Celiac Blows…Deal With It!

celiac blows

As each day passes, I seem to lose more and more faith in humanity.

On Saturday, we had a reader who complained about some of the colorful language used on this blog and she said unless it was cleaned up and I moderated the site, she would not be coming back. (Never mind the fact that it was the reader’s first comment ever on my blog.)

Honestly, I’m not sure if I ever cursed on this blog except for the occasional “sux” thrown in, but whatever.

This is not a “gluten free is great” blog.

I don’t moderate and I never will.

So what word did she complain about? Blows. As in celiac blows.

It was on one of the Celiac Rant pages (http://glutendude.com/celiac-rant/emotional-about-celiac/) in which emotions can run a bit higher than normal.

Here is what she said:

I am shocked!! Everyone is making good points and then someone has to throw curse words in there. And I DO object to ‘blows’. Be a lady, be a gentleman . . . don’t use foul language in public! I can’t see myself coming back here if comments have to be laced with b—- and more. How’s that for venting?

But then she made a big mistake and she dissed Irish Heart.

Now, if you do not know Irish Heart, she is an absolute saint. She is a walking celiac encyclopedia and I cannot begin to tell you all of the people she has helped, including myself. She has a knowledge and a passion about our disease that is unmatched and I am unbelievably grateful to have her as part of our community.

But our lovely censor was offended by her:

With all due respect, if there is any, Irish Heart still should temper her language. She doesn’t speak that way at C.C. I don’t wish to see bitch, shit and effin on here or anywhere. Did you know she used those words? Go rent space at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park. What if a teen or clergy member were here. Is there nothing that reddens her face? Think about it. You have a great concept here, but it DOES need monitoring.

Believe it or not, as a result of Irish Heart being a part of this blog, she was forced to distance herself from another popular celiac blog where she played a big role.

It’s simply unreal.

What…am I in competition with other celiac blogs?? The internet’s a big place. I think there’s room for all of us.

My heart bleeds for Irish Heart…she had a real tough weekend and she doesn’t deserve it.

And after a little back and forth, she closed with this gem:

Okay, how is this? You are all [beep] [beep]. You [beep] think your [beep] don’t smell. That’s [beep]. You want to [beep] fight anyone about any [beep] thing. Take a long [beep] walk off a short [beep] pier. All I [beep] asked is that Irish Heart not use [beep] profanity. I wanted to read what all had to say but she made it so [beep] distasteful. I could go on with this [beep] rant, but you’re not [beep] worth it. Don’t bother to type a response, I won’t [beep] be back. And now Irish are YOU happy? How did you enjoy reading that?

(Yes…I did moderate the above. This is a family site after all.)

What the hell is wrong with people? Seriously, somebody tell me what is going on.

All the crap that is going on in this world and this is where you choose to put your energy??

If you want to be part of a heavily moderated community, go to celiac.com.

If you want to vent, share, express, console, comfort, connect or explode, be a part of our community.

My god…they’re just words you big priss. You ever hear of Lenny Bruce? Or the US Constitution?

So how’s this ?

Celiac blows. Big time.

It stinks.

It sucks.

It reeks.

It bites.

Try putting your energy into being a positive force in the celiac community and stop worrying about a little salty language.

They’re just words!

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115 thoughts on “Celiac Blows…Deal With It!”

  1. I went out to eat on saturday night and was stressed out b/c I saw all kinds of delicious food I can’t eat on the menu because of Celiac.

    I was accidently served real bread instead of gluten free bread at breakfast. I didn’t eat it but it sat on my food on the way out. I was stressed wondering if I should have sent it back. again, because of celiac.

    I can no longer eat half of the items at the chinese restaurant becaues of celiac.

    I had frozen yogurt yesterday only to find out that particular flavor is not gluten free while the other 15 were. My stomach blew up like a balloon because of celiac.

    I have Iron Deficient Anemia because of Celiac and I am cold all the time.

