A Tale of 2 Gluten-Free Videos

gluten free videos

So many gluten-free things we could discuss today.

Should we talk about how Gwyneth Paltrow consistently talks about gluten-free, releases a gluten-free cookbook and then says she and her family eat bread and pasta?

Should we talk about how 1 in 3 people are now trying to be gluten-free, which means gluten-free is officially a full-blown fad?

Should we talk about my “Hot Yoga” class last night, where I was in a 104 degree room trying to get my body into positions it has no right being in?

Nah…let’s put our focus today on PROGRESS. As in celiac awareness progress, although oddly enough there was some social media chatter yesterday that maybe celiac is getting too much awareness lately. Huh??

Anyway, I want you to compare the two videos below. They both have two things in common. They feature Kathie Lee and Hoda and they talk about gluten.

Gluten-free Video 1: We’re Picky Eaters – July 2012

We had a nice discussion about this video here.

Gluten-free Video 2: Celiac is an Autoimmune Disease – March 2013

Sorry for the crappy quality. NBC apparently still thinks it’s 2005 and embeds their videos in Flash so I had to record it from my phone.

But do you see the shift? That’s called progress my friends. That’s why we need people like Miss Esposito being a celiac voice. As long as our disease can be discussed in these terms, there is no such thing as too much celiac awareness.

I thank Jennifer and I will also tip my cap to Kathie Lee and Hoda. You done good.

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13 thoughts on “A Tale of 2 Gluten-Free Videos”

  1. Annoying as the gluten free fad is, I think the media is over-hyping it. I don’t believe the 1 in 3 stat can be remotely true. I personally don’t know ANYONE who eats gluten free, or even expresses a desire to, outside of fellow celiacs. I just think the media lives in a self-perpetuating bubble.

    1. I will *partially* disagree with that. I do have a family memeber who “went GF” to keep weight in check and lower cholesterol. I was told this person did that because, “That’s what going GF does.” Whatever. But, I am assuming they bought into the hype. I also know they cheat.
      I successfully (I hope) talked someone else out of buying into that hype – this person said GF was “THE thing for weight loss”. I told them they were crazy. Then proceeded to lay down the law as to exactly what to avoid, and they stared at me like I had three heads.
      I do believe, unfortunately, the fad is out there. Don’t know how long it will stay. Don’t know if GF being a fad is a good thing – not so sure it really educates the public about what it really means to be GF, and I think the emphasis does need to be on Celiac Disease (as well as other auto-immune disorders that going GF helps with).
      I am one that is actually grateful for the dx of Celiac. My life before was hell, and I would never (willingly) go back. I’ve actually had a harder time with the anti-inflamatory diet, but I’m getting used to that, too. 🙂

    2. I have a friend who has gotten on the GF fad diet wagon, and *swears* it is working. I don’t actually mind it much, because now she looks like the crazy picky one in our group of friends. It makes it easier in some ways to say no to particular foods, since I’m not the only one.

  2. Definitely nice to see a more positive look at celiac disease. I will say though that if people want to ‘go gluten free’ for other reasons, I am not going to stand in their way, no matter what derogatory comments some gluten eaters might make. For one thing, there are more and more options available for us celiacs because of increased demand. Please let’s not put a stop to that! Secondly, people ought to be allowed to experiment with food and to listen to their bodies. If their bodies are telling them that gluten is not a friend, then who cares what a test result says? As to gluten free eating being an effective dieting method, I can only suggest that it is probably not so much the removal of gluten that is the key but the removal of grains and simple carbohydrates in general that is responsible for lost pounds. Perhaps reducing gluten intake reduces bloating which gives the appearance of lost weight….

  3. Cookie’s Mom speaks the truth and I agree there are the gluten intolerant. There are also the fad people who are not bothered by gluten but want to get on the fad bandwagon. I have celiac disease and have a life ahead with sub-par bread and while eating my sandwich at a brown bag event was told by an acquaintance that she is now gluten free and was eating sprout bread. I asked her what the sprouts were and she didn’t know but was so thrilled with herself. She also mentioned that she had made gluten pancakes that morning and ate with her grand daughter as a treat. I felt offended. It is like someone telling a diabetic that they have given up sugar and then pigging out on sugar in front of them “just this once” I wish I didn’t judge that way but I did feel what I felt.

  4. Loved this video of Jennifer Esposito sharing information about Celiac disease. She is straightforward and honest about it. She puts herself out there even when people like Dr. Drew put her down. Way to go. I feel that celebrities who tout the gluten free diet as a fad should have their mouths taped shut. I just wish there was a Jennifer’s Place out here on the west coast—like in San Francisco. One can hope! Thank you Gluten Dude!

    1. Sorry. I was wanting to add to the article before I posted. I just talked about this on my blog today and posted on my FB page about this “fad” or “trend” that people think being gluten free is. I am hopeful there will be more GOOD information and awareness out there with this show she’s going to be in and the bakery. Good luck to her!!!

  5. I had never seen the 1st video until now. I think it exemplifies the misunderstandings of the general public about celiac disease and the gluten free diet (I cannot fathom why else they would lump as with something as undesirable as Nutrisystem.)
    Their empathy and understanding toward Jennifer Esposito shows that progress has been made, but we still have a lot of work to be done. I just got together with a group of women tonight and they had a TON of questions about Celiac Disease (what gluten is, foods its found in, symptoms of Celiac etc.) These were a very educated group of women to start with too. A reminder that we need to be assertive, yet compassionate, in our approach to those who do not yet understand Celiac Disease.

  6. Woah, I’m so glad that people finally understand what it means to have celiac. A lot of people still think that a gluten free diet is just a fad and isn’t that bad. They don’t realise that it’s an autoimmune disorder and when you recently diagnosed, every day is a new battle. Everyone talks about the stomach issues but no one talks about the vitamin deficiencies, the fatigue, nausea, depression, anxiety and everything else…

    I just hope the rest of the world doesn’t remain ignorant. I don’t want to go around telling people I have an immune disorder but a little compassion and understanding goes a long way.

    It’s great to see there’s more awareness about food intolerances and allergies in general and its thanks to Jennifer and Gluten dude for raising this awareness.

    Thanks. 🙂

  7. Brent Alan Dedick BAD

    I used to get mad when they called it a disease. In my mind, it was to make it sound more scary. Then finally one day the light was switched on about those thoughts of mine. Brent, its called that because its one of the autoimmune disease/disorders. Doh!! Good stuff Jennifer. Someone called GD, Jen and Brent the 3 Amigo’s. haha

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