Does Celiac Reduce Your Tolerance Level?


It’s Tuesday morning and I’m still shaking the cobwebs out!

Did the Dude tie one on last night? No he didn’t.

Did the Dude get glutened? Nope.

Did the Dude go to bed too late? Not at all.

So what was the Dude’s celiac sin?

I simply had an unhealthy weekend. And not unhealthy as many may define it. No binge drinking. No fast food. No candy. No ice cream. No late-night 7-Eleven runs.

But it was a pretty “social” weekend and with that comes the adult beverage or two along with some late night eating. Again, nothing overboard, but enough to make me feel like spending the next 37 hours at the gym to get it out of my system.

But here’s the thing.

Pre-celiac days, the only time I felt like this is if I went WAY OVERBOARD in the eating and drinking department.

And now? It happens so easily.

I can get buzzed on one drink and hungover on two.

One bout of overeating and I feel full for 24 hours.

And I hate it. I feel like my tolerance for anything unhealthy has become abnormally low.

Is it because I have celiac disease? Has my system become so extra sensitive due to the nature of the disease?

Or am I over-thinking things and this is all just part of getting older?

This is one of the most frustrating things about celiac disease. There is a tendency to blame most of your ailments on it (a blog post for another day), when really what you’re feeling may just be…life.

How about all you fellow celiacs out there? Has your tolerance changed since your diagnosis?

Please share your thoughts below.

If you need me, I’ll be at they gym. Or in the bathroom.

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88 thoughts on “Does Celiac Reduce Your Tolerance Level?”

  1. I think having to be so careful most of the time just makes us unaccustomed to the more “social” activities of late night eating and drinking. Indulging takes practice!

    1. It’s possible Ellen, but I still think there’s more to it than that. I mean a hangover on two drinks??

    2. HelenMarie1116

      I don’t think that celiac lowers your tolerance, but having celiac and not being on a gluten free diet definitely raises it. You may not be able to drink or eat the way you did when you were younger, but that might be due to the fact that your body was suffering from malabsorption when you were younger. Now your body actually absorbs all the alcohol you are consuming. I had 8 solo cups of frat party jungle juice in three hours and still managed to catch last bus back to my campus at 3 AM and make the 7 AM call to go march in the Pulaski Day parade. “We’ll drink and drink and drink and drink and then we’ll drink some more! We’ll dance (because our legs are restless and achy) and sing (because normal words elude us-thanks brain fog) and fight (because we have wheat rage) until the early morning light, then we’ll throw up (or just shit our brains out), pass out (because we are suffering from fatigue), wake up (but probably not get out of bed) and then go drinking once again!” I love your blog, Gluten Dude.

  2. I’m curious about what it was exactly that you were drinking. This was happening to me too, long before my celiac diagnosis, and has continued since going gluten-free. I’ve narrowed it down to wine, but only some wines. There are some I can drink without any trouble and others that leave me, well, you know, after only 1 glass. Unfortunately, I don’t know which ones are the problem and I’m not inclined to do a lot of experimenting so I’ve stuck to GF beer and potato vodka since I know those don’t make me sick. But I do miss a good glass of red with certain meals, even more than I miss the gluten!

    1. I had 7 Long Island Ice Teas and 2 Alabama Slammers.

      No…just a couple of vodka drinks. Using Tito’s vodka.

      Mrs. Dude thinks I got a bit of gluten in me.

      I love having celiac…

  3. My son gets like you describe. I can never definitively figure out what triggers it. Sugar can give him the hangover feeling for a day, or lack of protien, or a late night or just doing too much. He can’t seem to hack more than one day of an acitivity in a row without needing the third day to be a day spent in bed.

  4. I don’t think it has anything to do with Celiac disease. I’m a pretty healthy eater even before going Gluten Free. But whenever I eat too much at social events or anything unhealthy I feel sluggish. The food is good going in but I feel terrible afterwards. I think this is just due to the fact that my body doesn’t tolerate it anymore because I eat healthy 95% of the time and exercise.

    Also I feel like if you are not a big drinker and when you do drink you will get buzzed way faster. I don’t drink like that but if I have more than 2 drinks I’m totally buzzed but thats because I don’t drink a lot so my tolerance is low. Now my sister she drinks all the time so afer 2 drinks i’m buzzed but for her its has to be about 4 or 5.

