Gluten Sensitivity Formula: New Name…Same Crap

gluten sensitivity formula scam

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

So it seems our friends Dr. Wise and Mr. Jason, the two crooks who sell the above product, didn’t do their research when they first named their product.

(Dude note: If you’re new to the blog, please read this, this and this and it will get you updated on the total scam this company is trying to pull on celiacs.)

Here’s an email I received a few weeks back:

Dear Gluten Dude: 

Gluten Relief® is a Registered Trademark of Cal India Foods International, dba Specialty Enzymes and Biotechnologies (Serial Number 851474920 

By calling their product Dr. Wise’s Gluten Relief, The Wise ALTERNATIVE is infringing on our trademark. We have been in talks with the company about this matter. They have acknowledged that they are infringing on the trademark, and are aware they have until Aug. 1 to change the name of their product and remove any references to Gluten Relief from their website, labels and all literature or we will pursue legal action. 

As you can see, by referencing Dr. Wise’s Gluten Relief on your website/blog, you are (unintentionally) infringing on our Registered Trademark. 

We request that you change your references to Dr. Wise’s Gluten Relief to Dr. Wise’s gluten product or a suitable alternative. 

I will say it again. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Jason had to rename and repackage his crappy product.

He had to pull all of his videos off the internet.

He basically had to make it look like Gluten Relief never existed.

I just smile thinking about how this must be affecting his sales.

But then I looked on his website, saw the following on the Gluten Sensitivity page, and stopped smiling.

Of the many thousands of bottles sold, our findings indicate that approximately 60-70% of patients require only one bottle, 20-30% require 2 bottles while the remaining % need a third bottle to find relief.

The vast majority report that they have returned to their normal diets with absolutely no ill effects, many more than 5 years ago.  Some have chosen to remain gluten-free and we certainly respect their decision.  Almost 5000 people have had amazing success with our patented product….will you join them?

Now IF this is true, a very big if since I would gather that Jason is a compulsive liar, and the average customer purchased two bottles, this would mean about $700,000 of money in Jason’s pockets for a product that can actually harm the people who take it.

Take a look at this page. It is amazing to me how many people simply want to believe they can keep eating gluten if they take this pill. One person said she was just diagnosed with celiac disease but cannot eat gluten-free because of her job so she wants to take the pill.

Aaaargh! She is slowly killing herself.

It makes me so sad for her. And it makes me crazy with anger at Jason.

So to everyone out there, Gluten Relief is now called Gluten Sensitivity Formula and it’s still a scam.

And for you Jason, all I have to say is this:

……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
……….”…………. _.·´

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30 thoughts on “Gluten Sensitivity Formula: New Name…Same Crap”

  1. Grrrrr!! This stuff just makes me fume. Not only because of the scam element for the people buying it (and the dirty profit the company makes), and not only for the horrid health consequences it has for the people who use those things and then eat gluten. Those are bad enough all on their own.

    But then there is the effect it has on the non-GF-free world. Things like these pills create the false impression that gluten-free health needs are like a headache that can be solved with a pill, or some other condition that can be treated with drugs. In that way, it de-values the seriousness of the GF need. There is already the problem with “fad” GF-ers who see it as a trend (to lose weight/be healthier/whatever) rather than a health need that can never be ‘cheated on’. Now, with things like the scam you’re talking about, the GF community might be seen as just indulging their conditions. I have the same problem with people who think it’s a condition that can be ‘grown out of’ or a passing whim.

    Okay, yes, that was a soapbox rant. But this scam makes my blood boil with anger. And my heart ache in sadness for the GF-ers who buy into the scheme and then hurt their body every day by eating gluten in reliance on the fake pill.

  2. This guy makes me sick (as if we all weren’t already!!) I do believe that most of the informed Celiac community would never fall for his scam, but it really worries me about those newbies out there that go to the internet for help and comfort and land on his website.

    I followed one of your links and read a few of this guy’s comments and found this quote regarding the question of villi damage:

    “Biopsies can be effective in diagnosis but it is often only apparent in extreme cases. I’ve talked to many patients who had mild or moderate symptoms and a negative biopsy as Dr. Block mentions in the video.”

    Um, villi damage is only apparent in extreme cases?! What the….? He obviously is not as informed about Celiac disease as he claims to be. I think these thousands of people he’s supposedly helping may be slightly gluten intolerant, but definitely not Celiac-diagnosed.

    Again… makes me sick. 🙁

  3. Yes Dude…The “Finger” was an awesome way to speak to an idiot like “Jason”. OMG…”Thank you for the response”, “Thank you”, Thank you”,…I could only read a little bit cuz I was gonna puke!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The stupidity!!!!!! Pure and simple! And you can’t fix stupid…not even with Duck Tape!!!!