    I’ve lost 60lbs because of Celiac. While that was the silver lining it came off the hard way.

    I have liver problems because Ceilac and cant have any alcohol including Wine until it heals. I was informed recently it will be probably another year before that happens.

    Celiac is not a diet. It is not a weight loss plan. It is not great to embrace the new healthly lifestyle of the movie stars.

    The reality of it is it stinks. No sugar coating BS coming from me.

    Celiac is a pain in the butt. I hate it. And, YES, it blows:-)

  2. I don’t understand people sometimes too! I do not have Celiac but my Hubby does and it does BLOW big time!!!! <3 your blog

  3. rock on Dude

    I love you all just the way we are.

    I love “salt” just like any other hard working chef.

    Blogs are optional Like it or Leave it.

    Problem solved

    Moderation of blogs just plain blows!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. GD I think it bothered you because you genuinely desire to serve the celiac community. You’re not trying to throw faith in the mix and that’s where it went weird. Keep on…

  4. Her life must be super boring if this is what she does in her spare time. I wonder what she does when she sees someone cursing in public. Shes probably that lady who yells at kids in the park for having potty mouth’s….

  5. aaron schneider

    Gluten Dude you are absolutely right, no one is forcing anyone to check your site out, it is completely optional and the beauty of it all is if she doesn’t like it she can go somewhere else. I think it BLOWS that she’s trying to censor your site. I think it BLOWS that she doesn’t use her time and energy to provide support and suggestions for you and others that struggle on a daily basis. It BLOWS that others were also drawn into her web and get all amped up by her negative attitude. And it most definitely BLOWS that she’s lying because you know as well as I do she’s coming back to see what others have written in response. So guess what……she BLOWS

    Keep on Gluten Dude!!!!

  6. @miss_diagnosed

    Well that’s unfortunate. I just went back to re-read the comments — wow. People suck. Even if she didn’t agree with the language, to blow up like that on Irish Heart? She certainly didn’t deserve that. And neither do you, Dude.

    I really appreciate the unmoderated tone on the blog. I try to only focus on the good things because that’s just who I am, but it’s always comforting to know I’m not alone –and if I need to vent, there is a place to do it with people who care. I only wish I knew about this when I was diagnosed 2 years ago. I couldn’t control my emotions for anything.

    Thank you.

    1. The Gluten Dude

      That’s just it Miss D. This is not just a “celiac sucks blog and let’s all complain about it” blog. It’s the whole package of dealing with the disease.

          1. Oh, IrishHeart … sweetie you are AWESOME! I’m kind of new here. Just found this blog through facebook, started commenting and catching up with previous rants and posts. I’ve enjoyed your comments. I don’t know WTF that person’s problem is (maybe the stick up her ass). But she’s a joke. I almost peed my pants when she said “what if there were a clergy person on here”. I’m an ‘effin PASTOR’S WIFE. From NEW JERSEY. I can out-swear just about anyone. I try not to be deliberately offensive, but some situations in life just call for the f-bomb (really, in Jersey, there are no swear words except maybe that one … all the other words don’t even COUNT). And having to live a GF life in a gluten-filled world certainly is one of those situations. How a person can try to make you or GD or ANYONE feel bad for having feelings and expressing opinions … swear words and all … and then go off on their own hypocritical swear rant … wow. That was one of the stupidest, and simultaneously hysterical things I have ever seen. Her head probably blew right off her body. I’m sorry you had to go through her insanity. Just remember, there’s a special level of hell for people like her … and those who talk at the movies. You ROCK!

            1. I simply love your sense of humor JG2. If you don’t mind me asking, where in NJ are you? I grew up in Freehold.

            2. No way! I grew up in Ringwood (northern border of Jersey, by Sterling Forest in NY state). Got a lot of family on Staten Island too. Now we live so far west in NE we’re almost in WY. We’ve lived in our current locale for 12 years so I have this kick-ass dichotomy going of my Jersey girl ‘tude (and the swearing), AND I get to say “y’all”. Haven’t been back home in forever so we’re going on a big 3-week trip in June. If anybody out there knows any great GF restaurants in North Jersey, on Staten Island, or Manhattan (especially Mid-town) I’m just starting to research places. Second to family, the thing I miss most about home is the food … I usually eat my way through my faves that I aren’t available in the Midwest. This is my first trip w/o gluten so I’m looking forward to trying some new things.

