the signs that come on about 30min after eating: slight fever, inability to stay awake, feeling very cold and disoriented = about to pass out. Fortunately I was home from the restaurant then, and it occurred to me to take one of the gluten digesting enzymes “after” I got gluten, and then I couldn’t stay awake and passed out as usual. I woke up 2 hours later, feeling super tired, as if waking up from being in the deepest sleep, disoriented. But then about 15 min later I was fine! Vs. Usually I’d be in stomach pain and misery for 2 days. I have used these 1 previous time I got glutened. The previous time I tried them much later, at about 6 hrs in while bedridden and in pain. And it was about 30min in, that I felt better. MUCH better.

    The pills are a gluten digesting enzyme. They say they have: Bio Core DPP IV in them. I’ve only tried the NOW Gluten Digest brand (since they were cheaper on Amazon). I’m sure many of you can understand. Anyway, I hope this helps others. I’m carrying these with me from now on. It’s great to know that if I get glutened I can at least get well within a few hours and get back to life. Rather than over 2 days (2.5 average).

    I think I’ll try the Glutenaid ones next. But I still haven’t tried them ‘before’ eating gluten. Frankly my reaction to getting glutened is so painful that I can’t get myself to eat gluten on purpose. And I’m also concerned that the pills might help with the symptoms but who knows what happens to one’s body even without symptoms. I don’t want to be the ‘test case’. I’m only sharing my experience because they helped me ‘after’.

    All the best and take care.

    1. Oops. I just re-read my comment above, some incoherent editing from the 2nd paragraph. So I’ll re-post that here:

      2nd paragraph:
      “The pills are a gluten digesting enzyme: Bio Core DPP IV. Iโ€™ve only tried the NOW Gluten Digest brand. And I hope this helps others. Iโ€™m carrying these with me from now on. But I still havenโ€™t tried them โ€˜beforeโ€™ eating gluten. Frankly my reaction to getting glutened is so painful that I canโ€™t get myself to eat gluten on purpose. I’m sure many of you can understand. And I’m too skeptical to eat gluten on purpose even without symptoms, as I don’t know what the effect is on my intestine. I donโ€™t want to be the โ€˜test caseโ€™. Iโ€™m only sharing my experience because they helped me โ€˜afterโ€™.

      All the best and take care.

  51. Ah, the holidays. The best time to be glutened.. not. I’m glad this post is here because I’ve been glutened and I’m feeling it really bad today. I NEED to get this out of my system tonight. I’m nursing a bottle of water and I’ve decided to eat some yogurt and cucumber per your recommendations. I am so tired though. Maybe a nap will do me good.

  52. This is a wonderful blog!

    I woke up feeling queasy, weak, feverish, brain foggy achy and drowsy, though can’t sleep because brain zaps and anxiety wake me up. Intestines on fire with painful diarreah. Feeling like I drank poison (radiator fluid and bleach, sort of). Otherwise I’m fine๐Ÿ˜– Not sure where I got the gluten.

    I’m planning to drink a large glass of Cal-Mag and go for a walk, then take some allergen-free vitamins. The emotional spiral this stuff can cause is rough. Finding others with the same unbelievable combinations of symptoms and helpful solutions gives me some hope. Thanks for this blog. The people writing here are wonderful!

    1. pippy longstocking

      Hang in there Brett! Sorry you are having a rough time, it really does suck. Hope you feel better soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. This will probably sound very “woo woo” but I think it’s worth a shot if you are really suffering. I have not personally tried this patch yet, but I will be trying soon. The sleep patch has helped me so much. I have suffered with insomnia for years and am finally sleeping. And, my husband has been helped immensely with the Migraine patch. We were very skeptical. But, sometimes you will try anything to get relief. Thought I’d pass this on…


  54. It isn’t about gluten it’s about Proline, an amino acid that we can’t digest but ginger will digest it so just take ginger.

  55. Avoid anything that disrupts your intestinal flora. Avoid anything that might be GMO. In the real world GMO means one thing and one thing only: resistance to Roundup. Roundup disrupts your intestinal system.
    Lately I have had a break through of sorts. I started taking “Source Naturals” Essential Enzymes after a bad glutening about a month ago. I bounced back faster, I feel better, my joints don’t hurt as much, and my rash is going away. When I skipped a day I noticed the difference.

  56. I am your typical person with Celiac Disease, I’m pretty sensitive to cross-contamination, I feel sick a lot – I found something that takes the edge off of my “glutened” symptoms every time! I used to use a combination of Pepto, Gas X, and doctor-prescribed hyoscyamine. While this cocktail of meds worked decently, and I still mix in these treatments here and there during a gluten attack, I have to recommend activated charcoal as the best treatment for Celiac symptoms I’ve ever had in my 10 years of living with this disease. I buy an organic powder form of activated charcoal on Amazon, mix a tablespoon with a pint of water when experiencing symptoms, and it works wonders on bloating, nausea, stomach pain, etc. Give it a try!

  57. Good grief, I didn’t read all of the suggestions, but BENTONITE CLAY. It binds to free radicals and helps to pull them from the blood stream. Add in probiotics, HCL and digestive enzymes when eating. Drink plenty of water and get rest.

  58. Great site. What works for me – baking soda dissolved in water, zantac, zyrtec and/or anti inflam, probiotics, C and fish oil. Eat turkey, fish, sweet potatos… calm everything down to reboot. Its tough but im usually better in just a day or so.

  59. Just wanted to say this site is so helpful. I was diagnosed with celiac about 4 months ago but last night after our holiday party at work… I guess I decided grey goose was fine to drink in bottle service when my CEO bought it. Terrible idea- obviously.

    Spent the next day so hungover and regretful that I overindulged with the worst migraine- but also had glutened myself as well. Talk about bad drinking decisions!

    Will be spending the next week recovering from this foolish drunken decision. This thread has been very helpful! Have visited your site often since I’ve been diagnosed. Great tips.

  60. My additional issue is cystic acne on my face that is not there when I am GF. Have found organic apple cider vinegar tastes like absolute death but about a shot glass full with honey and lemon juice will have puss pouring out my face in no time. Better to take it at night. Oh, and chew a garlic clove while you slam it and follow up with a big glass of water and a shot of vodka. Works for me. All the other tips here do too including ACV capsules.

  61. Traditional Medicinals Ginger Tea is my go-to for tummy troubles, especially bloating and abdominal pain. It works beautifully. For a natural, effective remedy for heartburn, try Slippery Elm Powder in a mug of warm water (heat water first and then add it to powder in a covered glass jar, shake till dissolved and pour back in mug).

  62. you once said anastasia helps, go get an endoscopy for the anastasia. (don’t know how to spell anastasia, the good stuff they knock you out with.)

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