Barilla Makes Gluten Free Pasta. They Also Just Made a Huge Mistake.

barilla pasta

Barilla makes gluten-free pasta.
Barilla offers 1,000 other products.
Barilla employs 8,000 people.
Barilla owns 30 production facilities in 9 countries.

How can such a large, successful company be run by such a boneheaded CEO??

Just a quick recap: Guido Barilla (their CEO) made recent comments disparaging the gay community. Basically saying he believes only in traditional marriage, thinks gay adoption is bad and that if gays don’t agree with him, they can eat someone else’s pasta.

Just a marketing genius, wouldn’t you say?

I’m sorry…have I time traveled back to the 60’s? I could’ve sworn it was 2013.

Look…the man can believe whatever he wants. That’s what makes the world go round.

He makes his choices.

But so do we.

And if you check out their Facebook page, man are they in a world of hurt.

I’m not calling for a boycott of all Barilla products. Do what works for you.

But my guess is that the following talented, popular folks won’t be eating Barilla pasta anytime soon.


Real smart move Mr. Barilla.

Oh…and we can add one more picture to the list of people who won’t be buying your products.


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79 thoughts on “Barilla Makes Gluten Free Pasta. They Also Just Made a Huge Mistake.”

  1. You can add my name to that list. While not gay myself, I fully believe that it is NOT a choice. It is a fundamental part of who they are as people. I have several gay cousins and many more gay friends. I would fight to the death for any one of them. I do not under any circumstances buy products in support of companies – even GF ones – who make it their business to mind what goes on in other people’s relationships. I will check out the facebook page and share it. We should all show that man that this is in fact 2013 and not the 1950’s or 60’s as you stated. I plan to vote with my wallet and my social media circle. Thanks!

    1. What an idiot, it is always a choice, stop believing the enemy’s lies!!

      Let Us fight against the sodomite boycott and help this company stay in business! against Sodomy …All of these sodomites are “Christian phobes!!

    2. Why does everyone state the year…as if time changes the natural order of creation? Time in fact has given the spiritual forces opportunity to progress…both good and evil which is why we find ourselves in this controversy. Wake up.

  2. what an ignorant schmuck. I didn’t realize that Barilla makes a “gluten-free” version of their pasta but it looks like I won’t be buying any of it anyway. In addition to the homophobic comments, the CEO has also made disparaging comments against women. Great way to lose customers!

    1. What an idiot, it is always a choice, stop believing the enemy’s lies!!

      Let Us fight against the sodomite boycott and help this company stay in business! against Sodomy …All of these sodomites are “Christian phobes!!

  3. Why is it “good christians” always forget the parts of the bible saying “love others as you love me”, “love thy neighbor as thyself”, “we are all sinners earning the redemption of christ” when they spew racist, homophobic, etc comments about anyone that’s not them.

    Oh by the way dude…NOT MADE IN DEDICATED FACILITY. Need I say more?

      1. I also love it when people accuse Christians of racist, homophobic comments when they do not embrace non-traditional marriage! And yes, I guess I will have to affirm to the non-thinking crowd that I have no problem with a person’s sexuality but I also believe in traditional marriage. So, because I live and work well and are friends with gay people but believe in traditional marriage, I must be a racist homophobe…..which is a stupid word to begin with and means absolutely nothing. My goodness, Christians are really under attack these days and all because they have a different opinion than someone else. How pathetic.

        1. โ€œYes, the long war on Christianity. I pray that one day we may live in an America where Christians can worship freely! In broad daylight! Openly wearing the symbols of their religion… perhaps around their necks? And maybe — dare I dream it? — maybe one day there can be an openly Christian President. Or, perhaps, 43 of them. Consecutively.โ€ – Jon Stewart

    1. Actually – you should check your facts before posting some of this stuff. I’m not commenting on any social issues, just the remarks about the quality or “gluten freeness” of the product.

      The gluten free pasta is made in a dedicated gluten free facility. I just spoke, face to face with reps from their company. It also says that on the box.

      1. So jealous that you’re in Chicago. Glad you could clear that up so we know that they made the investment necessary to make a safe product for us. My #1 concern about a company is whether or not they make my safety their #1 concern and it sounds like Barilla does.

      2. I also have done some investigating and see:

        “Barillaยฎ Gluten Free Pasta is produced in a facility in Italy that is dedicated to gluten-free and is made with a combination of non-GMO corn and rice.”

