Enough With the Gluten-Free Haters!!

gluten free is funny

I think it’s time for a good old-fashioned “Gluten Dude Take Down”.

It’s been awhile and I’m a bit out of practice, but after a month of holding my tongue as the gluten-free community got mocked, doubted and trampled upon, I can hold it in no longer. On social media and online, it has been an all-out assault on those who go gluten-free and it has been a sad and frustrating spectacle to behold.

I have so many people I could spew my venom at but I think I’ll focus my energies today on one Bruce Bialosky.

And it so saddens me to take down a Bruce. I mean…Bruce Springsteen. Lenny Bruce. Bruce Wayne!!

Who is Bruce Bialosky you ask? Well, he’s a political columnist…because…why not? Isn’t that who should be writing about gluten?

And the article I’m referencing is called “Having a Laugh About Gluten” because my god, our health is so funny to those who don’t suffer.

As is my thing, I’ll break his putrid article down piece by piece and respond accordingly.

Bruce says: It all started while we were on vacation and watched a video on the Daily Caller from the Jimmy Kimmel show.

I say: If I hear one more reference to this Kimmel skit as proof that gluten-free is BS, I’m gonna lose it. They found FOUR PEOPLE and that means the whole universe has no clue about gluten? If Kimmel did the same skit about any special diet (carb, fat, sugar, etc.), how many people actually could define what those things are? Attention to all gluten-free haters: referencing the Kimmel skit does not help your argument. It just makes you look lazy and uninformed.

Bruce says: Personally, I was a naysayer on the subject of gluten as the California crazies hopped on the bandwagon of the mania. That was until my endocrinologist told me that avoiding gluten would help me control my blood sugar level while I was losing weight which aided my avoiding diabetes.

I say: So let me get this straight…you decided, before educating yourself one iota, that gluten-free was just for the “crazies”? You must be a real deep guy Bruce.

Bruce says: It is true that some people have intolerance to gluten, but it is not an allergy – it is just an intolerance. That is estimated to be one person out of every 133.

I say: You’re right Bruce. Celiac is not an allergy. It’s an autoimmune disease that if undetected can lead to a variety of awful health maladies, including cancer. But…hey…it’s JUST an intolerance. No need to get all serious about it.

Bruce says: Here is where the fun starts – there has never (yes, never) been a study that has shown that avoiding gluten for the other 132 people without an intolerance has any beneficial effect. But don’t try to convince the crazed people who have sworn off gluten as if it were a deadly poison.

I say: First off, why the f*ck do you get pleasure out of this? And even more so, why do you care that people who are concerned about their health give up gluten to see if it helps? Anyway, there has NEVER been a study done for non-celiac gluten sensitivity? How about this one? Would you like to see some more?

Bruce says: Then I found out that corn, rice, and potatoes have no gluten. Being the cynical person I am, it occurs to me who might be behind this entire fad. Certainly there is no science behind it, but there sure is plenty of push to avoid gluten. Could it be corn, rice, and potato growers have banded together to convince the American public to eat their product and avoid those other foods?

I say: I knew a conspiracy theory had to come in here somewhere Bruce. Those with limited intelligence usually take this path. If there is any conspiracy theory going on here, it’s the wheat industry that is fighting the gluten-free trend because they are losing billions of dollars. Think about it. The people who are buying gluten-free are no longer buying wheat-laden products. That’s gotta hurt and they want that money back.

Bruce says: Then I read about Peter Gibson, a professor from Melbourne, Australia, who did a study in 2011 that found gluten intolerance is a genuine condition. The study was widely accepted and accelerated the concern about gluten launching an increase of 50 percent in the sale of gluten-free products in the United States. However, Gibson did not have the “settled science” lobby breathing down his neck and redid his testing. He discovered that the reactions found in the first tests were not actually related to gluten.

I say: Talk to the thousands of people I’ve heard from who gave up gluten and rediscovered their health. Mr. Gibson’s study was based on a sample of 37 people. Yes, it is possible that FODMAPS play a role in NCGS too. I will leave that up to the science and medical community to determine. But again, if somebody gives up gluten and feels a thousand times better, why does it bother you? Oh…and you want another conspiracy? Mr. Gibson’s latest research was funded by George Weston Foods, one of the largest food companies and bakeries in Australia.

Bruce says: Don’t try and hang this one on us – the Republicans. We still eat our meat and baby backs. We didn’t fall for all this malarkey. But accepting blame for their errors has never been a big feature of the left. Watching the left genuflect to the latest food fad or any other unscientific craze is always great entertainment.