    1. I’m with you on the healthy eating part. No gluten…no dairy….no soy. And if I overeat, my body goes into full rebellion mode.

      Tell your sister I’m impressed.

  5. I’m with you, Dude. I wasn’t sure if it had to do with Celiac or the major surgery I had 3 months ago, or a combo of both. When I have a busy day, I wake up feeling hungover the next day…even if I haven’t had a drop to drink! I hate it. I’m tired by around 4 or 5, and *blank* forbid I stay up past midnight! ………I’m 29. If this keeps up, I’m going to have to find a stay-at-home job if I ever want to work again!

    1. You might as well drink if you’re going to be hungover anyway 🙂

      Give it time Sassy. Took me years to get my strength back.

  6. I agree w/ Mrs. Dude…I’m betting you got a bit of gluten.
    The sugar thing…I just started Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar” 8 week plan. It’s a bit kinder and gentler than cold turkey. I feel so sick so often and I’m hoping kicking the sugar habit will turn my health around.
    If you decide to come off sugar, pls keep us informed.
    Feel better~

    1. I’m starting to think the same thing. Tried a new Sushi place this weekend. Asked all the right questions. But ya never know.

      I’m tempted to do the sugar thing too.

      Love your website.

      Continued healing…

  7. It has to be related to celiac…I was finally diagnosed about 2.5 years ago after many many years of suffering…I am 100 percent gluten free out of necessity because I am EXTREMELY sensitive and get violently ill. I used to be able to have a couple of drinks…now one glass of wine and my lips go numb…it is crazy…anymore than that and it takes days for me to get over it.. I spend most of my days totally fatigued and in pain!!! Not fun!

    1. Not fun indeed Peggy. Have you tried other things besides wine? Do they all have the same effect on you?

  8. Wine causes the least problems for me…everything else and I am blotto….but then I am having issues with almost all food and drink…I am now on a “whole” foods only diet in an effort to get rid of pain…MRI scheduled for next week!

    1. Sorry to hear about all the issues Peggy. Please check back in if you’d like and let us know how you are doing.

      1. Well here’s me checking in…got my MRI results back….lesions on brain and spine….neuro says “could be MS” or “could be gluten ataxia”….either way he says at this point there are not “enough” lesions to give a definitive answer but I am not “normal”….could have told him that…lol….so here I sit at home again…another day off from work due to pain and crushing fatigue….hmmmm….not having much fun!

  9. I’m strange with alcohol some days a few drinks and I feel drunk but most days I have a few drinks and it does nothing :S I drink Cider and have a lot of ice with it , I really think ice stops hangovers for me . But I can’t really do an alcohol comparison alcohol to before and after diagnosis as I was diagnosed at 15 and couldn’t have alcohol than 😉

    By the way did you see this article ?

    And Drs. Di Sabatino and Corazza said the alleged benefits of eating a gluten-free diet run rampant, but there’s just no scientific evidence to back it up.

    “This clamor has increased and moved from the Internet to the popular press, where gluten has become ‘the new diet villain,’” they wrote in the journal.

    The gluten free fad / craze is finally going to go away ?

  10. Amy -The Quirky Gluten Free Runner

    We don’t drink much in our house, just not part of who we are. I find that if I drink thinks that have too many ingredients (margaritas from a very syrupy mix) or various wines I get that ‘over indulged’ feeling.

    In fact, the only time I can recall having a hangover of ‘i feel like I got hit by a mack truck’ was NOT when I was in college, did shots and drank hard liquor, but rather when I drink wine–the sulfites do it to me. There are a few grocery store purchased brands that I’m fine with and I stick with those.

    1. I’ve considered giving up drinking. Ah, who am I kidding? No I haven’t.

      Yes…I’ve heard that about wine before.

  11. Stephanie @RielDeal

    In one word – YES! I have found myself having a hard time with “junk food” like potato chips, ice cream, or just eating late at night. Also – my tolerance for processed foods is very, very low. Even gluten-free chips give me trouble.

    I’ve also had a hard time drinking alcohol. I typically drink red wine because that tends to be the safest for me. Also Potato vodka/soda is a drink I go for… But more than a few drinks and I am hurting the next day (and maybe for a few days following).

