Gluten Dude Phase 2 – Taking Requests

gluten dude phase 2

Hey folks. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. A rare Saturday post from the Gluten Dude. I’ll be quick…promise.

So I’ve been blogging here for three years. Made some great friends. Helped some fellow celiacs. Pissed off some B-list celebrities. No complaints.

But it’s time to raise my game. Looking to take it to the next level. Want to get out of my comfort zone. It’s time to BE THE BALL!!

Too much? I’ll stop.

Here’s where I’m at. Besides the comments, which I know are a huge part of this site, I’ve provided pretty much all of the content. Which means this blog only has one main voice.

Well…I’d like to change that and I’m coming to you for advice.

I’ll still be doing my blog posts on a regular basis. I’ll still be doing what I can to be the best dang advocate I can be. But I want to fill in some missing parts. I want to add features to the website that will help even more.

So my question to you wonderful people is this: What can I add to this site to make it the most kick booty community site out there? What is it missing that you would love to see?

I’ve had a number of people contact me privately and said they wish they could talk to other celiacs through my site because they don’t always want to bother me. So I want to enable that connection somehow.

Also, I love the fact that I get so many emails asking for help or support. But sadly, I cannot answer them all. Perhaps if these were posted on the site, they could be answered by someone in the community.

So here are some thoughts I’ve had for the new site (which will hopefully be live November 1; thankfully, I know a really great web design company, even though the guy who runs it is kind of a tool πŸ˜‰ ):

– Clothing optional Wednesdays
– Just kidding
– Lots of info for newbies
– Restaurant reviews (submitted by the community)
– Doctor reviews (again submitted by the community)
– Support group pages
– Common question and answers
– A forum, where you can discuss things amongst yourselves
– Chat capabilities
– Mrs. Dude recipes
– Your recipes
– Some kind of video capability

I have more rattling around in this empty brain of mine.

But if you’ve got two minutes, please share what YOU think will make this a better site…for you…and for the community.

Thank you.

You may now go back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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62 thoughts on “Gluten Dude Phase 2 – Taking Requests”

  1. I think a page for children would be exceptional. Resources for children regarding Celiac and NCGS such as videos, picture books, puzzles etc. Additionally children should have the capability to upload their own stories and representations of what they are experiencing including contextualized photographs, hand written notes, sketches, illustrations , computer programs, emozies etc. Moreover, offering a space for youths to speak to youths and adults alike is a necessary component of progressing our advocacy and empowerment. All of the above would increase the support this site offers to our community.

    Love Life.

  2. Food reviews. Specially food that claims to be gluten free but we react to. You know, the ones that have tiny print that it was processed in a facility that processes wheat. Or the ever loving minimal ppm count that is so maddening!

      1. Meghan and Tobi:

        Have you looked at the part of the Gluten Dude website that you get to by clicking on “IS THIS GFREE” at the top of the page? It may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but it certainly does cover a lot of products.

        If it’s not quite (or even remotely) what you want, how could it be changed to be more useful?


  3. Love the idea of resources for kids. Also, lists and resources to be able to find really gluten-free stuff in medications, booze, etc. I think I got glutened by some hard cider the other day, (can’t think what else it could have been) and would love to have a list of things I could safely order if I was out on the town, so to speak, in terms of having a drink. Since most places don’t carry hard cider yet.

    1. Despite old rumors to the contrary DISTILLED liquor is safe to drink.
      Years ago, celiacs were told they couldn’t drink the hard stuff or even have vinegar, but that was until some brilliant soul said,
      “the chemical process of distillation negates the impurities” in Scotch, Rye, Bourbon, Whiskey, gin and, of course, Vodka. Where we need to be careful is with mixed drinks- the add-ins or add-ons that bartenders use to create those fancy and expensive libations. Barley in various forms as a sweetener creeps in to many mixers, as do other.artificial colors and flavors (think those red things with stems) that can easily make us sick. If you stick to a Scotch on the rocks, Bourbon and soda, Gin and tonic, Rye and ginger ale, standard martini and, my favorite, a vodka with orange juice and cranberry juice, you should be just fine!

  4. I’m new to this site, and haven’t looked around much, so if you have this already, forgive me….
    How about something where people can submit their favorite gf products? (And not so favorites, too) for instance, New Grist gf beer is, in my opinion, the BEST gf beer on the market. The worst? GLUTENBURG. It is disgusting!

  5. An awards section. We should praise those who go out of their way to help us.
    We can call it The Dudey…

    OK the name needs work.