I say: Turning it into a left vs right thing? Really? Typical political hack. Looking to divide rather than unite.

Bruce says: So this 4th of July weekend, eat those hot dogs and burgers and enjoy yourself with reckless abandon while you celebrate your freedom from the food police.

I say: Don’t listen to people who speak from their asses. And don’t eat with reckless abandon. If eating gluten-free makes you feel better, eat gluten-free. It really is that plain and simple. Don’t let the haters like Bruce bring you down. I’m behind you 100%.

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103 thoughts on “Enough With the Gluten-Free Haters!!”

  1. What a fricken complete asswipe!!! I have Celiac and live in the wheat state, Kansas. My sons are farmers, and guess what, they grow wheat. They have not felt any backlash from the gluten free movement. They are well aware of Celiac and gluten sensitivity, they don’t bash it. They are also 100 X smarter than this fat-assed stupid jerk!!!

  2. What concerns me, and this isn’t just regarding the gf issue, is the increasing trend of writers who want to pass off their opinion as fact. It’s quite obvious he did as little research as possible. His intent is clearly to group every person who eats gluten free into the hippie “crazies” category. I’ve never heard of this guy, so I don’t know how much sway he holds, but this style of so-called journalism is, at best, regressive. At worst, it’s dangerous.

    1. Well, I’m sure it’s an “opinion” piece. We are not meant to take them as fact…though, unfortunately, many people do.

      1. Yeah, I’m just not in the mood for this guy today. I’m in the midst of an existential crisis regarding the Flying Spaghetti. Monster and cross-contamination.

            1. Oh, EXCELLENT point! Pad Thai is one of my go-to in-a-strange-city -need-to-eat-out foods!

  3. Last time I checked…ribs and meat were gluten-free. (Hot dogs? I don’t know. I’ve never cared for them.) What. an. IDJIT. Not going to read the article.

    That said…when a non-celiac says they are giving up Evil Gluten (TM) without consulting a physician…I always wonder… “Why would ANYONE do that?” Because…four and a half years on…I *still* miss wheat, rye, and barley. They are delicious.

    Am I healthier since my diagnosis? Yup. Would I give huge amounts of money to someone who came up with a magic cure that allowed me to eat gluten again?


    1. Haha! I don’t know about huge amounts, but I would definitely at least pay what I spend on gf beer and cider in a year.

  4. This guy is just so pitifully uninformed that I can’t even give this bs article more than a passing glance. He obviously doesn’t know the difference between NCGS and celiac, nor does he care that there is a difference. And trying to turn someone’s diet into a political agenda? Nice try. Call me a hippie or a liberal – I’ll gladly claim both. I’ll keep doing what I have to do to stay healthy and you sir, can continue to be an asshole. You seem to be doing pretty well with that one already.

  5. Comrade Svilova

    Great take down; the column was from Townhall, notorious for its conspiracy theories, lazy logic, and so on, so I’m not surprised by how terrible it was.

  6. I will tell what he gets from writing this article – money! If you don’t think this backlash on gluten free is being funded then you are kidding yourself. I speak about this exact thing in my latest blog at http://www.jennifersway.org and DUDE says it here – the gluten free industry is a 25 BILLION $ industry !!! That money on gluten free products came from somewhere else – yes- the WHEAT industry! Having a food business now and getting into the underbelly of how it all works, let me tell you it all stinks. That mixed with being involved in the entertainment industry for so many years makes things extremely clear here.

    Believe me when I tell you – the stories you hear are the stories they WANT you to hear. Very little is just from an organic place. Money makes EVERYTHING move. Unfortunately no one seems to care that there are sick people getting caught in the crossfire. Not of interest, only cash.

    Do yourself a favor and keep eating gluten free if you feel better doing so and realize that by that act alone, we are winning. Sad how it needs to come to a fight but that’s exactly what’s it’s become. A fight for our health and existence that we actually exist. But mark my words this will all go away and everyone will be diagnosed with celiac or the “non existent gluten intolerance ” once there is a pill to sell you! Trust me. SAD

    Jennifer Esposito

    1. I’ll admit that I’ve wondered if the sudden increase in “Gluten intolerance is all in you head” articles comes from bloggers being lazy and copying each other, or a monetary incentive to write such articles, or perhaps a little of both.

      It’s not going to change the behavior of those of us using the gluten free diet for medical reasons. We’re sold on the “cure”.

