Dr. Oz Calls Gluten-Free a Scam

dr oz gluten free scam

Oh boy. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

I was never a big fan of Dr. “the sky is falling and I’m making millions off of spreading fear” Oz. He’s a smart guy but spends too much time spewing nonsense for ratings. In the past five years on his show, he has shared no less than 16 “miracle weight loss cures”. Crap from green coffee extract to raspberry ketone.

He offers false hope to millions who are looking for a quick fix.

Hey Dr. Oz…I’ve got an idea. How about offering the truth that it’s a combination of eating right and exercising regularly? Offering the truth? Now that would be a miracle…but wouldn’t make for great TV now would it?

So anyway, last night he was on with Seth Myers and for some reason, they just HAD to talk about gluten. What is it with late-night comedians and gluten? Is there nothing else to talk about? Anyway, here is how the conversation went:

Seth: I feel like there are all of these crazes in health and one of these is gluten-free. So gluten-free, is it the real deal or is it BS? What do you think?

Now at this point, I’m thinking Dr. Oz, you know…being a DOCTOR and all, would say it’s a real health issue for a lot of people and would go on to talk about celiac disease. I mean…this is a real moment to educate. We can finally shut the naysayers up. Jimmy Kimmel, Rachael Ray, Jimmy Fallon and all the other idiots who pile on us can all suck it. This is our moment to shine.

I hit pause on my DVR. I woke my entire family up and told them to come downstairs. I called the neighbors and had them come over. I called all my friends and relatives and put them all on speakerphone so everyone could finally hear from a real doctor about how serious our disease is. I opened all of the windows in my house and turned the volume all the way up.

Then when I had everyone’s rapt attention…I hit the play button.

And this is what I got.

Dr. Oz: It’s complete BS. It’s a scam.

Ok…well…that’s not what I was expecting. Here’s the complete video:

(Click here if you can’t see the above video.)

Don’t you just love the crowd reaction after he calls it a scam? It’s like they were all saying “I KNEW IT!” and they were so deliriously happy.

After he called it a scam, he seemed to try to go into damage control mode a bit but he even botched that. He said “there are a lot of folks who have big time problem with gluten so I don’t have a problem with people who don’t like eating gluten foods…”

We don’t LIKE to eat gluten foods? Really?? It’s not that we CAN’T eat gluten foods or our body actually attacks itself causing ungodly health issues? Ok…just wanted to make sure.

He finishes nicely, saying that most gluten-free food is junk. Been saying that for years.

And THAT’S what the scam is. It’s the food companies promoting gluten-free like it’s better for everyone’s general health, regardless of how much other crap ingredients they put in their food.

His intent most likely was not to discredit the gluten-free community, but his messaging was atrocious.

And naturally…not one mention of celiac disease. Another missed opportunity.

But you know what my real problem with this segment is? Dr. Oz is constantly talking about the evils of gluten on his show and on his site. You want some headlines from the man himself? How about these for starters?

“5 Hidden Signs You Have a Gluten Allergy”

“The New Warning Signs for Gluten Sensitivity”

“Gluten: The Next Epidemic?”

“Is Gluten Your Body’s Worst Enemy?”

“Is Gluten Secretly Destroying Your Health?”

“Have You Gone gluten-Free?”

“Is Going Gluten-Free the Answer You’ve Been Waiting For?”

See the double-standard here? Dr. Oz can’t stop talking about gluten. He’s profiting handsomely from it. He’s one of the reasons for the damn bandwagon in the first place.

And yet he goes on national TV and then calls it complete BS??

You cannot have it both ways my friend. And the next time a celiac gets sick because a chef thinks the whole gluten-free thing is a scam, he/she will have you to thank.

Well done doc.

I’ll finish with this wonderful quote from Forbes magazine:

“Dr. Oz simply masquerades marketing as medicine, trumpeting outlandish claims on the backs of poorly conducted science and insignificant data. In the end, it’s all for ratings.”

Amen to that.

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127 thoughts on “Dr. Oz Calls Gluten-Free a Scam”

  1. For the life of me, I cannot understand why people are so ready to attack anything gluten free. There is no other health trend – which is not a trend, but an absolute necessity for us celiacs – that has been so maligned. I don’t get it. Is celiac just not a sexy enough disease? Has the trend/fad part of this diet killed any ability for us to be taken seriously? As a doctor he should be ashamed because he knows better. He should be even more ashamed because he reaches a huge audience – something the average doctor cannot do – and therefore has an even greater responsibility to get it right. And not taking the time to clarify what “big time problems with gluten” actually are is a joke.

    Once again, spot on Dude! And here I was thinking your blog post today would come from Rachel Ray on Kimmel last night!

    1. This article misses the point Dr. Oz was trying to make. “Gluten Free” foods are the big fad for mass marketers right now. Just like “Fat Free” had it’s day and “Sugar Free,” etc. These crappy foods that companies make and market are glomming on the to fad, and many people are fooled into thinking they are healthful foods just because they are “gluten free.” Let’s face it, Twizzlers aren’t healthy just because they are “fat free”! The same goes for many (most?) packaged gluten-free foods. I don’t have celiac, but carbs make me feel awful, so I don’t eat them. Instead I eat whole foods that I prepare myself. I don’t substitute the “gluten free” hyped foods unless they are truly healthful. But most people don’t read every ingredient on the label, and so a general guideline to avoid the “gluten free” hyped processed foods is a good one, IMO. The scam he refers to is on the part of mass marketers of processed foods, not people who suffer from celiac or gluten intolerance. He just did an entire show on avoiding wheat/gluten/carbs. He definitely gets it.

      1. I don’t think it misses the point at all. The general public sees no difference between just eating gluten free and eating that way out of necessity for your health because there is still precious little knowledge and awareness out there about celiac disease and NCGS. Statements like his are extremely damaging to the public perception because he did little to clarify what the “scam” is. Like Hap said below, it was a bad question with an even worse answer. And just because he’s done a few shows about avoiding wheat, gluten, and carbs doesn’t mean that he actually “gets” it. He did those shows because gluten is a hot topic right now and it brings in ratings. In my experience, and many others who follow this blog, most doctors really don’t get it.

        1. Beautifully stated!
          MusicMidget, you hit the point on the point!

          Unwittingly or not, by only “trying to” or “likely” attempting to state a case, but failing, Seth and Dr Oz not only inflicted damage upon the Celiac/NCGS community, if I was a reputable manufacturer of quality “gluten free” products, I would be demanding that (1) Dr Oz immediately retract his “scam” and “BS” comments regarding “gluten free”, (2) clarify his allegations with specific bad product names and/or explanations of his comments and (3) repair the damages he caused to the businesses of reputable manufacturers of quality “gluten free” products.

          It is difficult enough for caring companies to provide us with quality foods/beverages without national spokespersons making it more difficult with outlandish statements on national television.

          1. Good point Hap! Not all processed gf food is horrible. Eating excessive amounts of it is, but that can be said for any food. Those companies that jump on the bandwagon just to make a buck are the ones we should take issue with. They are not taking the necessary precautions to keep us safe. But I am certainly glad for the ones who are dedicated to providing quality, tasty, truly gluten free goodies for us – and there are quite a few out there – because sometimes you just need to have a cookie! 😉

        2. I have to laugh every time I hear that this is a, “sexy, new diet/fad, craze”. If spending copious amounts of time having the squirts for 6 hours after a meal, followed by a few days of intermittent nausea, dehydration, weight loss (the good part that everyone wants), exhaustion, body pain, suicidal depression (rinse and repeat), well, what else can I say. Ignorance is bliss.

          I’d like to ditto just about every comment already written. I am so gratefull for intellectual conversation!

          I am not a doctor or scientist, but I do like to read and research.
          It is my opinion that industry is skewing the gluten results, much like RJ Renolds company did with cigarettes. Gluten is addicting and the industry fully knows it. It is my belief that gluten is bad for ALL bodies, especially in the quantity that most eat (I was one of them!) Gluten is making people malnourished (i.e. obesity) so we eat more and more; gluten a toxic substance, it passes through the body, not allowing the body to take in nourishment, it does absolutely NO good for ANY body. This will be proven in time, maybe not in my lifetime, but it will. Big money will prevent this information from coming out any time soon.

          Dr Oz was right to say the GF industry is making foods that are just as bad for people as glutenous ones i.e. sugar, artificial and, “natural” ingredients, bad fats . . . these things are literally addicting, and could make dog doo taste good. After eating only real foods for so long, when I eat something with artificial flavors, my taste-buds wake up (these fake flavors are reeeealy yummy!!!) and make me want to eat more of it; I am not satisfied when I eat processed foods, they make me want to take another bite, then another . . . that is how it works. Keep us fat, keep us sick, keep us going to the doctor~~ job security. It is ALL about the bottom dollar. ALWAYS!

          The screaming folks in the audience don’t want to try a GF diet to see if they feel better, maybe because they still feel great, so they can go on living with their heads in the sand (or other dark stinky places we talk about a lot here). The FDA is not doing its job, they are protecting food industry. Big, BIG MONEY.

          Dr. Oz mentioned, albeit very briefly, that gluten caused issues for many people and yes it was disappointing and discouraging to say the least. I hope he was referring to folks that are going GF because they think they will lose weight or who are using it as a fad or a healthier way of eating, however, I personally don’t know anyone who wants to be on a GF diet because it is so fun, cheap, and tasty! I found his little talk annoying at the least. He lacked maturity, but look at his audience. Ignorance is bliss.

