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    Thank you. This gave me so much hope with my child. It feels like I’m reading her story, she is 11 and this gives me hope.

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    I have non-celiac gluten sensitivity. I am one of the lucky ones that has a good doctor that thinks outside the box, but still took us about 2 years of feeling like shit to figure it out. I had a ton of symptoms, which included feeling exhausted, depressed, and anxious, along with the oh so fun stomach stuff and acid reflux. My doctor went to a conference on gut health, and those symptoms helped her diagnose me. She reminds me we literally are what we eat! I feel like I got my life back. So glad she’s getting better, and making such a great career choice. Your daughter is going to help a lot of people heal.

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    Your daughter’s story resonates with me. I have celiac. Before diagnosis, I struggled with insomnia (and obviously the anxiety causing the insomnia). Now that I’m gluten free and actually eating my fruits & veggies, I don’t have to take any melatonin, I sleep like a baby. At its worst (90 min of sleep each night 3 days in a row, then 6-7 hours one night, then back to 90 min) a nurse practitioner tried to give me drugs with a black box warning! I just wonder how many people are diagnosed with these problems that could be more easily remedied by diet.


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