        So, where’s the problem?

    2. Amen, Texas Lady. Amen.

      At first I thought this was a spoof? Is this real and not a Photoshopped spoof or something? I don’t buy pasta anyway, but use veggie substitutes so I’m not missing anything.

          1. Mike Prete – He can rip a company apart faster than anyone I’ve seen. I feel sorry if Hodgson Mill is using him as a consultant. They have no idea who they are working with. I would be surprised if they survive if they have him representing them.

  4. Why do you not include a direct quote? Do you and your readers usually rely on hearsay?

    And what does the year have to do with anything?

    1. I’m not a news organization…just a guy with a blog. People can find the quote easily enough. Just because I did not use an exact quote does not make it hearsay.

      As for your second question, I like to keep people informed. I didn’t call for a boycott. I didn’t bash the CEO (sorta). But because they make gluten free pasta, it’s relative.

  5. I wasn’t aware Barilla made gluten-free pasta, and the Canadian website claims it’s made in a dedicated facility.
    I don’t understand the connection between the CEO’s comments and the product, and to boycott an entire company due to one executive’s comments shows incredible narrow mindedness. What do I care if he doesn’t want homosexuals in his advertising?
    Thanks for the info Dude. I’m going to buy some today.

    1. Um just…wow! (Face palm)
      If you can’t grasp the difference between “an executive expressing his opinion” & a CEO making derrogitory comments that alienate & offend customer base then there’s just no helping you! [edited to keep it family friendly — GD]

        1. and gee, I hate to be picky, but a misogynist hates women…. where does he say THAT?

          and ..I agree with Miss Dee–your comments are -totally out of control.

          1. I’d like it noted that GD edited out the offensive remarks that Miss Dee and I commented upon. Otherwise, we just look like we’re ranting about nothing much. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I didn’t see the comment before it was edited, but I suspect you just made my point for me.
        In this politically correct world we live, no one is allowed to have an opinion unless that opinion is pro-gay, pro-woman, whatever group is the noisiest. Even a hint otherwise brings out the pitch forks. My comment was that I didn’t care. Because if I was gay, I would want to be able to live out my chosen life without being a spectacle. I would want people to just not care and leave me alone.
        I would have thought the image of a traditional family sitting down to dinner would be as inoffensive as you can get, and I think that’s what Mr. Barilla was (very badly) trying to say. He’s a CEO, he’s not a PR or marketing guy (and that’s another whole level of stupid), he’s a guy who makes pasta that got flustered in an interview, and his attempts to fix it are only digging the hole deeper.
        I think people just need to slow down and think about how every side of a debate could be labelled as intolerant or bigoted if you want to reduce it to that. I prefer to just cook me up some pasta, dump a good cheese sauce on it, and not stress about such things.

        1. Well, Chris, in my opinion, ๐Ÿ™‚
          it was really bad and I took offense FOR you.

          If GD edits, it’s pretty bad because he rarely does that as far as I can tell.

          I think you make many good points, FWIW.

        2. There is a difference between a debate and a personal attack. I do know that sometimes our “hot button” is pushed we may post something we wish we could take back. However, there was never an apology for the comment so I decided to speak up.

          Just last week I got into a debate about elimination diets on another thread, but neither of us got personal. I think we parted on good terms. We all have a need to abstain from gluten, but we all don’t share the same culture, backgrounds, religious viewpoints, or politics. On many of those topics we need to just agree to disagree and move on to the topics that are important to us all (like why can’t someone make a gluten-free sandwich bread that is bigger than a postage stamp.)

          1. “There is a difference between a debate and a personal attack”.

            Sadly, many people commenting on websites do not understand this fundamental difference. And when people have no logical leg to stand on, they get personal and defensive.

            I see it time and time again.

    2. what if the Barilla CEO makes a comment such as “I hope all people with gluten intolerance die.” Would you still buy their pasta? Yes, it may only be some random homophobic and sexist comments that this man made, but to me, that’s indicative of a much larger problem. His attitude towards humanity sucks. That’s why I also avoid other companies that are controlled by known bigots including Papa Johns, Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, Walmart and others. There *are* enough choices out there not to buy from bigoted companies.

      1. So many people having to weigh in for this company. Barilla will be fine. Making remarks about others not being worthy of a right that you as a straight person has is never ever okay in my book. If we keep ignoring comments like this, no matter how small, hate will continue. Much respect to my fellow celiacs.