          I suppose I read between the lines here. What I here Dr Oz. saying, is that all the folks on a GF diet who are not CD patients, are hypochondriacs. This is a typical way of many, if not most doctors pushing people’s self knowing away and not taking people seriously with how they are feeling. I have suffered with a symptom here and a symptom there, most of my life, and it took till I was in my 50’s to get any arrogant doctor to listen me~~ but that was ONLY after I nearly starved to death and was having all over body spasms (diarrhea starvation is painful). EVEN THEN, they treated me like I was out of my head.

          Dorothy . . . look behind the curtain. . .

      2. Your point is it, exactly. Gluten-free processed foods are …likely what he meant. Following a gluten free food program out of necessity is not a scam or a fad. Celiac is the worst of the spectrum, but I hope everyone can agree it is a spectrum. Its funny you mentioned Twizzlers as an example of fat free – because it is Twizzlers that sent me to a toilet within 10 minutes of consumption – and I ran to the internet to see what they were made out of and to my shock it is wheat~! I am new to GF eating. I did not get a celiac diagnosis, though I did recently get the blood work and scoping (this after 3 years of symptoms). Perhaps I am gluten sensitive or intolerant, but I am avoiding gluten now to see if my symptoms improve.

        1. You know people that gluten being in the mass majority of foods doesn’t mean you are gluten sensitive or celiac or anything when you have adverse reactions after eating it right? Not like there isn’t 100,000 other things more well documented and proven to give you problems especially crap like twizzlers that have probably been sitting on that rack for years collecting bacteria and germs that you have on your hands after opening the package. SMH…Unless you are a diagnosed celiac from a real doctor and allergist, you have no claim IMO cause you haven’t gone through the steps to ensure you aren’t just a hypochondriac making stuff up.

          1. You have no idea what Donna has gone through or any of the people who haven’t formally been diagnosed with anything and have decided to cut out gluten. Who are you to call her a hypochondriac? Who are you to act as if you know her health better than she does? The medical community hasn’t even come up with a way to properly diagnose NCGS, so you’re asking her to do something that isn’t even medically possible at this point.

            You do realize that celiac disease is underdiagnosed, right? You do realize that doctors have refused to test people because they don’t believe they’re having any issues, right? You do realize that blood tests for celiac can have false negatives, right? You do realize that endoscopic procedures and genetic testing are super expensive and not everyone can afford them, right?

            Celiac disease is not diagnosed by allergists because it’s not an allergy. It’s an autoimmune disease. Your name is “read a book”, so one would think you’d know this.

            1. I think that he missed the opportunity BIG TIME to explain what going gluten-free is about. One thing is to go gluten-free and purchase processed food products that are not healthy at all; and another thing is to go gluten-free and eat organic non-GMO food that is actually good for you such as vegetables, fruit, non-contaminated oats, quinoa, organic potatoes, seeds, nuts, and I could go on and on.

              When he states that gluten-free is a scam it could be interpreted in two ways:
              1.- That all the hype against gluten is BS and that people that are gluten sensitive or celiac are “just exaggerating”.
              2.- That processed products claiming to be gluten-free are not really healthy and that a lot of the ingredients are not good for you.

              He then goes on to explicate, but I think that his explanation is a bit confusing for people who are not well informed about gluten sensitivity, which is the majority of viewers.

              To summarize, the idea was not correctly conveyed. He should have mentioned celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

        2. Sugar and all the additives and preservatives could be the problem for you as well. It is very simple, stay away from processed foods most of the time; eat real food! Sugar and some additives makes me sick as a dog, I feel as bad after eating it as I do from gluten, just not for as long.
          As I have said many times, gluten is bad for all bodies, but so is sugar, additives, over processing etc. Eat your meat and veggies folks! If we stop buying all this CRAP, we will hopefully feel better and get healthier. The more we buy it, the more they make. We can put them out of the market by what we purchase.
          Research what, “natural flavors” are and artificial ones, they are scary! And for the GF foods, I read that xanthm gum is derived from black mold. Euuw, is that true? Thing may be natural, but do you really want to eat the sperm of a aardvark, or horse urine, or bug juice?
          Celiacs made me grow up. Candy is no longer a choice for me.
          Best of luck to you and I hope you feel better soon.

      3. I think that he missed the opportunity BIG TIME to explain what going gluten-free is about. One thing is to go gluten-free and purchase processed food products that are not healthy at all; and another thing is to go gluten-free and eat organic non-GMO food that is actually good for you such as vegetables, fruit, non-contaminated oats, quinoa, organic potatoes, seeds, nuts, and I could go on and on.

        When he states that gluten-free is a scam it could be interpreted in two ways:
        1.- That all the hype against gluten is BS and that people that are gluten sensitive or celiac are “just exaggerating”.
        2.- That processed products claiming to be gluten-free are not really healthy and that a lot of the ingredients are not good for you.

        He then goes on to explicate, but I think that his explanation is a bit confusing for people who are not well informed about gluten sensitivity, which is the majority of viewers.

        To summarize, the idea was not correctly conveyed. He should have mentioned celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

  2. Going through this right now with the eye rolls & “trust me we accomidate gluten free every day” then offers salad with croutons, floured baked chicken, bread crumb eggplant, tofu & meatloaf as accomodation. Please someone just help me die slamming my head repeatedly on this table is getting painful!!
    Worse its professionals turning out thousands of meals thinking this is ok because of jag off’s like Dr.Oz. What part of serious medical condition is too hard for people? Even doctors like at boston general will torture a patient saying celiac or mitochondrial disease are psychiatric & leave them to die…because they directly make money for that, rather than helping them with a natural (& non-prescription) diet. Grrrr

  3. The other half cat

    Chill out Dude! I’m no fan of Oz either but he is saying the same thing you say all the time. All those “gluten free” foods that line the grocery shelves in the middle of the store are nothing more than processed junk. It’s the same message you preach here! People eating all those processed “gluten free” foods thinking they are doing something healthy for themselves are falling into another BS trap.

    Why don’t you try to get yourself on one of theses shows and talk about celiac and real gluten intolerance! That would do a lot of good for this community.

    1. I hear ya. But his messaging sucked. Calling it a scam and complete BS overshadowed everything he said afterwards. What is the one thing people will take from the interview? That it’s a scam. That’s my issue.

      1. The other half cat

        I understand what you are saying but his message isn’t directed at the celiac community. His message is directed at the general population. The celiac community needs a higher profile in the media. He wasn’t directing his comments at your gluten free lifestyle.

        People criticize what they don’t understand. The general public doesn’t understand celiac or true gluten sensitivity. You and Jennifer need a higher profile. Get on Rachel Ray! Talk her producers into doing a show on how to really create a gluten free meal and without using all that processed food. Get on Oz. With all the food and health topics he covers, I would think wouldn’t be too hard. It’s time to step it up!

          1. The other half cat

            Wow! That really surprises me. Jennifer is sexy enough! But I guess there is nothing sexy about crapping your guts out after eating a bite of glutened-up sourdough. No one wants to think about that. And really, come to think of it, the TV crowd wants a quick fix in gummy bear form not a lifestyle change that involves preparing your own whole food from scratch every day.

          2. For those old enough to remember, think back to how AIDS was perceived in the 1980s. There was a lot of fear and ignorance about that disease, and then in 1985 Rock Hudson became the first celebrity to die from it. Around the same time, there was also Ryan White, the hemophiliac teenaged boy who contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion and waged (and won) a very public legal battle for his right to attend school, with celebrities like Elton John embracing his cause. This sequence of events played a huge role in shifting the public perception of AIDS.

            Sadly, I fear it would take something this extreme to change the public perception of celiac disease, especially since the celebrity world at this point seems to be aligned mostly against us.

      2. I totally agree. His messaging is off. Saying that the gluten-free trend is BS overshadows what he explained afterwards (which he didn´t explain well either). To begin with, going gluten-free is not a trend or a craze for the millions of people the world over that are gluten sensitive, allergic or celiac. It’s a necessity.

        Unfortunately, he missed the opportunity to shed some light on a serious health issue on a program that reaches a mass audience.

  4. the fact is We “People” are offered “junk” in many forms,.. We “the People” need to stop eating junk,.. I dont care what names are put on things, get off junk,..get on real foods,.. make it from scratch so your not using “junk” weather its gluten’s, color additives , fillers!,..preservatives!, another good bet is,.. ” don’t just believe,.. in ” do the research! , when i haunt the hall ways of the sickest people on sites on the big med sites,. researchers,… and see what diets the doctors put them on,…. ALL!!!!!! of them take people OFF gluten’s,.. as well as 1000 other things.,

    I think there has to be more to it then what were seeing,.. stay away from fast food places,.. fact is your bound to get sick there from just bad handling of food! much less whats in that “junk” .

  5. I’m pretty sure Dr. Oz and Jerry Springer are related. I’m just sayin’.

    Ignorance seems to me to be like a drug. People get addicted to it. They get lazy. They can’t be bothered to question anything. They get their information from catchy sound-bites – small bits of information cloaked in shiny things aimed at the distracted masses. It boggles the mind that anyone would read the Enquirer, for example, and yet…

    Don’t worry about the people yahooing when someone makes fun of those who want or need to eat gluten-free foods. They’ll get theirs and it’ll be shocking. You can’t go through life as a complete ****head without Karma stepping in at some point. That said, once again I applaud you for raising awareness and holding people accountable for their missteps.