      But perhaps it can slow the tide of people adopting the diet? I rather doubt that it will.

      When you’re seriously ill you’ll more likely to give the diet a try than not. No article saying “It’s all in your head” would have stopped me from trying it when I became sick. And after I did try it and had such success, why would I ever go back to eating gluten?

      They can write all the articles they care to (see link below). It’s not going to change the truth of the matter. This diet cures people.


      1. Actually, if you read some of those articles you have linked to, you will see that the authors blast the concept of it “being all in your head”…they are just using the titles as a way to get people to read them.

  7. Interesting…it seems they’ve disabled one’s ability to join Town Hall. Tried to create an account, no go. Tried to log in with FB…nope.

  8. So, let me get this straight. Bruce is going to an endocrinologist (who appears to be concerned about his weight and his blood sugar levels) and yet he’s criticizing people who are trying to find greater health? I’d suggest he focus on himself and not worry about all of us who are “JUST” intolerant of gluten. He’s an example of why the rates of obesity and diabetes are skyrocketing in this country. Not to mention health care costs. Yes, Bruce, eat your crappy hot dogs with blood-sugar-spiking buns and leave the science behind celiac disease and NCGS to the people who know what they’re talking about. Go for a walk. Get some exercise. Your endocrinologist will be pleased.

      1. Here I was going to say “he’s a festering a-hole anyway, maybe intestinal cancer will thin him from the ranks of doubters & haters”…way to take the high road melissa.
        I find it fascinating that he has a doctor telling him to go GF, yet waves it off as quack science when so many of us struggled for decades to a a doctor ANY doctor to believe the pain isn’t all in our heads & figure out what disease is causing all this…now that we have we’re left wing whack jobs?

  9. I personally do not know one person who is permanently avoiding gluten just because it’s a fad. As time goes on more and more people hop on the ol’ bandwagon with me because they are finding huge improvements in their health and feel so much better that it’s worth it to stay GF. I have one friend who goes off gluten for 30 days each year and then resumes with no noticeable change in her health. I don’t think anybody would stick to this diet if there weren’t a marked improvement in how they feel.

  10. This makes me SOOOOO angry!!! I was diagnosed celiac by a Gastro in April! Having Celiac disease is NO FUN at all. Why would anyone give up the best foods if they didn’t have to? I mean “really??” I personally LOVE to ask 10,000 questions about my food and food prep every time I go out to dinner! I just love going to cookouts, bbqs, and holidays where I have to pack my own food and don’t get to enjoy all the lovely dishes that my friends and family brought. I LOVE not eating Chinese takeout and deli sandwiches!!! Are these people insane??? Why would I choose this life for myself?? I want to find all these idiotic Naysayers and thump them in the face!!! I eat gluten free because I have an auto-immune disease…..because my life with gluten was full of constant joint and muscle aches, debilitating head and stomach pain, depression, anxiety, 24/7 exhaustion, skin rashes, and MISERY!!! Excuse me for not wanting to develop cancer, for wanting to be able to conceive children, and for wanting to absorb the nutrients in my food! This is not a choice or a fad, it’s a disease and it should be treated as such!

  11. Poor Elisabeth Hasselback. According to this guy she isn’t the conservative Republican she thought she was.

  12. My husband and I struggled with the pains of gluten sensitivity for years not knowing that we even had a sensitivity to gluten. Doctors ruled out celiac, so simply said it was probably IBS–which they can’t do anything about. And the fatigue I’ve always suffered with was “simply” chronic fatigue, which they can’t do anything about either. We weren’t satisfied with that answer, naturally, and decided to do an elimination diet to see if we could pinpoint any triggers at all. It finally became very clear that gluten was the issue. And we felt amazing–actually human again–after cutting gluten out of our diet. No more pain, fatigue, digestive issues, etc. Even though I do not have a diagnosed disease per se, I will never go back to gluten. And with so many really good gluten-free alternatives these days, it isn’t as painful to the palate as it once was, lol!

  13. Gluten Dude I admire your response. His ramblings were so stupid they really didn’t deserve your great response.
    I was diagnosed celiac and started my gluten-free diet 2 decades ago because I WAS DYING. Decades before that people just died…including my mother at only 41. Too bad we didn’t have this “fad diet” back then. She might have lived to see her children grow up,
    People who write articles like this do NO research. They just Google a few headlines and string them together enough to collect a check.

  14. Gluten Dude, well done. I loved your responses to his idiocy. I’m actually embarassed for him. He just made himself look like an a$$clown.

