Gluten Cutter…Profiting Off Your Weakness

should i take gluten cutter

I hate Gluten Cutter. I mean, I really, really detest everything about it.

If you haven’t heard of this ridiculous product, they claim it allows you to eat gluten and not suffer the consequences.

Does Gluten Cutter work? Now that’s funny.

I would explain how they say it is supposed to work, but it doesn’t really matter does it? Their overall message is the same:
“Eating gluten free is SO DIFFICULT AND INCONVENIENT. Take our pill and you can get your life back”.

The headlines on their home page scream it:
“Take the guilt out of gluten.”
“Because it can be tough to resist.”
“Enjoy the foods you love.”

You know what the headline should read:

Now, the million dollar question is…are they promoting it for people with celiac disease?

The answer is…yes, but perhaps not directly; just like any other scammy company trying not to get sued.

On their FAQ page, there is the following beauty:

Q: Is Gluten Cutter intended for those with Celiac Disease?
A: It is recommended that those with Celiac Disease first consult with a doctor prior to using Gluten Cutter.

Dude Note – July 2021: Thankfully, their messaging has changed a bit. While pills like this still market to our weakness (“Go ahead. Eat the bread, not the salad.”), they sometimes admit it’s not for those with celiac disease. Although still advertises one of these pills. Don’t get me started.

The answer should be a simple NO. But then that would dig into their profits now wouldn’t it.

There is a “success story” from Susan on their site that promotes it for those with celiac: “I have celiac disease. When I eat out I no longer worry if I’m going to get sick because restaurants aren’t always honest when they say “gluten free”.

Susan…you are the worst celiac ever.

Their Facebook page has a quote from someone who is a “full blow celiac” and takes the pill every day. This angers me to no end.

And if you look for reviews online, there are many written by celiacs who put their hopes in a pill. Thankfully, most claim the products is absolute garbage.

Here’s the deal folks…they are profiting on your weakness; on your gullibility; on your stupidity. They are telling you that going gluten free is too hard; it’s inconvenient; you’re giving up too many great foods. Just take our pill and all of of your worries go away.

It is such a load of crap.

Gluten Cutter is not backed by the FDA. It’s not backed my the medical community. It’s not backed by one single celiac expert.

Yet somehow, they are in every single retail store out there, they have almost 100,000 followers on Facebook (yet only 273 Twitter follows…ok then) and by the looks of it, they’re doing pretty well for themselves. They are the tobacco company of the gluten free industry. They’re making money off lies and deceit.

Folks…you have celiac disease or NCGS. Your body cannot process gluten. Period. But this is not a death sentence. It’s a life sentence. You know exactly what is harming your body. Don’t listen to these scammers. Instead, listen to the experts, such as Dr. Stefano Guandalini, founder and medical director of the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center. The question posed to him was:

Do supplements like Glutenase, Gluten Cutter or Digest Gluten Plus that are currently on the market help people with celiac disease digest gluten, or protect against cross-contamination?

His answer says it all:

“It must be clearly stated that none – I repeat, none – of the currently commercially available products that claim to help detoxifying gluten by digesting it in the stomach before it reaches the small intestine can actually accomplish this. This is based on specific tests carried out in a reputable research laboratory that has checked these products and confirmed what we knew from the beginning: They are totally ineffective in reducing the fractions of gluten that are toxic for celiac patients.

So who are you going to listen to? A company that is profiting off your weakness or someone who has dedicated his career to helping those inflicted with celiac.

Don’t support Gluten Cutter. Be part of the solution. Not part of the problem.

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50 thoughts on “Gluten Cutter…Profiting Off Your Weakness”

  1. Dennis Hemingway

    They now have a disclaimer on their Facebook page.

    “Providing non-celiac individuals with the freedom to enjoy the foods they love without having to deprive themselves or worry about the effects of gluten.”

      1. Left a very not nice message on the fb page telling them they should be ashamed to promote this product. Let’s see how long it takes for them to remove it.

        1. A lot of celiacs must not have seen their disclaimer. They keep asking if they can use the product.

          GlutenCutter’s staff does reply to each celiac who inquires and they tell them it’s not recommended. But people hear what they want to hear. It’s sad to see people taking such a risk.

