Gluten-Free Survival Kit


Let’s play a game. C’mon…everybody loves games!!

You are going to spend the next two weeks on a deserted island. Just you and the elements (and if you watched Gilligan’s Island, the occasional native, cosmonaut, mad scientist and Gabor sister.)

Let’s also assume you will have cooking facilities on the deserted island (yeah…I know).

But…you’ve only got 30 minutes to pack.

What are the ten things you bring that are in your house right now? (And remember, we’re gluten-free.)

Here’s my list:

  1. A big bottle of Tito’s Vodka with a cucumber for a garnish. (Yes…technically that’s two items, but it’s my game dammit.)
  2. Udi’s bagels.
  3. Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.
  4. Eggs
  5. Fruit, Nut & Yogurt Kind Bars
  6. Gorilla Munch
  7. Roasted Plantain Chips from Trader Joes
  8. Almonds
  9. Bags and bags of frozen veggies
  10. Bananas

That should get me thru the two weeks in fine shape (except the ocassional hangover.)

What would you bring??

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47 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Survival Kit”

  1. Love this post.

    1. Coffee. Can’t live without my coffee.
    2. Sugar. Can’t have my coffee w/o sugar.
    3. Milk. Can’t have my Cafe con Leche w/o milk (first 3 have to do with coffee. I love my cafe con leche)
    4. My german waffle like chocolate GF pastry. Little yet satisfying.
    5. Lots of fruit.
    6. Rice
    7. Lots of veggies
    8. Sangria. (Hey I live in Spain this is practically soda)
    9. Eggs
    10. Chicken Breast

    Ok so I have my meals, my snacks and my drinks. Sounds good:)

    1. Love this post. Getting great ideas for favorites that I need to try.
      I am taking a trip from my native Seattle to New Orleans soon & staying at a gluten-eating friend’s house.
      I am going to have a great time- hopefully at the Jazz Preservation Hall, Tipitina’s, Frenchman Street bars where my ears will be filled with the New Oleans experience which will make it OK, that my mouth abstain.

      A thin plastic cutting board so I don’t have to cause my hosts to feel strange- when I see that they’ve wiped down deeply creviced cutting surfaces with gluten infused cloths and sponges!
      Pack lots of Seattle’s Best, Tully’s ground coffee, & Seattle themed coffee mugs, as gifts. & to drink! (How I will miss my little home espresso maker)
      Little sacks of Gluten Freeda & Arrowhead Mills Quinoa & Oatmeal hot cereal. Very portable & all I need is a clean bowl.
      Hard veggie & fruits, apples, carrots, jicama, celery- cut up and hard-boiled eggs or GF jerky for when everyone else is snacking or eating at a restaurant that is dubious for me.
      Pack lots of Seattle’s Best, Tully’s ground coffee to share and as gifts.
      Think Thin pumpkin lean protein & fiber bars, Zing bars, or Laura fruit & nut Alt bars.
      Hopefully I find a jambalya & some cheesy grits, that are purportedly made GF, but also tote along Greek yogurts, in case I don’t. Trusting restaurants who say that know the drill, and then spending a few days feeling weird, has happened.
      I will NOT be getting their boiled peanuts as a snack this time. (Weird! peanuts should not be soft and slimy)
      I will bring Snyder’s Gluten Free Pretzel stix. Wonderful. So much more like regular ones than Glutino’s.
      Capsules of Probiotics, fish oils, digestives, Calcium, iron, vita D, Magnesium, GF vitamins, Cytomel & Lannet’s GF type thyroid. Found I’d been getting glutened for years on Levothyroxine (Osteoporosis, anemia,hypothyroid, low D)
      Jury is out on whether I bring my teeth aligning night guard. Will we ever know if the Methycrylate dental materials put gluten in our systems. Its a mine-field out there, y’all.

  2. 1. 60 iperespresso pods for a quad shot every morning!
    2. Bananas
    3. Blueberries
    4. Strawberries
    5. Blood Oranges
    6. Pomegranate roasted organic chicken breasts!!
    7. Kettle cuisine white chicken chili GF soups(the only thing I can eat of of a package, and it tastes fabulous)
    8. All natural GF peanut butter
    9. Celery sticks
    10. Garbanzo beans!!!!!

    That should get me through!!!