  15. Nice take down. Too bad it needed to be done. Gluten dang near killed me, literally, due to the malabsorption and, because doctors are so stupid about the disease, the 35 years of damage done to my body because of it. And because I went undiagnosed for so long, much of the damage is permanent. Like I said, too bad this take down ever needed to be done, but I’m with you. I am sick of the gluten free haters, too.

  16. I, too, am from Kansas, the wheat state. And yes, we are wheat farmers…my two sons are also wheat farmers. I have an intolerance to wheat, but we still raise wheat, harvest it and sell it. My family is very understanding of this, as my daughter and daughter-in-law and her two girls also have an intolerance to wheat. When we eat wheat, barley or rye we are truly in pain for days afterwards. I didn’t want to admit at first that that was what was causing all my pain and stiffness, but when I finally couldn’t bear it any longer I decided to try going without it—what a difference it has made in my life! I no longer have brain fog or pain and have energy galore! This “guy” is obviously not very bright and doesn’t care to be informed or “care” period.

    1. Hi there. I’m from Kansas, too, & have a daughter w/ Celiac. I’m wondering if you notice that your symptoms worsen during harvest, even though you’re not technically ingesting wheat? Typically, it’s very busy /dusty here during harvest, although not as much this year.

        1. WOW! My worst fears confirmed. Thank you for including that article in the link above, even if part of me just died inside from reading it. Knowledge is power. I live in a small Kansas town with 1 stop sign (not a light, a sign). The Co-Op is everything here, only second to football! We live & die by the wheat harvest & the amber cloud that surrounds the town every June. I’m convinced my daughter will have to go away from here during harvest from now on. Every year is worse for her.

          1. How old is your daughter? Does wheat harvest happen *after* school is out? Might be time to start researching camps for next summer…it may take awhile to find one that can accommodate a kid with CD. But I’m certain they are out there!

            Alternatively…do you have good friends/family she could go visit?

  17. Awesome job as usual GD!
    I just went to click on the article because I wanted to go off but it took me to a page that said page cannot be found…hopefully that means they took it down. I am so sick of people jumping on people who don’t eat gluten. Come on world…WHAT IS THE OBESSION? I’m pretty sure people with other allergies and issues have not been so heavily attacked. Only thing we can do is stay informed, inform others, and call out the BS!

  18. Jennifer Esposito gave a wonderful interview on the Daily Show talking about celiac disease. Wanna know how much attention that got in the media? Zippo. At least a co-worker came to me afterwards saying she’d seen it and how interesting it was. Unfortunately, rational and informed dialogue doesn’t generate interest.

  19. While I definitely don’t agree with Bruce’s article, I have to say that there is definitely a gluten free fad amongst the general public. Unfortunately this seems to have resulted in some people eating a gluten free (and probably less healthy diet) unnecessarily, it has also resulted in some people who need to eat gluten free getting misinformation, and a heap of pressure to eat gluten.

    I guess the silver lining is there are heaps if choices for gluten free food that we would not otherwise have, and if we learn to pick the real ones from the contaminated ones, we can do ok. I am faring way better in terms of options than my dairy free friends.

    1. Why would you assume a gluten free diet is less healthy? If that is the case, then you must also be assuming those of us who must eat gluten free are less healthy then the general population who can eat wheat. If you are basing your assumptions on facts, can you point all of the unfortunate people who have to eat gluten free to them? Thanks

      1. GF diet *can* be less healthy…lot of micronutrients in whole wheat, rye, and barley. And, as has been noted, many of the commercially available GF baked goods are more processed and less nutrient dense than their whole wheat counterparts. There is definitely a learning curve to feeding oneself when one fist must. 4.5 years on, I’ve pretty much figured it out. Helps that I’ve found an amazing local baker who uses a lot of alternative flours (tef, etc) to boost the nutrition in his baked goods. I stop by the Carrboro Farmers Market every other Saturday and load up. *Waves at the dude from Imagine That Gluten Free*

        Additionally, a restricted diet means one’s choices are limited when one is not cooking from home…which, depending on where one is, can mean a lot of salad. A LOT of salad. Soooooo much salad… Strangely enough, particularly in hospitals. My mother had a couple of health emergencies last year. I spent more than my share of time as “support” in hospital settings, in OH and (after we insisted she move south) NC. It will be years before I can look at iceburg lettuce again. Or yogurt. 😉

        1. A gluten free diet is not “less healthy” unless someone decides to eat all the processed white rice flour GF options out there on the marketplace…then, you’re just eating pure empty carbs. And you will gain weight!

