Dr. Drew Has No Clue

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Question: What do Dr. Suess and Dr. Drew have in common?

Answer: One of them is a fictional character that has no concept of what celiac disease is…and the other one is Dr. Suess.

Just when I started to give the media credit for treating our disease with the respect it deserves, we get this hatchet job from Dr. Drew.

In our never-ending battle for celiac awareness, here’s the latest episode of…

As My Stomach Turns

Jennifer Esposito was asked to come on the Dr. Drew show yesterday to discuss celiac disease.

But instead, she spent the entire seven minutes like she was a defendant on trial and Dr. Drew was interrogating her as the prosecuting attorney.

As much as she tried, over and over again, to bring the conversation back to celiac disease, she could not penetrate Dr. Drew’s wall of arrogance.

On my blog, I get story after story of people who were misdiagnosed for so many years by arrogant doctors who simply refused to LISTEN. If you close your eyes and listen to this video (or keep your eyes open…it’s completely optional), you can just hear the arrogance of this guy.

And imagine…he used to be someone’s doctor.

Jennifer is devastated and beyond sad about what happened. She feels like she didn’t get the message across that she wanted to and it was huge step backwards for celiac awareness.

Personally, I don’t think Dr. Drew 1) has any idea of what celiac disease truly is and 2) had any intention of discussing it.

He wanted the meat of the story, which to him was the dismissal of Jennifer by CBS…which is NOT why she was asked on the show.

And get this one. On the way to the show, the producer called Jennifer and asked her if she ate gluten free. WTF??

But wait…it gets worse.

After the show, the producer called Jennifer and said he was concerned because he sensed she wasn’t happy with the show (quite a perceptive guy).

He then said…and hold on to your hats for this one my fellow celiacs…”Dr. Drew just felt you didn’t have celiac disease and thinks you weren’t tested properly because if you did have celiac disease and ate gluten free, you’d be fine.”


As Jennifer said to me…when do we get to stop defending ourselves about a goddamn illness??

The video deserves the Gluten Dude breakdown. Here’s the video, followed by my comments.

00:11 – Dr. Drew says “I’m confused. You’re sick. You fall over on the set and they say you’re outta here?” We’re off to a wonderful start. Did you do any research Dr. Drew on the situation? Anything at all?

00:37 – Dr. Drew insists that leaky gut equates with chronic diarrhea. Jennifer tries to explain that’s not always the case. Dr. Drew seems perturbed that somebody would dare challenge him.

00:53 – Dr. Drew tries to sound smart by explaining the medical term for “passing out”. Not only did Jennifer not pass out, but who cares what the term is? We’re not impressed.

01:05 – Dr. Drew keeps insisting Jennifer passed out. This is getting bizarre. Almost like he’s trying to make it more dramatic for entertainment purposes. Sorry doc, but celiac disease just isn’t that entertaining.

01:10 – Dr. Drew now asks if CBS fired her because she was dehydrated. Seriously…how did this guy get a TV show?

Dr. Drew & Jennifer Esposito01:20“What blood test? What blood test? What blood test?” Holy crap…why is he grilling her so bad? This is the point where my blood begins to boil a bit.

01:50 – For the first of several times, Dr. Drew tries to sway the conversation away from celiac disease, insisting he knows what “people want to know and can relate to” and it’s certainly not celiac disease.

02:10 – Jennifer stands her ground well and keeps trying to bring the conversation back to celiac disease.

02:40 – Dr. Drew can give a rat’s ass about celiac disease.

04:00 – Jennifer nails what’s it’s like to be a celiac. Really well said.

04:35 – Dr. Drew’s response? “Are you better now?” Yes doc…she’s great. All celiacs are great if we simply eat gluten-free. Aaargh.

05:15 – He keeps calling celiac disease “this condition”. Not sure what to make of it but it just comes across as condescending to me. Would he call MS “a condition”? No…I think he’d call it a disease.

06:10 – Dr. Drew finishes with one last bash of our disease. He says “the lesson learned is that excessive working can take a toll and in your case, for whatever reason, made you fall down at work.” For whatever reason? For whatever reason??

That was just god-awful. What an insensitive, arrogant human being.

Dr. Drew…go back to your celebrity rehab.

Or better yet…go back to med school.

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104 thoughts on “Dr. Drew Has No Clue”

    1. I have to agree… she did a great job holding her own. As much as this ‘grilling’ stinks, Dr. Drew (no matter whether he’s a doctor or not) clearly represents the majority of Americans who are completely uneducated about this issue. And frankly, my father’s a doctor too and he knew nothing about issue with gluten (let alone what it was when I was diagnosed) and thought it was all in my head until he started to see massive changes in me after being gluten free for about 6 months. And even other physicians I’d meet because of my dad had similar reactions, so unfortunately the attitude that “the doctor knows everything” is often far from the truth if they’ve never invested a moment to learning anything about this. And it sounds to me that Dr. Drew hasn’t spent much time learning about it prior to interviewing Jennifer while also making whatever important points he made sound incredibly idiotic and stupid by his badgering and inability to approach the interview from a place of believing that Jennifer was being truthful.

      Kudos to her for standing her ground and showing people that there are bullies everywhere and you just have to keep on going despite their nonsense.

      1. Jennifer, you nailed it! He was being a complete bully to her! She did a great job. How many times did she have to say “I didn’t pass out” to him? Wow

  1. WOW…that’s disgusting and disturbing. Let me talk to Dr. Drew. I believe the conversation would start something like this, “Hello Dr. Dillhole. Could you please explain to me and my 7 year old son, who suffers from “this condition” why his and every other celiac sufferers health doesn’t matter to you…” What a moron.

  2. I agree that Dr. Drew was extremely aggressive with Jennifer, and the whole “I’m a doctor” and therefore know everything attitude was very off putting, but I am surprised that Jennifer said she was puffy “because I ate something that I am allergic to” but didn’t know what it was. I am so grateful that she has had the courage to stand up for celiac, but hope that she will get all the proper testing taken care of so she doesn’t continue to consume foods that cause her to be chronically ill.

