Celiac Awareness Month: A Look Back (in Rhyme)

celiac awareness review

It’s the last day of May
And you know what that means?
Ummm…we open our pool
And soon will have a house full of teens?

While that may be true
That’s not why we’re here
Celiac Awareness Month is ending
So let’s look back…grab a beer

We started by asking
What exactly is Awareness?
Is it blogging? Is it sharing?
It’s tons of things in all fairness

I ranted and I raved
Yeah I know…nothing new for me
You joined me in disgust
At the lack of respect for our community

I won Blogger of the Year
I’m cool with that
My thanks to Naked Pizza
For the feather in my cap

But this month is certainly
Not about me
What can we talk about?
Oh yeah…how about Disney!!

They thought it was funny
To bully a child
We thought quite differently
And man did we get riled

We shouted from the rooftops
We made our message quite clear
Gluten is not a joke
It’s not something to jeer

By the end of the day
The episode was canned
A better outcome
We could not have planned

Not everyone was happy
We canceled their show
My name is now Gluten Douche
To one angry fellow

Then Chelsea Handler got involved
And things got more messy
All of this craziness
For a stupid show like Jessie??

My good friend Alysa
Whose blog you should see
Poured out her heart
And told her celiac story

By being so open
And baring her soul
In this month of Awareness
She played a big role

We also had Iron Man
Eating gluten free
If it’s good enough for Tony Stark
It’s good enough for me

The month wouldn’t end
Without more controversy
Who should we thank for this?
Yep…Hoda and Kathie Lee

They said we were turn-offs
And not worthy of a date
What’s with The Today Show and gluten
Why all the hate?

The news spread like wildfire
They got abuse from all around
Hoda kind of apologized
But it wasn’t that sound

Like a kid with her hand
Caught in a cookie jar
She said she was sorry
With a hardi-har-har

We wrapped up the month
With our own Irish Heart
Telling her story
Ripping doctors apart

Her story is painful
But important to read
Even though we’ve never met
She is like family

For thirty one days
We put on quite a show
We made some nice progress
But have a long way to go

So now here’s my question
Answer it if you will
Will all the crap that we’ve dealt with
Help us climb that hill?

Awareness is not
Just rainbows and sunshine
We’re fighting the good fight
And with that I am fine

Now let’s wrap this up
Before June is here
It’s gone on long enough
I may have lost you already I fear

Although you can’t see me
I’m raising a glass
I’m toasting you all
Except for the guy who called me Gluten Douche
He can kiss my ass!

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25 thoughts on “Celiac Awareness Month: A Look Back (in Rhyme)”

  1. You missed another upside for the month. Comic book hero Iron Man had gluten-free waffles for breakfast in the current movie. That’s a good PR moment.

  2. Sue in Alberta

    Good one, Dude and thank you Gina and Amanda for keeping it simple. I read the poem and immediately felt compelled to respond in verse. I got as far as “There once was a girl from Alberta…”. Then hey, tried Haiku – “Wind from belly..” See, best left to others.
    Thank god I didn’t over think this ‘cos now I have to answer a math question.

  3. Thank you all for your support. This means so much to my family. You all have put a BIG smile on my face so many times this month. Together we WILL all make a big difference in the world.

  4. Love it!

    and three sillys in my family all laughed out loud and looked at each other Tony Stark said GF!

    Tie a green ribbon around May – it is done — bring on June with lots of Summer Fun!!!

  5. This is amazing. Thanks so much for the shout-out. I was surprised by how well my rant was received, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to make a few people feel normal for a little while.

    Thanks for all you do.

  6. GD-

    Celiac poetry…love it. A first. Cyber pass me a beer. Maybe if this blogging thing doesn’t work out for you….

    Jersey Girl

    Charly Baltimore: “Easy, sport. Got myself out of Beirut once, I think I can get out of New Jersey.”
    Mitch Henessey: “Yeah, well don’t be so sure. Others have tried and failed. The entire population, in fact.”

    The Long Kiss Goodnight


  7. I am glad I found your site. It has helped more than a support group. We just want to be understood, treated like our disease is real and that our diet is not a fad. I am glad I found out that I have Celiac disease because I feel better. Its my mental and emotional health that take the toll. I can rant here, and believe it or not once I expressed anger instead of sadness, I began to settle in to what is necessary. Awareness has shown me that this disease is real and that anyone at any age with the genetic predisposition can get it. I was tagged and am it. I love all the comments here and all of you really do rock! Now if there were a Jennifer’s Way Bakery in San Francisco.

  8. Double clink!! well done, Kiddo…. Cheers!!.

    You and your wife are exceptional people, sharing so much of yourselves
    with the GF community in hopes of raising awareness and helping
    people share their stories, too. Thank you, from my heart for allowing me to share mine.

    And big kudos to the GF community for always fighting the good fight.

    As I said….just keep telling the truth. 😉
    Hugs to all…now where is that beverage? …it’s “quitting time”!!

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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