  6. I used to watch this guys show, and thought oh he’s bringing celiac disease out into the open. Then he starts interviewing Elizabeth hasselback while having a celiac researcher sitting in the front row of his audience. The man has no credibility as far as I’m concerned

  7. Damn mofo TV quack. A doctor is supposed to have EMPATHY for a patient. But after working with doctors, I’ve found some of them are a bit narcissistic if not a tad sociopath and their empathy is make believe. I think a mofo TV quack like Oz is a sociopath narcissist first and a doctor second who sees opportunities to make money of the cult of Oprah. But that’s just my opinion. Dr. Drew is no better, maybe worse. Asshats.

    1. A bit narcissistic is an understatement. The doctors i saw in my quest to find out what my problem was were downright arrogant and condescending. I have a very low opinion of GP doctors as a result. Oh yeah, and they didn’t even care about finding out what was really wrong with me.

  8. Good morning Fellow Celiacs and NCGSers:

    I was going to say more but I can’t quit laughing long enough to think straight after reading Sobia’s “smarmy fool” comment aimed at Dr Oz on Gluten Dude’s Twitter account.
    I’m with GD, what a great word “smarmy”!

    I also agree with GD’s point that if Dr Oz is going to be a public spokesperson, then he should be a responsible spokesperson especially considering the seriousness of Celiac Disease. He should not be so flippant as a medical doctor on a comedy show. His was a very poorly worded response & message. An embarrassment for him and public ally displays his ignorance of the subject being “discussed”. Everyone who applauded need just a few CD days to change their perspective & minds!

    As a lawyer, I see a lot more problems but I won’t bore y’all.

    Hope everyone has a great “less smarmy” day!
    I sure would rather watch Jen E and The Dude rather than Dr Oz. I think everyone would learn more and still have fun.


  9. That initial comment, that sound bite, will get repeated over and over again and it will be parroted back to us. He really has lost all credibility in my back. Since he got his own tv show, he has been sensationalizing everything. You’re so right that he can’t have it both ways. I agree with Musicmidget’s first statement, but I’ve come to the conclusion that nobody is going to take celiac or NCGS seriously until there are drugs associated with it and they start seeing ads for those drugs with a statement or two on celiac and NCGS. That is how America is being educated today; that’s what there’s “buy-in” on and, sadly, it’s the pharmaceutical reps who are educating our doctors on a daily basis because they’re stuck in the office seeing 20 to 30 patients a day. As far as I know, the presentation on celiac disease in med school is still not even a whole day and medical textbooks might still share incorrect info on celiac (it wasn’t that long ago that I know they were inaccurate). I have no intention of taking a drug when I can stay gluten free and not worry about side effects from a drug, but I do believe that drug approval (of any kind) will allow more acceptance of our condition as reality, plus, more importantly, cause Big Pharma to improve celiac testing and perhaps expand the scope of what are considered serious gluten issues (i.e., not just celiac) in conjunction with doctors so they will get more patients for their drugs and recoup some of that money they spent to develop those drugs and improve testing.

    Of course, we know that all the gf products are not what we need to be eating, but that’s not what Seth Myers asked him. And I agree on the late night tv shows and their animosity towards the gf folks. (It’s like they all have the same playbook really … same guests, same topics, same bad jokes.) I was actually watching that show, but then decided to go ahead and go to bed. I’m so glad I did.

    Thanks for calling a spade a spade, GD. Dr. Oz’s follow-up comments only muddied the waters further as you stated and he’s a big part of the problem.


  10. It’s not that I “don’t like eating gluten”, I’m just not a fan of the near coma it puts me in and several days of recovery time I can look forward to. His comments were irresponsible in my opinion and a “Dr” I believe that was an opportunity to educate people that may have been missed. There were likely people watching that show for whom gluten is an issue and they don’t yet know.

  11. ​It’s just sad that he couldn’t just say CELIAC…instead of people that have problems with gluten. Help the Celiac community out instead of acting like it doesn’t exist. He’s a doctor how hard would it have been to break down these issues. ​

  12. I won’t even make a comment on Dr. Oz because he’s an idiot….even worse, he’s an educated idiot….the worst kind. I will make a comment on all the attacks regarding all gluten free processed food being junk. I don’t know what labels you all are reading or what restaurants you dine at but I have had the total opposite experiences in my 9 years gf. What it boils down to is more choice for us and I think that’s a good thing.

    Any processed gf food that I do buy is not loaded with preservatives, coloring and all the other horrors that some in the gf crowd like to perpetuate. There are so few ingredients, it makes label reading easy. And why wouldn’t someone like myself, who follows a natural, unprocessed diet 80% of the time, not want to indulge in a brownie or cookie once in awhile? I am one of those thin Celiac’s and if I just ate unprocessed food all the time, I would lose weight. I am very active and weight train so eating some junk a couple of times a week is necessary and, I must admit, yummy and satisfying. There are some awesome companies out there who do it right and some who do not and its up to you to read the damn labels and know enough about food to make better choices with your junk food.

    As for restaurants, I do not dine out that often at all because I have found that the higher end of a restaurant you dine at, the odds of sustaining a gluten hit is much more remote. So we dine at the expensive places where the chef, not a line cook, has been educated and knows what gluten and cc are. We cannot dine at expensive places often so limit our times out and spend the extra cash to have really great gf food. I am also extremely sensitive to small amounts and nearly died 9 years ago from this disease….really did come close, so I take this very seriously. There are safe places to eat but you won’t usually find them in a chain restaurant. I have learned that they hire people without much food knowledge who know even less about cc so don’t even go there. They may try but I have only ever been glutened in a chain restaurant so never eat in them. There are exceptions but I would rather dine at a spectacular bistro who does it right than risk my health at a chain with mediocre food. I also live in Boston where there is a high rate of knowledge about Celiac so am lucky in that respect.

    Celiac Disease will be a pariah for awhile to come because people are so food stupid today plus we are attacking the very foundation of people’s emotional well being. Food is highly emotional and you have all seen them…..the “I will die if I don’t have McDonald’s burgers twice a week. I just can’t give them up.”
    Plus, who likes people who have their shit together, food-wise, and eat solely for their health and to ward off medical problems?
    This is America…we have pills for that.

    There is much resentment out there for us and I can see why, although I know its misplaced anger. I feel sorry for these people because my self esteem is high enough that I brush off their stupid remarks and think to myself…..Yeah, whatever. Let’s see who’s feeling their best at the finish line! I’m pretty sure it will be all of us……even if we eat the occasional brownie or cookie from a gf mix. Forget Dr. Oz….I wouldn’t have him treat my cat.

    1. Loved your comments, and many of the other comments here today.

      Especially loved your accurate assessment: “Celiac Disease will be a pariah for awhile to come because people are so food stupid today…”


      Many people don’t have a clue what’s in the food they eat. A co-worker once asked me about breads. I answered that, unless they’re specifically g-f, breads have wheat and that’s gluten, so I can’t eat them. Her next question was, “Not even whole wheat?”

  13. GD-

    Great post. I get it, he is an idiot. He is so full of crap his ass must be dragging. However, the thing that most surprised me was the audience reaction. Cheering that it NCGI/celiac is a fad?? Really? How about compassion? Has our society really turned into this?

    Keep fighting GD, we’re with you all the way-
    Jersey Girl

    “Remember, Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies…”

    1. If he had actually said “celiac” and gone beyond saying that ‘people have issues with gluten so they don’t *LIKE* to eat it…’, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation. His bit about ‘not liking’ to eat gluten was the death knell right there. He never said there’s a real and valid medical basis for refusing to eat gluten. Instead, he turned us all into nothing more than picky eaters.

  14. Great article. People are still so ignorant about gluten and here comes another person on National TV saying that GF is BS.
    I get that he was talking about GF products (most of them are really bad for you for sure), but the way he talked it really sounds like he was referring to us who need to be GF.
    I’m super exhausted to have to “defend” my GF diet all the time to everybody.
    I just got shut down by a family member and started a whole drama because I don’t want to eat at a family party that will have no GF foods for me. So when I told that I was going to eat before my arrival they told me that I “lost” the sense of family get together. Just crazy..

    1. Nice. Nothing like family being the first to understand. 😛 I’d eat first or take my own, too. Good luck!

  15. Although I’m no fan of Dr. Oz’s show, it was pretty clear to me that he was talking about “gluten-free” as a weight-loss diet, and that IS a scam. He just didn’t express it as well as he could have.

  16. Thank you thank you thank you!! I have been telling my husband, who is a fan of Doc Oz, that the man is full of crap and his shows are a daily contradiction…no matter who is in his show, they are right. Even if yesterday he said the exact opposite!!! Money and fame!!! He does not give a rats arse about people or illness…just his ratings and pocket!!!!! So mad!!!!

  17. The Dr. Oz is what I like to call “Pop Medicine”. Whether you love him or hate him, his miracle diets and quick fixes would suggest he’s full OF CRAP. Not a fan of anyone instilling false hope by propagating claims backed by POOR empirical data for the sake of personal, monetary gain$$$.

  18. Josef Rosenfeld

    I watched this and I think he is referring to people who go on a gluten free diet to lose weight – because he talks about that specifically – “people end up gaining weight”

    So, my take is that he admits that there are people who have problems ?!?!?!?!?! Celiac is pretty documented since the end of WWII, or “the big one” for all those All in the Family watchers.

    Granted there is no real test for non-celiac gluten intolerance – so he may be lumping those people into his “gluten free is a scam” population, at the end of the day – once people figure out what is right for them, that is what they will do.

