Find gluten-free options at airports around the world

find gluten free food at airports

It’s heeeeeeeere! After 3 months of research and a few sleepless nights, the new Let’s Fly section of the Gluten Dude app is live. Thanks to those who helped me and thanks to everyone else for your patience. So what is Let’s Fly? What airports are covered? How were the restaurants vetted? All good questions. You know what that means…it’s time for the Gluten Dude self-interview.

How are you Dude?
Tired. How about you?

Feeling about the same, but let’s push forward with the interview.
I’m game.

So what exactly is Lets Fly?

Dude…wake up!!

Oh…sorry about that. As you know, I have a mobile app. Until now, the main sections were Let’s Eat (restaurant directory), Let’s Drink (GF beer locator), Let’s Save (online coupons), Let’s Discuss (forum) and Let’s Connect (private chat). I continue to try to come up with ways for the app to help the celiac community as much as humanly possible. I know airports can be hell, even without worrying about finding something safe to eat. Add the food into the mix (with delayed and cancelled flights), and the challenge becomes daunting. So I decided to create an airport directory listing every single eatery in each airport and the best (if any) gluten-free options in each.

Very cool. How many airports are on the app?
Just one.

Ok…we launched with 115 airports.

How did you decide which airports to include?
First, we took the busiest 100 airports in the world. Then realizing that some pretty populated areas were not in the top 100, we added them to make sure we were covering as much geography as possible.

And you only include the restaurants with gluten-free options in each airport?
Nope. We actually include every single eatery in each airport and list what options are your best bet in each.

That must have taken a lot of work?


Damn…did it again. Yes, yes it was.

Did you vet every eatery like you do for the Let’s Eat section?
Yes and no. We contacted each eatery and/or did research on them and listed what we found. But we could not call every single one and ask them what precautions they took.

Why not?
Fair question. One, because there are thousands of airport eateries on the app and it would have taken way too long. Second, because there are a lot of chains that won’t be consistent from location to location. And third, we wanted to create a guide where folks could find their best options in a hurry via a quick scroll thru the airport listing.

And how do people find the best options quickly?
We rated every eatery on a scale from 1 to 10. The higher the rating, the more options you will find. Here is a screenshot:

finding gf food at airports

Were there any 10’s?
Sadly…no. But there are definitely some options at almost every airport.

What does each eatery listing show?
Besides the rating, the app shows the location within the airport, a short description and your best option (which at times is simply to grab a beverage.)

And what if someone on the app wants to contact you regarding a specific airport?
There is a contact button at the bottom of every airport screen. I do indeed hope the users chime in and let me know of any great finds and openings/closings. It’s all about the community.

Anything else you want to share at this point?
Just that it was a long journey but I’m so happy to bring this to the community. I know they will benefit from it and I hope they will help spread the word. And we also added many more coupons to online GF stores and jazzed up the user-interface as well

Oh…and they can download the latest versions here:

Apple App Store:
Google Play Store:

Awesome. Thanks for your time.


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