Goodbye Rice Pasta

Dude Note: To honor Celiac Awareness Month and to help raise awareness of our disease, I will be attempting 31 blog posts in 31 days. My goal is simple: to make most of them not suck. If you’ve got ideas for a good post or if you’d like to guest blog, by all means, contact me. Your input is more than welcome. And if you know anybody with celiac disease, give them some extra lovin’ this month. They deserve it.

If you read my blog post yesterday, then you know that Mrs. Dude made me an awesome pasta dish to take with me on my all day affair.

During the cocktail hour, I watched as everyone else devoured gourmet pizza, chicken teriyaki and a plethora of other delicious looking appetizers, while I nibbled on my 937th Kind Bar in the past two years.

But a few hours pass, now it is “main course” time and I am totally stoked.

As everybody else gets their chicken or salmon, I excitedly reach under the table for my cooler (what…doesn’t everyone bring a cooler to a bat mitsvah?)

In high anticipation, I pour the pasta salad onto my plate. Looks delicious. Great aroma.

I take one bite and…and…and…and…

What the hell happened to my pasta??

It turns out we ran out of our corn pasta and had to use rice pasta.

And what happens to rice pasta when it sits for a few hours after being cooked?

Well, let’s just say I may have chipped a tooth.

So goodbye rice pasta. It’s been real. We’ve had some nice moments together.

But our relationship is just too “hard”.

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24 thoughts on “Goodbye Rice Pasta”

  1. This literally has me laughing out loud! I brought homemade corn pasta salad to last weekend’s BBQ, but it wasn’t my regular corn pasta. First I accidentally spilled some of it, trying to avoid a rogue rugby ball, and I was so upset because not only was that all I had to eat, but they all pointed out that that was probably $10 worth of food that fell on the grass LOL It also was not a great brand of corn pasta, so was disappointing all around. SIGH! I find a blend of corn and rice seems to be best (ITALPASTA).

    But I can just see your face as you open the tupperware all excited and then….WHAT??!!!

    I get it 😛

      1. You didn’t cook the Tinkyada pasta long enough.
        Sorry, I just saw this over 2 years later. Corn pasta is too scary for me. Been cooking Tinkyada for a few years and just recently realized if I cooked it longer, it worked just fine for macaroni salad, etc.

    1. Love Tinkyada pasta. Haven’t had a problem in years. Also use Delallo. Can’t tolerate corn pasta or tortillas. I am also experimenting in different types of gourmet rices in general, and love it.

      PS. Even though its not In this particular blog: I’m not diagnosed wi celiac disease, as i discovered the problem about 6 years ago on an allergy elimination diet, and refuse to eat wheat, barley, or rye enough to get tested. I get sick enough when I accidentally eat something with hidden gluten in it, I don’t see the point of making myself physically ill for 2-3 weeks just to get tested!

      P.P.S. even tho it’s not this blog, I did try the Omission beer ive heard about, and wasn’t impressed. Will go back to Redbridge or Greens, or try something else.

  2. Lol it sucks. Gf food spoils quicker than glutened food in general. I don’t like rice pasta for that reason.

    Your posts are really rockin!! Love what you’re doing!

  3. Thanks for the Monday laugh.

    We went on a short weekend trip with no “real gfree” restaurants and I do believe I ate my 937th Larabar. Of course I brought the brownie ones to have with my wine just cause I knew I was going to have one of those feel sorry for myself moments.

    What else did I eat? Salads….3 to be more specific.

    Have you seen my pretty cooler?? I went all out and bought a fabulous one from Thirty One to be my all day – bring 3 meals with you cooler. I did a blog post on just that sort of day – just to showcase it.

    And wouldn’t you love to see one other person at gatherings who pull out their cooler too? Times like those I feel like one in one million not 100 or such.

    Tinkyada is my favorite rice pasta….have never had it the next day like that. I usually heat it in the microwave and add some water to it to soften it again.

    Strangely enough it is weekends that often now make me happy for Mondays. Weird.

  4. Here’s a cooking question for the dude. What brand of corn pasta usually works well in a pasta salad? Being new to this I made one with Tinkyada, my usual pasta, and it was hard as a rock the next day! My sweet husband never said a word (he is not GF) but agreed it was pretty bad when I asked him later. I was just hungry and glad to have a meal. I thought I would never have another chilled pasta salad.

    1. The Gluten Dude

      The next day? Yeah, that’s a tough one. I’m not sure any gfree pasta lasts a full 24 hours.

  5. Miss Dee Meanor

    Rice pasta is the worst. When cooked a nanosecond too long it turns into a disgusting mushy mess and when leftover it turns into granite. I used Tinkyada in lasagne once that took me a day of slaving over to put together. It turned into slime. Bionaturae and Mrs. Leper’s are the only brands even friends and family like. I actually bought the Bionaturae pasta in bulk from Amazon. Your blog rocks! Please keep the posts coming.

    PS: I had to think about the security question. Mr. Meanor bought a tee-shirt for me that says “I’m too pretty to do math.” I like to think it’s the brain fog that still haunts me after being glutened at a funeral last week and not a recessive blond gene..

  6. Can I recommend that you guys give the Tinkyada rice penne pasta one more try? For use with sauce, I mean? I use corn pasta (BiAglut) for dishes like fettucine alfredo that need a sturdier pasta.

    My cousin told me the secret to the Tinkyada.

    13 minutes. No more, no less.

    She went through 6 bags before she came to that conclusion.

    She’s right. Works every time.

    If I can get it to perform well in a cold pasta salad this summer, I’ll report back. You guys have me on a mission now. :>)

    1. Miss Dee Meanor

      IrishHeart, I will have to look for that brand of corn pasta. I occasionally use the Organic Mrs. Leper Spaghetti, but I’ve found it’s not good as leftovers. I avoided it for a long time because of the weird color, but when Mr. Meanor brought it home I cooked it. (He is always on the lookout for gluten-free foods that we haven’t tried.) I was pretty pleased that it tasted kind of normal and didn’t keep that bright yellow color. I’m also pretty anal about getting organic corn products so they are non-GMO. The last thing my gut needs is genetically altered corn that produces it’s own pesticide. But that’s another rant for another blog…

      1. The bright yellow color (which seems weird to us, I know) is just the corn. Not dye or anything. Don’t let it throw you! :>)

        Sam’s Mill corn pasta is less expensive than the BiAglut, but also good.

  7. Miss Dee Meanor

    Oops! That would be Mrs. LEEPER’s corn spaghetti. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be a good marketing strategy to name something Mrs. Leper.

    1. hahahaha :>)

      Well, I have said that sometimes since my DX, some people treat me like a leper……so it’s “fitting”…LOL

  8. Been eating rice pasta for year now…love it…boil for 10 min, cover right away and steam the next meal….works excellent…

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