          If people really want to go back to enjoying all great foods they had in the past there IS A WAY TO DO IT! It can be done safely! But don’t visit the gluten cutter page.

          Visit or

          Jules Shepard’s gluten free flour can do for you what others only promise. You CAN enjoy your old favorites again! It can substitute, cup-for-cup, for wheat flour in your recipes. Even a guy like me can make great tasting FRESH bread again!

          There is no doubt that her products WORK!

      2. Speaking of subtleties, here’s another one, in one of their promotional videos on youtube:

        Watch the animation around 0:20-0:28 where it depicts “Emily” at a restaurant with her friends, asking the waitstaff about which foods are safe, and pay attention in particular to the annoyed reaction of her friends.

        It’s subtle, yes, but they’re sending a message that validates her friends’ reactions as an appropriate way to act around GFers. The subtle message in this scene is saying, “If you’re trying to eat GF in a restaurant with your friends, you’ll only end up pissing them off and they will be rightfully annoyed at you. So here, just take this pill and quit being such a nuisance.”

      3. You make a very bold claim… I have tried gluten cutter, it helps some… SOME… It does not take away all of the effects but it does help SOME.

  2. Ridiculous.

    I’m eating spaghetti right this minute, made with that exotic grain … rice. Just don’t eat gluten but don’t suffer. Other foods are yummy as well.

  3. Oh what a great product, such a wonderful cure for all the fad dieters, the kim kardashes miley the circus girl,and the rest of the dim wits. Any one with a brain cell that is working knows better to put their life in jeopardy using such scam products. I just recently zeroed in on carrageenan that made me sick when i used redi wip on my strawberrys. found out it is red sea weed (irish moss) which was used to inflame the intestines of rats to so they can test anti inflamatory drugs. one thing about having celiac disease is how i am learning about all the scams, toxics gmo and stuff in our foods, no wonder all the sickness ; wishing all the best to you and your family Dude keep up the good fight for us much appreciated

  4. Bummer. I would never, ever, ever “cheat.” But I do take Glutenease on the rare occasions that I eat out or have to travel for work, as it helps me worry a little less about possible cross-contamination. I guess I better go back to worrying…

    1. I occasionally take Glutenzyme for the same reason. It doesn’t allow me to eat Gluten, but can make the difference between gettingsick enough to ruin a vacation or night out if I get caught out (eg as with garlic mashed potatoes–long story), or just feeling nauseated and bloated but able to somewhat function the next day or week.

  5. …and anyway, it’s just a digestive enzyme supplement. If you want to take digestive enzymes, g’head (I do, but not to ‘treat’ CD). No need to buy this particular product. Many reasons to boycott it. I agree, it sends the wrong message. Gluten is not your friend. Kick it to the curb and be kind to your body.

  6. They’d a ‘testimony’ from a Carl H (or somethign like that) a few hours ago. I took issue with it. It’s gone now!

  7. I carry Glutenase with me all the time NOT to cheat on purpose but to offer me a buffer. I still suffer all kinds of unpleasant symptoms when a restaurant messes up but that whole doubled over in pain within 30 minutes doesn’t happen and the instant onset depression symptoms are drastically reduced. It’s worth it for me to carry it and use it.

    That being said, I never, ever cheat and have gone hungry at social events if something seemed off about the food prep. Just last weekend I ate before we went to a party because I just knew it would be unsafe – I got there and bread was on every counter and wooden spoons stirring the soup I was being offered. um, nope.

      1. Because they are porous and particles get embedded in, never to completely cleaned. Same for wooden boards.
        Sponges, even plastic cutting boards are not safe.

  8. Every time I hear of this particular brand of quackery, my thoughts always turn to Echo & the Bunnymen.

    “Who’s on the 7th floor brewing alternatives?
    What’s in the bottom drawer waiting for things to give?
    Spare us The Cutter! Spare us The Cutter!
    Couldn’t cut the mustard!”

  9. Haven’t seen these sorts of products here in Australia, but seriously I dont look for that kind of alternative, my 17 yr old coeliac is getting better at asking and telling people what he wants and needs. We dont eat out much anymore but we never really did, I do most of the cooking and their dad does the rest when I’m at work so we have him covered.