  3. For Fluff sakes … I am kind of nervous to go and watch the video after reading the run down ~ god – bravo for Jennifer to give it her best but seriously sad that the media has made this all about “something” else and not the actual disease ~ it is almost unbelievable that there is this huge shadow on this issue … A Disease is a Disease.

    Jennifer is an amazing advocate for awareness ~ though none of us would ever wish this disease on anyone ~ I am so glad she is in our corner.

    Cheers – now I have to go and try and watch the video – and stay calm ha ha. πŸ˜‰

  4. What an ass that dr drew is….. maybe if he had to pray to the porcelain god almost daily til he figured out the cracker for nausea was one of many culprits he`d get it. I commend her strength and willingness to keep tryin to speak the truth. As I do you gluten dude. Sad really to see or hear anyone down play this illness….. yes illness but of coarse he can`t just write a script for a pill and call it a day. I want to go throw all the anti depressants , anti inflamation drugs, pain pills etc at all the doctors who think the cure is simply a pill. O yes I know my diet has made a huge diff in how i think and feel for sure but body decay that took over 30 yrs of abuse by bein poisoned takes time to heal. Hang in there and keep doin what you are dude. Also this for us isn’t a fad it`s reality. If only I knew better sooner. Blood work was negative cause I stopped g but wow the biospy`s were clear. Let’s heal our body`s and hope our minds can do the same:-D
    All in good time.

  5. OhMyGeeeeeee what an arrogant man. And patronizing when he asked her a question then followed, hand outstretched with: “I’m a doctor”.

    Dr. Drew you most certainly are a doctor…you are a typical ego driven doctor with your mind already made up-thinking you know it all.

    The idea that to simply eat gluten free and you’ll be allllll better is what has made me feel like I’m insane for the past year and a half. Eventually the medical community will catch up to what we Celiacs already know, the longer you go undiagnosed the more damage is done and simply going off of gluten won’t make everyone feel great. Some of us are dealing with feeling sick in one way or another every single day…
    Jennifer Esposito – don’t be discouraged, you did what you could with that wind-bag who was interviewing you.

    1. Aw robin you are soo correct. Toothpaste isn’t even completlety safe. I am in a spell now for 5 days and I am thinking what did i eat… or use. Listerine? Really no clue maintaining dental hygiene could have done it, or corn starch? Either way not usin either again. I hope your battle gets easier and it will in time.

  6. Way to go Jennifer! Dr. Drew go back to medical school. What an a**hole. I’m glad Jennifer stayed on track. Why the flip is Dr. Drew interviewing her anyway. Did Dr.Drew think she was an alcoholic and that’s why she fell over ? Hell my knees give out, off balanced at times, puking, achey,and what seems like withdrawal. That doesn’t mean I’m an alcoholic. I have gluten issues and if you can’t fully understand that and it’s consequence then this interview is over. That’s what I would have said to his face. Ignorant fool!

  7. 04:00 – Jennifer nails what’s it’s like to be a celiac. Really well said.

    I agree – that was very well put … it is so much more about a disease that for the most part people can’t see … so much more. Yes very well said – Thank you Jennifer

  8. Jennifer’s heart is in the right place but she needs more education and ability to knowledgably get her point across. She is mixing up medical terms and comes off confusing. Dr Drew is acting like a complete ass. Why is he grilling her so severely, because he doesn’t believe her! I advise her to not go on anymore talk shows alone, she needs to be accompanied by a Doctor who can knowledgably explain her disease process. Celiac is not one size fits all. It is an autoimmune disease that effects each individual differently. She needs to get her symptoms and her tests and her results across better in her words. I think she was side swiped by Dr Drew, she wasn’t anticipating being put on the defense about having a disease. Remember he works mostly with lying drug addicts, so he probably treats everyone as a liar.

    1. She needs to be accompanied by Gluten Dude and Irish Heart. I would so love to see that interview with one of them on each side of her. I am proud of you Jennifer for getting through that interview with class. Dr Drew – you are joke. I would ONLY watch you to see Jennifer interviewed.

  9. OUCH! What a MAJOR A– Hole! He was not interviewing her….he was interrogating her like she was an enemy of our country.

    He really doesn’t seem to be putting light on the subject and his questions are like slaps in the face.

    Such a JERK!

  10. Okay, so I’m English and never heard of Dr Drew… but he’s not a REAL doctor is he? And if he is surely he should be struck off…

    His attitude and behaviour to Jennifer in that interview was disgusting, he kept interrupting her, putting words in her mouth…

    As a ‘medical professional’ (and with regard to him I use those words loosely) he should know what coeliac disease, what leaky gut is, and what all the other ailments are that come with coeliac disease, and yet he couldn’t even seem to grasp the difference between collapsing and passing out.

    There are no words…

  11. Shame on Dr Drew….he’s the DR not Jennifer….This is a real problem amongst Dr not staying up on current data….Celiac is a real debilitating disease with many many symptoms..dr Drew was entirely too aggressive with her…The netwrok did not handle her sickness correctly!!!!

  12. Wow! First off enough with the whole “I’m a Doctor” thing. This interview made me lose more respect for him then Celebrity Rehab should have. “Dr” Drew is nothing more than a ratings leech. I am completely blown away! I understand that he may not have understood Celiac completely, but he could have at least had his minions do some research for him and feed him questions to ask.

    We take one step forward with Celiac Awareness and five steps backwards.

    I will be sending an email to Doctor Drew about his horrible interview with Jennifer and I encourage everyone else to do so as well. We need to band together and let him know that if he treats one Celiac poorly, he is treating us all that way.




    1. Right on. If i remember correctly his first show was on *ex yrs ago so right he couldn’t have been that great of a doc, instead of helping people he helps his pocket, he did attack jennifer like he was in a gluten state of mind in a way:-P. Thanks for info.

  13. In the most comprehensive study I’ve seen so far, 5751 Canadian adult celiac disease sufferers were surveyed with regard to their symptoms both before and after going gluten-free. I think it can be summarized as ‘gluten-free helps for most symptoms for most celiac sufferers, but it doesn’t help very well and for some symptoms it doesn’t help at all’. Looking at what was published of this study, and applying what stats I know, I estimate that complete remission of symptoms occurs in less than 2% of people who follow a 100% gluten-free lifestyle for at least 5 years.