          My husband is GF (not a celiac, not NCGS) and he is as healthy as it gets. We eat whole foods in a balanced diet and we exercise.
          Neither of us takes a single medication (when at one point, before DX, I was on 10-12 for various symptoms and conditions and he was on 3–for cholesterol, allergies and Afib.) We’re living proof that both celiacs and non-celiacs can live just fine without gluten and reverse various medical conditions in the process.

          I do not know where people get the idea that cutting out wheat products will make you “lose something”. It the ADDING back in
          of the GF junk that’s the problem.

          I heard this straight from several nutritionists at the Gluten Free Living conference in August.( Some do recommend getting enough GF alternative whole grains for fiber)

          1. Oh, absolutely, GF can be healthy IrishHeart. Note I said *can* be less healthy. I still contend it takes a little while to learn the ropes…and that no one would go completely GF for fun.

            1. Actually, seemomster I was just commenting after kantz’s original comment(above yours and dee’s)

              who said :

              “….gluten free (and probably less healthy diet)”

  20. I hear it all of the time. However, when I offer them to witness a reaction I get no takers?! Sure it last for days but 2 minutes in a room with the toxic flagellants that occur should shut him up pretty quick. Maybe Karma can get him to $%t himself in public a few times.

    1. Still chortling at “toxic flagellants”. I wish my reaction to a “serious glutening” (as opposed to a glancing blow) were limited to flatulence. Alas…the acute phase looks more like salmonella poisoning…and then there’s the joint pain/headache/brain fog for days after…

  21. I am still trying to figure out why he had the meat reference in there at all? lol All I can say is wow… this guy has no clue what he is talking about.

    1. Oh, that was a dig at the hippie/liberal/vegan/vegetarian crowd that GF people get lumped in with. And because he’s a doofus who didn’t do his research.

      1. NOTE–I do not believe that all those things go together, nor do I have an issue with any of them. Just pointing out the stereotype. Should not post before morning coffee…

  22. I’ve said this before… I still don’t know ANYONE on the gluten free diet, besides other celiacs. I just don’t see the fad as that prominent, but it has been blown up by the media. Sure, a lot of people read books like “Grain Brain” and “Wheat Belly”, but generally they just toss them aside as too hard and continue on with their bagel and pizza eating.

    1. Yup. I know a lot of people who are “reducing gluten” in there diets…but not tossing it completely. Because it really *is* a good deal of work. I mean…I take *my* toaster oven and cutting boards to the beach.

    2. I know a lot of people who eat gluten-free and who are not celiacs–myself included. Many people, especially those of Irish descent are gluten-intolerant and gluten does myriad bad things to them.

      1. Fair enough! I know there’s a great deal of trouble with gluten over in the UK…made it *very* easy for me to eat when I went to England.

  23. Well, I just read the article by Bialosky and I was forming a response in my head….and the more I thought about it, I recall that my Dad taught me this:

    “If you can’t find something nice to say about a person, don’t say anything at all….” so, my mouth is clamped tightly shut.

    But I did like this quote I read recently:

    “If idiots could fly, the sky would be like an airport.”
    ― Laura Davenport

    1. A very, very busy airport! 🙂 Thanks IH, that was funny. Kinda makes me think “You can’t legislate commen sense” – where has common sense gone?

      1. The Death Of Common Sense


        Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.
        He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:

        – Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
        – Why the early bird gets the worm;
        – Life isn’t always fair; and
        – Maybe it was my fault..

        Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

        Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.

        It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

        Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.

        Common Sense took a beating when you couldn’t defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.

        Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

        Common Sense was preceded in death, by his parents, Truth and Trust, by his wife, Discretion, by his daughter, Responsibility, and by his son, Reason.

        He is survived by his 4 stepbrothers:

        I Know My Rights
        I Want It Now
        Someone Else Is To Blame
        I’m A Victim

        Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone..