  3. I’m loving the lists! Here’s mine:

    1. Coffee
    2. Dark chocolate
    3. Red wine
    4. Trader Joe’s almond butter with flaxseed
    5. Udi’s Millet and Chia bread
    6. Great cheeses
    7. Eggs
    8. Chicken
    9. Steak
    10. Every veggie I can carry

      1. Sigh. I so wish Alcohol was on my list. I just wonder. Are any other Celiacs out there like me, in that drinking alcohol feels like you are burning your stomach with acid about 5 minutes after ingestion?
        After being misdiagnosed for about 10 years & then gong GF for the last 7, I lost the capacity to stomach any kind of adult beverages. Yes, the gastro-enterologist that did a repeat scope (7 years after original that dx’d Celiac) & said he didn’t know why and that things looked healed. Which is a “Yay”- but then added that in my case, I’d just better not drink. “Boo-hoo”

  4. 1. Sushi
    2. Coffee with my fat free french vanilla creamer. (Hey, if the Dude can cheat…)
    3. Bananas
    4. Eggs
    5. Cheese!
    6. All the…
    7. …fixings for
    8. …a chopped salad!
    9. Wine 🙂
    10. SUSHI!!! Did I mention I really LOVE sushi?

    Hope someone remembers the sunscreen. 🙂

    1. Ah…a woman after my own heart. But since I don’t have sushi in my home, I did not include. Maybe you’ll be making a pit stop on the way to the island. Nice call!

  5. Hmmm…of the things that are in my kitchen right now:

    1. Bison Meat
    2. Coffee
    3. Eggs
    4. Frozen Blueberries
    5. Daiya gluten-free dairy-free soy-free Cheese
    6. NutraCleanse…honestly can`t live without this!
    7. Apples
    8. Rice Dream Enriched Vanilla
    9. It’s sort of a 3-way tie between beets, broccoli, and sweet potatoes
    10. The cure for Celiac Disease…cuz obviously I have that kickin’ around….wait, can I change my list?


    1. Ok…we’ve got our first entry with no alcohol and with bison meat. Not sure if that one will be matched. Love #10. Well played Sassy.

  6. 1. Coffee….madcap coffee to be exact!
    2. dark chocolate
    3. greek yogurt
    4. oatmeal chocolate chip coooookies
    5. kale chips
    6. blueberries
    7. oatmeal
    8. almond milk
    9. bananas
    10. Chipsandsalsa…..see, that’s one thing 😉

    1. Almond milk…of course. I can’t have my Gorilla Munch dry. And I now need to find kale chips, just so I can say I’ve had them.

  7. 1. Cider
    2. Pimms
    3. Steak
    4. Prawns
    5. Mussels
    6. Water
    7. Ice for the drinks lol
    8. Lemon mousse
    9. GF cake
    10. Potatoes

  8. Great blog, and great question!
    1. Coffee, with its friends cream and sugar
    2. Udi’s blueberry muffins
    3. Gorilla Munch!
    4. Potatoes in just about any form
    5. Almond milk
    6. Bacon
    7. Meat! Bring on the steaks!
    8. Sweet Ali’s cupcakes
    9. Enjoy Life! Rice milk chocolate bars
    10. A vat of moscato. Any kind will do. As long as there is a lot of it.

    1. The Gluten Dude

      Yes…a fellow Gorilla Muncher. And I needed to Google moscato.

      Love your blog too. Good sense of humor. And if you do decide to start “Celiac Attack”, I’m in.

  9. coffee
    Trader Joes gluten free vanilla coffee creamer
    sweet potatoes
    dried salame
    bag of apples
    bag of green beans
    bag of almonds
    bag of dried fruit
    milk chocolate bars

  10. I’m reading your blog for the first time today, and starting from the very first entry.

    There is so much mention of ‘Gorilla Munch’ I had to finally Google it.

    Not gonna lie – the urban dictionary definition had me laughing. Also, it’s slightly NSFW in reading form.

    But, now I know what Gorilla Munch actually is, thanks to that search!

    Thank you for this blog.

    1. Thanks AJ. I actually stopped eating the Gorilla Munch, as I’ve given up grains and corn in my neverending search for good health.