    Of course, it may be too much to ask Dr. Drew to stay up on the latest developments (insert sarcasm here) after all, this study is pretty fresh after being published only two YEARS ago!

  14. Ok I just went on to Dr. (?) Drew’s Facebook page and I am a bit perturbed … Love Jennifer and Love that she is so aware that those with Celiac Disease need a voice and that the world sees things in a crooked manner (largely because of bad media, uninformed doctors and simply bad information out there) and I clap my hands that she is trying to get awareness out there.

    But Dr. Drew??? Seriously I was looking at his site and he does not sensationalize anything but basically high profile “smut” kind of stuff – Kid suspended over Sex Video, Women lives ruled by Sex, Jose Baez, Elmo’s voice guy in lawsuit over sexual allegations, Mother wrongly accused of murdering daughter … and on and on … and there in the midst of all this horrible and disturbing shows … Is our Jennifer ~ talking about Celiac Disease.

    He is not a serious medical professional who is looking to investigate and report properly on Medical Issues – he is an ambulance chasing, smut searcher …

    Not really a good awareness and advocate choice … of course he knew nothing, of course he attacked her, of course he managed to make her look like she didn’t know enough of her OWN disease ~ that’s what he does ~

    I still think Jennifer got some great points across, but I think it was a bad forum to try and do this in, does she not have an agent that would research these shows before she goes on them?

    Still love Jennifer and all that she does and continues to do … just think maybe she needs to choose more wisely who she picks to listen.

    And I say all that with the utmost respect … Hugs

  15. Just because yor a doctor doesn’t mean you understand everything about every disease. He made it sound like she just caught it. Get a clue dr drew. Jennifer did great as usual. What happened …happened move on… Focus on the subject at hand.

  16. Drew is a JERK!!! he is the example of why there is so much illness in America… then compares Celiac to HIV.. what!!! OH my HECK.. what a giant jerk.. I ended up in the hospital and did not find out until after heart cath and all sorts of other tests. Its miserable and painful and scary.. what an insensitive jerk!!! Just ticks me off!!!

  17. This hit a nerve with me. My husband is gluten intolerant and his blood tests for Celiac came back negative but i am not 100% sure that its right. Our doctor, who we have been going to for a long time, didn’t seem concerned about it and didn’t give any other recommendations. I was very surprised and terribly disappointed that we weren’t given any answers. My husband seems ok most of the time now that he is eating gluten free but sometimes he still has problems. I am worried he may have other allergies or permanent damage. We don’t have the means to pay for more false tests and doctors who don’t know how to treat him. There just is not enough information out there right now. More research and education needs to be done and gluten needs to be officially added to the allergen list on food labels!

    1. Rachel, I know exactly what your hubby is going through. My doc (who was an actual colleague of mine at the hospital we both worked at) did an EGD and colonoscopy, but no blood work. I was told IBS, hiatal hernia, GERD, and diverticulosis were my issues. He said take Zelnorm (this was in ’07 before it was recalled) and that the alternating IBS symptoms would clear up. They didn’t. So I was vomiting and having bathroom issues. Along with the other neurological, muscular, joint issues I was having. It was awful. I finally figured out on my own through discovering the book by the late Shari Lieberman called The Gluten Connection and the book by Cleo Libonati called Recognizing Celiac Disease what my whole problems were! I went GF, but then about 6 months later also had to eliminate corn because the same symptoms popped back up. Since then I’ve also had to cut out dairy, soy, sulfites, and all preservatives. So, if someone asks I just tel them “It’s easier for me to tell you what I can eat, than to tell you what I can’t!” LOL I follow a Paleo diet. It is such a blessing to me! Easy to follow…fruits, veggies, meat, good fats, nuts, and almond milk. I can duplicate anything I want that other folks eat, but mine is way better for me!!! Hang in there! Email me if you have questions. I help people for free as a pay it forward for all who have helped me in my early days of standing in the aisle with tears streaming down my face! =)

  18. What a gobshite!!! Beautifully handled by Jennifer!!!! That is like every doctor I’ve ever seen! In fact he reminds a lot of one particular doctor, who I went to see, who didn’t know how to spell “wheat”…..

  19. Sigh. Really? Just yesterday, I was telling my husband that I want to get a student visa and move to Italy and get my masters in Celiac Disease. Then, I can come back here and with my “Education” because “I’m a doctor” (in my hubris voice) I can say well, yes, but I have a specialized degree. Then I can open a clinic to help those with management of the disease and educate those doctor’s who think that they know more than anyone else. I feel bad for Jennifer, but I do feel that even as frustrated as she seemed, she did hold her own.

  20. I think Donald Trump needs to step in and enquire and demand to see ” DR.” drew’s credentials and personal information with a reward….

    also, DR. PHIL is more of a real doctor doctor then ” DR. drew had in this left toe combined.

    If my appendix should burst, i would place my life inside DR phil’s hand before ”dr. doo worse know nothing little drew .

    with the deepest respect.
    much love @ miss jennifer.

  21. I think Sherri hit it right on. It was a difficult at best forum for advancing Celiac awareness. And on top of that, Ms. Esposito is still suffering a great deal it appears, and so being “side-swiped” by this HLN production was just plain messy.

    But the interview/incident will help eventually, just not in the clean, totally forward moving, positive way we all would prefer. Kind of apt, as that’s how it goes living with the disease…

  22. It sucks that so many people and doctors don’t recognize and understand that this is a serious disease! I’ve been misdiagnosed since 2004 and finally found a doctor that was willing to listen and help me.

    I too ended up with Leaky Gut and it doesn’t just go away if you take away the wheat and gluten, it’s going to be a very long recovery.

    I started a bakery earlier this year dedicated to Gluten Free/Vegan fare, actually Allergy Friendly because I’ve met so many people with food allergies and intolerance.