    1. In a way Stephanie, I sometimes think celiac is a blessing in disguise. As much as I hate it, it really keeps me away from a lot of things we shouldn’t be having anyway.

  12. nice post, Gluten Dude! I found your blog through Jules’ facebook post.

    I don’t notice as much when drinking that I get tipsy easier since going GF due to my wheat/gluten allergy. What I do notice is the hangovers are 100% worse, so I’ve been tempering any drinking I might do because I know what happens the next day!

    Wine seems to be least hard on me (though a strong red will really make me sick!) and the flavored vodkas the hardest.

    Regarding junk food, I just think my BS potential is lower. There’s plenty of non-processed junk food that one can have, so when I see frozen fries that contain wheat, I call BS and don’t bother with them. I still eat gummy bears and dark chocolate, and the occasional gelato, but my worst habits (Doritos and Fritos) I’ve really stopped since my system can’t seem to handle them any more.

    1. Jules rocks!

      I know…I hate the hangovers. What’s that? Stop drinking?? Ummm….gotta go, sorry.

  13. Hey Dude,

    I’m with you – some nights after just 2 or 3 drinks I can really pay a price. in speaking with a nutritionist (casually) she mentioned that since my digestive system isn’t strong – that the alcohol may interact differently or more directly flow into the bloodstream and throw my body out of whack.

    Great posts!

    1. The Gluten Dude

      That makes a lot of sense Owen…and also kinda sux. The older I get, the more I detest hangovers.

      I suppose I could stop drinking….nah!

  14. Hey!

    I’m really glad I found this blog! I’d been having digestion problems for awhile and the last 2 weeks i’ve been gluten free. Can’t say it has made all the symptoms go away but two Saturdays in a row now, after a few drinks (mostly wine and cider), I was violently ill! I am never sick from drinking just a few drinks, and I didn’t even feel drunk so this was a big shock. I am thinking my alcohol tolerance is lower since i’m not eating gluten. I wanted to get tested for gluten allergy but just found out I need to have gluten in my system for 6 weeks prior to the tests, very annoying! Hopefully I will get some answers!

    1. The Gluten Dude

      Hey Mel. Welcome aboard.

      Yeah….kinda stinks about the whole needing to be on gluten to get an accurate diagnosis.

      Interesting about getting sick two weeks in a row from a few drinks. A connection? Time will tell.

      Keep me posted…

  15. Hi, thought I’d give my 2 cents. I have been gf since august 2011-finally diagnosed after many years. I have found that wine and cider really leave me feeling crappy, and with a bad hangover. With the cider it is usually after one, with wine it can be a couple. But surprisingly I can drink silver cuevo or bacardi and not feel bad at all. I’m starting to think it’s the sulfite levels in the cider and wines that gets me feeling so bad.

  16. Got Crohn’s not Celiac but, gluten makes me very sick also, so I live GF. I too have no tolerance! I thought it was just another quirk that makes me…well, me. I think it comes with having an autoimmune disorder – especially for those of us who never go into remission for any length of meaningful time, but just have bouts where things stay quiet for a little while. I wonder if people with GI issues who may be nutritionally difficient as a result, have less than optimal levels of nutrients and enzymes needed to process things like alcohol?

    I enjoy your GF perspective, thanks for taking the time to blog.

  17. I definitely think that being celiac reduces your tolerant level when it comes to drinking. These days I have to be really careful and only have a glass or two or I’m going to be paying for it the next day. I would only have myself to blame in the morning if I were having two bottles of wine but I’m having nothing like that. After two small glasses I shouldn’t feel as bad as I do sometimes whilst all my gluten loving friends are fine.

  18. I’ve been GF for almost a year and have the same thing.
    Hangovers are terrible
    tolerance is way low
    I try not to drink too much because of it but i do have a weakness for good wine…
    I have begun to suspect that i am getting progressively less tolerant to alcohol by every month that passes, so much so that i googled it and fount you lot

    Perhaps alcohol + CD = no go

    1. The Gluten Dude

      Theoretically, that means we’ll drink less. Theoretically.

      But I agree Alysa…quite the drag.

