Turning a Crappy Monday into a Delicious One

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I used to love watching Sunday football with my dad when I was growing up. Before the games kicked off, my mom would drag us all to 11:30 mass and she LOVED to socialize afterwards. It was always so stressful getting home in time to catch the opening kickoff of the Giants game. Ah…the days before DVR.

Anyway, since the Giants sucked back then, they were always the 1:00 game. We’d watch them lose and then of course we’d have to watch the 4:00 game.

But then, as soon as that last game ended, the dreaded 60 Minutes stopwatch would come on, signaling my fun was over and Monday was just around the corner. I hate that stopwatch.

Now here I am, so many years later and I still think Mondays are a drag. But at least my Sundays now remain awesome until The Walking Dead is over. (And no, I do not trust the folks in Alexandria. Safe zone my butt.)

So I woke up this lovely Monday at 6:30 to a two inch layer of ice outside. Yes, it was going to be that kind of a day. After a couple hours of work, Mrs. Dude and I took the Dudette to her gastro appointment. We were going to see a doc who we had not met, but came recommended.

Yes, it’s time to see if she has celiac or not. She’s been struggling with insane joint pain in her hands for 7 months now and we need to find out if it is indeed celiac related. And for those who follow me, yep…she’s been back on gluten for the past month or so (and loving it may I add).

We get to the doctor’s office and as we’re waiting, I look around, as I tend to do. Know what caught my eye? Not one mention of celiac disease in all of the literature in the office.

celiac information

The chart to the right is actually from 1991. I just thought that was kind of odd.

Anyway, the doc came in and put my fears to rest. He knew his sh*t. Asked all the right questions. Didn’t question us at all of why we’re pushing for the endoscopy. All good. The Dudette is scheduled for next Thursday. I really, really hope it comes back negative.

The Dudette is getting bummed about all the doctor visits lately and especially about an upcoming one with a neurologist. I can’t blame her.

After getting home, it just felt like a crappy, crappy Monday.

But then Mrs. Dude began working some magic in the kitchen. And from then on, my Monday was pure awesomeness.

Baked cauliflour, followed by salmon burgers, followed by banana-apple-oatmeal-raisin muffins.

Not only did she bake these dishes up, she was also kind enough to provide me with the recipes.

Mrs. Dude rocks. Tell me why again I don’t like Mondays.

[yumprint-recipe id=’3′]

[yumprint-recipe id=’4′]

[yumprint-recipe id=’5′]

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14 thoughts on “Turning a Crappy Monday into a Delicious One”

  1. Thanks for the recipes! Love the idea of chopped cauliflower as a snack. Gonna have to try that one soon. 🙂

    Hope all goes well for the Dudette’s endoscopy. Hope it’s not celiac, but if it is, she couldn’t ask for a better support system. Wishing all of the Dude family good health and happiness!

      1. I started using turmeric in my cooking in the last year or so and OMG does it ever. It’s every bit as bad as wine or pomegranate only it’s yellow instead of red. If you’ve ever had to deal with mustard stains, it’s probably because of the turmeric, which is an ingredient in most mustards.

        I find turmeric on its own to be a little harsh in scent and taste, so I usually add other gentler spices like cumin or coriander to blunt the flavour whenever I use it. I hear ginger is another popular spice to combine with it although I haven’t tried this yet.

    1. Turmeric 🙂 Such a boon to the indian cuisine. There’s hardly anything we don’t use it in. Be it lentil soup (or Dal as we cal it) or Veggies or Meat.. Turmeric is a must.
      It is also a tried and tested drug to stop a wound from bleeding & is known to be a strong antibiotic.
      The stain is because of curcumin.

      Here’s some more fun news… I recently attended the International Symposium on Novel Drug Delivery Systems where scientists from Singapore, US (John Hopkins, University of Washington etc), India, China, Japan gave talks on the latest technology that is being developed to have a ‘organ’/’diseased tissue’ specific approach to therapy. And what I also learnt there is Curcumin / Turmeric is known as the magic bullet.
      It apparently has antioxidant properties that combat the plaque formed in the brain due to Alzheimer’s disease. Another researcher demonstrated it’s potential in destroying cancer cells.

      Oh & Gluten Dude- Here’s a little tip – adding mustard seeds & Curry leaves takes the cauliflower dish to a whole new level of awesomeness.

      PS: Curry leaves are proven to have liver protecting properties. We did mouse-model studies on this & even published a paper. 🙂

      Happy cooking, baking & gluten-free awesomeness to you all….

  2. Thanks for the recipes. I can always use something new and tasty to try. Love it Mrs. Dude. And as for the Walking Dead…at least the post-zombie apocalypse diet is mainly gluten-free (possums and owls, lol!). Just stay away from some of the chocolate pudding!

  3. Funny. A chart of the digestive tract from 1991? Do you think the digestive tract has changed much since then? The anatomy pictures in medical textbooks are about the same now as 50 years ago. It would give me confidence that he is not a newbie! Why waste money when that chart is probably a hundred dollars or more? I guess I see it differently.

    1. The chart was “diseases of the digestive system”, not just a chart of the system. Would have been nice to see the villi and the mention of celiac. No biggie.

      1. The photo of that pamphlet collection shows one empty pocket in the top right — maybe that’s where they kept all the celiac pamphlets which have “sold out” from popular demand and await replacement?

  4. All sounds/looks really good! Thanks for sharing. I wish I could eat oats, but I have tried about 3 different times to reintroduce and nope. Gluten like tummy issues. So, any suggestions about what could be substituted for the oats? Hope all goes well at the endoscopy. Just hope the guy is experienced in finding it. I had 3 endoscopies by 3 different gastros before it was found. 3rd time was a charm.

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