    Love you blog! You can check out my website at:



  23. What an asshole! Sorry for the harsh word, but it is very accurate in this case! He did everything he could do demean her “condition”. He tried to trick her up…I’m a doctor!!!! Who gives a shit if you’re a doctor. I’ve got Celiac Disease you butt head. I have no idea what blood tests my GI doc runs every year…I know it’s a “Celiac Panel” but I don’t know what is in that panel. That was the test that told the doc that I had Celiac disease so I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. I have NEVER been treated like that by my GI doc…NEVER! I mean, what the hell is wrong with that jerk? I thought docs were supposed to be caring and nurturing…not snide and insulting. Syncope? Come off it. How many times did she tell him that she DID NOT pass out–syncope…arghhhh–that she fell down?!?!?! Ok…I am going to get off my soap box now! I will add that Jennifer did a fantastic job at holding herself together and correcting that jerk where correcting was needed! Well done Jennifer!!! Well done!

  24. Wow….Your past two posts have shaken me to my core. I wanted to scream at Dr. Drew. He should be ashamed of himself and I applaud Jennifer for sticking to her guns. I was so frsutrated for her so I can’t imagine how she felt.

    As a Celiac and mom to two daughters with Celiac, I’m so sick of explaing this disease and trying to educate people on what it really means. Why am I still surprised when it’s been this way for a year and a half?

    Our “condition” comes with the added bonus of constantly having to defend ourselves and I hate that. Recently a woman who is battling breast cancer looked at me and said, “So what do you think you did to get Celiac Disease?”. Would I ever look at her and say, “What did you do to give yourself breast cancer?”.

    My husband and I recently met with our seven year olds school administrator to discuss the terrible anxiety that she is experiencing along with Celiac. The second sentence out of her mouth was, “By 2nd grade kids tend to be manipulative, some even maliciously so.” There is a judgment and an assumption and an ignorance around every corner with every person we meet in our lives. I can’t ignore them because they are teachers, coaches, neighbors, family members, friends, administrators and so on. I can’t scream or cry because then I am labeled as an emotional whackadoo. It’s the ultimate test of my patience. It’s the bonus of this disease that really pisses me off.

    I want to find Jennifer a kick-ass attorney who will take on her case pro bono. CBS needs to understand and take a hit for their abuse and manipulation.

  25. Jennifer was amazing, as she always is. I wanted to jump up and punch Dr Dimwit in his big fat ego. If I could have one wish, it would be that every doctor whose ego is too big to see or listen, be blessed with Celiac disease in all its glory for one year. Go Jennifer!

  26. Dr. Drew: “So are you better..?”

    Jersey Girl: “You fucking idiot, it is an incurabble disease….!!! Did you buy your doctorate from shannon doherty???”

    Damn, now i’m pissy.

    Jersey Girl

  27. @ Donna ….So long as he does not have to deal with any
    Security Question:
    What is 3 + 8 ?


    IMPORTANT! To be able to proceed, you need to solve the above simple math (so we know that you are a human) πŸ™‚

    HUMAN yes…human…drewman is a whole new species i am afraid.
    as he was not Humane in my opion.

    Having or showing compassion or benevolence.
    Inflicting the minimum of pain.

    i am a doctor, i am a doctor i am a doctor,
    yes, by saying it outloud so many times will make it more real ?
    first do no harm.

    a doctor, is not a god, sorry to burst his bubble.
    he did not adequate prepare himself for this interview, a real man, person, doctor would have made sure they would know what exactly he would be talking about, that would be professional of him.
    and if he was over his head, and did not really comprehend all the implications and pain miss.Jennifer has dealt with every day, he could just simply let the real expert do the meaningful talking.
    and later on take a refreshing course on the matter, that would be humane and professional.

    again, with respect.

  28. In fact, ”dr”.drew could take that humane and professional refreshing course by watching and learning from Doctor Oz.
    as i have seen an episode of miss. Jennifer making muffins and talking a little bit about Celiac on his show and i found him to be very professional, compassionate and positive towards this auto immune disease and his guest , the lovely Jennifer. He asked questions that matter and was truly involved with his guest.
    I wonder if Jennifer herself experienced that in the same way as i did by watching the show.
    Mind you, i do not have this disease nor am i American but thanks to the wonders of internet, this matter has reached me and is close to my heart anyway.

    kind regards,

  29. Kudos to Jennifer for appearing with Dopey.
    Could see that gong show coming a mile away. This explains my attitude sometimes. I picked it up from most of my doctors in my life.

    Don’t make me laugh, Dr. Drew is going to explain leaky gut and
    celiac disease to us? See how he could care less. So worried about
    Jennifer passing out. I sure hope he can sleep tonight.

    This video is one that we must share with everyone to show and
    inform how it goes down day after day. GD made me laugh. I said many years ago at one of my xmas parties, “As The Filler Turns.”

    Okay, lets see. 10 celiacs + 7 leaky guts = 17 IBS patients.

  30. As Yes Dr. Drew is a retard you all have to remember that he is a PAID MOUTH for the Drug and Food companies… he will discredit ANY Truth to there being a TRUE connection to disorders and our FOODS. They want the masses to stay ignorant of the true effects of the foods we consume so that they may gain from our stupidity with medications and false diagnosis and doctor bills. The True Stretch of Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac’s reaches much further if you break down the fact that the main reason this has been brought to light is that our food is deprived of main nutrients and they are trying to use Cheaper products in stead of Nutrient rich products that dont fit into their break down of the human body to make them more money. So As you may be flabbergasted by his reaction to Celiac’s i am still amazed that any of you still watch the shows that only give you what they want to give you.

  31. I’m very disappointed in Dr. Drew. If one of his family members had Celiac Disease he would know all about it. After years of illness after illness, what I thought was food poisoning, and what seemed like constantly having the flu, I diagnosed myself. When I asked doctors they’d say, you don’t want to have that. American doctors are ignorant.

  32. Lots of comments. I have to get dinner made so ill read them later.

    Did anyone notice how twitchy Dr Drew was? It was very odd. And he made loud sniffing noises. I don’t want to accuse him of anything, but…..