  4. My MIL’s family is riddled with diseases related to celiac and she had cancer that can be related to celiac. Last night she was just going on and on and on about how it’s “too hard” and she could never do what I do. She talked about how maybe if she was really sick she could try it, but probably not. For starters, I was really sick. I am still really sick. She hasn’t even had the briefest glimpse of the tip of the iceberg that has been my personal hell. But what really got me is the fact that she talked about how it would be too hard. I was just dumbfounded since she is likely undiagnosed and dying of cancer caused by eating bread. Cause that’s not hard right? Every time she puts bread in her mouth she may as well be putting a gun to her head, but it’s too hard. I’m sorry, excuse me while I walk away in the middle of this conversation because I don’t need or want your pity party I’m quite happy with what I can eat. I also don’t need some dumbass quack trying to shove some overpriced pill down my throat because for some reason my life just isn’t worth what his is because I can’t have the same toast he does for breakfast. Excuse the hell out of me for enjoying my eggs, bacon and arepa you jackass!

    1. Seriously Adalaide…I mean at the end of the day it’s just food. Yes, it can be challenging. Yes, a lot of us still feel like crap.

      But is it really THAT HARD to give something up to eat that can save your life? Really?

  5. Scam artists, myth perpetuators, paranoia mongers–they are all the same. Shameful how ill-informed and predatory these people can be.

    G- Dude, thank you for continuing to expose these people for what they are–frauds.

    I just shake my head at some of the things people insist will be helpful for us. I feel very protective of the newly diagnosed when it comes to things like this and it makes me angry to think others prey on that vulnerability and fear with their wild ideas.

    Fortunately, most of us have built-in bulls–t detectors and are not afraid to call out those who continue to try.

    Good job, GD! 🙂

  6. This is so so so terrible. This is where my friends think the sensitivity I have is just a fad, that it doesn’t really mean anything. But the really sad thing is, people are actually trying to buy his product! It is amazing what people will do to avoid taking care of themselves. It’s their body, they have to live in it for their entire lives, and yet I know plenty of people who would rather drop money on “miracle cures” instead of taking the easiest and safest way out–adhering to their doctor’s recommendations and putting effort in. I’m scared for the newly diagnosed out there who may come across this product and think that it’s the answer to all of their problems.

    I would also love to see an ingredient list.

  7. This drives me crazy! How on earth is he allowed to spread these lies? Is it because there are no firm laws for natural/alternative medicine? I mean seriously, we all know that there is no cure and hes purposefully leading people to believe that the product will be just that.

  8. This is a comment left by somebody on one of my other pages regarding this scam. This is classic:

    Background on me: I am not Celiac, but sensitive to gluten. Since I couldn’t sleep at 3 am, I was up searching my phone and stumbled upon your blog (via a tweet to Dana Vollmer!) I started reading your blogs about this product. A VERY long story short, it sounded familiar to me and lo and behold, I have been IN this store in Tulsa! My friend and I were waiting for another store to open and went inside to check it out. We were viewing all the products on the shelf when a rather large older man (Dr. Jack Wise) asked us some questions. Well, he wound up “diagnosing” us by looking at us and having us do a few random things. He told my friend she is definitely Celiac (which I highly doubt) and told me I “possibly” have issues with gluten. I told him I had a sensitivity to gluten and he replied, “That is Bull****. He said there was not such thing as “sensitivity”, just Celiac. Before we left the store, he directed us to this product, etc. etc. He was strange, looked incredibly unhealthy and honestly, we giggled almost the entire time! (I am in my 40s… I don’t “giggle” when speaking to someone I don’t know.) It was super strange to say the least. Needless to say, I didn’t purchase his products that HE formulated. (I thought to myself, well if it is so wonderful, why is it in a little store in Tulsa and not a nation-wide sensation??) Super weird! Just thought I would chime in! (And, I NEVER post online…. I couldn’t resist this one!)

    1. IM…I have no idea why you are supporting this product and these people. I can only assume you are being paid to do so.

  9. i am currently ON these pills, and they work 100%
    ive been taking them for 3 weeks now, and i have had 3 out of 4 things promised to me by the end of the third bottle (third month) so you, with your improfessional post trying to badmouth a truly great treatment can shut the hell up.

    i met dr. wise in person and he is NOT a scammer. he:s honest and real.

  10. Here are the ingredients of this supposed “celiac cure”.

    Active Ingredients:


    Lycopodium spores are used in many applications, but the most well-known and dramatic use is in pyrotechnic displays in magic acts, cinematic and theatrical productions, and science demonstrations. In the realm of magic acts, Lycopodium spores are often referred to as “dragon’s breath”, because when the spores are squeezed out of a bottle into an open flame an impressive, though generally safe jet of fire is emitted. In cinematic or theatrical productions, Lycopodium spores are preferred because the effects are dramatic and impressive, but easily managed (unlike actual explosives or flammable accelerants).


    oh, this one is especially interesting…

    PULSATILLA Side Effects & Safety

    Fresh pulsatilla plant is UNSAFE when taken by mouth or applied to the skin. It is a severe irritant anywhere it comes in contact with the body, such as the mouth, throat, digestive tract, urinary tract, and skin. It can also cause allergic reactions. Contact with the skin can cause rash, inflammation, and itching. Inhaling the volatile oil can irritate the nose and eyes.

