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    Done! Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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    I cannot believe that this doesn’t already exist. Pathetic really! I’m Canadian but i’ll spread the word for you. I apologize to all you Americans who live under archaic labelling laws.

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    Vickie Ewell

    The biggest question in my own mind is why the big gluten-free hard-hitters have not gone to bat over this if its failed twice before. They pushed for food labeling laws, but not for meds? Doesn’t make sense to me. Those of us on meds really, really need this, especially since insurance companies don’t want to pay for name-brand products any more – even if the doc prescribes them.

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    Thanks Gluten Dude! That is really helpful. I’ve often wondered about the reason why health is not such an easy sell in politics. It’s hard to sell a politician who’s looking for a majority approach to getting votes, on a population of people that’s assumed to be only 1%. But that rises to 40% when you include all the reasons why someone would be gluten sensitive. All the other diseases that require it, plus NCGS (Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity). I think they’re still trying to prove that NCGS is only about FODMAPS but I doubt if they’ll succeed because a lot of rare and hard to diagnose issues also cause gluten sensitivity. I think if we had a do-over button in history, we wouldn’t choose wheat as a staple grain. We’d probably choose sorghum ( a type of millet that has better bread making qualities). However it’s too late now, so all we can do is help people to avoid it if they need to.

    Kudos to Tim Ryan for spearheading this. Even if it loses, he’s doing the right thing.

    My pharmacy is now refusing to do what yours just did, that is, even to contact manufacturers and ask.

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    I’ve sent in my letter. Hopefully, I won’t receive a canned response! Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


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