  19. Strange… reading your post and the following comments… a lot of it felt so familiar to me. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease at the beginning of the year, but had been suffering on and off with stomach problems since my early 20’s (nearly 10 years)…

    Not only does having coeliac disease make me quite tired a lot of the time (although this is now improving on a gluten free diet) but I feel like I can’t drink like I used to, a ‘good night out’ on a Friday leaves me suffering for the rest of the weekend, I just don’t think it’s worth it anymore.

    Maybe it is because now I’m gluten free I’m eating a lot better, but also, after an evening on the tiles, I’m not indulging on fast food, so drinking on a not-so-full stomach.. whatever it is, I feel rotten the morning after, even if I’ve only had a couple!

    I know my levels of iron, calcium, vitamin D etc. are low because of all the damage done inside before being diagnosed (hopefully now improving) so maybe that has something to do with it too?

    Now I tend to limit myself to a couple of spritzers, at least then I know I will be able to enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    1. The Gluten Dude

      Good call Laura. I’m the same. Get hungover way too easily. I guess I could just give up alcohol. What did I just say??

  20. Glad to know I am not the only one.

    There are times I can have four drinks over a 6 hour period and nothing happens, I barely feel buzzed.

    Then there are times I drink four drinks over a 6 hour period and this grown woman is celiac wasted like I have been drinking shots all day long.

    I’m thinking it’s from the malabsorption? Or it’s because this Celiac does whatever the heck it wants.

    1. The Gluten Dude

      I would surmise it’s a combination of the two Chrissy.

      And I think you invented a new term: celiac wasted.

  21. Had only 1 & 1/2 shots of tequilla and a gluten free beer last night. I’ve felt hungover all day today. I also prepared and served food to my guests, so maybe I somehow got glutened. I’ve been gluten free for 7 weeks. There’s definitely some improvements, but I’m still having good and bad days. Reading what other people are experiencing is helpful and even comforting. Thanks!

    1. The Gluten Dude

      It takes time Lori…hang in there.

      And you may want to bypass the tequila shots for a bit while you gut heals.

  22. Okay…true story for you all suffering. Before I was diagnosed with celiac, I was stopped by a cop that thought I was drunk driving. When I did the tests after having NO drinks….my BAC was .08-.12. Blood test .08. Well, long story short…..after going to numerous specialiists at Stanford & Yale- I found out my body was making its own alcohol with out ingesting any alcohol at all. I had an infectiion in my blood & gut (candida) that was so bad it was fermenting in my stomache and making its own alcohol- there for was drunk all the time with out drinking.

    So- I would have hangovers with out drinking & when I drank one glass of wine it was like having 7 and… I acted like it. Just wasted & hung over after one glass. Also, I found out that my liver does not break down white wine- it doesn’t have ethe enzyme to do it, so white wine will make me feel like I am going to die in the morning. Even one sip! Mistaken for a hangover..

    Anyhow- something to think about!

    Hope that helps.


    1. The Gluten Dude

      Wow. Just wow, CB. I totally need to research this a bit. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Same.problem. 3rd month gf and 2 margaritas i thought something was slipped into my drink or alcohol was 150 proof! 5th month same thing after 1 glass of wine and later 1 cape cod. At 1 year 1 gf hard cider got me drunk. And 2 yrs 1 gf beer and I got sick for a week…maybe unrelated cold but only one ive had in 3 yrs of gf diet. None since but is real pain in butt.

    I’ve become allergic to other food (or noticed,anyway) since initial diagnosis…cant even drink coffee regularly anymore. I wonder if i was sensitive to begin with? I never was a big drinker…a lightweight for sure but now its like being drugged.

    Has anyone had their liver checked?

  24. I just found this post because I was searching about “lowered alcohol tolerance” on google! I am relieved to know that I’m not the only one experiencing this change. I’ve actually tried to pinpoint how much I can get away with and there is no magic formula for my body as far as I can tell. I pondered the “is it because I’m 30 now” line of thinking, but I would have to attribute it to my dietary change. I miss wine, I know I will be better without it, but wine tasting is so much fun! Thanks for the post. 🙂

  25. I went GF a few months ago in support of my wife, who has Fibromyalgia. I’ve noticed that the last few times I’ve drank, anything more than one cider or half a glass of wine, I wake up “hungover” and spend most of the day on the toilet. In our transition to the GF lifestyle we’ve been Gluten-ized a few times and know the side effects. The morning/day after drinking feels much different. The first few times I thought it was something I ate because we were out either at a bar/restaurant or a friend’s house. But last night we had leftovers (which I didn’t have a problem with the first time) and wine, and today I’m paying the price. I wasn’t sure if it’s because I’m getting older (barely pushing 30) or because of our lifestyle change. After reading your blog and comments I think that going Gluten Free has made me more sensitive to wine/alcohol.

