Celiacs Are All Nuts Folks

celiacs are nuts

I thought long and hard about writing this post, as it deals with another “celiac isn’t a real disease” article somebody on Facebook sent to me.

I’m very aware of linking too much negativity with our disease and the last thing I want to do is give this guy one ounce of credence.

Then I thought about maybe writing the article, but changing his name to Dick Head, or something of that creative nature, because I’m sure he’d love the attention brought to him if I used his real name.

But then I figured that somebody this vile…this evil…this despicable…needs to be called out so we all know that people like this do indeed exist in this world. And sadly there are lots more of them out there.

His name is Roger Mason and he is the biggest a**wipe on the planet.

He recently wrote an article titled “Gluten-free Insanity”.

Here are some of his derogatory quotes:

  • Celiac disease, or gluten intolerance, is a widely promoted myth. The truth of the matter is that this is a very rare condition – if it exists at all.
  • This is very difficult to diagnose, and cannot be diagnosed with certainty.
  • You can cure this disorder with a total program of diet and lifestyle.
  • Supposed celiac patients have a very neurotic psychological profile. Talk to any of them and you’ll immediately see they are terminal obsessive-compulsive neurotics.
  • A Russian study looked at people of all ages who claimed to be gluten intolerant. They found them to be mentally ill!
  • Doctors at the University of Naples said celiac disease may be associated with changes in personality that may interfere with patients adaption to living.
  • In plain words they are DYSFUNCTION-AL!
  • Celiacs are all nuts folks.

Now…do I give a rat’s behind what this freak thinks about celiac disease? Of course not.

And normally I’d give it the Gluten Dude Breakdown, but it’s just not worth the effort.

And for the record, he also thinks 9/11 was an inside job, has been sued a number of times, sells a line of supplements though he’s not a doctor, calls those on welfare “bums”, spent time in prison, says the head of the Fed has always been a “Jewish Zionist”, and it goes on and on.

And yet, searching the web, he still has his ardent supporters. What a strange world we live in.

Why he decided to take on celiac disease is beyond me. Or just maybe it’s because he has a line of books and supplements that he says will allow you to heal naturally. And for all of those who are in denial about their celiac disease and will do anything so they don’t have to give up gluten, this guy gives them hope.

But it’s false hope.

Who woulda thought? Somebody trying to profit off our disease.

Like I said, what a strange world we live in.

Burn in hell Dick.

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52 thoughts on “Celiacs Are All Nuts Folks”

  1. I sure can relate GD. I am still in the process of learning to let people like him not get under my skin. I am told there is lots of things you can eat. really? lol. how would they like to live off just plain meat, plain veggies. ( can’t have fruit it doesn’t agree with me) most GF foods seem to cause me issues and those natsy itchy bumps on my elbows, eyes and knees. I just ignore their spells about how my conditon is no big deal. Only another celiac knows what we go thru from the disease itself to those that have no clue of what they are talking about. Some people just feel better by making others feel bad, best to ignore them. take care GD wishing you all the best, keep up the good work for all of us.

  2. I love that you called him out but didn’t put the effort into tearing apart the whole thing. It’s too ridiculous to take up anyone’s time. Time is precious.

    Love your blog. Thanks for the regular dose of encouragement, reality and humor 🙂

    1. I agreed Cindy. Dude’s synopsis was more than enough of this guy. I still haven’t gotten over watching the crazy Dr’s thing from last week. I have the day off today and I hope the hospital where I work does not read this and find out that I am a raving lunatic.

  3. Wow – I always knew I was an obsessive-compulsive neurotic but to hear it from someone who doesn’t even know me? Well, that makes total sense. (Where is the sarcastic font when you need it?)

    Who is he anyway? I certainly hope he’s not a doctor?!?!

    My friend frequently asks me to admit that I just “don’t like certain foods.” I guess he’s right, I don’t like foods that cause me to vomit for 7 hours or have diarrhea for weeks on end. (Totally irrelevant but while we’re on the subject of people who irk me!)

  4. It’s actually ROGER Mason.

    Welcome to Crack Pot City. Population: Roger.

    Apparently he’s got a monthly economic rant as well! Hack-of-all-trades looks like!

    Too good (as in crazy) not to read! I would suggest boycott but I’ve never heard of any of these products being sold anywhere.

    1. Molly, You are smart. I wish that I had not wasted my time looking him up. He apparently believes that people can can and should try to cure themselves of cancer, herpes, and diabetes on their own too.

      1. I meant to include hepatitis in the list, not diabetes..some types of diabetes can be reversed through diet and weight loss. Sorry about that. I should probably not post when I am this tired!

  5. Sometimes, I will get wound up by some silly bit of misinformation, but this time, I can only laugh at this poor guy.

    Quite simply, this is tinfoil hat, conspiracy theorist, faux-science BS that deserves not one iota of attention.

    The list of things that can be instantly discredited as scientifically false is quite remarkable – why would anyone want their stupidity published on-line for the world to see. You don’t need to be a doctor, dietitian or gastroenterologist (all of whom I went through for a medical diagnosis) to see the absurd torrent of inaccuracies of what has been written by this man.