    If a gluten free diet makes you feel better, and you aren’t a celiac – more power to you. And i found a pretty decent gluten free licorice to make up for all the crap ones out there.

  19. How many times are we going to have to witness this? I feel very lucky to live in a town where when I say in a restaurant “I have Celiac” that the waiter or waitress usually responds with, “Ok here’s our special gluten-free menu!” with a smile and a nod instead of something like this. The real knowledge will grow if we keep combating stuff like this so that’s a relief. Just have to keep up the awareness, and for that Gluten Dude, I commend you! The snarky looks and quips on GF will come to an end eventually (fingers crossed). One thing that is worth mentioning however is that some people do eat gluten-free for other things such as MS, Crohn’s, or allergy and they might not be sensitive to the small amounts that we are so I think we should be extra careful not to claim this diet solely as our own though. Anyway, hit the nail on the head again GD, thanks for letting us know about this one!

  20. I DO “have a problem with people who don’t like eating gluten foods.” Where do they get off not LIKING to eat gluten foods, when those of us with celiac who would love to can’t? Jerks.

    P.S. Dr. Oz…psssht. Is there some kind of “man behind the curtain” joke to be made here? I’m sure someone, somewhere, has already made it. Anyway, yeah, fully agree with you and Shirley that this is going to be another very annoying soundbite.

  21. I agree wholeheartedly GD. I was recently diagnosed with CD 3 weeks ago and I can’t even believe what I have been encountering. I have to eat out a lot because of my job and have many lunch and dinner meetings. Unfortunately, I can’t avoid it. People just have no idea that this is a disease. No. I can’t have the burger without the bun because the burger only has “just a little” breadcrumb in it. The steak is gluten free? Oh but you forgot to mention it is marinated in soy sauce. “Oh, was that a problem?” The waiter says to me after I ate it and was sick immediately after. Dr. Oz has a responsibility, not because he’s a doctor as much as because he’s a celebrity. Millions of people watch him and they believe what he says. He very well knows what Celiac Disease is and doesn’t even say those words?? He belittled it as a fad diet and when he had the chance to continue to speak after he said he knows there are people that have a “problem” with it he still doesn’t address that this “problem” is a damn disease. It was sad and very frustrating to watch. I hope Jennifer is able to break some ground with this and get more awareness out there so people don’t continue to see us as just “picky eaters”. Loving this blog and I thank you for writing it.

  22. This is PATHETIC… anyone interested, here are the simple facts:
    1. Celiac disease is real. For those suffering with it, eating ‘gluten’ is like setting a fire in your system. At the end of the day, the gluten destroys your mechanism to absorb nutrients, hence a disease of malabsorption.
    2. Not paying attention to this will surely make you sick, stuff like anemia, cancer, osteoporosis… just to name a few.
    3. So, any idiot that says ‘gluten’ is a scam, needs to retake that class in medical school that they clearly skipped out on or slept through.
    4. As for a ‘gluten free’ diet, if you choose the right foods that are naturally gluten free (like any fruit, any veggie, eggs, meat, fish or poultry, any nut, any seed etc,) you will undoubtedly have a healthy menu. The fact that there are now a ton of ‘packaged goods’ available, only add to the wrong choice list (be it gluten or gluten free.) How wonderful, however, for those who can’t just have a treat, to now have gluten free options for stuff like cookies and bread, readily available. But, like I just said, any diet that comes out of a package, is not healthy, san gluten or not.

  23. thank you. people already think i have a made up “dislike” for gluten. i don’t need dr. oz running his mouth about it. when the fact of the matter is, not eating gluten has changed my life for the better. i’ve never felt so good. i’m not hurting anyone or myself… so why the hell do people care what i eat and why?

    1. Exactly. I’m eating a certain way because it is the ONLY cure for what ails me. Why does that set people off?

      “It’s a crazy world. People ought to sell tickets.” – Raising Arizona

  24. Screw Dr Oz.
    and amen to what Gemini says.

    That’s it, that’s all I’ve got today because I could write an eloquent rebuttal and do my celiac advocacy spiel and enlighten and educate and…for what?

    This asshat has TIME on TV because Oprah gave it to him.

    He is not a doctor who cares about patient welfare, he is a media whore. He had an opportunity to talk about why the gluten free diet is medically necessary for celiacs, but he didn’t.

    It’s all about $$$ and ratings, ratings ratings.

    Sometimes, I just get so sick of all this BS.
    Don’t you?

      1. Methinks, IrishHeart, that maybe we could get ourselves on the Dr. Oz show on the topic of Celiac Disease. Kind of like a really good ambush and set this turkey straight in front of a live audience.
        Ha, ha……the guy would be taken out on a gurney! ; )

  25. I typed “celiac disease” into the search bar on the Doctor Oz website and it yielded 1200 results, I kid you not! You’d think that something mentioned this many times on his website would be of at least some importance to him, apparently not!

  26. Yes Dr. Oz is an idiot. He makes his money being a TV personality pretending to be a doctor. Dr. Oz is a scam. . This idiocy from those called doctors is really nothing new though is it? I blog often of we ‘not doctors’ not being too bright ourselves, because we rely on the MD diagnosis to affirm our being Gluten intolerant. Stop eating wheat/gluten and feel better, = you are gluten intolerant. Forget the nay sayers, let them eat wheat and be sick sick sick . I believe that everyone everywhere has some form of gluten intolerance and eliminating wheat from human consumption would put a lot of doctors out of business.

  27. I’m disappointed that Dr. Oz acted so irresponsibly with his remarks on gluten-free diet. For those of us who need to be on this diet, it’s important to have people take it seriously or the consequences are serious. Let’s hope he takes the time to reflect and correct his mistake.

  28. GDude & Mrs. IrishHeart

    I admire your desire to “keep on keeping on” (when many would throw up their hands and stop) mostly for the good of others who do not know about or understand CD and NCGS. I’ve read a lot of the info on this website in the few weeks since I stumbled on it and I remain very impressed with all each of you do (and everyone else) and your daily battle against intentional and unintentional misinformation.

    Seth’s “Q” and Dr Oz’s poorly worded “A” was a useless amalgamation of misinformation on almost every level. TV’s apparent unstoppable slide from ever increasing banality through uselessness never ceases to amaze me.

    I just read GDude’s twitter conversation with Titus 2 Wife and thought how kind GDude’s attempts to correct her were, which reminded me of Matthew Henry’s admonishment that there are “None so blind as those that will not see.”

    I never question anyone else’s faith or try to impose my strong faith on anyone else. I sincerely believe Titus 2 Wife was “healed”, not from CD, but from the symptoms/ravages of Celiac Diesease by not eating gluten for 6 years. Unfortunately, she will most likely undo that healing by continuing to eat those tortillas. She may want to reread Titus 2 and especially the part concerning sound doctrine.

    My Mom is living proof of how faith is rewarded over the last 20 years, some miraculous & some through acting on knowledge gained. We now know that not eating gluten is a huge part of our continued healing and for this knowledge we are very grateful! It is very interesting to me that if this world continues to grow more and more out of control, the foods that people may be paying a day’s wages for a day’s food cannot even be eaten by us Celiac & NCGS “sufferers”. Sometimes blessings are truly disguised at first.

    If you grow weary of me encouraging you to continue your efforts, just let me know and I’ll stop. Otherwise, I hope you “keep on keeping on!”

    GFF (Gluten Free Forever) and thankful for it!


    1. Hap,
      Your words made my day. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to say something positive to me, to us. Advocacy takes a toll. I have been beaten up on a few times by people who argue against reasonable information I have provided, backed by science and evidence and celiac research, and GD has taken more heat than anyone I know…and for what? because we tell the truth? geesh!

      I have reminded my friend the Dude once more (just this morning, in fact)
      “If you’re afraid to defend your convictions because you might get your ass kicked for it, you’re not really fit to advocate for them.” James Carlos Blake

      We can take it.
      We press on! 🙂
      Cheers, IH

    2. Mrs. IH

      Thanks for introducing me to Mr Blake. He’s right about advocacy. If I located the correct man, he sounds like an interesting character. I know those towns from where he and his family originated so I’ll look forward to reading his works. I especially liked “snake catcher” as a former line of work, which may have incubated some of his ideas about advocacy. Any man willing to “catch” snakes from where he grew up has something to say to which I will listen – I shot the snakes from where I originated because I didn’t want to get close enough for them to catch me.

      I expect you & GD will press on. I read some of the times you were beaten up on this site. I got the distinct impression that you can protect yourself. You know what they say – you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make’em drink. I’m glad you’re willing to keep leading’em. All of your research and info will continue to educate those who have enough sense to listen.

      My wife and I love Boston. If I ever decide to “end it all” with gluten, you will probably find what’s left of me in Mamma Maria.


      1. Hap, I like Steven Wright’s line:
        “You can lead the horse to water, but
        you can’t hold his head under”.

        Never been to Mamma Maria’s, but if I were to do a “death by gluten”
        that’s when I would probably go to Paris and cut a swath through the patisseries….or, I’d eat an entire tray of baklava–the kind my Gramma used to make.

        1. Since a picture is worth a 1,000 words, I tried to send a photo of my Black Lab drooling; however, Gluten Dude’s comment section probably wisely wouldn’t let me.

          If you ever sit down to the “entire tray of baklava–the kind my Gramma used to make”, please at least email me and if you have any left, I may polish off any crumbs for you!