  6. Where do they find these idiots to run big companies? This is up there with the Abercrombie & Fitch, Mike Jeffries, saying if you are fat, you won’t be able to buy their clothes. Seriously?

    Thank you for bringing this out so people can make an educated choice about what they purchase.


  7. We need to eat. And preferably good gluten free food. So boycotting a product that may be incredibly delicious to some folks may not be an option – I know you are not calling for a boycott, directly. Unfortunately, this person is not the only person with these backward, selfish views – he just came out in the open with it. I’m sure there are many CEO’s who have opinions that we do not agree with but are smart (dare I call them smart) enough to keep their disturbing opinions to themselves. Finding another venue to view our distaste for Guido Barilla may be a better option. With any luck, all of his friends and associates have let him know that he and his views are not welcome in their lives.

    Keep up the good work keeping us informed, Gluten Dude!

    1. There’s always spaghetti squash or zucchini pasta, and it’s healthier too. You don’t have to patronize assholes and bigots just because.

  8. He never said he’s against gay marriage, he actually stated he is in favor of it. People are all pissed off at him for saying he is against gays adopting and for saying he wouldn’t use a gay family in his advertising because in his family the woman plays a fundamental role. Before people make a judgement on him, they should read his comments and the context in which they were made.

    When I buy pasta, I make an informed decision based on whether it is safe for me and is delicious. I don’t buy gay pasta or anti-gay pasta. ITS FOOD! It isn’t gay or anti-gay, its dinner. It doesn’t become gay pasta if I have gay friends over. It doesn’t stay straight pasta if I don’t invite any over. My friends won’t all stop speaking to me over my pasta choice.

    This is stupid. Its pasta. Eat it, don’t. Make your own choice. Frankly though the fact that we’re gluten free and our political choices have nothing to do with each other. I don’t understand why this needed to be said on a gluten free blog when it has nothing to do with being gluten free. People who give tons of a crap will know, people who don’t think the personal beliefs of one man halfway around the world should influence their decisions in the kitchen will still buy Barilla pasta.

    1. Well opinions are like butt holes…everyone has one. I wasn’t interested because its not made in a dedicated facility. Putting money in the pocket of a mysoginist bigoted pig just makes me not give a damn about explaining why their practices are dangerous & should be changed so their product might be successful.

      1. Once again….Just because you don’t like something the CEO said…. do not make untrue comments about the product. The pasta is made in a dedicated gf facility. They do have a US corporate presence, so they have some legal options for an internet “smear campaign”. I doubt The Dude wants to deal with that.

    2. I read all of his comments in their context. He stated, quite eloquently in fact, that he supported gay marriage but that gays do not reflect the “values” of his company. Not exactly heartwarming if you’re gay, is it?

      I agree. This is stupid. His views on homosexuality have nothing to do with pasta. That is why he should have kept them to himself. Whether you are gay or straight has nothing to do with the fact that you might eat pasta so it really shouldn’t have any bearing on the company’s advertising in any way. I haven’t been able to find the actual question asked of him in the interview that sparked the response, but it doesn’t really matter. He spoke his mind and if people don’t like it they as consumers have the choice of whether to support his company or not. He can’t cry foul for all the backlash when he was so willing to express his opinion. Sad part is (in my eyes) he will probably have just as many supporters as detractors.

      And yes, it is relevant to discuss this here. This is a blog about being gluten free – the diet, the lifestyle, the health issues, and all the products that go along with it. Just like Mr. Barilla, Gluten Dude has the right to express his opinion. Especially considering it’s his blog.

      1. The person interviewing him pushed, and pushed… and pushed about whether or not he would ever have a gay couple or family (I can’t remember which off the top of my head) in his advertising. The person doing the interview interrupted him over and over, frustrating him until he simply blurted that it wasn’t something they would consider. Lots of companies don’t use gay families in their advertising, they just don’t talk about it.

        What people who are completely lambasting him are forgetting is that while he said he wouldn’t feature them in his advertising he is an advocate of gay marriage which is currently illegal in Italy. Which is why I don’t understand all the backlash. He has supported the gay community in his country in their fight for their right for legal marriage. I guess I just don’t understand how people can’t forgive one stupid thing.