            3. Hi JG2,
              This is my first time commenting and I feel like I’m going to fit right in around here.
              I’ve heard Risotteria, which is dedicated GF is great. Friedman’s lunch, which offers a GF menu and a “dedicated” station to avoid cross contamination, look promising as well.
              Now if I can get my friends to suck it up and eat there with me…

            4. Hi Jersey G 2!

              The hubs jokes that I am the “celiac whisperer”. I see walking unDXed celiacs everywhere and I try to get them to go to my doctor. I’ve got 8 newly diagnosed and counting. I also try to help the newly diagnosed on celiac.com or on G Dude’s site, where he graciously allows me to post links to my Newbie 101 thread or other celiac research information. I try to make sense out of the horror I endured for years going unDxed by paying it forward so others do not have to suffer. And I get to meet some amazing people!

              But sometimes, I run into asshats who think I have stepped on their toes or they lash out because I call them out as frauds selling bogus scam cures. Sometimes, some angry folks accuse me of being a “know it all”. I’m not. I am just informed. I made it my business to learn about CD so I can beat it into submission. I just do not like it when people post alarmist celiac myths about gluten lurking in things like eggs and toilet paper rolls.

              Yes, it hurts my feelings, but I think “maybe they have gluten head rage” or maybe they are very ill and grouchy. And I let it go.

              But sometimes, I find myself defending what I have said and getting all flustered and one day, the wise hubs sent me this message.:

              “Don’t try to explain yourself to stupid people.
              You’re not the jackass whisperer.”

              We have got to get ourselves a tee shirt press!!!……we could be making a fortune, GD!!!

            5. Since finding this blog, there are a bunch of things I now want on a T-shirt! How do I get to your Newbie 101 thingy? I’m a tech idiot and my 15 year old tech whiz isn’t home … it’s a big accomplishment for me to have figured out how threads work … if I’m doing it wrong somebody tell me! I have become the local go-to person for newly diagnosed Celiacs/GI folks b/c my daughter has had it a long time. They all do that initial freak out thing and I try to point them in the right direction … they could use a Celiac Whisperer.

            6. I JUST learned how to cut and paste a URL (I think that’s the right name for web addresses) from my 15-year old. I had tried but did’t have my cursor in the correct place when I right clicked. When they go to college, I’m screwed … or my husband will be super busy.

  7. Sorry, Dude, I just couldn’t help myself, I had to comment on the other post.

    Disclaimer: Yes, I swear in real life, but I tend to only do it around my husband. Since I was in customer service for most of my career, I’m used to moderating myself, both in speech and written word, but I certainly do NOT expect anyone else to clean up their language for my supposedly delicate ears! I believe in people being able to speak their mind, using whatever language they feel necessary to get their point across. I do NOT believe that foul language should be directed AT people, since every single one of us has a story that may be motivating our behaviour.

    Oh, and I really hate to disagree with the Dude, but Irish Heart is not a saint, she’s an incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate and articulate human being; putting her on a pedestal to be worshiped does a disservice to all she willingly does for the rest of us and just sets her up to fail. As modest as she is, I’m pretty sure Irish Heart would agree.

    And hey, with everything that I say, this is just my honest opinion, after all! : )

    1. The Gluten Dude

      Understood Lisa. I did not mean to deify Irish…just wanted to let her know how awesome and appreciated she is.

      1. I appreciate all your kind words, Dude

        and Lisa is right….I am no saint…believe me.