  26. After about 2 years of feeling tired and staying sick the majority of the time, I decided to try going gluten free 7 weeks ago…seems that I really do have a gluten intolerance!! I have also noticed that alcohol effects me differently than it did before. I have never been one to drink a lot, but I could handle a couple of glasses of wine or two long islands….not anymore! I had two long islands (during my 1st week of going GF), and I spent the entire night hugging the floor because the room was spinning, and when it wasn’t spinning, I was throwing up. Two glasses of wine and I’m tipsy and very sleepy.

  27. I was only diagnosed about two months ago, so I know I’m still in the healing process. But I swear I cannot overindulge on anything anymore. I overate for dinner a few hours ago, and I feel like I’m dying. And I can barely drink at all. I’m lucky if I can finish an entire cider before my body tells me to stop. And god forbid I decide to drink hard liquor. The hangover lasts for a day and a half.

    1. Yep…been there, done that. Give yourself some time to heal. It gets better I promise. Though my tolerance for overindulging is still very low. And maybe that’s not a bad thing.

  28. I stumbled upon this blog while doing a search for alcohol intolerance AND Celiac disease after waking up feeling washed out once again after drinking only one cup of warmed spiced wine..argh! So many symptoms I’ve experienced in the last year of being totally GF due to my Dx have been reflected in the responses here. Just knowing other celiacs are having similar issues has brightened my spirits this morning!! Nothing like feeling better because others are feeling the same pain…ha!! I eat mostly whole foods and only one helping. I admit navigating the holiday gatherings (and foods at them) is a stressor. Not to mention the clods at the parties who think it odd I don’t eat/drink more and then say to lighten up…one time will not matter..grrr! Anyway thanks so much for your blog!

  29. I know this thread has been out there for a while. I came across it while trying to find some answers myself.
    I am not a celiac, but am allergic to wheat. I have been wheat free for almost 1.5 years. I am having the hardest time gauging an acceptable alcohol limit for me. There doesn’t seem to be a magic number or what type of alcohol my body can handle. I’ve tried the vodkas which claim to be gluten free. Sometimes I’m okay, sometimes I’m not. I seem to do better with wine or tequila drinks, but my body’s quota seems to differ. I don’t drink daily or weekly….maybe 2-3 evenings a month depending on social events. I went from being able to always hold my own and be the last man standing (so to speak) to having some sort of switch flip and being sick as a dog and blacking out (and this can happen after 2 drinks in a period of several hours). What is going on? I can only assume it has something to do with being wheat free.

  30. Dude. So glad I found this website while searching alcohol consumption and Celiac. I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago and have found my tolerance over time has greatly reduced. What the heck! Just want 2 Titos on a Friday night. That’s not asking too much. I love to run and can’t drink the night before and run the next day.
    Good to know I’m not going crazy. Just dry!!

  31. Funny I have the complete opposite belief. I’m an average sized guy but I can easily go toe to toe drinking as much as guys double my size. That has never been an issue, I definitely get very drunk, but I can continue drinking. I always thought it was because of my celiac disease.

    As for the hangover, that is no longer an issue for me. I have a hangover remedy that has worked miracles. Before bed on such a night, I eat a couple bananas, take a multivitamin, and chug down a Gatorade and a couple glasses of water. Then I keep a full glass of water on my night stand for when I wake up. Now at worst I wake up with a mild headache which subsides within an hour.

  32. Julie Knipling

    What a relief when I came across this thread today! I was searching for alcohol intolerance with celiac disease. I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 6 years ago but have been having major problems when I drink for about a year now. It feels like my body just doesn’t process it anymore. I don’t feel so alone now!