        1. Oh dear…I thought it was just missing, didn’t know it was dead! BUT MAYBE, it’s because there are so many undiagnosed celiacs and once they get with the program, their brain cells will regenerate. Is there hope …

    2. IH – I love this. I think the only response to this article is to say: this man is a blathering idiot. I decided to post (after a day of two of deep thought and some mediation) because I’m really concerned about how we can get past ranting and move toward more understanding (don’t get me wrong, GD, I love to rant as much as anyone!!). I’m tired of trying to figure out why celiacs are the bearing the brunt of media ridicule about gluten free diets; really want (and need) to think of some practical ways to deal with this (that make sense), even though there will always be idiots (like Bruce here) and the media will very soon latch on to some other topic.
      One idea I’ve been playing with is to start avoiding using “gluten free” and start using “celiac” ALL THE TIME. For example, to NOT mention gluten free in restaurants, but to use the word “celiac” consistently, followed by an explanation (I have always said “I am on a gluten free diet”, in an attempt to help the poor server. Maybe I’ve been being too kind). Any other ideas anyone? (One reason for my meditation on this issue generally is that I am going to be in San Francisco at the end of July, for a few days of sightseeing followed by a three-day Bar Mitzvah – continual partying and eating. Scary, scary, scary).

      1. Margaret,
        I’ve been doing that recently also. And when I say “celiac,” at the very least I get a glimmer of recognition. But then I’ve also been calling ahead to unfamiliar places, eating more often at home and trusted places, and brown bagging it to work. Needless to say, I still always have my guard up.
        I hope you can feel comfortable when you eat on your trip.

        1. Margaret, Ken

          I always say “I have celiac disease and I can’t have any wheat or gluten products and I am hoping you can provide a safe meal for me? “. And I say it with a smile.

          Not once has anyone ever questioned that statement. I was burned once or twice because I failed to ask about kitchen practices, but we all live and learn. Here’s what I know:
          People are well aware of what celiac is. They know it’s a horrible disease .

          I know many people feel more comfortable saying ‘gluten allergy’ but I never use that phrase. First of all, I know there is no such thing technically and I do not have an allergy, so it just makes no sense to say it. Secondly, and this is just my take on it, but it seems that if we want celiac awareness, we should use the word more often.

          I think I almost loathe the term “Gluten Free” now. I only use it when I have to –like when I type it on website comment pages. lol


          Google Find Me Gluten Free San Fran and see what comes up (*avoid chain places of course) or check celiac.com for any threads that mention SF area restaurants. People often give shout outs on there about safe places to go. Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

      2. I say “I have Celiac Disease. I need to be certain there is no wheat, rye, or barley, or anything made with wheat, rye, or barley in my food.”

        Even so, a year ago I got a lentil salad at a restaurant which was loaded with barley…which I didn’t recognize. Salad was *supposed* to consist of three kinds of lentils plus lots of other chopped greens, carrots,

        I didn’t make it out of the restaurant. It was veryveryvery bad. Needless to say, I won’t be back. Which makes me sad…that had been one of my *trusted* restaurants. But a change in kitchen staff is all it takes…

        Sad part is they denied it. But I looked up barley online…yup. That is absolutely what was in my salad.

        1. Since the only real overlap between gluten free for celiacs and gluten free as a fad diet is the word “gluten free”, I think we all have to use the word “celiac” (or “celiac disease”) as much and as often as possible. Thanks for the phraseology, seemonster! It’s good.

  24. Thank you!!! I have been wanting to say that for months now! And I’m not a johnny-come-lately to the gluten-free “fad”. My sisters and I went gluten-free over 18 years ago–the result, we lost a lot of weight and kept it off and we feel a thousand times better—so who cares what the Bruces of this world say (except for Springsteen)–if it makes you feel good and it doesn’t hurt anyone else—go for it!!!

  25. My response to most things these days is What the everloving FUCK. And I think that’s appropriate here as well. 😀

  26. am I the only one who noticed that gluten guy completely glossed over the fact that the original author was very explicit about who he was talking about, and that he was not talking about people who have legitimate gluten issues? And why doesn’t gluten guy appear to understand the difference between celiac disease and gluten intolerance? Does he think both phrases mean the same thing? Because they don’t.

    1. I’m not sure who this “gluten guy” is but perhaps I can speak on his behalf.

      Bruce called celiac JUST an intolerance. Wrong.

      Celiac and gluten intolerance are two different things. You must be new here. But people who are gluten intolerant are getting lumped in with the fad dieters and that’s just wrong.

      I’ll tell gluten guy, if I ever see him, hello for you.