  11. Maybe the deserted island is full of people by now and there is no place for me 😉 But here is my list:
    1.almond milk
    2.fruits (banans,apples,mango etc.)
    6.olive oil
    7. tea
    8.Larar bars
    9.Glutino chocoalte fudge mix with egg replacer
    10. and computer so I can check dudes blog every day 😉

  12. love the lists .. Is there room for one more this Island????
    what I have to have to survive that is in my house right now..
    1. COFFEE, coconut milk/honey and or coconut sugar- cheating but I need all 3 to have coffee so it counts as one.:)
    2.bone broth
    4. bacon
    5. lots of frozen veggies
    6. berries
    7.coconut oil
    8. Hershey’s cocoa
    9. ummm do vitamins, probiotics and ferments count some where on this list????????????????
    10, my husband -so he can keep me supplied in fish from the ocean and clean them for me. 😉

  13. Coconut flour- can I add that one on there too.. this grain free girl needs cupcakes one in a while 😉 or just maybe coconuts-from them I can get milk, oil, flour, sugar

  14. If we’re going off what we have in house, I’ll go with:

    1. Caffeine Free Chai Tea
    2. Sweet Dreams Tea
    3. Panda Puffs
    4. Chocolate
    5. Peanut Butter
    6. Bananas
    7. Udi’s Hamburger Buns
    8. Organic Maui Beef
    9. Ketchup
    10. Mustard

  15. 1. espresso
    2. sweet tea!
    3. baked potatoes haha?
    4. bananas
    6. salad
    7. my fiance
    8. my phone
    10. hair conditioner

    priorites people lol

  16. Ok first off, i just discovered your website / blog and LOVE IT! Thank you!!!!

    Secondly, this really makes me think. 10 things huh? I’m assuming that since I am so late in the game, y’all have been rescued off the island and there are leftovers of the staple ingredients, including the all-important COFFEE, and the freezer is still packed with frozen veggies and meat, so here is what I’m bringing to supplement:

    1. Almond Milk
    2. Tons of fresh/frozen berries
    3. Organic Apples
    4 . Almond Butter to dip the apples in
    5. Dark Chocolate-Cherry Kind Bars
    6. Quinoa for protein
    7. LOTS of mixed greens!
    8. A quart of homemade salad dressing
    9. Eggs
    10. Organic Corn Chips, gotta feed that salty/crunchy craving!

  17. I love this blog.
    I’m sending my seven year old daughter to this island (she’s the celiac).
    1. Cocoa Pebbles
    2. Chocolate milk
    3. Udi’s millet and chia bread
    4. Peanut butter
    5. Apples (with the juicer)
    6. Chicken legs
    7. Pamelas ginger mini snapz
    8. Popcorn and popper
    9. Chef salad fixings
    10. Eggs

  18. 1. Canyon Bakehouse 7 Grain Bread and/or Cinnamon Raisin
    (I can’t believe no one else posted this. If you ever try it, you’ll NEVER go back to your old bread!!!)…toasted (There will be a dedicated toaster on the island, I’m sure)
    2. Almond Butter or Natural PB with NO hydrogenated oils
    3. Fresh, sliced nectarines or oranges for on top the toast & AB/PB
    4. A hen that will lay fresh eggs EVERYDAY
    5. Water
    6. Organic mixed greens w/ Brianna’s Poppyseed Dressing…my favorite!
    8. Planters Cashews
    9. Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid Digestive Tea
    10. Blue Bunny All Natural Vanilla Ice Cream

  19. I’m thinking…
    1. More coffee
    2. A cow – so we can all have milk (for the coffee), cheese & butter!!!
    3. LOTS of chickens – for eggs and eating!!
    4. My GF flour blend (like 10 lbs!)
    5. Coconut oil
    6. Lemons, limes and oranges (citrus counts as 1 right??)
    7.10 lbs of enjoy life chocolate chips
    8. 10 lbs of raw sugar (or honey or maple syrup – I can’t decided!)
    9. Bacon
    10. Vodka

    I’m pretty sure between this stuff and the things naturally found on/around an island I can make anything my stomach desires!

  20. 1. glutino English muffins
    2. sweet allies pound cake
    3. raspberry jam
    4. diet coke
    5. lactose free milk
    6. tapioca pudding
    7. blakes chicken pot pie
    8. rice chex cereal
    9. corn tortillas
    10. hot dogs

    1. Just found these posts. cool idea.
      My list:
      1. tea / sugar / milk
      2. oatmeal with butter & cinnamon sugar
      3. frozen berries
      4. chips&salsa
      5. Eggs
      6. Chicken
      7. Shrimp
      8. Rice
      9. Fresh veggies
      10. GF pizza (Papa Murphy’s)

      Would like to try / eat more
      • Blakes chicken pot pie
      • NutraCleanse
      • More lentils
      • Popcorn

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  24. 1. chainsaw
    2. rope
    3. lawnmower
    4. jigsaw
    5. gasoline (lots)
    6. banana
    7. bacon
    8. toolbox
    9. a phone
    10. water filter.

    using items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8, I can make and run a lawnmower engine powered raft and go grocery shopping at the mainland. 9 so I could call my uncle to bring me more food in his boat.

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