          As Mr & Mrs Dude said, my wife & I do still mourn the lack of some menu items from time to time. I’ll go work on my corporate tax returns now so I don’t think about your Gramma’s baklava any longer.

          Oh yeah, I went in my house last night & someone had stolen everything and replaced it with an exact duplicate – Stephen is hilarious!

          1. “I went in my house last night & someone had stolen everything and replaced it with an exact duplicate… ” (and….)

            “When I told my roommate, he said: Do I know you?”

            There are only a few things that can’t be easily replicated as GF. Phyllo dough is one (although there actually is a video on the internet of some patient Greek man laboriously rolling thin sheets of it— for SIX plus FREAKIN HOURS) and so, even though I have made Gramma’s recipe many times in my life, unless someone is willing to stand here and roll those puppies out for me, baklava is off the table. Literally. lol

            My black lab loved baklava. I mean, really, who doesn’t?

            SW: “I bought a dog the other day… I named him ‘Stay”. It’s fun to call him… “Come here, Stay! Come here, Stay!” He went insane. Now he just ignores me and keeps typing.

            “I was walking my dog around my building… on the ledge. Some people are afraid of heights. Not me, I’m afraid of widths.”

            ….we could probably do this all day….

  29. Dr Oz and other talk show hosts who caveat recommendations with and with out endorsements are exactly why regulation in our country will never exist and unlikely evolve. TV docs like him end up eating their own words because of how much they talk about ridiculous topics and change their POV pending their audience, too.

    Look at the FDA who releases safe Rx drugs and then recalls them later. They’re gluten-free guideline was a 1/2 step forward without policing and true change. Only in time will we see how the people react to brands who don’t follow it.

    It’s all mixed up messed up lobbying until you get caught. The truth is in the Dr Oz fad pudding and his advisors tell him to press certain buttons and then he gets mixed up.

    The mainstream can over come lying media when they realize themselves how dangerous gluten is to themselves and/or their family and friends. Gluten-Free Movement will continue with or without this TV doc.


  30. I think you missed the point on this one. He was trying to say that “gluten-free” foods are a scam. Could he have said it better? Absolutely. His point wasn’t that Celiac disease isn’t real. He wasn’t trying to say that people don’t legitimately have gluten allergies/sensitivities etc. But he was saying instead of buying junk “gluten-free” food people need to eat real foods that naturally do not contain gluten.

    1. Laura

      Gluten Dude and most of this Celiac/NCGS community did not miss the point on this one.

      As I stated above, Seth’s poorly worded question and Dr Oz’s poorly worded response and message was a useless amalgamation of misinformation on almost every level. The only proper message Dr Oz remotely touched on was unhealthy “gluten free” processed food and even that message was extremely garbled because even those statements of his are not true of all “gluten free” manufacturers.

      Seth and Dr Oz very irresponsibly painted over a very sensitive and vital health topic with too large of a sloppy brush. Seth’s question was horrible and Dr Oz’s response was even worse. Dr Oz simply did not tell the whole truth, even if unintentionally, which Gluten Dude simply pointed out. Gluten Dude fairly represented in his post what Dr Oz stated. Unless Dr Oz corrects and clarifies his incorrect statements, Dr Oz is the one who missed the point.



      1. Sue

        Thank you for your kind words and for also making me feel welcome in this community. I’ve learned much from the Dude and his extended GF family members like you. It is good to have friends who are also conquering this disease together.



        I should have added to you personally that Dr Oz would do well to contract with you to clean up his public relation messes and for you to help him with future messages. I agree with you that what you said about healthy naturally gluten free foods should have been more clearly part of his message. Dr Oz would have done well if he had let you say everything for him because you did a much better job.


  31. One more thought because this seems to be appropriate here since we have discussed reputable quality “gluten free” products.

    Gluten Dude had yet another fine post on October 31, 2011 regarding Amy’s. One of many spot on quotes was:

    “Which brings me back to Amy’s. Far be it from me to tell anyone how to run their business. But as I said earlier, you seem like one of the good guys. But I will not eat any of your products because they are made in a facility that processes wheat. And how many others are out there like me? I wonder how much business you’re losing. Perhaps a little. Perhaps a lot.” … And of course, (If you produced in a dedicated NO wheat facility – paraphrased here for brevity,) “I will once again buy your products. They really are delicious!”

    Amy’s admirably responded in the comment section.

    The reason I bring this back up here is because I am “one of those like” Gluten Dude – I am a Zero ppm Celiac. I diligently tried Amy’s soups (Lentil Vegetable especially – even for breakfast a lot) and love their Rice Pasta Mac & Cheese on rare occasions as “comfort” good; unfortunately though, I had to stop buying Amy’s because I could not get well. I stopped eating Amy’s made in a wheat facility products 2 weeks ago and I am making progress again. I don’t say this here to hurt Amy’s – really delicious food – but to reiterate that Gluten Dude is correct & to help other Zero ppm Celiacs who may be eating products made in wheat facilities and not getting completely well. Also I hope the really caring companies who produce “Gluten Free” products will keep us Zero ppm Celiacs in mind by producing really “Gluten Free” products in NO wheat facities or at least be responsible like Amy’s and tell us it is produced in a wheat facility.

    Thanks again Gluten Dude – this website is full of wonderful info that really is making a difference in my life – your time has been well used!!!

  32. Just tweet/email/write/call Dr. Oz and ask for him to put you on his show. I did. He needs to hear from Celiac Disease people from all over. We are knowledgeable, experienced, caring, supportive and thriving individuals, who as a whole can turned around opinions of many. Take the time to respond professionally, when misinformed persons speak, or leave out vital information to explain Celiac Disease. The more doctors learn from our experiences, the more (caring) doctors will want to help.

  33. Since I’m new to this blog, or any other blog for that matter, I had a lot on which to catch up. I promise I won’t comment as much on most of Gluten Dude’s blog posts as I did on this one, which really struck a nerve for me as I prepare to see my young GI Dr this afternoon to talk about my third endoscope soon.

    I was thinking about Sobia’s “smarmy fool” comment right after I watched Jennifer E’s interview with Dr Drew on Gluten Dude’s post on Nov 28, 2012. This video reminded me of Proverbs 26:12, “Do you see a man wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.” If you read the rest of Proverbs 26 and other related scripture, “more hope for a fool”, takes on extra meaning.

    I agree with Chrissiesaysso, but with at least a few more words of caution from Proverbs:

    As snow in summer and rain in harvest,
    So honor is not fitting for a fool.
    Proverbs 26:1

    Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Lest you also be like him. Answer a fool according to his folly, Lest he be wise in his own eyes. Proverbs 26:4-5.

    Like one who binds a stone in a sling is he who gives honor to a fool. Proverbs 26:8.

    I am not naming either Dr. Drew or Dr Oz a fool. I’ve never watched either one of their TV shows so all I know about them are the 2 video clips from this website. Some will see their words and actions in those video clips as foolish. Dr Oz pronouncing “Gluten Free” as “complete BS”, which in my part of the country means “a pile of hot steamy bull manure”, but maybe it means something different to Dr Oz, and Dr Oz’s adding “complete” as a modifier to BS and “Scam” with regard to “Gluten Free” is what caused all of the hoopla around GD’s post and which also throws Dr Oz’s comments, even on a late night comedy show, across the line into foolishness. He could have kept his mouth shut regarding gluten free. It’s like the sugar industry calling diabetes a scam or complete BS. I can think of a few other “crazes” (causes, fads, movements etc) that would cause much more than hoopla if these words were used even in the same sentence.

    Jen E’s “interview” by Dr. Drew made my blood boil.

    In view of several of our Fellow Celiac/NCGS calls for our King and Queen of Celiac to appear on more TV shows, I say these things above for us to be fully aware of environment into which we are placing ourselves if we seek this type of media exposure. I’m not saying don’t do it – just don’t be surprised by the vagaries of the outcomes. It is difficult to prepare to discuss anything with a fool.

    Also since it’s only 16 months since my celiac diagnosis, I’m heartbroken to hear most everyone’s experiences with their doctors, but it reminds me of my initial conversation with my nurse practitioner before she referred me to a GI. Since I’m in my 50’s, she asked if I was OK seeing a new young GI Dr, to whom she was referring patients. After I willingly agreed, she added, “you know most of the older GI docs figure you’re going to die of something so they may not be as worried about determining a celiac diagnosis.”

    My new young GI is knowledgeable and I am very pleased with him. It may help that I’m older, fairly well informed and not easily swayed. I hope he can help keep me alive – he has so far.

    I trust this week will be less swarmy than last week.


    1. Hap,
      I am actually a Nurse Practitioner at the young age of 50. I was diagnosed 4 months ago after seeing physicians (and dentists) for years with multiple complaints and told that it was nothing, or that it was “menopausal”, etc. I KNEW something was wrong yet no one would listen. As difficult as this diagnosis has been in some respects, I have a new sense of calm that I was correct for all of these years that something was indeed wrong. I think many of us have a “medical PTSD” of sorts from being punted around and made to think that it is all in our heads.
      You are indeed correct in stating that we need to be careful in regards to where we place ourselves in getting the word out. A fool will always be a fool and the person standing next to them may end up looking like a fool as well.
      You have a great Nurse Practitioner as she actually thought about celiac and then sent you to someone who could actually do something about it. She is right… there are many who would have just let it be. My mother’s doctor told her that she is too old to be tested. My brother’s doctor will not test him as well. It’s a damn shame……

  34. I’m sorry I got distracted in my last comment’s analogy because I had to stop, prepare & serve my wife’s morning coffee before I finished.