      1. I hear ” Gluten Guy” has superhuman powers! Looks very sexy in his green tights and matching cape with the wheat slashed thru symbol on it! Unless he is glutened…….. 🙁

        1. Who was that masked man?! 🙂
          Ken..sorry to copy but too good of an idea..and Lima, now I’ve got my next years Halloween outfit picked out…I’ll go as either “Gluten or Glutened Gal” 😉

  27. !!!??? What on earth!? What an idiot. I’m really surprised that someone who goes to a doctor and makes an effort to appear to care about science would be so quick to bash what his scientific doctor says would be good for him. Does he ignore his doctor’s other advice too? And write “scathing” articles about the stupid people who follow that advice?

    Sounds to me like he may be more in the market for sensationalism than attempting to make a valid article. Though I suppose that’s how all opinion pieces work…

    The Right vs. Left comment though just takes the cake. So I suppose we’re all liberals now. Welp. Never saw that one coming.

    Thank you for defining me, my political stance and my mental state all in one article, Bruce. I appreciate it.

    On another note, Dude, as much as I appreciate you linking back to the original article, I almost wish you didn’t have to. It’s very fair allowing someone to read the other person’s full argument, but that means sending traffic his way. It’s the right thing to do, I know, but grating nonetheless. Ha. 😉

  28. Hi guys,

    Okay, I have not actually experienced any wheat-related ailments BUT, I absolutely and fully understand where you are coming from. Gluten is a horrific f*+#ed up “killer” that should be burnt and never utilised generally, AND Yes, that dude is a FOOL!

    I came across information about celiac disease, via Jennifer’s interview on The Daily Show and I felt hurt, to know that society can actually point fingers without understanding a situation.

    I am a baker, I currently own a company which makes cakes and related products and have been, for some time, reviewing, researching and making myself aware of GMOs and the ailments we are ‘feeding’ ourselves. I am currently making changes and choosing the organic, gluten free, dairy free, soy free route, since I’ve come to understand that companies like Monsanto are simply selling a pack of bullshit on the market as “food” because of “world hunger!” Really? People are falling for this?

    Just for the fun of it, I started researching what type of diet Monsanto’s CEO Hugh eats, and Not to My Surprise, he follows a STRICT Organic diet! Not the GMO crap they are “feeding the world.” For everyone, it’s easy to joke about something until they become a victim, then they run to the very advocates they have been fighting to Help them.

    The issue of wheat is a serious one, while wheat, as is claimed to be “healthy,” it surely isn’t the crap that is fed to us of this era.

    In life, we ought to fight for the things matter. Ridding our world of crap foods is a HUGE deal. We start, one at a time in our family members and then ricochet the positive changes.

    People complain about how expensive it is to “maintain” a healthy lifestyle, it’s so much easier to waste money on crap, also, paying a couple extra dollars, surely beats paying thousands more TRYING to “reverse” harm done, at the doctor’s office.

    Let’s take back our world by filling it with quality foods, allowing our organic farmers to be our “doctors” and caring for our upcoming and existing families!

  29. Idiots abound!

    I never use the word allergy but always explain that I have Celiac Disease so therefore can’t eat anything with wheat, barley or rye. I have even been trying to avoid saying I need it to be gluten free just to avoid confusion.

    Last night my waitress asked “what happens if you eat wheat? ”
    I flashed her my ankle covered with D.H.

    My meal was brought out by the manager. 🙂

    1. The last time a wait asked *me* that it went like this:

      Me: It isn’t pretty. Ever know someone who had salmonella poisoning?
      Wait: Yes
      Me: Well that’s what my initial gluten reaction looks like. Sitting on the toilet with a bucket/waste-basket in my lap. Sometimes I don’t even make it out of the restaurant.
      Wait: *blanching* I’ll make sure we do a good job!

      They did, too! Because that’s how *I* react to a serious glutening. Initially. And then there’s the week of aches, pains, and brain-fog…

      Poor lad. I almost felt sorry for him. But he *did* ask! He probably won’t again, though. Shameless, I am.

    2. This is my new strategy too! I state that I am a celiac and that I can’t have anything with wheat, barley or rye. I don’t mention gluten at all anymore. It seems to be working out well!

      1. Then you always have to be concerned about people like the chef who told me they didn’t use ANY wheat flour. This was at a pretty high end Mexican restaurant. I asked what the flour tortillas were made out of if they didn’t use wheat flour. He replied, “they are made from only pure white flour. No wheat flour in this restaurant”. I did tell him that white flour was bleached wheat flour in the hope he wouldn’t inadvertently poison any Celiacs in the future who may have taken him at his word. After being glutened in so many restaurants, I quit eating out altogether. Those of you who still do are very brave and trusting souls.