  33. Wow. He definitely needs to go back to medical school, along with all of the other doctors who do not take Celiac Disease seriously. We all need to join together, with Jennifer, and continue to help raise awareness.

  34. For whatever reason you fell down? What an idiot he is.

    He barely listened and did nothing to further educate the public about Celiac Disease.

    Sadly, I feel like he represents the majority of doctors out there and others in our community. They don’t listen, don’t get it, don’t understand how it is not easy and that so many of us are not miraculously healed.

    It is a daily job. And unfortunately it is one that is almost impossible to perfect.

    I had a fall last year after eating out for weeks, thinking I was eating gluten free fast food and in restaurants. My legs just gave way. I did not pass out, I literally collapsed. My muscles and joints are affected greatly by gluten and other allergen damages. The only way I prevent this now is to rarely eat out and to take clean around me and read labels constantly.

    The Dr. did not listen to anything she was trying to say and it truly is ashame.

    Jennifer you were kind and polite and really tried to get in as much of information as possible in when you were allowed. Hold your head up high.

  35. Really? Maybe you should study up on a certain disease before you try to have an intelligent conversation about it Dr. Drew. That was pitiful. People’s bodies and lives are destroyed by this disease and you are making it sound like this woman is over dramatizing her reaction to a lifelong disease. Won’t be watching you ever again.

  36. Does he have any idea what he is talking about? Does he even know what celiac disease is? Did he even go the med school? WTF! Who let him to be on the show? I never wish anybody this disease but maybe if he had it he wouldn’t be a jerk like this… lol

  37. Ok, what’s with the boneheads pissing of people with celiac disease? Do they not know that we are adept at eliminating irritants from our life?!?!

    Cutting CBS, Dr. Drew, insensitive tweeting Salon-writing and fired-producer-turned desperate-blogger types out of our universe is easier than turning down a piece of birthday cake! Pishaw.

    As for Jennifer, she stayed so calm but you could see the incredulous look on her face when she had to correct him, repeatedly, that she did not pass out. Grace under pressure, for sure.

  38. Hey All. Yes it’s me, the Celiac punching bag! Wow crazy interview; I’d say u can call it that. All I can say is I was stunned just as much as you all were EXCEPT I WAS THERE!!!!! I’m sorry if some of you feel I need more education about this disease but I assure you I would have loved to speak some FACTS about this glorious disease but as you all can see from the tape I wasn’t allowed to finish a single sentence. I was also in shock that after all these years I’m still trying to get people to just LISTEN to what I’m explaining rather than speak AT me…something many Celiacs I’m sure can relate to.

    Please go to JennifersWay.Org to see what I actually do know about this disease. We are ALL learning something every day with this ever changing disease, including me. What I did learn with this recent display of disrespect for the disease is that the problem is bigger than we think. We need to stick together in this unfortunate battle to be HEARD! Forget about being understood for now; let’s just start with at least being heard. I will continue to do my very best and as always appreciate Gluten Dude and everyone else who speaks up! A long road and yes this probably wasn’t the greatest arena for it but I do believe that every word that is spoken about this shitty disease is a small step to something better. If one person heard what I said through the loud arrogance that was screamed at me then we helped one more person feel less alone and less crazy about what they are going through when dealing with this disease.

    On a side note about my health. I’m ok but because of leaky gut I have many other food allergies. I am on a rotation diet that helps but every once and a while a new allergy just pops up. Yay me!! It is what it is and I just keep moving.

    I love you all and thank you for sticking together!

    Gluten Dude…u rock, per usual!

    Jennifer Esposito aka The Celiac Punching Bag. Bring it on!

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I also would collapse from weakness. Oh how we all can relate in so many ways. I stand and applaud your efforts!

    2. Jennifer,
      You are a huge encouragement to all of us out here battling CD! We all appreciate everything you’re doing to raise awareness for this disease and we’ll always be here to back you up. Stay strong! πŸ™‚

  39. Wow. What an ignorant “a$$” was the first thought that came to mind. What a slap in the face to all of us who struggled for so many years going to these types of ignorant Dr’s for answers and…nothing.

  40. Thank you everyone for your passion, support & honesty. One step forward & two steps back. But we’ll get there.

    1. Let me at him………

      My daughter has been so sick. Finally realized she has a gluten intolerance….. (stopped eating gluten before testing for Celiac)……. will not eat again for testing.

      I didn’t think a person could be less knowledgeable than I since this diagnosis is so new to our family. I am constantly trying to prepare things as to not cross-contaminate and am constantly on edge thinking i am going to contribute to making my daughter ill. This man is a disgrace.

      God forbid anyone in his immediate family ever suffer from this disease.

      LET ME AT THIS MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I were invited to that show. Just one time.

  41. This made me cry ): This sucks. This sucks so bad…. But I agree, we will get there someday. And whether Dr Drew publicly admits he was wrong or not, he will certainly be ashamed for what he said when he someday when he learns something about Celiac with the rest of the population (or at least MORE of the population). Sorry you had to deal with this shit Jennifer! Keep fighting the good fight!

  42. So sorry I am late everyone.
    This long undiagnosed celiac was at physical/massage therapy yesterday (I have to go 2 times a week–as I have for the last 2 years) to try and regain full use of my arms and legs and last night, I was in ramped up pain and experiencing significant nausea. And, I was trying to find words of comfort for a fellow celiac via email because she is struggling with anemia, profound weakness and malignant cancer.
    Yes, the GF diet solves all our problems over night !!!!! (if you do not know me by now—that was dripping sarcasm)

    So, what did I miss?

    Oh yes!! some “doctor” badgering a fellow celiac with a barrage of inane questions instead of LISTENING to her responses. He knows nothing about celiac if he asks “why would you still feel ill?”

    Didn’t Dr. Fasano just explain all that in yesterday’s video? That our bodies are so beat up it takes a long time to heal–and causes major complications.

    It’s an autoimmune disease “Dr. Drew”—and that means it is incurable, but treatable. You flaming asshat .

    You were grace under pressure, lady!! πŸ˜‰
    Do not worry about that for one second.
    You’re doing a fantastic job as an advocate for celiac.