        Mr IH and Mom can verify that…
        besides, saints have no fun

  8. I think we need to remind ourselves that there are rude, crazy people all over the internet and this won’t be going away overnight. With some people you just have to shake your head and move on. It’s certainly not just a problem here. There are crazy, ruthless people EVERYWHERE. I read articles, look at Facebook, etc and am blown away by people’s ignorant, insane, insensitive and moronic comments. I think the internet encourages some of this cowardly behavior…you don’t talk to the person face to face so it’s much easier to diss others than you would if you saw them on the street. It’s just the dark side of humanity, I’m afraid.

    1. Exactly, Rachel …and some people use that anonymity to diss and destroy others–cowards, one and all.

      1. Dear Irish Heart,
        I am sorry for he slandering you have faced here. I Know my Savior would not treat you the way His kids sometimes do. I am sure scripture would not be caught up on your language but the position of your view of HIS son. I never wanted to get preachy on this site but I have to tell you that Jesus is not shocked or shaken by the word sux.
        As a christian I love reading your knowledge on what you have learned about Celiac.
        I sort of wish I could take her on christian to christian, but…
        keep posting. you have done research non of us have had the time or energy to do.

  9. At the risk of being censored (NOT!):

    Not only does celiac disease blow and sucks, as my hubby says, it’s pretty shitty, too! (no pun intended! LOL)

  10. AMEN, Gluten Dude!! But then I’ve cursed here a few times in my rants about celiac BLOWING. 😉 I don’t think I’ve cursed on another site, though—ever. This blog has been therapeutic for me. It’s such a relief not to have to sugar coat everything. We get enough of “it could be worse” and other celiac pep talks elsewhere. Part of managing a chronic disease is going through the stages of grief. And anger has definitely been a part of that for me.

    1. Jen, You most definitely get to go through anger stage….and I agree, this is the safest place to do it!

  11. Unfortunately, celiac disease does not come complete with puppies and rainbows and unicorns shooting out of everyone’s behinds (as much as it may feel like unicorns are making their way through the digestive tract at times … ), and I *love* having a place to come and vent and listen (read?) others venting, too. Thanks for letting us all be real here, and for making everyone feel like it’s okay to be uncensored, something a lot of us probably don’t get in our everyday lives.

    Also, to Irish: Your comments have been incredibly helpful to me both here and on “the other” site. Thank you for your honesty and awesomeness.

    1. The Gluten Dude

      “Unfortunately, celiac disease does not come complete with puppies and rainbows and unicorns shooting out of everyone’s behinds (as much as it may feel like unicorns are making their way through the digestive tract at times …)”

      That’s too funny!

    2. Meant to say this to you earlier…I visited your blog and that entry about the little boy? Touched my heart! You are a wonderful writer! 🙂

  12. OMG. I had to give up a lot of things15 years ago when I found out I had Celiac, cussing wan’t one of them! Dude, I love your blog. It is the one I never fail to read. Don’t change a thing. I also always read comments by Irish Heart. I am awed by her knowledge. Even after 15 years and reading many articles and books, I learn a lot from her. I love that I can laugh or cry in my comments and you will all understand. Thank goodness the people with a stick up there butts leave. I HATE CELIAC!!!!!!!

  13. Are you serious bro? I can believe anyone would say that stuff much less be mean to Irish Heart! I’m so sorry Irish Heart! Let it roll of your shoulders and rise your head high!

    One of the things I really like about this blog and Gluten Dude is that it’s a place for all of us to vent. And yes, I’ve cursed on this blog before because it fit the context and darn it I believe in freedom of speech and Gluten Dude doesn’t mind.

    Unfortunately, we do live in a world that some view others as competition even though we aren’t in a competition nor think of it as such. Some people are so insecure that they raise hell for others. Let people live and do their own thing and if you don’t like it then go to another blog.

    Thank you Gluten Dude for the service you provide to all of us. You give us a way to vent and that’s remarkable. The same for you Irish Heart!

    1. Thanks, J!

      It rolled…right off my back …and I’m good.