    I think he has taken up more than enough of my time during this life. I can only wonder how this pitiful chap manages to wear a tinfoil hat and a dunce cap at the same time…

  6. I really cannot think straight after reading that stuff. All I know is I almost died from this horrible disease & it is very serious. This person who says these things is very ignorant about it, & he should not be talking about things that he knows nothing about.

  7. Are you sure he isn’t a Manson and just doesn’t want to admit he is the off the hook crazy person related to convicted criminals… Projected anger and insanity maybe?

  8. he just sounds like a nutcase that needs to be put away. There are plenty of these people around, and more unfortunate, plenty of people who support these maniacs. But he honestly just sounds like he’s mentally ill, so I wouldn’t give him much clout at all. As for his followers, they are also not right in the head. Just think about how many people support radical, extremist politicians, talk show hosts, etc. Hitler also had a lot of followers. Sometimes you just need to shake your head and try to move on. Still, I think we should call him out as much as possible, since there will be people who will believe the crap that he says. However, I think those people will stick by him no matter what, as they are indicative of a much larger problem with this society.

  9. I think my New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is going to be that I’m not going to read articles like this anymore. Unless someone is going through poisoning by gluten, I just don’t think he/she can really understand. If someone genuinely wants to listen to my story about how gluten free changed my life and my daughter’s, then I will tell them. But otherwise I’m going to continue making my own food, and looking for restaurants that have GF on their menu when I do have to eat out and not worry about pea size brained idiots. Oh…and I’m also not going to discuss politics anymore. I’m done.

  10. Ok I have been not feeling well for weeks now … getting so tired of this back and forth wellness that comes along with having Celiac Disease – so I may be a bit more sensitive lately to a**holes like this who just want to start controversy and make a buck off of sick people. Disgusting.

    Thank you for not posting the link to this crap article … my head, heart and stomach can not take it right now.

  11. Folks like this guy are crazy by even normal, ignorant standards. I wouldn’t worry too much about him making any real impact…other than his insane posse of followers. Those folks were probably lost to begin with.

  12. I’m not feeling great today, so instead of working I’m reading all of the emails that i save for later in the day…and I’m not even going to read the guy’s article because in my present apparently “psychotic” mood, it will make me feel even worse…but i did get a really good belly laugh from your renaming of him … so thanks for the chuckle today Gluten Dude!

  13. Ha! Honey and I were laughing just last night at a list of funny names we remember from our pasts; Sandy Brooks, Sandy Crabb, Rusty Bolt (a metal shop teacher), Chip Block… we ended with our session with “Richard Head.” Just about snorted my coffee this morning when I read your blog and saw you used that same name.
    Some things, like electricity and the fact that the Earth is round, have to be detected by their effects. CD is like that, but so is stupidity.

  14. JERK.. that is the only word I can say- out loud that is.. I hope that no one in his family ever comes down with Celiac Disease and suffers the way most of us have..

  15. Seems to me he is a bit of a hypocrite, with this statement from his article ” The epidemic of gluten-free products is merely another way for criminals to make money from stupid people.” Just replace gluten-free with Young Again and he’s doing the exact same thing he is claiming GF is doing!! All he is doing is trying to use fear to make everything a conspiracy and sell his bullshit products (which, btw, have a disclaimer at the bottom of his products page stating ” These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.”)

    I just hope I don’t ever have a cook at a restaurant, who thinks like this guy, cooking up my gluten free meal!! lol

  16. Yeah don’t give this f–ktard any more of your time. May he get everything that’s coming to him. You rock Gluten Dude!

  17. Just for fun, I read his article. Every single sentence is completely false. Seriously. each one, easily refuted.
    And here’s my favorite sentence:

    “Supposed celiac patients have a very neurotic psychological profile”

    He thinks WE’RE NUTS?

    Here is a “rant” written by this narcissistic whackjob:

    “There will be 9 billion people on this planet by 2050. Unless we have plagues (plural) or nuclear war, there will be 9 billion people on this planet. A half billion (500 million) sounds a whole lot nicer, doesn’t it? We cannot deal with 6 billion people, so we certainly can’t deal with 50% more. We need to get rid of more than 90% of the CURRENT population. Who is breeding like cockroaches? Chinese, Indians, uneducated blacks, and Latin Americans. Who isn’t breeding like cockroaches? Europeans, Amerindians, Japanese, educated blacks, and Jews (except Sephardic Jews). The population of Africans in Africa are kept down by starvation, disease, and war. We can’t handle 6 billion, so 9 billion is out of the question. A half billion would be pretty nice. How about America with only 25 million people? Or China and India with 80 million apiece? How about New York City with 1.5 million instead of 20 million?”–Roger Mason

    Why should we care what this asshat thinks?
    He’s totally bonkers.