  6. A section for kids away at college, so they can chat amongst themselves about ideas, survival skills with/without dorm food, etc…

  7. A huge part of my post-celiac diagnosis is taking a much more holistic, preventive/functional view of health, since my health at the time of diagnosis was so bad, it’s ironically what likely finally allowed me to get the diagnosis after many years. I enjoy and benefit from health articles about vitamins, minerals, the benefits of exercise, thyroid and other issues that typically accompany celiac disease. So I eagerly read articles on the importance of vitamin D (which is really a hormone), magnesium (truly has been a miracle supplement for me), vitamin C and more. I know not everything you see written out there is verified yet by scientific studies, but I still find such info useful to read so that I can make my own judgments.

    For example, reading a lot lately about the benefits of turmeric, and am now hunting good turmeric & anti-inflammatory recipes. So if you were to post an article (there are many out there to pass along) on the health benefits of turmeric, you could also post some easy recipes that incorporate that healing ingredient.

    I like the recipe component/idea, but I myself would be looking for healthy gluten-free recipes–not ones with tons of sugar or dairy. The simpler the better. I have recently started to love eating salads again because I have discovered the joy of making homemade dressing, which isn’t filled with preservatives like store-bought dressing. It’s a simple step and it gets me excited about food again.

    Our journey isn’t just about avoiding gluten — it’s about teaching ourselves to be more mindful with info many many traditional doctors just don’t give us. It’s about changing many behaviors and embracing foods, spices, herbs that enrich our lives in ways that even gluten-filled food did not. I tend to flock to sites that make all those types of info/education available in one spot. You don’t have to “endorse” them per see, but just share them in an FYI sort of way and then the community will likely comment with their own thoughts/experience.

    Hope this helps, and thanks!

    Suzy Johnson

  8. Navigating coeliacs for small people.
    1. helping them cope with life
    2. navigating the school systems
    3. school lunch ideas/strategies for camps, parties etc
    4. keeping them mentally strong and happy

    1. These things are exactly what I need. I follow this blog because of my 8 year old daughter. Resources for children with celiac are hard to come by. Also I would love to see more from the loved ones of those who are GF and how we can help and cope with this disease.

  9. Thankful for Whole Food

    Forum! I have often wished there was a forum here because I want ask /discuss something off topic. As usual Dude you rock! Thank for for continuing to offer soooo much to our community!

  10. Maybe there could be a way for us to connect with people in our communities. I’d love to find other celiacs to have lunch with in my hometown. Also, if you are visiting a new place, you could connect with others and get their ideas for restaurants, etc.

  11. Allow people to state the city they live in. Many of the products and restaurants reviewed are not really available in my region. Also people could chat based on location to make them feel like they have a more local support group.
    Ocean Springs, MS

  12. Definitely a “welcome to your disease” page for newbs…I am a little past newb stage but you’re never too old to learn new things. I’d also like to see a page dedicated to new science and medical break throughs. It’s been just about 2 years for me now and I’ve been religiously gluten-free but so far, I haven’t responded well to the diet. I don’t know if I’ve got that resistant celiac disease or what but information on how to deal with the day-to-day tribulations would be nice too. There’s my wish list…I’m thinking you’re going to need a bunch of staff members to keep up with everyone’s wants and wishes lol. Good luck Dude!

  13. Congrats, Gluten Dude. I think creating local communities for people would be good, especially for parents and kids. Also I think reviewing different brands/restaurants would be helpful if people have the ability to share their experience so we are all warned if it’s not safe. You could also have a Positive Page where people comment on their breakthroughs or things that work for them, even if it’s something small like bone broth and how that helped or how acupuncture helped or a celebration of how vitamin D scores went up. It could be a whole section posted to GOOD NEWS. You could even have a comic section or a funny story section, since laughter is the best medicine. GOOD LUCK GLUTEN DUDE. πŸ™‚ See you at Jen’s. Rachel K.

  14. This is great timing, because I’ve been meaning to send you a request for help/advise. I’d love more information on managing the balance between the gluten-eating family members and the gluten-free family members. We are a 50/50 family, with hubby and baby eating gluten and teen-ager and me (mom) celiacs. We don’t have to worry about baby being celiac as he’s adopted (although anything’s possible), so I’m ok with him eating gluten. The issue I have is that I do most of the feeding and I haven’t figured out a good system yet to keep me from getting sick (licking my fingers, kissing those adorable cheeks, etc.) Before we had the baby, my hubby just took care of himself, and is great about being careful and keeping his gluten things very separate. Now that we’re a 50/50 family, it only seems fair to make things a little more even for them… particularly as our little guy has started eating regular foods. Would love any help/advise anyone has as we start through this. It’s much more about the baby and how we’re going to do this going forward. I’d love to hear how other families have managed. Thanks!!