      You guys helped get rid of a l lot of “ugly stuff” today!


    2. The Gluten Dude

      Everyone has got their insecurities. But it doesn’t mean you have to be an ass about it.

      Thank you J for all you do!!

  14. I have only just found your blog and think it is fantastic!!!! I have learnt so much more about this “flaming” disease and thank every one for all the info shared. LOVE all that is said and how we can express our frustrations, beats screaming into a pillow!!!!

  15. Love you Gluten Free Dude and irish Heart!
    Keep up the good work everyone. The reality of celiac
    does suck, blow or what ever you chose to say. We are a
    community because of our common ground and our common
    ground and every day life is not always easy. A few swear words
    are the least of my/our problem. smile

  16. GlutenDude, you and IrishHeart rock!! I am so sorry that one person can bring such negativity to people who have brought so much help and hope to so many of us! Neither of you deserve anything but our thanks & appreciation. So thank you! We do appreciate what you do for us!!

  17. This is my favorite gluten free blog! Celiac b***s, s**ks, is sh***y, is effed up, and I wish to hell I didn’t have it. But I do. And keeping my language appropriate for my grandmother’s ears is not going to make my digestive tract feel any better.
    I grew away from some other blogs, and only visit occasionally. This blog is one I check daily. It helps me the way it is – I can find sweetness and light ( and puppies and unicorns) on other blogs.
    I love the comments from Irish Heart. The information and insight she provides is excellent.
    And Dude, just keep on keepin’ it real!

  18. The reason I love this blog is because of the realness…if that’s not a word, it is now… I love the fact that not everyone acts like we should throw in some rollers and put an apron on… This is a comfortable and realistic blog. I certainly love the “salty” language…makes me feel right at home! If you don’t like it don’t strength read it! Head on over to Sweet Sally’s Celiac blog I heard that’s were all the prudey people frequent. I myself am a realist and feel comfortable here. And yes…Celiac Disease sucks ass.

  19. LOL. I hope someday she clicks on my blog. It’s a Christian blog with no holds barred swearing. My minister reads it. OH NOES! In fact, the latest post is called “Holy Shit”. 🙂

    1. LUNA! Where is your blog?!? I MUST read it! My husband is a pastor, but being from Jersey, I swear … a lot. In choir. Like whenever I mess up a note I say CRAP right in the middle of practice (I also climb over the pew to get out … not during worship, but at practice; I’m not gonna make 6 old ladies move just b/c I forgot my freakin’ pencil). When I found out about a church activity that conflicted with a family thing (that my husband forgot to tell me about) I said, “Son of a BITCH”. I don’t want to ever leave this church b/c they are all USED to me now. But I think you and I might be long lost twins … or cousins or something. 😉

  20. What is it with the internetz right now? People I know and have come to “virtually love” are getting all kinds of hate and are contemplating leaving Facebook and their blogs and everything.

    My advice to you Gluten Dude? Don’t give this one commenter so much power! You have thousands (if not millions!) of readers who think you’re awesome and we’ve come here precisely for all the reasons that she said – you’re not censored, you speak passionately and your commenters speak just as passionately and as uncensored.

    There’s plenty of resources out there for anyone who doesn’t like it. Be strong, because the rest of us need you and your awesomeness! (And Irish’s, too!)

      1. Dude

        Regardless if its one, or millions the help you offer is priceless.

        Quality not quantity..

        Big old Maple soaked hugs from Canada. I feel a rant coming on myself

  21. Adrianne Gentleman

    Celiac does blow both literally and figuratively, in the case of this disease it is not a curse so much as a description.
    the really sad thing about this woman is her comments have gotten her so much attention which she doesn’t deserve, we can’t help ourselves but to comment on her strange opinions, but she really deserves to be ignored.

  22. Wow, Dude and the Gang! 🙂

    I cannot express how grateful I am that you have come to my defense (as I am being skewered alive on the other one right now!)

