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    Gluten free tax deductions got me thinking about this… in some parts of the UK, gluten free food is a PRESCRIPTION! Wouldn’t that be nice!! In parts of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, it’s a FREE prescription!

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      The Gluten Dude

      I know…crazy. How nice would that be? If that idea was brought up here, we’d need a super-committee to lock themselves in a chamber for four months just to consider it.

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    Amanda Da Silva

    I like Redbridge beer lol, mind you what do I know, I love your website!!! I wouldnt know what real beer tastes like. I do miss getting my gluten free prescriptions.

    Keep up the good work.

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      The Gluten Dude

      Thanks Amanda! If nothing to compare it to, Redbridge is drinkable.If comparing it to real beer, it’s…ummm…disappointing.

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    LOVE this post! There is so much misinformation about Celiac Disease and gluten free that it boggles my mind. I’ve had 2 GI doctors tell me that I can cheat whenever I want and that I have “mild” Celiac Disease and that i “might benefit from the Gluten Free diet.” Needless to say, I never saw those doctors again! It just makes me mad.

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      The Gluten Dude

      It really boggles the mind the ineptitude of some of our medical “experts”. The problem is that, while you were smart enough to walk away and find another doctor, many won’t. And they will surely pay the price.

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      The Gluten Dude

      I saw the Fox one and just read the other one. Look…I don’t disagree with what they say. Gluten free is becoming a fad diet. And it’s infuriating to people like us. But society as a whole is gullible. And once the media feeds into something, it takes on a life of its own.

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    God I wish I had that redbridge beer right now….

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    You’ve got this right and wrong in some places. It is very plausible that a gluten-free diet is better for weight loss and overall health considering that you will be avoiding wheat which is greatly beneficial to be rid of.

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    I had the omission pale ale & it was great! Before that the only beer I would drink was greens. I like the amber & the dark, but its expensive. I don’t know how much omission is yet cause I had it at a restaurant. I didn’t have any reaction to omission, I am pretty sensitive but you could be worse than me.

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    My Position on such things is VERY VERY simple.

    IS Gluten something occurring naturally in those food? If it is, then its good.

    Forget about all those rubbish research. Just like then they say the egg yoke is bad, I mean nature put the egg yoke and white in the egg and now some scientists decided that the yoke is high cholesterol and bad for me? I of cos dont believe those bull shit. I ate them both, gladly. All i know the last time I visited a doctor is in 1993 for chicken pox. for the last 22 years, i only visited dentist a few times.

    Now back to gluten, if its something naturally occurring in food, I would say, Dont fear those BS research, eat it. Of cos unless u have celiac disease which they had concurred its due to these “gluten” thingy which I of cos have my doubts because U know how the western pharmaceutical and how corrupted they are.

    Who knows what causes it in the first place.. just because a doctor or research said its autoimmune and u can inherit it means its gospel truth. Sorry, I am not convinced.

    So as for me, I am all for gluten bread and food.

    I am here because my friend keeps telling me gluten free is good for weight loss which of cos I have realised by now its baloney.

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    I’m a 21 year old celiac, I was diagnosed at 17 and I’m living in England, UK.

    Just wanted to say a little something regarding gf prescriptions – you don’t wish you had them. It’s all lovely and free until you turn 19 and each prescription item is a little under £9. Whether that be one bag of flour, a 2 pack of naan breads, anything, each item is the same price – it’s much cheaper in the shops. And then, our range of gf products is nothing compared to the wonderful US (or Italy). Most shops just about manage a loaf if bread and a pack of biscuits and I usually have to travel across town to find a superstore with a bigger range. Furthermore, there are maybe 3 fast food chains I can order from and not many places I can eat out on date night. Please, love the US and the ‘fad diets’ that have made gf products more readily available to you!

    PS: I will look into moving to Ireland

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    Love this site! Keeping a sense of humor about a diagnosis of celiac is quite helpful (no more good bread?=instant depression!). Arndrea, I also appreciate your post. The amount of misinformation about the gluten free diet/lifestyle is pervasive now that it has become a fad, and that can be terribly frustrating. However, you present the other side of the coin. The amount of GF products that are available to us in the US has soared. I prefer to eat whole foods that have always been naturally GF (veg, fruit, meat, some grains etc), but I do enjoy baking with GF flours and indulging in a box of GF free donuts etc every now and then! It is hard to be patient when people are ignorant or misinformed (especially family!), but if i hadnt been disgnosed with celiac/DH, I would probably be ignorant about it as well.


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