  10. My last doctor once, quite excitedly, suggested that I use GlutenEase. I’m a diagnosed celiac. It turned out he himself had a close relative who is severely gluten intolerant, but he discouraged any testing for celiac (“not necessary”). It was obvious he was hostile to the gluten-free diet. So he recommended this garbage as a viable alternative to going completely gluten free. When I told him that GlutenEase and all the other magic gluten-busting potions were scams and that no reputable celiac expert would endorse them for someone with celiac, he argued with me. Why, I just didn’t understand! Someone at the grocery store with a celiac in the family recommended it! It works for her! So he encouraged his own gluten-intolerant relative to use it. Why would I possibly not want to try it too? The gluten-free diet is so awful!

    I sincerely wish I was making this up, but it’s a true story. I wish these snake oil anti-gluten potions were illegal. The people who pitch them do real harm. When even gullible misinformed doctors are recommending them to their celiac patients… !

    1. How do people like that get PHD’s? Pretty certain the person who said it worked for their family doesn’t have a PHD. Maybe I should be a Doctor. I use Google.

      1. He was my MD, and in every other way, was a wonderful doctor who went out of his way to help (seriously). He did many very good things for me that went well beyond what most doctors would do. He even diagnosed some other food allergies I have that even a highly regarded allergist missed (which transformed my life for the better). But I knew I could not discuss my celiac disease with him in any meaningful way.

        Frighteningly, he has also not been the only MD I’ve seen who is clueless about celiac. A majority of my doctors have been, aside from the MD who diagnosed me. This includes some neurologists and an allergist who’ve been downright hostile, or who’ve also told me other completely wrong things that a minute with Google would clear up. I’m sure many of us have similar stories.

        Most doctors seem to get their continuing education from pharma reps, so when it comes to a nutritionally-managed disease… It’s tragic.

  11. I have people telling me to take that garbage so I can eat “normal” again. I tell them, “I AM eating normal. MY normal”.

  12. I can’t wait until my non believer friends, who I do share your site with, say, WELL JUST TRY, IF DOESNT WORK, DONT TAKE. Yes they are still my friends but boy, they are dropping like flies….. …

  13. I use digestive enzymes after almost every meal. Do they help break down all foods? YES! Should people be taking digestive enzymes and probiotics with each meal to help gut health? I believe so! HOWEVER, there is NO cure for celiac, and there is NO hope for the enzymes currently on the market ever protecting a celiac from damage – no matter how minute it might be – from gluten. But, I’m all about mitigating risks and helping my body break down ANYTHING that goes into my body (carbs, dairy, eggs, beans, etc.). I don’t think we should have a bad name for digestive enzymes in general – but the ones that are marketed shady-style to celiacs without better knowledge.

  14. I just saw this website and that FAQ on their website… I couldn’t believe it. That is in-fucking-sane that they say celiac’s should consult their doctor. And All Celiac’s should know with the really tiny amount that can damage their intestines, a ‘Cutter’ doesn’t cut it. It blows my mind/is super-aggravating that businesses would rather make money and give out wrong information. There’s plenty of needs of the public that can be catered to without making people sicker! Isn’t there a law against this crap?

  15. Your article is funny how much you hate this product, yet have never tried it or done any studies. I’ve conducted some of my own, with varying levels of gluten and the pill works. I’m sure that there are other factors in play such as one’s personal health and other diet. But to say this product NEVER works is ridiculous. I recently switched to a different brand and am in immense pain every night when I use that pill. I’ve taken gluten cutter for two years every time I’ve eaten gluten though and I don’t get any of the pains.

    1. GD’s message, consistent with what medical experts have to say, is that this product should NOT be used by celiacs as a licence to eat gluten and that the company that markets this product is not as forthright about this point as they should be. There might be an appropriate market out there for this Gluten Cutter, but celiacs ain’t it. And I don’t know if you’re a celiac or not, but for those who are, no pain doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not doing any internal damage to your body.

      Here’s a quote on their FB page from Gluten Cutter themselves, in response to an Oct 12, 2015 inquiry, “Gluten Cutter is not intended to allow celiacs to knowingly consume gluten. Celiacs should never knowingly consume gluten.” This is part of a canned response that you’ll also find elsewhere on their FB page in their communications with the public.