    1. Perhaps bonkers as far as celiac disease goes but I have to agree with his sentiment regarding overpopulation maybe put a little less dramatically but he is right about the population problem unfortunately…

  18. Crystal Yarbrough

    I have a way to prove celiac to this man. I need some help. Someone find out his itinerary, and invite him to a roof top restaurant. All I need beyond that is an elevator key and a loaf of white bread. Placing myself on the elevator with the man I will stop the elevator and break the key. I will then consume one piece of white bread, then introduce myself as an individual with celiac disease. After consuming another piece of white bread, I will begin to educate him on the reactions that are taking place in my digestive system. Since even cross contamination causes me to, um, well, shall we say have extreme gaseous emanations of flatulence, I imagine he will be beginning to understand. What happens beyond that depends upon whether or not I am having a “runners” week or am “bound” and determined! Regardless the results will be disturbing. A “runners” week with quick results of copious diarrhea. A bound week might be better to share with him, with the resulting “Exorcist” worthy projectile vomiting. Nonetheless, I am sure by the time the elevator moves, he will be convinced of the reality that is Celiac disease.

  19. I wish he could see what my poor husband experiences when he unknowingly gets cross contamination!!! How is that all in his head?

    How about he writes about stuff he actually has some knowledge about.

  20. Might I just point out, that this article is also very offensive to those with mental illness such as myself. Mental illness is hell, for both the sufferer and their loved ones. Yes, at times I have been “dis-functional”, if you are talking about an inability to carry out basic human functions like eating, drinking, walking and talking, but I dare say that is not what he intends by that statement. Incidentally, I am highly functional when in a relative state of wellness.

    Being called “nuts” is hurtful. Did you know that people with mental illness live on average 25 years less than the general population? This has a lot to do with stigma perpetuated by the likes of this jerk, with doctors refusing to consider the notion that people with a mental illness could possibly have anything else wrong with them. So let’s prolong and exacerbate their suffering, shall we.

    People with mental illness deserve compassion, not derision.

  21. What I say to a**wipes like this who want to criticize what I’ve done to deal with the nightmare of autoimmune disease and gluten intolerance: bite me.

    Also ironic that HE is calling anyone nuts, dysfunctional or neurotic. HA! Joke’s on him.

  22. Ok, so I couldn’t help myself and I emailed him. I wasn’t nice. But I also didn’t attack him personally. I just called out a couple really, really basic issues with his article (like ‘what about intestinal biopsies as a diagnostic tool?’, or ‘Beer is made of barley’). I may have told him to go to hell.

    This is the response I just received:

    if you could [edited by Gluten Dude because the guy is a total pig],
    you might be able to think clearly.


    1. Crystal Yarbrough

      This guy is indeed an “asshat” and a “twatwaffle” I can envision the first, my 20 years as a nurse and I’m still at a loss for exactly what a “twatwaffle” would be, much less look like, but gosh it’s just a great name to call someone who is infinitely stupid, obviously has social issues and can be nothing less than a waste of skin. I wish I could add the perfect name-call….dick-skinner comes to mind but just doesn’t have the same eloquence of either ass-hat or twatwaffle!

  23. After first reading this, I thought this guy was a crackpot. I had never heard of him but Google reminded me I had, he’s the super beta prostrate guy all over the radio, certainly making a killing on that stuff… which is a dangerous supplement that doesn’t work, even the endorsements and claims are fraudulent. You called it GD, guess he’s hopping on the gf bandwagon with visions of dollar signs dancing in his head. So I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, he’s not a crackpot…he’s a genius at being a manipulative salesman, a crook & a dirty liar, making millions off the masses who want to believe him. I predict a very big ad spend on the gluten-antidote coming soon. And too many people will buy his bs, because they are indeed NUTS!

  24. Roger Mason has some strong opinions about some things. But he’s a very good guy. He has a whole web site telling people about how to get and stay healthy. Stuff that he learned from decades of deep research of the research into health and supplements.

    He’s written a bunch of books on health that he gives away on his web site: youngagain.org

    He apparently made a good deal of money early on with his Super Beta Prostate or whatever it is. And then he decided to give back. And he has, in a big way.

    His books have guided me to better health over the past years. He’s not a doctor. He’s a researcher. And in this case I think that is a very good thing.

    I’m sorry he upset the celiac folks. It does sort of bother me to see so many products and sales campaigns springing from gluten avoidance. Especially since I like to bake bread and that usually takes gluten. And if you’re not allergic to gluten like the other 99% of us it is good for you.

    I have a suspicion there is a cure for Ciliacs in Roger’s books. But that’s a completely different discussion.

    Anyway, Roger’s politics are harsh and ridiculous. But what he’s done for health and supplement information is untouchable. He’s a genius. He totally cuts through the crap that vendors and the medical community have been burying us in for years and years.



  25. Thanks, Richard. You wrote: “Anyway, Roger’s politics are harsh and ridiculous. But what he’s done for health and supplement information is untouchable. He’s a genius. He totally cuts through the crap that vendors and the medical community have been burying us in for years and years.
    I agree Roger Mason is excellent as per his health advice. He has saved me a ton of money, and he does cut through the crap. I like him a lot, and he has never written anything about supplements I found wrong.

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