Beavis and Butthead

gluten free love story

Ok, so my story isn’t really about Beavis and Butthead, but that’s what my husband and I call each other. My husband is my second go-round and I always tell him he’s my favorite husband so far. But let me tell you… This man… God gave me someone special. I waited a long time for some one like him. We are total opposites, Yin and Yang. I’m loud and obnoxious while he’s quiet and reserved.

I have a daughter from a previous marriage. We’d been married for about six months and we decided that we wanted a baby to give our eldest a sibling. We didn’t have to practice long. We were pregnant the first month of practice. Too bad, so sad for him – I’m sure he wanted more practice during our lunchtime trysts.

Right away, I got sick. Morning sickness, I was told. I sure didn’t have it like this with my first. After the baby, I was severely anemic. I could barely take care of myself, let alone a brand new baby. And I had a cesarean and was having a hard time healing, which is also unlike me. That man took like a duck to water taking care of the baby.

celiac-loveThen… I never got better. I was so sick. So anemic. My vitamin levels were so off. I kept throwing up. He went to every-single-doctor appointment with me until we had an answer as to what was wrong with me. He has NEVER missed an appointment whether it be the nutritionist, the GI, my family doc. He’s been by my side. From the get-go, he said… nope, the whole house will be gluten free (he still keeps his yummy delicious beer in the house, but that’s ok- gotta let the man have SOMETHING).

I’m still learning this whole GF shindig and when I’m sick and I can’t wake up or am over the trash can in the bedroom… he’s like superman. He takes care of our one year old and our nine year old. He cooks, he cleans, he bathes the kiddos, he’s just amazing. When I tell him that it’d be easier if I just left… he tells me to shut up and that he loves me even when I’m throwing a b!tchy pity party.

And to top it off, he buys me clearance flowers at the grocery store. Laugh if you want, but that man comes home with flowers ALL THE TIME! I will call him and say babe, I just got off work and am exhausted can you please pick up some milk and he’ll walk in with some clearance flowers. I love that about him. He’s frugal and thoughtful. Don’t get me wrong. He is human. The man is not perfect.

I would give that man anything….anything in the world.

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6 thoughts on “Beavis and Butthead”

  1. Thanks GD and Beavis & Butthead! The timing of this post couldn’t be more perfect. Yesterday was a bad day – just one of those days I didn’t feel good and so I spent it bitching and whining about having CD. My hubby took it in stride, let me rant, rave and cry and just kept telling me we’ll get through it together. I feel so bad for him sometimes because he didn’t ask for this when he married me (he, too, is my second go-round and my favorite husband). But he’s committed to helping make our home safe for me and do what needs to be done so I have more good days than bad. And he, too, brings me clearance flowers…. and I love him so much more for that.

  2. I so love it when going gluten free is a REAL team effort. Going gluten free is not the end of the world—its the beginning. Thanks Gluten Dude. You made my Sunday!

    1. It really is a team effort! I like that. My entire family is GF and no one EVER complains. Plain and simple – if Mama ain’t happy, nobody is!

  3. Celiac Mindwarp

    Cool, you got a keeper!

    Great you get so much support. It is a tough gig doing this with little ones some days, lovely he takes it in his stride.

    Flowers good 🙂

  4. My husband will do the flower thing too. Just random, cheap grocery store flowers. Which other people may think is cheesy, or lame or whatever. Well I don’t care. There is nothing sweeter than flowers to brighten my day and that keep me from inwardly freaking out about how much they may have cost. Having an awesomely sweet penny-pincher is great.

    Cheers to you and to amazing husbands who know just how to brighten a day. 😀

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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