    Believe me, anyone with a brain watching his show (wait–do people with brains watch that show?) can see he was nothing but an arrogant bully.

    His tactics at interrogation er, um interviewing…totally suck. Forgive my language, but I am tired as I did not sleep much and my usual eloquence escapes me. πŸ™‚

    Forget him, and move forward.
    Best wishes to you!
    and….I no longer watch BB—you were the best part, hon!.

  43. Wow, this sounds like so many first meetings I have had with docs when trying to explain my history, they are on the attack and accusing you and in disbelief they don’t even allow you to get a word out, they have it in their mind what you are and that you are a certain type of person before you even open your mouth. Wow he just captured the jerk doc perfectly.

  44. I’m not Even gonna pick That burden up and watch the damn interview lol BUT I now know Dr. Drew is not a respectable person, let alone Any kind of true, knowledgeable doctor. As one who may stay border line Celiac, I will continue to try to get the message out on BLOOD TYPE EATING – you will understand Why you even Are Celiac – gluten is Not compatible with BT A’s and O’s. Get more Power people behind you Jennifer! If you ever do an interview again that ends up being a trap – know the signs girlfriend. When the producer called you before the show and asked the “Here’s your Sign” question – Do you eat gluten-free? That was your cue, hun, but bless your heart regardless.

  45. People: this IS today’s medical doctor! This is what you get! So,government healthcare system will make this scenario worse. The patient is stupid and the doctor is smart!!

  46. So, the battle continues.

    Jennifer, it is amazing to see you up there fighting on our behalf as well as your own. It takes such courage, especially with someone who thinks he knows everything. Thank you. And it is lovely to see you here.

    It just continually astonishes me that anyone thinks it is ok to attack people who have an autoimmune disease.

    Look after yourself, know we are with you x

  47. I wanted to clarify something on my comment earlier regarding why people are Celiac, which I Do know is Purely Genetic. Makes Dr.Drew all the more a COMPLETE IDIOT. I want to vomit now because until today, I actually respected the man, UGH! Anyway, In Addition to All the Celiacs out there – It is also a fact that blood type A’s are not suppose to eat Much(if at all) gluten – BUT – blood type O’s ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO EAT ANY GLUTEN. So, Jennifer, even though I am a blood type A, I was tested, was off the charts and Am border line Celiac. That is of course in addition to Fructose intolerant, oh and my Congenital disabling condition that just my luck happens to be Intestinal Dysbiosis. I hate my own guts LOL!! For All who Truly LISTEN and need/want more Blood Type info. the Real Good Doctor(and who I credit for me existing still) is the one and only DR.PETER D’ADAMO, (Right4YourType, etc) Good Luck, safe eating, more importantly RIGHT EATING – By Your Blood!

  48. Thank you so much for this post Gluten Dude. Like everyone else, I’m absolutely horrified and appalled. Dr. Drew is essentially dismissing the validity of science and all fields of medicine used to treat and diagnose Celiac Disease: Allergy & Immunology, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Dermatology (for those of us with dermatitis herpetiformis, etc… – I’ve had every rash known to man), Naturopathic Medicine, Accupuncture, etc… this is disgraceful. He should be ashamed of himself – and held accountable by other doctors. If Dr. Drew spoke this way to someone with MS or diabetes, there would be outrage in the medical & scientific community. (At least I hope there would be)

    I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in April of 2003 and it still boggles my mind when doctors display this type of arrogance. I truly feel for Jennifer – Three months ago, I had a severe autoimmune reaction and went to see a new Gastroenterologist, I brought along copies of my Celiac bloodwork, my latest labs, and pictures of my biopsies. She took one look at my paperwork, slammed them down on a chair, and said, “We do not diagnose Celiac disease with blood tests and biopsies anymore. This an an outdated approach – we now use a genetic test to make a legitimate diagnosis.” She then proceeded to talk down to me like I was retarded.
    I was so traumatized by her behavior, that I forgot to share with her that my parents have both taken the genetic test – and tested positive. Anyway, this experience still gives me nightmares… Needless to say I went to a different gastroenterologist.

    I pray wholeheartedly for accountablitity in this situation – this behavior is inexcusable – and negligent.
    Lots of love to all of you. Thank you all for sharing your stories.

    1. Stephanie said:

      “She took one look at my paperwork, slammed them down on a chair, and said, β€œWe do not diagnose Celiac disease with blood tests and biopsies anymore. This an an outdated approach – we now use a genetic test to make a legitimate diagnosis.” She then proceeded to talk down to me like I was retarded.”

      I do not know who this doctor is, but you cannot diagnose Celiac based SOLELY on genetic testing. That is pure malarkey.

      It should be used more as an exclusionary diagnosis, although some people have celiac and do NOT carry the “main genes” associated with it. So using it as diagnostic criteria–is playing Russian roulette with those people’s lives.

      More than 97% of patients with celiac disease have at least one of the two genes–HLA DQ2 and DQ8.

      Most patients (more than 90%) carry the DQ2 gene. Fewer than 10% carry the DQ8 gene. In the near future, researchers will likely discover additional genes that predispose an individual to celiac disease.

      And, having these so-called “celiac disease genes” does not mean you’re guaranteed to have celiac disease. In fact, the vast majority of people with the genes never develop celiac disease. Having the genes only means you have A RISK of someday developing celiac disease.

      On the other hand, according to leading celiac centers, if you don’t have these genes, your odds of developing celiac disease are pretty “slim to none”.

      But, my doctor told me he biopsied a man who had total villous atrophy and he had neither of those genes.

      I have DQ2.2 –and was told that combo is very rare–about 1% of celiacs have it. Lucky huh?

      Yet, I cannot win the lottery. πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you so much for the thoughtful explanation IrishHeart. I wish you were there with me during my visit. Sigh…at the time I just felt like I had been hit with a stun gun or punched in the chest. Fortunately, I knew that she was full of it (or insane) – and was able to drag myself to another gastro. I’m concerned for other patients who go to her but don’t receive a proper diagnosis…
        I’m so grateful for Gluten Dude, Jennifer, IrishHeart – and all of you for making your voices heard. I was diagnosed a decade ago because a new co-worker (who almost bled to death from Celiac) – noticed my symptoms and asked me to get tested.

