Barstool Sports: ‘Gluten-free people are weak and pathetic’

barstool sports celiac disease

It was a Friday afternoon and my work week was wrapping up. I was looking forward to sipping a few tequilas with friends. And then someone sent me this f***ing thing:

(Here’s a link to the post on IG:

Seriously. In 2022. A joke that people who eat gluten-free are weak and pathetic.

Sure…in 2012, the Today Show called us trendy. And yeah…I know that in the same year, they also called us picky eaters. And fine…in 2013, Disney decided to bully a gluten-free child on one of their more popular shows. And ok…in that same year, Jimmy Fallon portrayed us as losers. And yes…there was the time in 2015 Joy Behar called us irritating. And ok…a short time later, an NBC Super Bowl ad called us soft. And of course there was the time in 2018 where Party City called us gross.

But this is 2022. The jokes, which were always pathetic, are now officially stale; outdated; even more pathetic if that’s possible. But not to the a**holes over at Barstool Sports. Not only do they think gluten-free jokes are still relevant, they told their 12.7 million IG followers to actually TAG a gluten-free person and tell them they’re weak.

Let me repeat that. They want to call out people with a serious autoimmune disease, including millions of children around the world, and let them know they are not worthy. Not strong. That they should be made fun of because they can’t eat foods that are poison to their body. I simply cannot wrap my head around this. Who thought this would be funny?

Now, let’s talk about Barstool Sports for a second.

  • They posted nude photos of a child and talked about their genitalia.
  • They have been accused of promoting rape culture, going as far as saying “we don’t condone rape of any kind at our Blackout Parties…however if a chick passes out that’s a gray area.”
  • Several women have forward as alleged victims of “abusive and violent sex” instigated by the founder of BS.
  • They have stolen content and posted it as their own.

And the list goes on and on.

And now let’s talk about the pitiful video.
Actually…I changed my mind. I don’t want to talk about the video. It’s not worth my attention to go thru the details of it. It’s so bad, I’d actually be embarrassed for Barstool Sports if I didn’t hate them so much.

Instead, let’s lay out some facts about celiac disease:

Fact: Celiac disease is a genetic autoimmune disease that damages the villi of the small intestine and interferes with absorption of nutrients from food.

Fact: Celiac disease affects men and women across all ages and races.

Fact: 83% of those celiacs are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

Fact: The longer a person is not properly diagnosed and continues to eat gluten, the greater their risk of developing other autoimmune disorders, neurological problems, osteoporosis and cancer.

Fact: Untreated celiac disease increases the risk of cancer 200-300%.

Fact:Untreated celiac disease increases the risk of miscarriage 800-900%.

Fact: There are NO pharmaceutical cures for celiac disease.

Fact: A 100% gluten-free diet is the only existing treatment for celiac today.

Fact: The total US healthcare cost for all untreated celiacs: $14.5 – $34.8 billion annually.

And here’s another fact the idiots at Barstool Sports should know: About one-third of kids with food allergies report that they have been bullied because of their allergies. ( And this bullying can lead to depression, anxiety and yes even suicide. And as someone who was bullied relentlessly in grade school, I can tell you it has long-lasting effects.

So to Barstool Sports: F**k you. And I’ll leave it at that.

And to the millions of my gluten-free friends out there: You’re strong. You’re disciplined. You’re resilient. You’re awesome. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

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27 thoughts on “Barstool Sports: ‘Gluten-free people are weak and pathetic’”

  1. What an absolute asshat this Barstool guy is. Being uneducated and insensitive isn’t “cool” anymore, bud. Read some scholarly articles, do some research, and be better.

    1. Is that what you do, Sara? You sit down after a long day of ducking and dodging all the loose Gluten out there, and read some scholarly articles? Is that before or after you log onto “”?

  2. Sounds like Barstool sports are the weak and pathetic ones. No one calls a cancer patient weak and pathetic or makes fun of them, so why when those of us who have a serious autoimmune disease do they think it ok to humiliate us? Thanks Dude for standing up!

        1. Surely “GlutenDude.Com” will be thriving 10 years from now. You know what for sure will be still around is gluten.

  3. Thanks Gluten Dude.
    This just makes me really sad. I was bullied in middle school and this brings so much of that back.
    If these assholes would just educate themselves, it would be helpful. Would they bully someone with diabetes for having to eat sugar free products? It’s the same thing – they’re both autoimmune diseases.

  4. What’s up GDude. I came here because I heard you were someone who embraces this gluten free craziness. Anyways f**k gluten am I right? While we’re at it… F**k all the gluten eaters too. One last thing, should I get a “GDude” tattoo on my thigh or my chest?

  5. It’s one thing for these guys to poke fun at public figures/sports stars, we know that part of their show and many embrace it and laugh along with it. I’ll admit I’ve listened and laughed along to a few of their shows. However when you go after people with a medical condition that is not within their control, that there is not a cure for, that requires being 100% gluten free or risking other serious medical conditions (cancer, diabetes…), you have seriously crossed a line. This is not like poking fun of some highly paid pro athlete that’s gained weight while he was out with an injury sitting down with a tub of ice cream and a serving spoon. We’re not talking about someone with an eating disorder that can get help to modify their behavior and cure them. There is no cure! Only a solution, 100% Gluten Free living. Being gluten free is not a choice for those with Celiac Disease, it’s a necessity for survival. And it is not fun or easy. Barstool guys, a serious apology is owed here, and some self education is warranted to cure your ignorance.

  6. Never ever have I seen such trolls about gluten. I don’t get it. We try to be healthy and they bring in their crap? I’m losing faith in humanity (waiting for my therapist to call to set up an appointment after watching what monsters do on and now this).

  7. So upset to hear this. Like us not eating gluten is such an inconvenience to THEM. These guys need to think about how much people who can’t eat gluten would love to be able to go to a restaurant with friends and order whatever they want to eat. How much we would love to just have a pizza delivered to our house. Of course, we could do these things, but would suffer and feel like c**p for a long time. Started my g-free journey in 2007. I became a huge watcher of cooking shows, kind of obsessed with cooking and cookbooks, because I basically had to cook everything from scratch to know what was in it and these helped add variety and interest. Finally realized that part of the obsession was because I had this huge longing just to see and think about food, and that I was undernourished from years of eating food that my body was not able to process. Preparing everything from scratch and eating basic, real foods has been a blessing in disguise. Huge amount of work, but our diet is so rich in nutrients and our health is better. Stay strong everyone.

  8. I have reported to Instagram this post. It is totally unacceptable and not okay. To encourage bullying is horrific. People who have celiac disease or must follow a gluten free diet are the stronger ones, because we learn to adapt and know how to deal with these asshats. Makes me wonder what makes them feel so small to bully those of us with this medical disease.

  9. This is the funniest article of all time. The fact that this was a set up the whole time and obviously sarcastic shows how sensitive the community is. I have celiac’s yet I understand the context of this and know that it’s satire. The minute you guys can understand that you’ll have a much better outlook on life, I promise haha.

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