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    The Atomic Mom

    Oh my gracious! I am on the verge of tears reading this. I’m so glad your daughter has been able to heal. Good work Dude Family!

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      Gluten Dude

      Thank you. Quite the journey.

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    Wow- it really goes to show that gluten can affect a person even if they’re not Celiac. I’m curious though- I didn’t think there was an official bloodwork test for non-Celiac gluten sensitivity and leaky gut? If you know the tests that were ordered, it would be appreciated. I have a friend with relentless stomach problems who has been blown off by the medical community after numerous negative GI tests including a Celiac panel. It would be so wonderful to have an answer (finally!)
    Glad your daughter is taking control of her health and has healed. Much love to you all.

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      Gluten Dude

      Thanks Julie. I suggest you contact Dr. Fratellone for the medical questions. He is a cardiologist and someone who thinks outside the box.

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    Picture this same scenario except gaining weight instead of losing it. Doesn’t seem possible, but thyroid disease (caused by the wrong foods, ie: gluten and processed junk) can make your body go either way, while still suffering from malnutrition. Hopefully your daughter has been fully tested for all autoimmune thyroid diseases. Her symptoms suggest she was extremely hyper-thyroid. Blood tests do not show tissue levels of hormones and most doctors treat off blood tests. Thyroid disease commonly flares and then settles down, and a lot of that is caused by stress and the hormones released because of it. Couple that with no nutrition and we can become extremely sick. I nearly died 3 times because of it. So glad your daughter found out early in her life that food really does make a difference, and also that she is now recovering.

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    Seattle Annie

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! I was struck by your comment “anxiety frequently stems from the gut, not the mind”, and wonder if you could post links to sites/articles you found in your research that were helpful on this issue. My husband suffers from anxiety and I wonder if he could reduce his medication by changing his diet. But, he needs some convincing, so any resources you could recommend would be most appreciated!

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      I have had success with anxiety taking N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC). I take NOW brand 600mg once a day. See the wikipedia entry:

      Taking NAC has also made a very positive improvement in my bronchial health (asthma).

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    So sorry for all her suffering. So so happy she is feeling better, feeling stronger and so positive. Stay strong, healthy and happy Dudette.

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    First I want to say how incredibly sorry I am that you sweet child had to suffer in any way. I have a son close to your age that suffered with other issues and after I was diagnosed with Celiac I changed his diet as well. It changed everything for
    With that said I hope anyone teading this will take a moment to digest ( no pun intended) what I am about to say…..
    Why as a society have we taken such an incredibly huge turn in the wrong direction..
    Why would we ever believe that food isn’t our life force. I am by no means being critical but god gave us the resources to live healthy happy lives and never has nature not given us a way to heal our bodies from any and yes I mean any disease.
    We have got to open our minds back up and realize that we’re being plagued with all of these horrible diseases to wake us up.
    Why are so many so angry when their pasta is taken away? Because as you said the gut rules the mind. Food is the biggest addiction we have on this planet. And when you feed the bad bugs in your gut they tell your brain they want more to survive.. how are we truly supposed to know any better when we are bombarded ( especially your generation) with fake food advertisements that
    claim to be healthy when in actuality they are causing you to to become addicted the very thing that will destroy your health.
    We have become a society that belives only in what “Dr’s” tell us to be true instead of trusting our instincts.
    Ps. One of the biggest myths out there is that we need to avoid the sun at all costs.. go back and put the rise in cancer in line with the sudden need to avoid gods greatest life force ( what gives every plant life) the sun and you’ll see thats when Cancer started to sky rocket..
    We need natural light exposure for vitamin D one of the seriously depleted vitamins in all cancer patients..
    I hope when you are fully healed that you won’t stop your research.. You were given this tragic pain so you could learn and than teach others. Please please think of it as a gift. You were chosen to be part of the solution to saving your generation from complete destruction. I hope you will take it seriously and make it part of your lifes purpose to educate and help others.
    The shaming for choosing to be healthy has got to stop. We have got to stop thinking we are being deprived because we can’t eat cake! The only thing your being deprived of is a life of misery pain and life long medication.
    That my dear is a gift!
    Good luck to you on your journey!
    Lots of love…

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    My very best wishes to your daughter! So glad food was the answer. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but it could’ve been so much worse. I know a woman for whom these symptoms turned out to be a tumor near her pancreas. So glad that’s not the case. I remember thinking, “what, I’m supposed to eat cereal, or wait in a long line for eggs? ” when I first lived in a dorm. The fresh food line was usually incredibly long and I usually didn’t have time to wait. I switched to cereal. Bad move on my part too. That was in the 1990s, so the ‘freshman 15 isn’t funny at all, it’s a sign that colleges need to rethink healthy choices.

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    Maureen E Burke

    Incredible story of strength and resilience and the power of good food and good choices. Thank you for sharing this!

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    Same response as there:

    This is incredibly insulting. No, her diet didn’t “heal” her.
    I’m glad she’s okay now. But this is just dangerous victim-blaming nonsense.
    Just because Celiac Disease can be cured by diet doesn’t mean others can, too.


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