    In our part of the country, “BS” means “a pile of hot steamy bull manure.”

    “Complete BS” means “a worthless pile of hot steamy bull manure,” which means it is good for nothing – not even fertilizer.

    One never calls anything or anyone “complete BS” unless the subject of derision is worthless.

    Now that I’m GFF & still alive, you could never convince me that being “gluten free” is worthless.

    I’m sure you also appreciate the connotations of “scam”.

    Dr Oz could have chosen to just keep his mouth shut rather than to have stepped over into the pile into which he stepped.


  35. As someone who is newly diagnosed, I went to a support group meeting with TONS of gluten free goodies available to try. I thought to myself as I surveyed the table “let me get this straight, I have trouble absorbing nutrients so I am going to eat a bunch of high calorie/no nutrient value foods?”. In that respect ONLY Dr. Oz has a point in that it is NOT a diet. The gluten free diet PRESCRIPTION for a celiac or gluten intolerant individual is certainly NOT A SCAM. The waters become so muddied that no one knows or understands anymore. My brother went to get tested and his physician asked if he had diarrhea and when he replied “no”, he was told that there was no reason to get tested – WHAT?? The medical profession, in general, is sorely uneducated in regards to celiac. The general population even more so. Dr. Oz has an obligation as a licensed medical provider to educate – he is not meeting this standard. I think it is time for him to choose between talk show host or Dr. – using his credentials in this manner is irresponsible.

    1. Shannon wrote:

      “The medical profession, in general, is sorely uneducated in regards to celiac” and “I KNEW something was wrong yet no one would listen. As difficult as this diagnosis has been in some respects, I have a new sense of calm that I was correct for all of these years that something was indeed wrong. I think many of us have a “medical PTSD” of sorts from being punted around and made to think that it is all in our heads.”

      I wrote about this very issue not too long ago. 🙂 I agree with you completely.


      1. IrishHeart,
        First, thank you for pointing me in the direction of what you had written. I am amazed by the similarities that so many of us experience. This is my point that Dr. Oz and people like him need to have their feet held to the fire in regards to this. They are not doing any of our undiagnosed friends any justice in making light of what is a healthcare tragedy for many. I try very hard to not think about lost days, weeks, years where I had am upset stomach, another migraine or just too damn tired due to lack of any type of absorbed nutrition to even leave the house. I try not to dwell on this but now that I am beginning to feel a little better – a little stronger, the fight has come back! As a healthcare professional since 1993, I feel an urgent need to set the record straight. I have given articles to my dentist and periodontist, called prior physicians that I have seen to let them know what I was finally diagnosed with in hopes that the next person with my symptoms won’t have to wait so long. It is a painful struggle at times…. I want to remain professional yet there is an anger that simmers to the surface sometimes. Education is key….. as I said before, Dr. Oz and people like him should be educating, not ridiculing. Perhaps he needs to reread the oath that he took when he became a doctor (and so do many others). Thanks again 🙂

  36. Shannon

    I love my Nurse Practioner. Someone asked me who my GP was & I told them I haven’t needed one because my NP has kept me well for 20 years. Now with Celiac, my young GI Dr is doing a great job too. They are both very knowledgable, caring & involved. I just left my GI after talking with him for 30 minutes. We talked about GlutenDude.com and he will be visiting soon. He was looking for an informative website. I told him about the heartbreaking stories of how doctors treated celiac patients and that this is a great site to read from the patients perspective.

    You’re in great hands with GlutenDude, Mrs IH and the rest of this caring community. I certainly have learned a lot from them in 3.5 weeks.

  37. Hi, all. I feel like I’m the new gal at an AA meeting or something. 🙂 I am, however, a newbie with this gluten free living. I began this adventure about a month ago by doing a detailed log every day of what I was eating, and I began with eliminating dairy for a week. Well, needless to say, that wasn’t what caused my stomach issues. The next week I mildly took away wheat items, but not knowing the depth of what is truly wheat/gluten free, that didn’t help much either. Somewhere along the line I began looking into Celiac by the suggestion of a friend, and as of now it appears that this may be the problem. I have been very serious about eating gluten free for one week now, and although I don’t feel terrific, I am seeing a slow change in my digestive problems. I have many questions, but right now the top question I have is if Celiac and/or gluten/wheat sensitivity is connected in some way with gallbladder removal. I am now starting to ask people that I know have had the gall bladder removed, and wonder if that is a possibility. I know that my grandma had serious stomach issues, but I never knew what it was caused from. She, too, had gallbladder surgery – probably about 40 years ago. So, is it Celiac or a result of gallbladder surgery? I am ready to get my life back, so hopefully this is the answer. If anyone has suggestions/ideas, I would be so grateful.

    1. Impaired gall bladder motility is often related to celiac, but it does not mean you HAVE celiac. You should be tested, hon, but you need to be consuming gluten for a valid test result.

      1. Thank you, Irish Heart! I am hoping to get to a dr. some day soon and take along my food/allergy symptoms journal. I have been keeping track of everything I eat for several weeks now. Some days, there is no rhyme or reason for stomach issues, but I have definitely been seeing some improvement. Now I hope I can narrow it down to a specific food(s). I am beginning to think it’s not Celiac at all, but instead the after effects from the Gallbladder surgery. Had I known it was going to be this much of a pain, I would have bypassed the surgery and dealt with the attacks.

  38. Cindy

    First of all, please rely on your doctor’s opinion and examination of you.

    However, since you know your body best, by way of comparison, our experiences include my Mom, me and my client.

    My Mom has had stage 4, B cell, mantle cell non Hodgkins lymphoma three times since 1997 and is currently being treated again since April 2013. She had gall bladder surgery 3 years ago. We currently believe, but are not sure, that the gall bladder surgery was probably not necessary but that the gall bladder symptoms were mistaken as what were really celiac/lymphoma issues. We don’t fault the Dr in any way, but her symptoms continued after the surgery until the lymphoma returned in April 2013 and she began chemo again. She began strictly gluten free in Nov 2013 after severe reactions to chemo and was able to stop chemo before scheduled in Feb 2014 because blood work was unexpectedly NORMAL for first time in many years. Cancer Dr was very surprised. She has another CT Scan on May 12. So we’ll know more for sure after that. Mom’s bone biopsy showed 89% cancer cells in April 2013 and she is still going.

    I am celiac with a lot of additional related issues including past cancer. I’ve been gluten free for 16 months and doing much better, but not well yet. I just went to GI Dr today and he scheduled Chest, Abdomen & Pelvis CT scans for Thursday so I will know more for sure next week. Being gluten free has substantially reduced the inflammation in my body and my immune system has calmed down significantly. I still have my gall bladder.

    My client had his gall bladder removed last year and symptoms have gotten much worse. Again, we don’t fault Dr in anyway because the Celiac symptoms can mask so much. However I discussed his symptoms with he and his wife 30 days ago because they were so similar to mine, including the dermatitis herpetiformis, etc. He called today, had to leave work and is at home in bed. He goes to my GI Dr this week so he will know more for sure next week also. Since the gall bladder surgery a year ago, he has developed many classic celiac symptoms. Gluten Dude’s chart on this site is an excellent source for symptoms.

    Hope that helps. It was odd that my client called me about the same gall bladder issue this afternoon while I was with my GI Dr. The gluten free eating plan won’t hurt you to see if your symptoms really improve, but you have to make sure you are really eating gluten free because gluten is in so many products including pharmaceuticals.

    My endocrinologist and GI doctors have diagnosed 22 celiac/ncgi patients since my diagnosis.

    Again though, ultimately rely only on your medical professionals.

  39. Cindy

    Listen to Mrs Irish Heart – she knows what she’s talking about.

    My GI Dr and I also discussed the eating gluten test result issue. His patients who stopped eating gluten before they saw him interfered with the celiac test results and diagnosis; however, none of them would take the gluten challenge (eating gluten under specified conditions) to confirm the celiac diagnosis after they experienced such good results from going gluten free.

  40. You know, I have to wonder how different this is from the typical physician who knows nothing about this subject either. In reality, not much….this Dr. Oz just happens to be tons more famous because he is on TV every weekday being quite the ladie’s man in his electronic career….in his professional life he is a heart surgeon. What are we supposed to expect out of him? He is ignorant, but he is one in a sea of ignoramuses. I believe that most physicians think of all autoimmune diseases as bogus because that way they don’t have to admit they are powerless to do good. Sound familiar?

  41. My son’s new and young gastroenterologist DOES recognize and diagnose non celiac gluten sensitivity 🙂

  42. I see Time magazine has named Seth Meyers to its 2014 list (unranked) of the world’s 100 most influential people.


  43. It’s very funny and you may find it entertaining that I equate Dr. OZ and Oprah to the Wizard of OZ
    Kind of an Oxymoron…
    Two times in my life I saw someone named OZ
    The first was the character in the wizard of OZ
    The second was Oprah’s Doctor OZ
    When the so called wizard was trying to deceive Dorothy and her buddies who were looking for a heart, a brain and courage? What they got was a snake oil salesman who called himself the Wizard of Oz
    Well that movie is the first thing I thought of when I first saw the Doctor Oz show and my opinion had never changed because Dr. Oz has never changed it for me. In my house when we pass by his show during channel surfing we say there’s the Wizard again…
    Doctor OZ is merely a snake oil salesmen hiding behind a curtain bought and paid for by the wicked witch of the west Oprah Winfrey. I’m concerned that if Dr. Oz is really a doctor. Kind of like another one of Oprah’s so called Doctors, Doctor Phil who never went to medical school or had any medical training.
    All I can say is where is a flying house when you need one?
    Remember when the wizard the great and powerful OZ was caught in the act by a little dog (Toto) pulling back the curtain? Oz the Wizard knew he was cooked and he said “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”, turns out the man behind the curtain here again is also an O Z, and a snake oil salesman and worst of all he is fooling the people of Emerald City (America) which doesn’t seem to be that much of a task these days as America has become a land of sheep that do as they are told in hope that the master will take care of them. The problem is that the master only cares about himself and when it comes right down to it for the right price. Oprah, Doctor OZ and Doctor Phil didn’t get wealthy helping people. It’s time to furnish Oprah and Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil a balloon without any weights so they can go home wherever that is… It sure isn’t heaven but then that may be their best chance of getting there.