      1. Yes, I do have celiac disease. I was diagnosed 5 years ago, when I was 12, after months of pale skin, vomiting, weakness, and major stomach pains. After endless tests the doctors realized it was this. I’ve not experienced any of these symptoms while using the product and those symptoms were a result of my body not digesting the gluten, which is what the pill does. I also have lactose intolerant so do not eat milk products of that has anything to do with it. But this product does continue to work for me, so I don’t think anyone should say to never try it because there can be hope.

    2. I too am gluten free and have celiac. I have in my 50′ learned how to cook to be healthier.
      I am currently pill free, high blood pressure gone, was eating frozen foods and the high sodium content was making me sick! This is a wonder pill for me I take it not for gluten but because of my still lactose intolerance. I like my gluten free pizzas but like the cheese I eat cheese only on my pizzas and I never know when a gluten free product may contain soy so for that reason at this point am very healthy and active again but in case some ingredient is slipped in my gluten free stuff Glutten Cutter to the rescue. No tums, no gas-x no other product needed. I agree if you have not tried it and are taking other pills you are missing out. If they Gluten Cutter ads are misleading it is up to us as consumers to determine that. And as far as drs or celiac experts too little too late in this day and time we as individuals have to take charge of who we listen to and what we eat Drs are treating symptoms not the cause. As everyone on must know the dandruff and anti itch companies and IBS pill companies and canker sore companies will go out of business once people become aware that gluten is the cause of many of these ailments and eating right and doing our own research is the answer. The products that surprised me the most as containg gluten were toothpaste and hair products.

    3. Thank you for writing this! I was really surprised reading the comments ( I usually try to resist comment reading altogether – I unfortunately took the bait today)
      As somebody who is severely intolerant to gluten (not celiac) and found that most of my life’s enjoyment had been taken away when I discovered the intolerance this product has really helped me in so many ways. Im sorry to all the true celiacs out there who will never get to enjoy a real NY slice of pizza. In the meantime, I’ll keep giving money to these “scam artists”) and happily enjoy my margarita slice and beer.
      It works so well that I actually believed I had recovered from my intolerance, accidentally eating some noodles recently proved to me how well it really works.
      Seriously Gluten Dude, I get what you are saying to a degree, but it’s not so black and white. There are people really benefiting from this. Maybe it’s not true celiacs but there are more and more people becoming intolerant for whatever reason and if this helps them eat their favorite food, healthy or not, why take it away from them?

      1. I’m glad it worked for you. It’s important to realize that there are multiple conditions that cause symptoms of gluten sensitivity and that Gluten Cutter doesn’t cover them all. That is why it works for some and not others. If it is effective, it should be used sparingly (like Lactaid). Better to err on the side of caution.

  16. Thanks for the article. I find these supplements high-risk and was curious about their purported effectiveness. I have a gluten intolerance that has played a large role in chronic depression since my teens. A gluten-free diet (along with specific supplements prescribed by my doctor) has been the only source of relief. I would love to have a dinner roll, but not at the expense of my mental and physical health. It’s a shame how many companies profit off of those who become ill when ingesting gluten.

  17. If it sounds too good to be true…. If a food is found to be an irritant to me, it’s out! Period. Not worth it. I’d rather feel good. There’s plenty of other good food to enjoy. Not saying I never get ticked that I can’t eat cheese or that I can’t just order up from a restaurant but I just won’t do it, magic pill or no. Not a gamble I’m willing to make.

  18. I’m gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant & no soy. I also have SIBO & am slowly adding back foods on the FODMAP diet per my doctor. I purchased Gluten Cutter only to take when eating out as an added precaution and have been pleased. I think this is a personal decision on behalf of each individual. It’s not a magic pill so that you can eat gluten filled foods…that’s flat out stupid.

  19. Hey guys. My names Josh. I’m lactose and gluten intolerant. I’m sure like many of you I have spent a great deal of my life in pain or in the rest room. I still on the occasion eat foods I shouldn’t because I’m stubborn. I used to take lactaid pills for the dairy and attempt to steer clear of the gluten. (Lactaid milk and chex cereal for breakfast). I hadn’t eating any thing at olive Garden in a long time and I was terrified pizza though I had it several times because it’s all that was supplied at work functions and Im stubborn.