    There isn’t enough information about the dried plant to know if it is safe or what the side effects might be.

    Special Precautions & Warnings:
    Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Pulsatilla is UNSAFE when taken by mouth during pregnancy. Both the fresh plant and the dried plant might cause a miscarriage or birth defects.
    It’s UNSAFE to take fresh pulsatilla by mouth or apply it to the skin during breast-feeding. Not enough is known about the safety of the dried plant when taken by mouth or applied to the skin. Don’t use it.

    and yet, Jason wrote this on a blog:

    Sep 19, 2011 @ 12:57:11

    Thanks for the comment Ian.

    While our Gluten Formula has been wildly successful in addressing Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, it is too soon to have results on a long term issue like HLA predisposition. We have had expectant mothers who were serious celiacs (taking it) later tell us that their newborns / toddlers have had no issues.

    It would be wonderful if the cycle is broken.
    Thanks again.

    That is found here:

    So, this plant is toxic to pregnant women and has no medicinal value for treating celiac, but he claims it is “wildly successful” and serious celiac moms took it?

    I doubt any pregnant woman would take anything like this thing and Jason’s comments prove he knows nothing about the HLA genetic component of celiac. Genes cannot be “altered” by taking a homeopathic potion.

    Inactive Ingredients:


    One Pub Med article states:

    “Numerous health-promoting activities-namely, antioxidative, antimutagenic, anticancer, cardioprotective, hepatoprotective, gastroprotective, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, radioprotective, and immunomodulatory-have been demonstrated for black chokeberry extracts”

    Maybe this one at least DOES something?

    (all innocuous and useless for treating anything)


    (aka Vitamin D3)


    sperm? really? For what? omega 3?take fish oil caps, then


    (this is just yeast)


    Carnosine is a protein building block that is naturally produced in the body. It is concentrated in muscles when they are working, and it is also found in the heart, brain, and many other parts of the body.
    Carnosine is used to prevent aging and for preventing or treating complications of diabetes such as nerve damage, eye disorders (cataracts), and kidney problems.

    Not seeing anything of value here, either from a plain old “healing the gut” perspective –like L-glutamine and probiotics have been proven as useful—or in treating, much less curing an autoimmune disease like celiac.

    Best to stick to a gluten free diet, kids.

  11. You have really gone too far! I took this product three years ago and the people in charge of it are some of the most genuine, honest, kind and sincere people I have met! I had biopsy-confirmed celiac disease, so I very well understand the seriousness of it. But I really think that these angry, vitriolic rants need to stop. HOW DARE YOU attack someone you don’t even know on the Internet with such crassness and indignity when you A) state unequivocally that you have never taken the product and B) are clearly not a health professional. You don’t even live in OK let alone Tulsa! I will be reporting your posts from now on to the relevant authorities and companies that you are slandering so that they can take legal action if necessary against your false accusations. I would urge other readers who see this trash to do the same. This is completely unacceptable and wrong.

  12. I want to point out that the Wise Alternative Advertises on their website that they are a BBB Accredited Business. HOWEVER, if you go to the BBB website and search “The Wise Alternative” it says in all caps “THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITED”. Can someone turn them in to the BBB? It’s illegal to make false claims like that. Can we not make complaints to the BBB and write reviews on there so action can be taken against them??


  13. One last thing….I just posted a review on their Facebook page ( Let’s see how long it stays up. Here’s what I wrote:

    Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder. There is no CURE for it and it is cruel to take people’s money and have them embark on a three month journey to destroying their intestines. For those who are diagnosed with Celiac Disease, there is no cure. Eating gluten during the three months on your Gluten Sensitivity pill is asking them to put themselves at greater risk for additional serious health problems. From celiac. org, those include: the development of other autoimmune disorders like Type I diabetes and multiple sclerosis (MS), dermatitis herpetiformis (an itchy skin rash), anemia, osteoporosis, infertility and miscarriage, neurological conditions like epilepsy and migraines, short stature, gall bladder malfunction, and intestinal cancers. CANCER! I have Celiac Disease and cannot even eat something if it was cooked on a surface that previously touched gluten. No pill will fix that.

    For those who want a miracle, I’m sorry. If you want to be healthy, don’t eat gluten. I know first hand that’s not a simple task, but it’s unfortunately the only answer. Putting yourself at risk because of a pill that promises to do something that is not possible is dangerous. Celiac is no different that Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis, or any other auto immune disorders, in that they cannot be cured. There are things to avoid symptoms, mostly involving what food is consumed, but that is it.

    Please don’t fall for this.

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