  15. One thing that seems necessary from the other gluten free community I frequent ( is something like wikitravel, but for celiacs. That forum is only organized by date, so it seems like every other week, we get a post asking about where to eat out in New York, Italy, Germany, etc. Something where you could search by location, and community members could add to, would be great.

  16. Congratulations dude, sounds wonderful. I would like see some international info for where’s good to go on holiday. Such as resorts and countries that are perticuarly good at catering for coeliacs. Best of luck with the website.

  17. How about something that deals with healing. The intestines and the emotions. The site sounds great! I wish you much success and I thank you for taking it on. Much needed.

  18. A couple of ideas in the food/recipe arena:

    1. Bloggers Megan (Allergy Free Alaska), Sandi (Fearless Dining), Wendy (Around My Family Table), and Jeanine (The Baking Beauties) have a thing called “Gluten-Free & DIY Tuesday” which invites submissions from other bloggers, usually recipes for all sorts of GF stuff. Maybe you could arrange with them to post their weekly “linky list” which shows thumbnails of the submissions for that week. They get a lot of responses, typically 30 or more each week, from all over the gluten free community.

    2. There are probably at least two dozen bloggers who post gluten free recipes and just having a directory of them with links to their sites would be a valuable service.

  19. Hi GD. I love your blog finding it only a few weeks ago. I’d like to see a Q and A section. I found out that I’m gluten sensitive about a year ago when I decided to stop eating it and my daily problems with…. lets just say the big “D” went away. What I’m confused about is that my gastro guy says my blood tests were negative for Celiac, but he wants to check my intestinal villi. Will they show signs of damage since I’m not eating gluten? I’d like to know for sure once and for all if I have Celiac disease, and honestly, I trust your community’s advice more than my doc’s because your living with it. Thanks for all the info so far and good luck. Oh, and product reviews would be helpful because some products are horrible and some are great!

  20. hello I don’t need any minutes I loved your web sight just as it is. These are and would be wonderful additions that you have in mind no other suggestions. You are good people and once again I am so glad and honored I found you thank you

  21. The only thing I worry about with this is that a lot of people out there are trolls and bullies. While a chat option and message boards might help, they might hurt also if not moderated and run well. Just something to keep in mind since so many use this blog/site as a safe place of community. πŸ™‚

  22. Hey, Dude
    Apparently, what you may need is a multi-tab site which might require the services of a staff! A tab for children, maybe another for teenagers, another for pregnant women, one for medical news and update, another for products, etc. Just look at all the wonderful and
    helpful comments generating from your simple request!
    Or you could just keep doing what you’re doing and your supporters would keep on supporting, At least you have one of the few blogs/sites that tell the truth and keep your readers informed!

  23. I ditto a forum. I’ve had random questions pop up at times, but hated to ask in a comment when they have nothing to do with the conversation. One random question is if anyone else has tinnitus when they are glutened. I feel like I’m walking around with cicadas in my head even before the other symptoms show up. See…totally random question and has nothing to do with your post.;)

  24. Something that would be useful (and may be interesting) is to have a reoccurring poll of your subscribers of the “best of….gf bread…gf pancake mix….beer.” It may seem minor but the gluten free market is full of some good stuff and some really horrible tasting cardboardish (new word) food as well. I learn so much from you and the others who post. It might not sound like a life altering idea but newbies would really love to have some direction on what tastes good and what doesn’t as they begin their journey. Plus the rest of us may discover something new as well. You could poll one item monthly or have a once a year survey. Just a thought!

  25. Let people tell others of local (or not so local) celiac support groups. After 2 years of searching the web for help (my doctor gave me a 40-year-old list of what not to eat), I finally made a 4-hr trek to a celiac support group meeting (the closest one I could find and get to). It was awesome! I wish I had done it 2 years ago; I wish I had known to look for them 2 years ago. Their new-member packet was fantastic, with all sorts of info – some I knew and some I didn’t. But, it would have all been new, and extremely useful, to me 2 years ago. I also like your idea of reviewing doctors, for those of us who can’t seem to find one who knows anything about CD. It seems all the doctors who do know about CD are on either coast or in the northeastern US, a bit far for most of us.

  26. Gluten dude gets made fun of by former CNN Crossfire host Carson Daily’s the Daily Caller in regard to Jennifer Lawrence’s Comments on Gluten Free

    Look at the last line “We’re sure Jennifer Lawrence is really, really concerned what β€œGluten Dude” thinks about her.”