  33. I agree with Tracey and Robin-I think it is SUGAR! I have been a diagnosed celiac for about 14 years, and the older I get, the less sugar I find I can tolerate. Nowadays one glass of red wine can cause almost a hypoglycemic reaction, not to mention the buzz of in my younger years caused by a bottle of wine. I find that certain alcohols that have less sugar: Tequila, Gin don’t cause me to have a hangover. When I have sugary alcohols, I also have a ravenous appetite! Like my body is saying “NO! Give me something to absorb this vile liquid you just consumed!” Fortunately for me I have found these great low sugar dark chocolate bars, or I would have to end it.
    Hang in there! And try Tequila shots or Gin Martinis next time. YUM.

  34. Reading this blog helped me cope with this stressful July 4. I thought I was being careful by bringing my own food. I treated myself to 1/2 glass champagne, now ii’m not sure whats going on with my body. Its frustrating being careful all the time! I wish I could indulge a little to relieve stress instead of causing me more stress!

  35. I know this is an old thread but I wanted to leave a comment as I have struggled in a very similar way with alcohol. My hangovers are really bad from drinking very little. I have been gluten free for two years now and finally had a few drinks the other week without feel any symptoms the next day. I drink gf vodka with water. Doesn’t sound appealing but with a slice of Lemon or even fizzy water it’s nice. I think cutting down in sugar when drinking helps as it gives your body one less thing to break down.

    I have felt that the more gluten free I go the more sensitive I became to reacting to gluten. From bad experiences and because of multiple food allergies I now never eat out, don’t let anyone cook for me, have separate cooking equipment just for me and rarely drink alcohol (have drunk twice in the last 7 months).

    When drinking maybe try sticking to one type of drink and keep notes on what you drank and how you felt. I can’t drink most alcohol because of how I feel the next day but finally found that vodka and water works for me 🙂

    I’ve found that I think it’s all been a blessing in disguise as I have had to stay away from things that aren’t good for me. I think you build up such a healthy routine your body then can’t seem to cope with additives, processed food etc. I find now if I start to lack something I will feel symptoms and get cravings. It means I have to be strict but By listening to my body I can keep myself on track and feeling very healthy. Friends feel sorry for me because of my diet as it’s so restricted but two years ago I would have never believed that I would lead a relatively normal life with out many symptoms and actually be able to work!!. My journey and diet has been worth every second. I tried cutting sugar, but found my body now and then needed it to get by, so I allow myself some sugar but I don’t eat much. If binge on sugar I get a hangover feeling the next day too.

    It feels like it can be never ending when stuck in the depths of celiac symptoms and most frustratingly the doctors will tell you that some of the symptoms can’t be celiac when they clearly are linked. Keep going with being healthy and taking care of all the nutritional needs of your body. I know it’s annoying to feel we can’t do things like eating late at night, few drinks hangover free etc. But in the end it is worth it as energy and strength will return. I know it doesn’t feel it but Keep going and I promise one day your body’s will recover. If I can do it, anyone can. ❤️

  36. I drank three glasses of wine over the course of the night a while back and ended up in the bathroom sending it all back. I’ve always had a 2-3 drink limit so I don’t know what it was like pre-celiac or even when pre-celiac was. I’ve always been a lightweight but hadn’t had my body send anything I digested packing since I was a teenager so I don’t know. I have read celiac can have some impact on your liver, though not extensively, that may tie-in here.

  37. I have been on gluten free for about 12 days and it seems like the alcohol gives me more of a hang over than normal. I haven’t officially been diagnosed with gluten intolerance or celiac, but I’m hoping goin gf will fix me.. my primary symptoms are brain fog and acne, I don’t have and obvious digestive irregularities that I can tell. At this point I’m I will try anything to relieve my brain fog.. I’ve stumbled across brain for related to candida, Mercury toxicity, metal allegens, but haven’t pinpointed it… anyone ever have a brain fog issue and fixed it??