  44. I’m fairly certain he just chose his words poorly.

    I believe he was attacking the gluten free industry. The food PRODUCTS that aren’t really food, but because they are labeled gluten free, people on gluten free diets will eat them. But they are horribly unhealthy and, like he said, people gain weight on them.

    I think he just chose his words poorly, or we missed a bit chunk of this segment here. I will need to see the entire episode.

    1. hey, thanks for stopping by, asshat! Geesh, who left the back gate open like that? Ken? was it you?? You know we live too close to the troll asylum, young man …you have to keep the back gate locked.


  45. This sudden “gluten-free bashing” is getting a bit ridiculous. I keep seeing article after article talking about how gluten sensitivity is a scam or a diet fad. It’s neither. Yes, some people choose to avoid gluten to either try it out or to lose weight but the vast majority of people who avoid gluten are people who suffer when they eat it.

    I started eating gluten free in 2002. Nobody knew what I was talking about then. I wasn’t doing it because it was a fad. I did it because I was incredibly sick and I went to a naturopath who put me on an elimination diet and I had my first pain-free days of life.

    When I reintroduced wheat, boom, sick again. It was that simple for me. I didn’t need a biopsy or a blood test. I eat it, I get sick. I avoid it, I feel better.

    I don’t know how someone can’t take that seriously. People who accidentally eat gluten get sick only to find out later that what they thought was gluten free wasn’t. That can’t be the placebo effect because they had no idea they were eating it in the first place.

    This whole “Gluten Free is a Scam” stuff has to stop. It marginalizes people with legitimate health problems and makes us look like hypochondriacs.

  46. *cough*


    “I know you know how much power you have. I know you know that. You are very powerful. And power… comes with a great deal of responsibility. … You are being made an example of today because of the power you have.”

    So… when will it be Jimmy Kimmel’s turn to get called on the carpet? And the rest of them?

  47. Turns out doctors study nutrition for a whole half day.. how can we follow there advice. Also 1 in 3 people in America are gluten intolerant and 75 % of conventional doctors diagnosis fail to find this my theory Doctors are suck go to a Naturalist.

  48. I love these stories showing natural selection in action. As with any discussion like this the first approach is to follow the money. In this case those most interested in making sure indigestion, reflux. esophagitis and such diseases continue for millions of people are the companies providing the drug treatments for these diseases. The US market alone is worth over $1 Billion. These drugs lead to reduced stomach acid level leading to an increase in the incidence of stomach cancer. So you can chose to read one of the dozens of science books explaining the causes of these diseases and protect yourself or you can choose not to. Those doing the smart thing probably do many smart things and those believing made-up nonsense probably do that often. Natural selection keeps track of this and the fact is the species is degeneration as a result of too many fools being protected by well-meaning Governments. So forget about convincing the fools and give them another loaf of bread.

  49. He was talking about those who change to gluten free to loss weight, because it’s a crase. The only problem I see with this video is that he should have been extremely clear about that. He said “get real foods that don’t have gluten naturally” And “most people just gain weight when they eat gluten free foods because they’re just eating more junk rather than less of it”. What he is saying is that going gluten free and thinking you”re going to lose weight by replacing all your glutinous junk with gluten free junk is a scam. People think because it’s gluten free (and gluten must be why they are fat) now they can have 8 cookies instead of four. Meanwhile the companies that make the foods replace the gluten with all sorts of starches and other junk but tout it as a healthy alternative. Cookies and cake need to be replaced with apples and carrots. And fat people will be fat until they accept this. It should have been phrased better, but I got what he said.

  50. Hi GD,

    I know you might be feeling a bit down with your vacation just having drawn to a close, so just in case, here’s a story to cheer you up: “Research confirms it: Dr. Oz dispenses a lot of medical advice with no scientific grounding.”


    Reporting on a medical research paper by authors from the University of Alberta and University of British Columbia, the article asserts that “more than half of what Oz propagates is drivel.” It also mentions the dressing down he received in front of Congress six months ago.

  51. Oh, this is just too delicious: “Dr. Oz should be fired from Columbia for ‘promoting quack treatments’: top physicians in letter”


    His telephone at his office at Columbia University (he still teaches there in his capacity as a cardiothoracic surgeon) has a recorded message telling people how to get tickets to be part of the studio audience at his TV show. How is that not a conflict of interest?

      1. He launched a pathetic defence last week — including the laughably weak bit of sophistry that his show isn’t really a medical show (!) because the logo has “OZ” in big letters in the middle and “DR.” in much smaller lettering around the edge, and wrapping himself in free speech rights — which drew the following 4-1/2 minute takedown from John Oliver on his own show last night:


        (warning, contains some NSFW language)

  52. Well, this is an interesting development. Perhaps you’ve already heard about this but…

    This morning I was perusing Peter Bronski’s celiac/GF blog No Gluten, No Problem wherein I read that he made an appearance on Dr. Oz’s show earlier this week. The video of it is on the show’s website but I won’t post the link here (it can be found in PB’s twitter feed). It was a 3 minute segment with his wife and kids; he simply shared and quickly demo’ed two of their favourite GF recipes. Fairly benign although selfishly I would have liked to see the disease get some mention.

    On the other hand, I saw the titles of other video segments from the same episode in a scroll bar right underneath the video panel and it looks like his entire episode that day (Tue Sep 22) was focussed on gluten. So perhaps the Bronski segment should be considered in the context of the rest of these segments, although I don’t really have the time or inclination at the moment to go through them all right now, maybe later. I hope his messaging was better than what he said to Seth Meyers and that, while a big ask given such previous poor takes, celiac got some positive run in these other segments.

  53. Sorry to disappoint, but he is right. Gluten free is a scam. Even the researcher who initially did research on gluten and said it was harmful, has now retracted this because he couldn’t get the same results when he did the study a second time.
    Gluten free foods cause weight gain. That is because when food makers take out gluten, they have to compensate for the loss of flavor by adding in extra salt, fat and sugar. Everyone I know who went “gluten free” has gained weight and gotten bloated. They have no idea how much additional salt and sugar is in all these very expensive gluten free foods they are consuming.

  54. Mankind has been eating gluten since the beginning. All of a sudden everyone has a condition that prevents them from eating Gluten. It reminds me of the autistic nonsense . Just expand the definition to include just about any child and there you go. Mass increase in Autism. Or any other “syndrome” you care to make up. It’s just not believable.