        1. A celiac always knows another celiac when s/he sees one.

          I am like the little kid in the scary movie only…”I See Celiacs”..:)

          Glad you listened to your friend, hon! πŸ˜‰

  49. The main reason that Dr. Drew can’t speak on the topic is because there is no pill associated with Celiac Disease. He’s in with Big Pharma. They all talk like this. I was told I didn’t have Celiac Disease because I was Black ….. I had to find another doctor to help me with the diagnosis.
    He’s in with Big Pharma!!

    1. So true Pam, so true. You are not kidding sister – here’s an article (and there are many more like this online) http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/07/how-dr-drew-sold-his-cred-to-big-pharma/259473/

      Years ago, I heard him state on Loveline (his radio show) that he thought people with food allergies were kind of crazy. This was years ago and those comments came back to me when watching this video. Again, this horrifies me.
      With great power, comes great responsibility (sounds cheesy on paper, but it’s true) He has a choice – to educate and heal, or to cause harm. Apparently he has forgotten about the “Hippocratic Oath”…

    2. “I was told I didn’t have celiac because I was black.”

      I am speechless…and this NEVER happens. πŸ™‚

      What the …??? (picture me banging my head against my desk)

      Good for you for finding another doctor (with a brain)

  50. Kudos to Jennifer for getting some Celicac awareness out there despite the grilling! Every little bit of education we do helps increase the understanding of this disease. I know I have to explain it often too (and it gets tiring). It is great to see it on TV even if was just for a short, badgered time. πŸ™‚

  51. I shared this on facebook and explained how I lost respect for Dr. Drew from the way he treated Jennifer in the interview. My uncle said he liked him because he does so much for the suffering alcoholic, ok that’s fair…however he went on to say he had not watched it but said he was sure it was fine. Later he commented he had, in fact, watched it and said as he suspected it was fine and then blamed it on Jennifer stating she was “a mess”… enraged, I wanted to fire back. I stopped and decided to wait on that. It has bothered me since yesterday. Why do we have to defend ourselves? I never see anyone with diabetes or other autoimmune diseases have to defend themselves. It really is a disappointment how people like to act like such humanitarians only to turn around and belittle someone else.

  52. Okay.. It’s confirmed,official and unanimous:
    Dr. Drew is and “Empty Suit”
    He has a pattern of arrogance . I doubt we’ll get an apology. We don’t have a pharmaceutical company to back us up.

  53. let me just say this – doctors dont have a freaking clue, mine surely did not.. diagnose the symptoms and not the problem – that is their mentality.. I am totally over the medical profession as they are just puppets in an insurance controlled scam!

    1. There are a few decent ones in there but your right, the system is beyond broken and we can’t get past the political BS to fix it.

        1. Glad you found someone to work with and help you on your healing journey!

          Readers should be aware there are functional and integrative med doctors who are also just as unreliable as mainstream doctors. Some insist patients have expensive, unnecessary and unvalidated testing and procedures.

          One of those FM doctors I saw? Left me undiagnosed for nearly a year under his care as my health spiraled down. I spent hundreds of dollars in his fancy clinic–to no avail. Needless to say, I have a poor opinion of him. When I told him I had celiac after all, his response was a canned CYA statement that he was “sorry I did not find what I needed at his Center for Healing”. That’s it.

          And some of them do not “believe” in celiac. They think leaky guts can be healed and then, gluten can be tolerated once more. (we all know this is simply untrue)

          NOTE: THIS IS Just MY OPINION and it is not a criticism of all FM and IM doctors.

          I am sure there are very good ones out there! People should choose wisely.

          1. 7year’s ago I went to my pcp and was told I have the flu which going around.. fast forward to today, self diagnosis I requested the blood test.. come back positive for celiac disease. He tells me simply, just change your diet… like said, they have no clue…

            1. You’re preaching to the choir, here Ed.

              25 years of misdiagnoses….

              and my PCP for the last 12 years before I figured it out myself? has 3 kids with celiac!! …so…yeah…..there is a major problem going on…..

            2. Lol, you are absolutely right , I am preaching to the choir I know.. it feels good to vent though and to people that understand.. when I was a kid, I remember the doctors doing all kinds of allergy tests on me with no results.. in 2002 I came down with Gillian Barre syndrome and the doctors scratching their heads.. totally related autoimmune malfunction.. but up until a month ago, I had no idea that all of this was connected.. and to hear my doc tell me, just change your diet floored me..

            3. Ed,

              I am pretty convinced (and many others will agree with me, I am sure) that all AI diseases have one thing in common: unchecked rampant inflammation in the body.

              And if gluten is propelling it, well…..I think everyone may well be screwed.
              Whether we are a celiac, a gluten intolerant, or those just not “seeing the connection” yet, I have to wonder if everyone with autoimmunity problems would benefit from being gluten free (and maybe even entirely grain free).

              Even Dr. Fasano himself says “it’s an impossible grain to digest entirely”.

              Ah, but what do I know? I just research and read a lot so I can tame the celiac beast….but I’m no “doctor”….:)

  54. Jennifer handled it so calmly i would have blown up. When i dont know something i let the other person tell me not make them feel like they are not worthy of my spit. fu dr drew. the only good thing that came out of this is – now we have a PERFECT example of what inconsiderate ignorance Celiacs have to got through.!! BLEGH.

  55. I imagine that someday soon, someone that Dr, Drew loves will be diagnosed with Celiac disease. I don’t wish this on anybody, but as awarerness grows and testing becomes more prevalent, the chances of that happening are extremely high. Perhaps only then will he learn the true impact of this awful disease.
    As the mom of a Celiac, my heart goes out to Jennifer and all those whose lives are irrevoccably altered by the diagnosis of this disease.
    After years of horrible health problems, my beloved daughter was diagnosed just before her 5th Birthday. We became a gluten free household, and at 8 years old, she is blossoming.
    Shame on Dr. Drew for chasing after “the story”. If he truly cared about the health and well-being of people, he would’ve used this opportunity to support his guest and educate others about the challenges of eating gluten free, and the dangers of misdiagnosis and misinformation. How sad that he chose ratings over substance.