    Since I found gluten cutter at cvs this have been different. I know you won’t believe any of this but it’s all I take now. Its the only thing that really works for me consistently. I take 2 pills and I can eat a few slices of pizza with no ill effects. I went to dinner last night for my sister in laws birthday at olive Garden. I ate bread and pasta. I just used the restroom this morning and I’m fine. I slept all night which is amazing.

    I’m sorry to here that it doesn’t work for so many people. But for the few it actually does.

    I only found the page while searching to see if gluten cutter has any anti dieherria ingredients. I do seem become mildly constipated if I have to taken to much of it in a day. I have diverticulosis so constipation is a bad thing. But a glass of mirlax fixes everything

    Hope this helps someone.

    PS I’m constantly made fun of at work at lunch and reminded at family dinnerso that they have made a dish to suit me instead of making it the right way. So I know what some of you are referring to. But I really don’t care. I know it’s because I’m different. So I make fun of the guys at work for their short comings its fun lol. And for the family they know I can’t eat it the other way but if they want me to come eat with them the food should be edible I guess. Because I’m not going to jam gluten cutter pills down my throat for every meal. That would be expensive.
    In the end this is America the land where we make fun of one another. And the day that ends we will all be a nation of emotional pussies

  20. I am nonceliac gluten sensitive. If I eat a meal containing gluten I have severe abdominal pain and a few hours later my entire body aches. I was actually in the process of being tested for MS when my doctor suggested leaky gut syndrome and gluten intolerance. I purchased gluten cutter recently and followed it with a cheeseburger. It may not work for someone with celiacs, I doubt I would try it if I had celiacs, but it did work for me. I don’t use it regularly. Just occasionally when I crave a burger or tacos.

  21. I accidentally got some gluten in my diet one evening from chips being fried in grease contaminated with gluten. I started getting a reaction about 2 hours later and I googled gluten poisoning, because that’s how I feel after eating something cross contaminated. Gluten Cutters was the one recommended by consumers and I went immediately and got a box. To my amazement it worked and I didn’t end up in the ER the next day vomiting uncontrollably. I rarely use it, but it was a much needed product. Since then I am very picky about what I choose to eat and don’t eat out much.

  22. Hi, I don’t have celiac disease but I have minor bloating when eating bread, dairy products and legumes like beans and lentils. I had to cut down on all for many months now.
    I’ve been taking Glutten Cutter for a weak and I feel great, I’m not experiencing any bloating anymore after a meal. and I’m finally enjoying the food I like. To maintain my figure I avoid carbs, but when I crave some pizza now I eat without a problem with a pill of Gluteen cutter. so it may not be for celiac disease cure but for minor allergy to gluten and dairy and some beans. I gave it to my co worker and he also is happy with it.
    so there!

  23. You know that meme of the guy wearing the smug face mask who’s otherwise very obviously sobbing angrily underneath? That’s Gluten Dude.

    I live gluten free. Every now and then I take it if I’m eating with friends or in an emergency. Every few weeks I’ll crave pizza and take one. Maybe I want to enjoy my mother’s cooking and spare her from making an entire second thanksgiving just for me.

    This is how the stuff is marketed. All it takes is an alpha bro with a hair trigger anger problem to misconstrue that.

  24. I have had full blown celiac for years now and gluten cutter has made it to where I can eat gluten when I need to. I have to take 2 to 3 pills for it to work but hey, at least I don’t end up sick AF! No more diarrhea, vomiting, joint pain, or fevers.

    So, to tell everyone it’s a scam is wrong!!! I’m able to enjoy food that in haven’t in years because of Glutten Cutter and am extremely grateful.

    Oh, and btw, celiac is caused by glyphosate. Look at the studies. Gluten intolerance/celiac didn’t start showing up until the 80s when they spread spraying round up on our food. Mano is the one that needs to go down! So, instead of wasting your time complaining about gluten cutter, why not banned together to do something about the evil Monsanto that has truly ruined our lives!!!

    1. Wow…where do I even start with this??

      1) You are slowly killing yourself. I wish you would reconsider your choices.
      2) Even GC says you shouldn’t eat gluten.
      3) Monsanto sucks, but glyphosate is not the cause of celiac disease.

      I wish you luck.

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