        1. Not brave, not trusting…just not willing to be trapped into eating *only* at home and never traveling again. FWIW–I don’t eat *anything* deep fried anywhere because of potential cross-contamination.

          1. Deep fried? What is that? I still say you are very brave. I travel plenty. Just bring my own food when I do.

            1. Dee–In my experience tortilla chips are always deep fried.
              How do you feed yourself when you travel and are in hotels? Do you always get a room with a refrigerator? Do you travel internationally?

            2. Hi Seemomster. Yes, I do get rooms with a refrigerator and a microwave. I have travelled internationally and bring my own food on flights. I found it WAY easier to find gluten free in European restaurants verses United States. I didn’t even think of tortilla chips as deep fried, but I guess they are. I eat pretty much organic only, as well as gf, so that makes it even tougher to eat out.

            3. Ah. Well, when I travel rooms with refrigerators are not always available. And dining out is a social thing…and I’m not willing to limit that part of my life any further…so I get glutened now and again. Usually NOT as seriously as barley salad night…but about once a year. And, yes, I am aware of the damage it can do…I’ve got idiopathic neuropathy in both feet. Which is associated with CD. (Though correlation=/=causation, the association is quite strong.)

              It’s all about risk/benefits. The social aspects of having a nice meal in a restaurant with friends and family outweigh the potential dangers.

              That said, if you go to London, make a point of getting a reservation at Harrods for high tea. Be certain to tell them you have CD. You will get your very own, DELICIOUS tea sandwich tower. It was AMAZING. Expensive, but amazing!

  30. I’m so sick of the media claiming celiac disease is simply a trend. Here in France, it affects 1 in 100. Others cut gluten out of their diet because it makes digestion uncomfortable, saps them of energy, and greatly decreases their quality of life. The article is poorly written and he clearly just skimmed the studies.

    1. Yes! to Ariana’s comments!!

      And PS. I have visited your blog. Beautiful pictures, lovely colorful macarons…and I greatly admire your zero waste living.

      Having recently moved to South Florida from the great Northeast, I can tell you this…my closet is practically empty and there are no coats, hats, boots, scarves, gloves… or even high heels in there at all.

      So, when I get to Paris sometime in the next 2 years, will you be willing to give me some suggestions about where to go? 😉

      1. Wow thanks so much for the kind words! I would love to. Always looking for a gluten-free coffee buddy 🙂 way to go on the wardrobe detox!

    2. Just subscribed to yout blog, Ariana! Paris is on my list of *must go* places. I hope to get there in the next year or two… I figure your GF guide will be invaluable.

  31. Rebecca Stuart

    I’m very new to the gluten-free world due to my 10 year old recently being diagnosed through blood work and biopsy. What bothers me about this guy’s article is the thought that people will read it, and believe it. So many of my friends, and family are all learning right along with me. I’d hate it if they came across this article and others like it and think that we were being dramatic about it all, or worse that it wasn’t a “real” disease. This bothers me. There HAS to be something we can do!

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      If you’re looking for company with others who take exception to all the nonsense that gets spread around on conventional and social media about our disease and people who live GF out of necessity as a health matter, then I can assure you, you’ve come to the RIGHT place. I discovered this blog last year after my own DX and find it to be an incredible resource for people who have to live GF and are seeking a supportive online community where we can tell our stories and listen as others tell theirs. There are hardships to this lifestyle that we can’t control so it’s helpful to know that you’re not alone, that there are others out there facing some of the same battles who understand what you’re going through.

      This isn’t the first time GD has had to call out someone in the media like this — far from it, sadly. But we all wish each new one could be the last.

  32. Rebecca Stuart

    I’ve found so many helpful blogs, and forums. I’m beyond glad because I’m incredibly overwhelmed with the “what if’s.” What if I dont do something right and celiac turns into something else, and then something else, and so on…. She’s got no clue right now about the things later on that could result from this disease. That makes me turn into obsessive internet researcher. SO thanks very much for the information I can trust.

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Hang in there. As John said above you’ve come to the right place. I did endless internet researching and was so confused with conflicting information as well as frightened about what “may happen” with my health at this point. When I found this blog I not only found that I’m not alone but gained tremendous insight. I also realized I was following some who constantly were selling something and also led to more fear-mongering. I was DX’d very late midlife since suffering as a young child and developed many other conditions as a result of that. There’s a lot of ground covered on Gluten Dude’s blog with many members contributing helpful links. Irish Heart has a link on a blog for newbies. Check it out and welcome to the community 🙂

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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