    ** I Do want to say for the record that this was not anything done by admin. He wants me to stay. He says I am a great Moderator and he has been wonderful to me.
    But enough about that; I’ll get over it. 🙂

    As the Dude said to me Saturday… maybe this happened for a reason. He is right; this gives me more time with newbies on a local level. It’s all good.

    That said, I would like you all to know that I spoke with my 85-year-old Mom (who is also GF since my DX) and when I told her all that has transpired over the last few days, she was appalled. Since there is no one else whose opinion of me matters more (besides Mr. IrishHeart),

    I asked …..”Mom, is it okay if I say Celiac Blows? ”

    She said “After watching my daughter circle the drain for 3 years and thinking I was going to lose her, even I would say ‘Celiac Blows.”

    Thanks, Mommy. 🙂

    1. Adrianne Gentleman

      well I can see where you get your empathy from, your mom sound wonderful. Like mother like daughter HU!!. we love you Irish Heart, you help and advice have been a life saver for me and I sure many others. Keep up the good work girl.

    2. a flaming christian says, “Celiac blows”, Celiac Sucks. Celiac is one of the worst diseases as it has its victims deluded and hallucinating every time we try to reach out to a doctor.

    3. That honestly brought tears to my eyes as well IH ~ and hooray for your mother and her perfect words as well … and for her understanding of the ups and downs in dealing with this disease. You are lucky to have her …

      And GD thank you for having a “real” site – and for staying that way and for saying positively “there is enough room on the internet for all of us” ~ I agree … I know I admire the no nonsense and very realness of your site … to both of you “keep on keeping on” … we are listening and commenting and sharing right along with you and so thankful we are not alone.

      Some days that is all that keeps me sane … 🙂 Not alone … in any of it.

      1. The Gluten Dude

        Thanks Sherri!

        Perhaps Irish and I should team up on a blog. We can call it Gluten Dude with a Heart.

      2. My Mom is a real trooper. She is GF herself!

        I am with you—I never feel alone anymore. I am lucky to have made some of the best friends I have now BECAUSE of celiac.

        The celiac/GF community embraces all.

        1. I am one of those Celiacs whose mom does not quite understand or embrace the whole Celiac disease or gluten free way at all … so it does make me smile when others like yourself IH and GD family are so supportive and understanding … there is hope.

          🙂 Again thank you GD for this “real” blog and sharing his life with us all, and encouraging us to share among each other and help each other ~ and not shying away from the sometimes not spoken side of being a celiac or gluten sensitive ~ but also showing us that there is a rainbow here and there that we can catch in life as well.

          Cheers ~ I am a newer reader than most but impressed with the delivery … thanks 🙂

  23. Really, I am so overwhelmed by the incredible kindness you have all shown me that I am crying right now and Mr. IH came in and said “Oh come on! what happened NOW?”


    1. love you IH. keep serving us through all your knowledge. If you write something that Jesus would be shocked at well then I have to quit saying it too.

      1. Sweetie,

        You are very kind. 🙂 and I appreciate your words.

        As I understand the teachings of Jesus, his message was that we treat others as we wish to be treated. Like “brothers and sisters”.

        That is what I try to do. It’s not based on being “christian” specifically, but on being kind. I do not care where a person comes from, what religion they are or what they believe in—as long as there is mutual respect, we can get along.

        My momentary “salty language” was not directed AT anyone and therefore, I have no cause to feel bad about what I said.

        That person had an “agenda” of some sort and it is unfortunate she came along and tried to make us all feel bad.

        But we don’t.

        Also, as I recall, Jesus’ temper showed many times towards those things he felt were unjust. He may have used some salty language himself and I am sure he does not mind if I use it occasionally either.

        I promise you, I feel no shame for using a perfectly good word to describe this thing we suffer. (In truth, I have used WORSE!!) LOL

        Many blessings, IH

  24. Hey GD, IH!

    I’ve been busy painting the inside of the house, it has been awhile since I checked in.