        1. Adalaide, I would be very interested in reading about his support of gay families, if you would be kind enough to cite your source. I like to make fully informed decisions and when I read your comment I tried to search for any evidence that he did in fact support gay families but I was unable to locate any. Also, I found that he made comments about not supporting gay adoption, which is equally disturbing to me.

          As for this post being relevant, I am thankful to GD for posting it. I actually am careful about which companies I give my money to. I could have gone on buying their GF pasta and my money that I worked hard for would going into the pockets of someone I cannot morally agree with.

          I, personally, refuse to stand idly by the side while a group of people is put down or treated like lesser humans. Mr Barilla has a right to his opinion (even if I can’t agree) but I have just as much right to spend my money elsewhere. I wouldn’t buy from someone that I knew was sexist or racist and I am not going to buy from someone that believes only a family made up of a man and a woman is sacred.

          All love is sacred.

  9. I won’t be buying it either. And though I am not gay 2 of my 4 children are and its outrageous. I saw this post on Facebook by another friend. I am not a big pasta eater anyway even though my grandmother was 1/2 Italian and pasta was as regular as bread on the table. I boycott companies that are haters. Add me to the list Gluten Dude. And I don’t disparage others who want to eat it. After all we are all free and make out own choices.

  10. In the Netherlands the product would not be allowed to have such a text on the packet! If I could buy this pasta here I defenitely would NOT buy it.

    1. FYI, the text stating “Gluten and Gay Free” was added by Dude with his photo wizardry. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can’t imagine it being allowed in any country.

  11. Add my face to the list!!! There are enough companies out there who want to support people and lift them up…all of them…not just those deemed deserving by the CEO…that I can take my happy gluten free business somewhere else!!!!

  12. His comments are based on something cultural.Traditional. It’s ingrained in his thinking since birth. Does it make it “right”? not really, but people do and say lots of things in the name of culture and religion that I find extremely offensive and abhorrent—and there’s not much I can do about it. Women wearing burkas or having their genitalia mutilated, for example—now, THAT’s misogyny.

    We may find his comments offensive, but many Italians/Catholic, etc. may not. Culture, religion–these are factors in people’s thinking.

    I am not sure what to make of any of this actually. His comments were partially taken out of context, to begin with —I read the interview from several sources–and he has apologized. People say/do worse and are forgiven and embraced all the time. Worth boycotting the product? That’s up to you guys. I do not eat any of them anyway.

    Maybe I should call my nephew— who is both gay and Italian –and ask him his thoughts. Seriously. He would probably find it amusing because he really does not care one bit what people think about him. It’s one of the many qualities about him that I find most admirable.

    1. I hear you Irish. And that is why I did not get all up in arms and call for a boycott. It’s totally a personal choice and I’ve heard both sides today.

      Personally, if I have a choice of selecting a product from Company A, who looks down upon [insert group here] or Company B, who treats all people equally, I will choose Company B every single time.

      1. well, sure, I agree on THAT aspect…..who would finance cruelty, subjugation, endangering species. etc…??….except you do not eat pasta at all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I saw this the other day and it just.. ugh. Made my stomach hurt. What made it almost worse was how quickly he then tried to backtrack his statement (likely because 30 seconds after it was made his accountants started phoning in a blind panic). As much as I disagree and will cheerfully do just as he suggest, ie – find myself another company to support, when he made the statement he blankly showed what he believed. It’s when people try to walk it back and hide their homophobia, their racism, etc that really ugly things happen. You think my friends and family aren’t ‘your kind’? Do me the favor of letting me know. The smile to the face and the crap in the back is just… yuck. Weird to be saying I prefer outright bigotry, but there is something comfortable in knowing where things are. I don’t want to hear my uncles scream in their churches about how my gay family members are going to burn – so I don’t go to their churches and avoid the reunions. I know, and can plan and act accordingly. I know how the Barilla company views my family (I say that as a gal married to a guy – just because my own fancy let to the opposite pair of knickers in my bed doesn’t make me a ‘traditional marriage’ follower. Mainly because such a thing would involve about 6 other wives, it happening when I was a preteen and my dad choosing my husband without my consent. It’s always amusing to me when I hear folks bang on about ‘tradition’ when it’s been such a teeny tiny part of our history. Even in Christian marriages the ‘traditional’ idea is still just a blip in the timestream!) and so I can happily give my money to other people.