  55. I would like to see some input about the alleged partial causation factors and/or the implications of GMOs in the seemingly related ( from several sources I’ve noticed). I know that the food industry are scum of the Earth and foght these bastards every day because I just get enraged that they would feed me and even babies POISON! I hope hell is suficiently hot for them and theor piles of money.
    I too suffered from “patient punt” syndrome in the 1980s and particularly the 1990s….After a 1985 onset of IBS/spastic colon/whatever malady du jour the medical “profession” and Big Pharma could conjure up from the ether….I began to have inexplicable and horrific cramps, gas bloating and general sogmoid colon area pain. Finaly , during an onset of “paramedic” or “prayer” cramps in mid May 1986 I actually tore a hole in my oblique musculature and began to suffer from severe “groin pain” which….FINALLY was diagnosed as a 50 m/m read that 2 freaking inch in guinal hernia on 12/27 1987. This after months of begging for 1st……”listening to my mouth when it talked out words”, 2nd consider FIXING what I was able to diagnose as a ingunal hernia pre internet with aGrays Anatomy and some educated input from 2 nurses who worked for an anethesilogist who had done nerve blocks to little or no avail….Thirdly begging for relief of the symptoms ( commensurate with a “Karate Kid groin kick”with the obligatory lecture about “OPIOIDS WILL ACTUALLY MAKE YOUR PAIN WORSE: but here’s 4 ils and go see my golf partn uh er colleague who woud say “Hmmm I don’t really know why Jim sent you to me”….finally original Doc # 2 somehow developed suffficient perception to locate 2” hernia……fixed 12/31/1987……BUUUUT…….the pain didn’t subside….fast fwd after numr=erable visits to the surgeon for “Well…hernias are supposed to hurt when you fix them”…..he did not appear high, drunk or even mildly mentally deranged while saying this either…but after more “nurse talk’ and inut from a plastic surgeoon who verified my diagnosis….( keep in mind that we are still pre-internet and mymedical education ended after Police lifesaving skills and maybe horrificaly necessary field effective way too invasive procedure studies wth a sharp Spyderco or Benchmade pocket knife and irrigation probes, Kotexes for bleeding cn trol and betadine douche concentrate for immeditae disinfection…..so I missed scar tissue day in med school-YET I actually got it”) FINALLY on 01/14/1993 the “revision was done–without bothering to include the ego bruising assistance of the plastic surgeon…can you say narcisistic…OH I think I already read that above…LOL…artial temporary relief provided by the GENERAL ( read that boli lancer assembly line 30 minute apendectomy and 45 minute hernia surgery ( and to request any further level of dedication, attention to detail or actual effort required uh er…well I never found out what it required….so after seeing 5 referrerals in 4 weeks ( Doctor initiated…not by my desperate request but their offering yet another golf pal referral as a possible solution…my insurance company suggested to my GP ( a wonderful man and King of the Compassionate Doctors from about the time I was born 1956 – he was probably there when I was born…. catching babies as a resident and maybe caught me but I didn’t remember him or vise versa { since I was a newborn and he was probably alseep IF he caught me} ..until 2004 when he retired…..that I was , while being multi [a commodity like pork bellies] punted seemed to be Doctor shopping…he replied that certain Doctors were patient shopping ( like they never had seen that before) I ended up at a pain clinic due to lack of interest by caring dedicated professionals more interested in schmoozing the nurse woth the big hot chachas….I am not a violent person but I actually wanted to stuff 4 “D” batteries into a doubled pair of long sweatsocks and just commence to whupping someone’s ass…..an exposed ilioinguinal/hypogastric nerve cryo injectioin didn’t work….finally a september 35th 2002 4 day hospital stay surgery resulted in a Doc who later trolled up a 13 yr old kid and bned him on the internet who gave me 1/2 my presrcribed mediactions post op in the hospital that I was RX’ed BEFORE…HELLO DUM BASS? Tha’s OK cause I an ticipated this and mac eallowances for that with no problem…ended up never interrupting my time at the pain docs cause all the resection/excisons didn’t help due to the mostly unmolested mass(es) of keloid tissue thriving in my lower left quadrant. Luckily Dr. Benken, the tenie weinie man didn’t molst oit too much either…so I stayed with this pain doc for 8 years 1999 til 2007, he moved to Chicago, got another ine with the obligaory c;erk whose job it is to find ways to get rid of you, tried another good one….he moved to Rochester ( thanx a lot Doc…enjoy that lake effect) then to one wo sought from day one to oooch everybody over to suboxen -just cause it makes them kickbakcs….the company doesn;t recommend it for pain just dependence and addiction and you DON’T want that in your medical records….NUH UH…..SO….after this clown gets me taking it….”IT DON;Y WORK AT ALL DOC”…AND LIED “OH NO …YOU WON’T HAVE TO GO TO ANY JUNKIE PROGRAMS OR PSYCHOATRIST YOU’LL JUST BE A PAIN PATIENT TAKING SUBOXEN…….2 MONTH LATER HE SAID i GOTTA GO TO GROUP THERAPY WIH THE BASEHEADS AND TWEAKERS….UH UH NUH UN NUNCA, NEVER……F**K NO!
    FIRED HIM AFTER TELLING HIS NURSE “DON’T LIE TO A DETECTIVE W/O LOOKING IN HIS SPORTCOAT POCKETFOE THE HIGH SENSITIVITY RECORDER RUNNING THERE HANGING OVER THERE ON THAT HOOK IN THE EXAM ROOM.I DO THAT 9 GETTING LIED TO FOR A LIVING Y’ALL)..DID WITHOUT FOR A COUPLE YEARS THEN NEEDED KNEE SURGERY, SAW A GOOD SPORTS MEDS dOC FOR FOLLOWUP HE TOOK CARE OF MY BACK ( DEVELOPED BAD STENOSIS PARTLY CAUSE OF BEING 6 AND 1/2 FEET TALL IN A LEPRECHAUN DESINGNED AND DOMINATED WORLD) AND NOTHING FITS ME) AND KNEE MAINTENANCE FOR 3 YEARS POST OP, HE REFERRED ME TO A PAINCLINIC MONTHS AGO AND I’M DOING FINE…….THE LICKER? ABOUT 2.5 YEARS AGO i JUST UP AND STOPPED HAVING THE “‘GROIN PAIN”…..KAPUT ZILCH, NADA,MINGUNOS WHATSOEVER…. In ahort I knwo what it s to be minimized, disregarded , lied to GOMETED -even from an pffice, insulted, mentally and overtly and I cussed a couple of particularly arrogant narcisissitic asses out sadly…..it WAS indicated based on the ccircumstances. “THEY” have degenerated inti neurotic, self aggrandizing, pedantic jackasses who are unwillin to acccept anyone’s input. The colon cause the hernia cause nobody listened, both were isolated in the lower left quardrant of my abdomen from femoral crease upward. nboth seemed to exacetbate each other , I lea+rned more from 2 caring nurses that I did from close to the vest and noncommital Doctors/egomaniacs………26-27 years for a problem which could have been corrected by the summer of 1993…ASSUMING an MD ciud find a 2 inch, ( there were tank guns that size when WWII started)…. so it’s not like an infinitessmally minute particle……in other words….you too hard …make mewprk my brain very nad…..you go die now Hokayh? 50 Millimuthas…..sorry mister Nobody….but I got a gold date with a student nurse and I just can;r=t aste time with your a**………Damn….when you do all the work yourself you’d think they;d at least isten since this was all pre’net and ypu kinda got to be ptivated to even go that way….and sory dope is or was then much to readily available from diet clnic, script Doctors for m to waste y valuable time spent making a honest living and NOT lying and neglcting them for a living to btoether with all these BS tests injection after injecttion after bull shit after more bullshit…You’ll have to make enought nlise and raise enough ehll to make somebody liten…maybe a sef serving Congressman looking for a new angle to self promote like ….uh ALL OF ‘EM?….As to Doc Oz, I cldarly, even with limited exposure have determined that much of this “gluten free” scam is total bullshit…..like gluten free air…..water, grapes and ther self prpmoting by unscrupulous corporations, damnable ones too that sek to maximize prfits by obfuscation of facts and misleading asd., perpetuation of misperceptions on the part of the sheeplike kardashian, Nascar, NFL, NHL , National Stupid league of stupidity. With my family it’s self manufactured doabetics who never ever read a label ( as BS as they can be) eat aspartame like a hog eatin slop, eat ice cream then take gluclophage, HFCS- GMOs indiscriminately, all sorts of “oses”, 5 types lf sugar 4 types of MSGs, soybean derived oils-soak up that extra estrogen boys!) , and stuff like this exchange, held many times to a bunch of type II diabetics. trained by pop culture think “OH WELL…..I”M 45 years old..I reckon it;s time fer me to jes; go ahead on and take the sugar diabeeeeteeees…..DUH?”What? Saffower,Olive oil? Peanut oil? That cosy=tez toomkuch I used C\mazola..it;s got canola oil in it….OH you mean thayt stuff that killed cattle so they banned it and then the smsoke filled rooms decided to feed us their toxic waste like Flouride” Doctor Mengele’s civil tranquilizer?……..”They repented NOT of their thefts, their murders….their pharmekia”….sounds like the food, pharma and politician industries buliding big piles of money to sit on a burn one day soon….soory to be slverbose but I fel your pain as much as I hate to emultae that jackass and husband of a jackassette’s words…Raise enpugh hell and someone will listen…confro OZ and demand h rethink his elrds and en ggage you in an informative suject exposure……Cheers…..and let me know what part those GMDs play if any….of course Hilary has said that we are racist” if we oppose these abominations to neuter uh er feed the hungry masses not yet killed or sterilized by Brother Bill “Antichrist Candidate” Gates vaccines which he comments on You tube ( is he that arrogant or Freudian slip?)…….MOnymoney money….qui bono?Keep on fighting and don’t be afraid to call a bastard a sumbitch! Benedetto.

  56. cathyworthy1057@gmail.com

    maybe we should all get our photos, I know you have them, of our horrible DH rashes and send them to the good ol Dr. Oz. Maybe then he wouldn’t say that gluten is bs. I think what he was trying to convey is that commercial gluten free foods are crap, and that people who go gluten free, but aren’t celiac, are gaining weight because of the starchy and suggary replacement for the gluten, which then makes these foods no better than the processed and highly refined foods that are also making folks sick, fat and nearly dead, cause we all know that that’s what he’s all about, loosing weight. But, he should have better clarified himself by saying that celiac ‘ s disease is a very real illness, and gluten is poison to us. one consellation though, the nay sayers will die long before the gluten free’s, because we have cleaned up our diet and don’t eat crap bs food anymore. Kudo’s to us!

  57. What an a-hole! Even though I’m not celiac, I have a severe gluten intolerance. I’d love for him to experience the explosive diarrhea, mouth blisters and general horribly unwell feeling. What a tool.

  58. Tom, You are the @$$ hole. Your problem is your problem, and you will not make it mine.
    We now live in a totally dumbed down society, and it was done on purpose too. If you have
    problem with plant proteins then you need special food, but the whole world does not have
    to change just for a few, and we never will either. So stop trying to make this our fault it is not.
    If you need special food, and it is not forth coming then you have a right to bitch, but to say the
    whole world has to go for what is clearly being used to scam people that are not allergic, then NO.
    I believe people that say they are allergic, but it is very rare, and not even close to being as common as peanut
    allergies, which we now most are preventable by eating them as a child) No one is scamming about peanut proteins, and there are billions of scams about wheat proteins.

  59. He is right but you can keep buying those fancy, gourmet foods and expensive $5.00 loaves of gluten free bread. The food companies are laughing their way to the bank.

    Unless you have been diagnosed with celiac disease, you don’t need to eat gluten free.

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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