    I am also guilty of adding a few choice words to some of my comments, when I wanted to really make a point. I’ve never seen anyone spell out the words that offends this person. The “F” word has become a part of our language, as a noun, verb, adjective…And how does anyone who has celiac disease go thru their lives without using the word Sh*t?

    I’m really glad I found this blog GD, and IH you have really helped me too. the word “blows” is offensive? really?

    I guess GD you could moderate the complainer on out of here?

    And your video is a hoot!


  25. As much as it saddens me, I can get over the meanness in this person’s comments – probably because I’ve seen it too many times!

    What I cannot seem to get over is the fact that ‘blows’ was the offending word! I am an elementary school teacher & I don’t think that most of my colleagues would even correct a child who used the word! I ‘get’ how nasty language can make one upset, but ‘BLOWS’? Really? Come on . . .

  26. I am “flamin’ christian” and I don’t expect you or anyone on this blog to act as if you are something you’re not, I apologize for “christians” who need to create a “pretty” world so that they can live comfortably in it. I love your blog and the vocabulary of those not claiming Christ doesn’t bother me because they are not claiming Christ.
    Keep providing a place for sick Celiacs to feel safe and a place where we are not crazy or weird or “making it up”…hallucinating or trying to get attention.
    If vocabulary disturbs you, look for a site with Celiacs that feel “sweeter” about this disease. Until then, I will come to THIS site as a real christian who does not enjoy her disease.
    Continue on Gluten Dude…

  27. LOL this woman would LOVE my blog haha. My opening post? “I’m Irish, I’ve been cursing and drinking since I was 4, and if you don’t like that, piss off and go read something else.” LOL!

  28. I know this post is a month old, but I just found your site a few days ago. Before finding this blog, I have never posted a single comment or question anywhere in the online Celiac community.

    Here’s why-
    Rude monderators, other people in the forums and / or bloggers who take themselves way too seriously are the only reason I have yet to become a part of any onine communities and ask advice or share what I have learned. I’m afraid I’ll be chastised like so many others posts I’ve read that are just starting out, confused, lost and reaching out for help. They go to these forums for support and are rudely told the topic has already been answered in another post and they should look there or some other quippy comment about what the thread is supposed to be about, or what they are doing wrong or how they are wrong in general. Blah blah blah. When did this become a competition??

    If you are like me, when I was finally diagnosed, I had (have-though getting better) really low self esteem and I got (and still get) confused trying to do simple, straitforward tasks. Like reading, doing the dishes or just taking care of myself, much less navigating and reading through loads of posts. If your diagnosis came with B12 deficiency and severe malnutrition, you may be able to relate. As if all the info you have to take in just to eat something doesn’t already make your head swim.

    Anyways, getting to my point here now. THANK YOU for this awesome blog, as you have a much more realistic attitude towards the difficulties of Celiac and I LOVE the sense of humor (Gotta have a sense of humor!). You provide some great information. If other tight arsed people don’t like it, that is too bad, since they don’t have to read it! I personally feel as though you all don’t use enough profanities 😉 For the first time in 8 months, I don’t feel so alone in my plight to avoid wheat (soy, dairy etc.. etc.. etc..) or the way I feel about it. IT EFFING BLOWS!!! 🙂 p.s. recent glutening may have prevented me from spelling or making any sense in this post whatsoever. Enjoy. Thank you and goodnight… Cheers!

    1. Nic,

      I did have a B-12, folate and D def —and serious malabsorption and I CAN relate to feelings of being overwhelmed. It made me withdrawn and quiet and anxious (not at all my personality!) but gluten can cause many neuro symptoms like that. I do understand the weirdness of trying to perform simple tasks like cooking, driving, reading and balancing a checkbook when the brain and central nervous system is compromised. It is scary and frustrating and confusing. I have an extra- special protectiveness towards the newly-diagnosed for this very reason.