  38. I literally googled about gluten and alcohol tolerance and found this. Since I’ve gone gluten free because it makes me so sick, I seem to get horrible hangovers when I wouldn’t of had one at all. All I drink is dry white wine, and I drink it often and hardly ever get a hangover. But since I’ve stopped gluten I feel like I drank a whole bottle of tequila when I wake up the next day. This sucks lol

  39. I just googled and wound up here. I was diagnosed celiac 9 days ago and have been gf for 8 and got absolutely HAMMERED on 2 glasses of wine last night. I threw up and don’t even remember going to bed. Is this going to keep up? My social life is going to be a problem if I can’t hold my wine. 😉

  40. I was too sick to complete the 6 week gluten trial so the Dr tested after 4 days but it came back negative – no surprise – but Dr/hospital pretty sure I have it. Saw this post as I was looking for other Celiacs who get an energy boost from red wine. Wondering if anyone else gets this (not the morning after though! ).

  41. I”m a little late with this but just googled the same thing “Celiac+ Alcohol intolerance..Yes, Yes & YES!!!! Have been wondering for years what was up. I am a small person 3 drinks was always my limit (over at least as many hours). Now, one glass of wine and my kids are laughing hysterical at me or a couple of vodka & tonics and I turn into “Chatty Kathy” and lucky if I don’t get sick. “It’s not you; it’s the celiac”…

  42. This is so interesting. I just went Gluten free. All these years I was in pain and felt rotten and didn’t know what it was. I even had my gallbladder out because of it. But anyways, I went out to have a few glasses of wine the other night (thinking it was safe) and oh boy did I get sick. I guess I’ll have to stick to potato vodka or GF beer from here on out. It’s like my body feels so much better but at the same time I’ve become SO sensitive to anything it doesn’t like now. I had a binge drinking problem for a long time and I read that if you have an allergy to an ingredient, the body can’t get enough of it. Weird, but since I cut out gluten….I don’t binge drink anymore. A few drinks and I’m good. So that has freed me up thank goodness. How careful I have to be though……. Makes me feel old. 🙁

  43. Hey everyone,

    Great reading all your comments and kind of ties in with what’s been happening to me, now 38 gluten free for 8 months. I partied hard in my teens and up until last year but those Peter pan days are over. I get cold and fly symptoms or what I call a histamine response to alchaol I have not drunk that much since I found out I have been ceoliac I’m on a healthy low histamine diet but if I do drink maybe rum and coke or wine I find that I get cold flu symptoms for a week .. I’ve looked into this and alcohol especially red and white wine can be sealed with gluten or the bigger problem is tannins and sulphites these are down as alergic response. Also looking into this a bit deeper I take l glutamine that repairs the gut with a anti histamine Dailey. If you look into what happens to the body when drinking we actually stop producing l glutamine amino acid for some crazy reason.. I’m sure it’s all linked in with our out immune system and I’m actually at that point where it’s just not worth feeling crap for anything yes I miss drink I crave it but It has to go…

  44. Ceoliac Newbie (Kirsty)

    Hey, I’m a ceoliac newbie… 5 months… I’m 22 and got ill on holiday… typical lol anyway It’s the same for me too pre-Mexico I could drink most people under the table and not have anything to show for it the next day. Now 3 drinks and it makes me sick… that’s wine and spirits on their own or mixed… tolerance is now shocking 🙁

    Currently hanging from last night… anyone got any suggestions?! I’ve had toast and water and still feel sick :s that’s what I get for a small glass of wine and 3 cheeky vimtos… not impressed.

    Please help… I can’t do my usual McDonald’s anymore :/ Stuck for ideas!

    1. Berocca vitamin, fresh ginger ginger tea bag hot drink, buscopan, antihistamine,
      l glutamine amino acid powder and a hit water bottle. Plenty of fluids and that helps me.. wine seems to be a problem with sulphites gutted for you..try potatoe vodka in the future.

      Vimto in the uk has barley wheat in it ((

  45. When you are gluten intolerant, you are not digesting gluten, so you get a build up on your intestinal walls of undigested glutenous products. When you have gone gluten free for awhile, this build up starts to pass. You absorb alcohol into your bloodstream through your intestinal wall. So if you were consuming gluten prior and had a build up, you weren’t absorbing as much alcohol. Now your absorption rate of everything including nutrients, alcohol etc. is a lot quicker.

  46. The thing I have found that helps a lot is before I go to bed, I drink a protein shake with an Emergen-C mixed in it. Protein and electrolytes are two of the only things known to aid in hangover remedy. And it works better to do it the night you drink rather than in the morning when the bricks hit you 😉

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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