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    Wayne Crockett

    My research said that Gluten is a natural pesticide found in wheat, barley & rye. The Universities did research finding this out and with the farmers support re-formulated the grains to double or quadtruple the grains natural production of its content of Gluten, in order to make the pests to not eat the grains. I have talked to farmers and they have known this for some time as all of the seed grain that they can buy from their souces have this high amount of Gluten content. The reason that Gluten is a human health problem is the Gluten makes the cilia that is found in the large intestine to diminish untill it could go away and the person would die of malnutrition. The cilia is the bodies method of digesting and metabilizing your food and nutrients.
    Wayne C

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    Sassy Celiactivist

    Sorry, Wayne, but nearly everything in your comment is incorrect…including some of the spelling.

    I’d moderate that one, if I were you, Dude.

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      The Gluten Dude

      No moderation on the Dude’s site :)

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    Sassy Celiactivist

    My bad…sometimes I get fired up LOL The “cilia” mistake really bothers me!

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      I’m with ya on the cilia mistake Sassy!

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    Well, you know what they say: Gluten is seitan! :D


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