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    So happy to see you were able to eat out worry free! I just got to experience this too for the first time in almost 3 years. We went out to Colorado on vacation in October and several restaurants were 100% gluten free. It was so nice to not worry and just relax and enjoy myself. Choosing anything off the menu and trying food off my husbands plate was a plus! Something I see frequently are people who were diagnosed several years ago saying there was no gluten free aisle, gluten free product, etc when they were first diagnosed. I have a lot of hope that we will be able to say the same about dedicated gluten free restaurants someday too!

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      Gluten Dude

      Hope is a good thing. – Andy Dufresne

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    My fair Twin Cities has a COMPLETELY gluten free restaurant that I will continue to support with my dining out dollars. It is beyond wonderful to be able to order anything (Anything!!) on the menu and not worry One. Single. Bit. The first time we went, I admit I teared up a little. It’s so nice to to have a meal out that is also a meal that doesn’t mean being on FULL ALERT all the time. And…blissfully delicious food.

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      Gluten Dude

      I know tearing up about safe food sounds silly…but I totally get it.

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      What is the name of the restaurant?

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        Found it! It’s called Sassy Spoon.

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      WHAT?! I didn’t know about this at all – I live in the Twin Cities, too. Doing some Google-ing right now…

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    Sounds wonderful!!! Why ever end the Big 50 birthday bash with soirées like this?!?
    Glad to know I’m only 1,211.4 miles from a great safe meal!

    If I ever fulfill my promise to take my sweet wife to NYC, then Senza Gluten will definitely be a fearless treat! I only have to finish this teleportation transporter thing, then I’ll be there minimum 3 nights per week.

    Kudos to Chef Jemiko for his culinary talents and for keeping us safe & well fed!

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    I know…I know! My sister and I both have celiac and so I took her to Senza for her birthday. It was both our first time. The exhilarating feeling of not having to worry about a thing was just…well I can’t find the words. And the staff treat you like family to boot. Just awesome.

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    We need more of these. GLad you enjoyed a B- day. I hate them after 20 years of family wanting to take me out ANYWHERE I WANT. I just want to be left alone to eat so I can live. They want to have fun eating.

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    Kathy Smart

    You had me at bread I can eat at the table! Nice! HBD Gluten Dude:)

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    Dick L.

    Yes, it is a great feeling. I’ve eaten at a GF bakery and cafe near San Diego and it was nice not to have to worry. Unfortunately the food was no great shakes, but I still enjoyed it just for the experience. Last year a local celiac organization had a GF banquet at a place that is known to handle gluten free reliably. And the restaurant is tied up somehow with the leadership of the organization. So I didn’t have to worry about anything I was served– they had a room full of celiacs who would have rebelled and given them gobs of bad word of mouth, and some restaurant management types who would have been ticked off if anybody got sick. Good motivation for the staff. Being able to eat a meal without worry, even though it was a banquet meal, made it a very enjoyable evening– seemed like old times when I didn’t worry about getting sick from a meal. I felt like I had come home, somehow.

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    Mary Kate

    Happy Birthday!

    I really have to get to New York. Though, honestly, as amazing as the meal sounds, I’m really coming for the bagels at Jennifer’s Way.

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      Gluten Dude

      Not a bad reason to come to NYC ;)

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    Love, love, loved Senza Gluten. We were in NYC from Chicago in May (they had recently opened). From the minute I walked in I felt just like you. The owners were delightful and they made me feel so extra special. Unfortunately, I just had the soup (I had just eaten a packed lunch before our walk) and a great glass of wine, but it all looked so good. I also have a dairy and soy allergy, but they were able to accommodate it all and said, they will be happy to make any of the dishes to my liking. I will be back and this time I will sit and it a complete meal. I cannot wait..
    PS..Happy Birthday, Mr Dude..

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    We TOTALLY relate! My 12-year-old son was diagnosed just a few months ago and we already had a family trip to London and Paris (Paris?????????) planned. I was quite nervous. Luckily, a few google/tripadvisor searches later I found these FABULOUS options – sharing here for others!

    London – Tuesday evenings, Oliver’s Fish & Chips cleans out all their pans, etc so that on Weds they can offer GF FISH & CHIPS! (It was great) –

    Paris – I found TWO patisserie/bistros that are COMPLETELY gluten free – insanely delicious and gorgeous, gorgeous, delicious deserts – and

    Plus – there are other options too – yea!

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    Posana cafe in ashville is entirely gluten free. the dining experience is amazing and the food is delicious. Also, Oolite in Miami is also entirely gluten free. I’m not from either town but love when I get to eat at these places.

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    michelle heyns

    Awesome Gluten Dude! My husband and I went to a place in Ashville, NC that is also totally GF called Posana. It was HEAVEN!!! We could order anything, we didn’t have to comb over every item, we didn’t have to hound every manager and every server. Highly hightly recommend. It was SPECTACULAR and we are foodies. Check it out .

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    Thanks for the restaurant tips everyone! Primal in Durham, NC is also GF.

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    About 8 years ago, I told my husband if we ever got rich I was going to open a restaurant that was 100% gluten free, and also said I would like to open a store that was the same way. He said we wouldn’t have enough business to make it work. I can now officially tell him we would. Here’s to getting rich and more 100% gluten free places to eat and shop!

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    Carrie M

    How nice for you to find this gem of a restaurant! If you ever find yourself in Toronto, Ontario, there is a similar restaurant owned by a fellow celiac. It is called the Kensington Cornerstone and boasts a 100% gluten free kitchen with a fantastic menu. It is in the Kensington Market area close to all the great sports and entertainment venues. Come and see us up in Canada sometime!

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    Wildwood Bakehouse in Austin is 100% Gluten free. It’s a restaurant and a bakery in oneThe menu is a bit ambitious with probably way too many items and different cuisines, but most of the food is really good.

    They have an awesome brunch on the weekends, so depending on what day you go, you can either order anything you want off the menu or taste everything on the buffet, which are both things I miss from my pre-Celiac days.

    I explain to my friends when we eat at Wildwood that I will be tasting everyone’s food. :)

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    Jersey Girl


    Holy hell, now I’m jonesing to be there. Now. Thanks for tease. More important happy birthday GD, we all get to celebrate another year of awesome kickass snarky blogs from you.

    Cheers love-

    Jersey Girl

    “Forget that there are places in the world that aren’t made out of stone, that there’s… there’s something inside that they can’t get to and they can’t touch. That’s yours.”

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    There are a few totally GF restaurants in NYC. You should also try Mozzarellis, Risotteria and The Little Beet Table.

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    GF superkid

    I took my daughter to eat at Senza Gluten in the fall and she was thrilled! To be able to hand her a menu and say “have at it!” was truly glorious. And everything we ordered was delicious. We will be back!

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    I was recently in Syracuse, NY and found a WONDERFUL restaurant that caters very well to celiacs. It was a scratch kitchen called 110 Grill. I have never seen such a large, truly gluten free menu (including beer!!). Since they are a scratch kitchen, they make everything fresh and have dedicated GF spaces. They take their customers illnesses and allergies extremely seriously and did I mention that everything is DELICIOUS? I had calamari for the first time in what feels like forever! I seriously recommend if you are in MA or NY!


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