    It isn’t just a gay/straight thing – it’s a human thing. And any time someone decides that there are folks that aren’t as worthy as others, it’s time to take a moment to decide where you want to stand. I don’t think the man is evil, don’t wish him any harm. I may wish he at least had the stones to stick to what he said and not try to save a possible bottom line though. I don’t have to like it, I don’t have to agree, and I can choose to not give him my business. But trying to retract it based simply on not wanting to lose sales means I also don’t respect the man and view him with the same shrugged distaste I give anyone who sells their morality and will now place no value on any topic he chooses to claim to stand for.

    1. Reb, thanks for posting this article. I found this part interesting.

      โ€œHere we have another example of homophobia, Italian style,โ€ said Alessandro Zan, an MP with the left-wing SEL party. โ€œIโ€™m boycotting Barilla and I invite other MPs to do the same.

      Iโ€™ve already changed pasta brands. Barilla is terrible quality.โ€

      so, let me understand this…..until now.. he was continuing to eat “terrible quality pasta”?
      come on…

      How is this guy any more “sincere” and genuine?

      just sayin..

  14. plugged the interview transcript into Google. His most important sentence was clearly lost in translation:

    “Mangiare la mia Rigatoni. Con una parte di polpetti”
    “Eat my noodle. With a side of balls.”


  15. Yesterday, on the CBS Sunday Morning show, Gov. Chris Christie(R)
    of the great state of New Jersey said he does not support
    same-sex marriages.

    Does this mean people will now boycott New Jersey?

  16. I side with Barilla on this one. It was considerate of the CEO to apologise and excellent that he is doing what he can to rectify the issue. I think that the whole issue of marriage equality has consumed so many of us that our minds have become taken over by just this one thing.

    I don’t really mind what others think but I for one will definitely not take these factors into account when choosing my own pasta. I’ll choose based on my dietary needs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. So, what if that is how he feels!? People get over it and stop being so damn sensitive. I’ll continue to buy his products. The rest of you can buy some other name brand. He wont care, as neither do I and millions of other people.

  18. I don’t understand people, if you don’t agree with him, who cares! He has his opinion about gays, an I admire people that speak up and tell the world what they are thinking, especially someone that owns a large company. Is honesty a gay trait, I guess not! Most of you hide and lie about your lifestyle to get a head in life. I am not an educated person but I bet you Donald Trump has a opinion about gays, he does not express it because it will kill his reputation.

    Most people in the world are against gay marriage. Get a real problem!

  19. This post is nothing but to bring traffic to your blog and to incite rampant commenting. I came through Google searching “Barilla gluten free” and saw your headline thinking there would be important information about the products (I have Coeliacs). Pathetic.

    1. If he’s trying to “bring traffic to [his] blog and to incite rampant commenting” then this post is doing a rather poor job of it. I just repeated your exact google search.

      The first three hits were from Barilla themselves (I think most people would have clicked on one of these at this point), then Amazon, then Walmart, then a bunch of images, then I had to scroll down to see anything else. Scrolled all the way to the bottom, this post didn’t turn up. Had to go to page 2 for that. Which, of course, *everyone* does whenever they google something.

      Better brush up on that SEO, GD. How else will the gluten-free agenda for world domination ever come to fruition? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. I used “Bing” search. This link was way down. Even Celiac. com”s discussion showed up before this site. Sorry Dude!

      I guess this is what trolls do when they are bored? thanks for the laugh, annoyed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Here we go again — I do not support gay marriage since I support marriage between a man and a woman. Marriage should not change because gay people want to rain on the non-gay parade. I have a right to say that as you have every right to say what you want. Barilla has a right to say what they believe. I respect that and will promote through my purchases their product. You also have a right not to buy their product. That is okay with me since there will be more product for me to purchase. This idea that you need to bully everyone into what you believe is wrong. If you want to or have to be gay that is who you are. If I am not that is who I am. Respecting all beliefs is tolerance. Bullying people into what you want them to believe is hateful. By the way, look out for a Barilla copyright infringement lawsuit since you are violating their trademark. Happy Day to you.

  21. The funny part is, Guido Barilla has a gay brother (who also works for Barilla, since it’s a family company). The funnier part is, even since Guido Barilla realized he’s a moron and now he’s hiring a million gay people to prove he’s so much gay-friendly. The only reason I was happy to be celiac is that now I can easily boycott Barilla’s products, even if I must confess that I sometimes get the Barilla gluten-free pasta (because, let’s tell the truth: is the only decent gluten-free pasta out there…)

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