  27. I love all the new ideas for the site, Gluten Dude! I would especially enjoy a forum, where I could ask random questions about gf products, etc. Forums are a lot of work though. If that proves to be too much, even a private Facebook group might work…although there is still the potential for trolls there, unfortunately.

    I’m so happy I found this site last year, when I first found out I can’t have gluten. This is an awesome group and Gluten Dude absolutely rocks! Keep up the good work, Dude!

  28. What about a weekly survey section. You can ask questions ranging from favorite brands to symptoms, etc. Might be fun to see the variety in your followers.

  29. Dear Dude ! You absolutely rock !!!

    I love the way you just say it without turning around in circles to try be politically correct. Well I’m in here for my son and since going Gluten free to support my little kiddo, I have no more excruciating migraine headaches and feel so much better… interesting hu ?

    Now lets kindly suggest, beg is more appropriate :0
    1- We really would love a section with Questions and answers as I’m sure many people out there , including us, still struggle with getting to our best shape… we crave for more chances to discuss health and all.
    2- Countries/cities to visit and where to eat Gluten free would be amazing… I will send you straight home, to Brazil where every (did you hear EVERY) product needs to be labeled contain or does not contain Gluten… unfortunately we don’t live there.
    3- A section to post new discoveries, studies, information on health and how to improve it.
    4- Please, make it quick…. Can’t wait πŸ˜‰

    Your site is awesome and 30 days project just made our year more awesome, nice to hear stories and know that we are not alone… a BIG thank you for the support we get here !

  30. GD, FYI some of the blogs I follow have a “question of the day”. People send in questions and the blogger picks a good one to post. It provides a ton of feedback to anyone interested by people who have experience with the topic. Might be an easy(ish) thing for you to do here.

  31. Good Morning Gluten Dude,

    I’ve been pondering over your request, and I think I have one important point to make. I follow a number of forums which are clearly intended for someone who has been “certified celiac” or declared to have NCGS by a health care professional. Over the last couple of years, these sites are being bombarded by people who have “self-diagnosed,” and yes, to each their own, but they fervently push, as but one example, the viewpoint that a proper diagnosis or assessment by a gastroenterologist is unnecessary, which, on all sorts of levels, is wrong. One particular example that makes my blood boil, is when a young mother is being told by posters to cancel a biopsy for their little one because “mother knows best.”

    I think you should include a “Fact & Fiction” section, and a “Lets Be Sensible” section so these ill-informed, undiagnosed posters can be educated and enlightened.

    Everyone is entitled to their own point of view, but misinformation is usually passed along faster than a bong at a frat party, and your site has always been reliable, and should remain so.

    Good luck on your new venture. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

    Colette Sullivan-Ledoux

  32. The chance to win a logo’d t-shirt — you do have a kickass new logo, right? right? — for above and beyond participation in a poll/trivia (you’ll have a spot for those, right?) or a particularly good contribution to a discussion. Chances are any other favors you could offer would be food, and if you’ve got one food issue, you’ve probably got 20, so the promise of treats is no real motivator. But to REPRESENT for your GD community, now that would be one tasty honor.

    1. I think t shirts with his “no grain no pain” on them (like his tattoo) would be great. Heck, I’d buy one (or two) if they’re available. Got an online store Dude?

      1. Deb,
        //Got an online store Dude?//

        He’s way ahead of you {G}. Go to the top of the page, click on “+More” and then on “The Gluten Dude Store”.

        1. Thanks. I didn’t look around enough before asking. But …. the link under the t shirt took me to a page at zazzle full of t shirts covered in pictures of artisan breads. Link problems?

  33. Once you bring Apple Pay to your store,
    I’ll be on the web at your door
    Using Touch I.D.
    To transfer my fee
    For all things Gluten Dude and more!

  34. How about an advocacy area, where folks who want to act to make the world safer for folks with celiac can find out how to do it. You could give information about how to let the FDA know about misleading labeling or urge it to step up enforcement. You could let readers know how to contact the tv show that most recently mocked the gluten free diet. And you could provide model emails for readers to provide positive feedback to restaurants and food manufacturers who are careful about avoiding cross contamination.

    So many of us are eternally grateful for all your advocacy on our behalf. How about using your site to empower us to speak up too?

  35. I would love an online forum.

    I would also love it if your blog posts were tagged so we could search for information better. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for everything you do!

    1. Thanks Juniper. New site will definitely have a forum and a much better search functionality. I do put all of my posts into Categories. Perhaps I’ll see about using tags as well.

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