    1. Polly said:

      “How sad that he chose ratings over substance.”


      It’s the world we live in, I’m afraid. πŸ™

  56. Ugh, this just makes me sick. Unfortunately, I’ve had similar experiences with doctors being rude, arrogant, dismissive and ignorant. I just hope that Jennifer gets an apology from this spineless bastard, but I would be surprised if he even has the balls to. I just signed the petition. Disgusted.

  57. Dr. Drew is another complete moron who cares only about himself and ratings, just like Dr. Oz and I am sick and tired of everyone looking up to these wannabe gods. If Drew were my doctor, I would fire him immediately. Living with celiac disease is never fun and living gluten free is not the only solution to the myriad of problems associated with the disease. jerk

  58. We should ask Dr. Drew: Why did you interrogate rather than interview? Why did you choose your particular questions? Why did you take a demeaning tone with Jennifer? Why were you impatient with her? Why were you clearly not listening or ignoring what Jennifer had to say? I’m curious, but I can only guess at this point.

    Although this would be a great opportunity to inform the public about celiac, it seems to me that his basic goal was to interview a star with a medical problem that caused controversy with a TV studio because that’s what the show’s creators thought would be a good story. I don’t think he would choose have chosen to interview her. I have a feeling that he took offense with Jennifer because like many doctors, he does not respond well to a patient who takes control of her own health; he doesn’t take the time to understand invisible illness or have the patience to allow her to describe her symptoms; and he doesn’t respect a patient’s ability to describe what is going on with her own body and discern that something isn’t right. By the way, before there were tests, the only way doctors could care for someone was through interviewing and observing. I’ve had more success with functional medicine that uses primarily uses these techniques. More importantly, I believe doctors are informed about celiac disease, but if it got the attention it deserved, people would need a lot less medical care. Dollar signs everyone!!!

    I believe the mention of leaky gut is what set him off. Leaky gut is not medically recognized…yet. It is soon to come and it will turn the medical world on it’s head. I believe many doctors are aware of leaky gut. From my experience, it’s taboo to speak of things like leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, food sensitivities, and even nutrition. I don’t think this is a coincidence. I really don’t want to be a fly on the wall in the medical association, pharmaceutical, diagnostic equipment, laboratory, hospital, agribusiness, FDA, and USDA boardrooms because what I already know that is in plain sight enrages me.

    I think Dr. Drew should apologize for being so impatient and aggressive with a woman who was clearly not feeling well. That’s no way to treat a healthy lady or a human being for that matter. She did not instigate any of the attitude that Dr. Drew dished out. Jennifer did a stellar job in keeping on point and maintaining a pleasant demeanor. A fine actress indeed! Anyone with compassion could clearly see that Jennifer is ill and that she is sincere. I particularly appreciated her description of what it’s like to be sick for many years and not be able to get help from medical professionals.

    I think Dr. Drew insulted more than those with Celiac Disease. He insulted everyone with a chronic and/or invisible illness. He did us a favor in a way. He created more solidarity among us; and he showed the world what the experience is generally like for a person chronic and/or invisible illness in a doctor’s office.

  59. I just saw this video. I’ve lost all respect for Dr. Drew. He should publicly apologize to Jennifer for his outrageous behavior. So disrespectful not just to people with Celiac but also to women in general. He treated her like shit. I admire her. I would have gotten up mid-interview the moment he started, “What test? What test? What test?” and walked out. Or I would have turned the tables on him and asked him, “Why are you asking? Why are you asking?” What a prick.

  60. I just heard Dr Drew scream at some 21 yr old kid who called into Love Lines during their open forum topic of “When U 1st were exposed to porn.” So the caller said his mom used to go dancing and leave him alone when he was abt 13 or 14 & he would watch cable porn. Dr Drew asked the caller where his father was, and the caller said his parents were separated. Dr Drew insisted on following this track, even tho the caller didn’t bring it up; actually, the caller was resistant to discuss the family dynamics, and had just called to relate the porn incident, which was supposedly what the open forum was abt. Finally, Dr Drew started screaming at the caller, saying NO – YOUR FATHER ABANDONED YOU AND YOUR MOTHER ILLEGALLY LEFT YOU ALONE. The caller said something dismissive, like “I guess,” and Dr Drew continued yelling “NO NOT ‘I GUESS’ – THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED. YOU WERE ABANDONED BY BOTH OF YOUR PARENTS.” I mean, what sort of person screams at a 21 yr old guy who obvs hasn’t come to terms with his family-of-origin dysfunctions, after inviting people to call abt such a loaded topic? I was appalled. I felt sorry for the caller, who they basically hung up on, after yelling at him, which seemed to surprise the caller, if not actually hurting his feelings. Seriously, these people are jerks. I was working at the time of the show, and plan on making my thoughts known at the place I work abt the irresponsible and exploitative nature of this so called “Dr.”

  61. Coeliac Medical Student

    I’ve only just seen this, and I would like to express my surprise that this man has ever had any medical training; it’s actually a diagnosis that is very commonly taught at my Medical School (in England). In fact, in our Finals Practical exams there have been past scenarios where you have to explain what Coeliac disease is to a worried mother and answer her questions. (Sadly this didn’t come up for my Finals, I would have loved it!)

    Its actually pretty basic medical knowledge. It saddens me that this man is meant to be representing Doctors in America. Has he ever actually practiced medicine in his career? Because he certainly wouldn’t last a second with the consultants I’ve had placements with!

  62. Omg dr drew is at it again! I googled f.u. Dr drew after the ridiculous comments he recently made about endometriosis and found this page.he said endometriosis is a garbage diagnosis for a condition dr just diagnose when they can really figure out what’s wrong. Oh, and the pain associated with it is caused by repressed sexual abuse!! Yeah, not the 2 giant tumors I’ve grown and had removed! He’s an idiot and just needs to go back to exploiting celebrities for their addictions!

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