      If there is ever anything I can do to help you, I will–as will everyone else I have “met” on this blog site. The G-dude wants to help everyone he can. These are good peeps! :).

      You are not alone. Cheers to you! IH

    2. I appreciate the sentiments Nic. I’m just creating a venue. It’s the community that makes it rock. Welcome aboard the celiac train!

      1. Thanks you guys! I already feel at home. I look forward to more interesting topics and colorful banter 🙂 After reading that woman’s unedited post, it just reinforced why I don’t want to be a part of those forums. Some people suck or maybe she hasn’t really embraced the GF lifestyle. I get pretty unreasonable/emotional when glutened. Even so, it was a totally inappropriate and unprovoked attack on everyone here.

  29. Nic,

    glad you found GD, I too was anxious after my diagnosis in March, did not know where to turn, no support groups or dr.s out here that know anything about celiac.

    I stumbled across this blog, and have been checking in almost every day since April, (I think.)

    every day is a damn challenge. So far I feel the best if I do not eat out anywhere. even if I go to a friend’s house. no anxiety.

    Good luck and look forward to your comments.

    LIke IH said, “you are not alone” and cheers it is officially cocktail time this Labor Day in paradise.

  30. Yay, Gluten Dude, you are awesome…finally a place to be myself.

    I am 48 and I have celiac disease…diagnosed one year ago after a back fusion surgery that triggered the autoimmune disease.

    Last week i went to the doctor with a pinched nerve in my neck…the doc told me to take 800 mg of ibupropin 3x per day i took Advil Blue Liquid Gels for two days not knowing they contain gluten….I blew up like a balloon and it is very painful. Could not figure out why i was feeling so bad and looked them up on line…yup…GLUTEN….Celiac SUCKS….
    I would be fine with this disease if things were labeled. I never feel sad becaus i cant eat something but i get super pissed when i get served Gluten on accident and when people say…”TEA DOES NOT HAVE WHEET IN IT”, ” LUNCHMEAT DOES NOT HAVE WHEAT IN IT” LIPSTICK…..I just want to scream SHUT UP!!!!!

  31. I know this a old post, but I had to say I love your blog and really don’t care if there is a cuss word or two, or three, or four lol! The point is, being new to celiac myself my frustration levels are pretty high, and finding your site has totally made my day! Don’t ever change a thing, they can go somewhere else if they are offended, that is the fabulous thing about the World Wide Web, you can chose what you want to read, and chose to move along. It takes more time to complain then it does to click next! Thanks for being you!

  32. Celiac blows man!

    But seriously, I’m still getting used to this and keep screwing up. I was super hungry and went to grab a snack… A banana and an apple. Nothing else was around (God damn eating gluten free is killing me financially!)

    And then I decided to look in the fridge… Someone brought home pizza, and I succumbed to it. I took four pieces, ate two guiltily… Then fear overcame glutton and I put the other two pieces back in the fridge and grabbed the banana and apple again. Now I’m worried about how shit I’m going to feel when I wake up tomorrow morning…


  33. I was diagnosed with celiacs July 27, 2016 so I am very new to this disease. It sucks, it blows and alot of other things also. I lost 25 lbs from December till diagnosis. I’ve had the worst year of my life. At 57 I had always been healthy and took little medicine. Before diagnosis, every dr. I saw said I was suffering from anxiety and depression, no joke! Who wouldn’t be depressed if they feel like shit every day. I am now gluten free but still feel like crap. They diagnosis was mad by biopsy and confirmed by blood test. The dr. had his nurse call me and say, “you have celiacs disease, go gluten free and we will see you in 2 months. She then hung up. Celiacs…..Gluten free….. WTF??? I have spent the last 3 months trying my best to learn all I can about this disease. I recently saw the Gastro Dr., who spent maybe 10 minutes with me and asked how the diet was going, I said OK as far as I can tell. I asked was he sure of this diagnosis, and he said I was strongly positive. I am so frustrated!! Thank you for this blog.

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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